Alaska Statutes.
Title 23. Labor and Workers' Compensation
Chapter 20. Alaska Employment Security Act
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Chapter 20. Alaska Employment Security Act

Section 5. Purpose.
Section 10. Policy.
Section 12. , 23.20.015l Policy On Temporary Unemployment Compensation; Annual Report. [Repealed, Sec. 25 Ch 122 SLA 1977].
Section 20. Maintenance and Protection of Fund.
Section 22. Actuarial Studies.
Section 25. Establishment of Employment Security Advisory Council. [Repealed, Sec. 16 Ch 61 SLA 1995. For Alaska Human Resource Investment Council, See AS 23.15.550
Section 30. Director.
Section 35. Duties and Powers of Director.
Section 40. Qualifications of Director.
Section 45. Regulations.
Section 50. Publications.
Section 55. Department Records; Admissibility.
Section 60. Oaths and Witnesses.
Section 65. Subpoenas.
Section 70. Self-Incrimination.
Section 75. Acquisition of Land and Buildings.
Section 77. Application For Demonstration Programs.
Section 80. Federal-State Cooperation.
Section 81. Emergency Unemployment Compensation Program. [Repealed, Sec. 9, 15 Ch 28 SLA 1993].
Section 85. Interstate Benefit Payments.
Section 90. Reciprocal Coverage and Cooperation.
Section 95. Exchange of Services, Facilities, and Information.
Section 100. Employment Service.
Section 105. Employing Units to Keep Records and Reports.
Section 110. Information Obtained By Department.
Section 115. Unauthorized Disclosure of Information.
Section 120. Examination of Bank.
Section 125. Data to Be Collected. [Repealed, Sec. 1 Ch 74 SLA 1965].
Section 130. Establishment and Control.
Section 135. Accounts and Deposit.
Section 140. Advances.
Section 145. Withdrawals.
Section 150. Discontinuance of Unemployment Trust Fund.
Section 155. Employment Security Administration Fund.
Section 160. Reimbursement of Fund.
Section 165. Payment of Contributions.
Section 170. Rate of Contributions.
Section 175. Base of Contributions.
Section 180. Records and Analysis of Experience With Unemployment Risk.
Section 185. Interest On Past Due Contributions.
Section 190. Penalty For Failure to File Reports.
Section 195. Penalty For Nonpayment of Contribution.
Section 200. Lien.
Section 205. Notice of Assessment, Distraint, Seizure, and Sale.
Section 210. Inventory and Sale.
Section 215. Notice and Order to Withhold and Deliver.
Section 220. Appeals.
Section 225. Adjustments and Refunds.
Section 230. Arbitrary Reports.
Section 235. Jeopardy Assessment.
Section 240. Collection of Delinquent Contributions.
Section 242. Appeals By Officer, Manager, Member, or Employee.
Section 245. Remedies Cumulative.
Section 247. Employer's Security For Delinquent Contributions.
Section 248. Injunctive Relief.
Section 250. Lien Upon Distribution or Assignment of Assets.
Section 255. Compromise of Contributions.
Section 260. Liability of Successor Employer.
Section 265. Liability of Contractor and Principal For Contributions.
Section 270. Limitation of Actions and Uncollectible Accounts.
Section 275. Service of Process.
Section 276. Financing Benefits Paid to Employees of Nonprofit Organizations; Election.
Section 277. Reimbursement Payments By Nonprofit Organizations and Government Entities.
Section 278. Financing Benefits Paid to Employees of the State and Its Political Subdivisions.
Section 280. Eligible Employer.
Section 281. Ineligible Employer.
Section 285. Quarterly Decline Quotients.
Section 290. Rate Determination.
Section 293. Requirement to Notify the Department of a Business Change and Acquisitions.
Section 295. Rates For Successors in Business.
Section 297. Special Standards Addressing Transfers of Experience and Assignment of Rates.
Section 299. Obtaining an Unemployment Contribution Rate by Deception.
Section 300. Corrections and Adjustments.
Section 305. Application For Review.
Section 310. Definitions For AS 23.20.280
Section 315. Coverage Determination.
Section 320. Conclusiveness of Determination.
Section 325. Elective Coverage of Excluded Service.
Section 326. Elective Coverage By Political Subdivisions. [Repealed, Sec. 25 Ch 122 SLA 1977].
Section 330. Claims.
Section 335. Notice to Employees.
Section 340. Determination of Claims.
Section 345. Payment of Benefits.
Section 350. Amount of Benefits.
Section 352. Additional Benefits. [Repealed, Sec. 32 Ch 32 SLA 1971].
Section 353. Supplemental State Benefits.
Section 354. State Interim Benefits.
Section 355. Interstate Payment Restrictions. [Repealed, Sec. 8 Ch 106 SLA 1971].
Section 360. Earnings Deducted From Weekly Benefit Amount.
Section 362. Disqualifying or Deductible Income.
Section 365. Limited Liability of State.
Section 370. Benefits of Decedent or Incompetent.
Section 375. Filing Requirements.
Section 376. Base Period Extension and Limitation.
Section 378. Able to Work and Available For Suitable Work.
Section 379. Voluntary Quit, Discharge For Misconduct, and Refusal of Work.
Section 380. Disqualification For Benefits. [Repealed, Sec. 80 Ch 9 SLA 1980].
Section 381. Other Disqualifications.
Section 382. Benefits While Attending Approved Vocational Training Course.
Section 383. Labor Dispute Disqualification.
Section 385. Suitable Work.
Section 387. Disqualification For Misrepresentation.
Section 390. Recovery of Improper Payments; Penalty.
Section 392. Deductions From Back Pay Awards.
Section 395. Waiver of Rights Void.
Section 400. Limitation of Fees.
Section 401. Child Support Interception.
Section 403. Voluntary Income Tax Withholding.
Section 405. Assignment Void; Exemption of Benefits.
Section 406. Extended Benefits.
Section 407. Weekly Extended Benefit Amount; Total Payable.
Section 408. Extended Benefit Periods.
Section 409. Definitions For AS 23.20.406
Section 410. Appeal Tribunals.
Section 415. Review By Appeal Tribunal.
Section 420. Hearing Procedure and Record.
Section 425. Consolidated Appeals.
Section 430. Notice of Decision and Time For Appeal.
Section 435. Review By Department.
Section 440. Removal of Appeal to Department.
Section 445. Notice of Decision of Department and Judicial Review.
Section 450. Conclusiveness of Final Determinations and Decisions.
Section 455. Rule of Decision and Certification to Department.
Section 460. Limitation of Fees.
Section 465. Representation of Claimant.
Section 470. Attorney Fees.
Section 475. Amendment or Repeal.
Section 480. Termination.
Section 485. False Statement to Secure Benefits.
Section 490. Acts of Employer Prohibited.
Section 495. Noncompliance With Subpoena of Agency.
Section 497. Binding Effect of Department Decisions.
Section 500. Violation of Law or Regulations.
Section 505. Unemployed Defined.
Section 510. Pay Period.
Section 515. Earnings of Fishermen Not Subject to Contributions. [Repealed, Sec. 26 Ch 122 SLA 1977].
Section 520. Definitions.
Section 525. "Employment" Defined.
Section 526. Exclusions From Definition of "Employment".
Section 530. Wages Defined.
Section 535. Short Title.


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