Alaska Statutes.
Title 46. Water, Air, Energy, and Environmental Conservation
Chapter 3. Environmental Conservation
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Chapter 3. Environmental Conservation

Section 10. Declaration of Policy.
Section 20. Powers of the Department.
Section 22. Dental Radiological Equipment.
Section 24. Consideration in Adopting Pollution Regulations.
Section 25. Accounting and Disposition of Fees. [Repealed, Sec. 92 Ch 36 SLA 1990. For Current Provisions, See AS 37.05.142
Section 30. Water Quality Enhancement, Water Supply, Sewage, and Solid Waste Facilities Grants.
Section 32. Alaska Clean Water Fund.
Section 34. Alaska Clean Water Administrative Fund.
Section 35. Fees Charged For Loans Made From the Alaska Clean Water Fund.
Section 36. Alaska Drinking Water Fund.
Section 38. Alaska Drinking Water Administrative Fund.
Section 39. Fees Charged For Loans Made From the Alaska Drinking Water Fund.
Section 40. Alaska Environmental Plan.
Section 45. Public Recognition of Pollution Prevention Efforts.
Section 50. Authority.
Section 60. Water Pollution Control Plan.
Section 70. Pollution Standards.
Section 80. Quality and Purity Standards.
Section 90. Plans For Pollution Disposal. [Repealed, Sec. 12 Ch 136 SLA 2004].
Section 100. Waste Management and Disposal Authorization.
Section 110. Waste Disposal Permit Procedure.
Section 120. Termination or Modification of Waste Management and Disposal Authorization.
Section 130. Compliance Order. [Repealed, Sec. 19 Ch 220 SLA 1976. For Current Law, See AS 46.03.850
Section 140. - 46.03.245. Air Pollution Control. [Repealed, Sec. 27 Ch 74 SLA 1993. For Current Provisions, See AS 46.14].
Section 240. Construction and Implementation of AS 46.03.230
Section 250. Authority.
Section 260. Use of Radioactive Materials.
Section 270. - 46.03.280l Electronic Product Radiation; Notification of Violation and Order of Abatement. [Repealed, Sec. 12 Ch 172 SLA 1978. For Radiation Protection, See AS 18.60.475
Section 290. [Renumbered as AS 46.03.865
Section 296. Disposal of Hazardous Wastes.
Section 299. Hazardous Waste Regulations.
Section 300. Exceptions. [Repealed, Sec. 12 Ch 172 SLA 1978].
Section 302. Hazardous Waste Permit.
Section 305. Hazardous Waste Reports and Manifests.
Section 308. Transportation of Hazardous Waste.
Section 309. Temporary Collection of Hazardous Waste.
Section 310. Conflicting Laws. [Repealed, Sec. 12 Ch 172 SLA 1978].
Section 311. Public Records.
Section 313. Hazardous Waste Management Facilities and Sites.
Section 314. Reports On Management Sites and Facilities. [Repealed, Sec. 62 Ch 21 SLA 1991].
Section 316. Hazardous Waste Reduction and Recycling Program. [Repealed, Sec. 4 Ch 88 SLA 1990].
Section 317. Hazardous Waste Reduction Matching Grants.
Section 320. Regulation of Pesticides and Broadcast Chemicals.
Section 330. Public Pesticide Programs.
Section 360. , 46.03.363l Board of Storage Tank Assistance; Reports. [Repealed, Sec. 2 Ch 102 SLA 2006].
Section 365. Regulation of Underground Petroleum Storage Tank Systems.
Section 370. Educational Assistance.
Section 375. Certification of Storage Tank Workers.
Section 380. Registration of Tanks and Tank Systems.
Section 385. Registration Fee.
Section 390. Notification of Changes in Tank Systems.
Section 395. Notification of Tank System Closure.
Section 400. Registration Forms.
Section 405. Prohibitions.
Section 410. Underground Storage Tank Revolving Loan Fund. [Repealed, Sec. 2 Ch 102 SLA 2006].
Section 415. Tank Tightness and Site Assessment Incentive Program. [Repealed, Sec. 14 Ch 70 SLA 1999].
Section 420. Tank Cleanup Program. [Repealed, Sec. 21 Ch 41 SLA 2002].
Section 422. Tank Cleanup Loan Program. [Repealed, Sec. 2 Ch 102 SLA 2006].
Section 430. Tank Upgrading and Closure Program. [Repealed, Sec. 20 Ch 41 SLA 2002].
Section 440. Confidentiality of Financial Records.
Section 450. Definitions.
Section 460. Program Established.
Section 461. Registration Requirements.
Section 462. Terms and Conditions of Discharge Permits.
Section 463. Prohibited Discharges; Limitations On Discharges.
Section 465. Information-Gathering Requirements.
Section 470. Record Keeping Requirements.
Section 475. Reporting Requirements.
Section 476. Ocean Rangers.
Section 480. Fees.
Section 481. Citizens' Suits.
Section 482. Commercial Passenger Vessel Environmental Compliance Fund.
Section 485. Recognition Program.
Section 487. Exemption For Vessels in Innocent Passage.
Section 488. Activities of the Department.
Section 490. Definitions.
Section 500. Notice of Illegal Drug Manufacturing Site; Internet List.
Section 510. Restrictions On Property.
Section 520. Sampling and Testing Procedures.
Section 530. Standards For Determining Fitness.
Section 540. Decontamination Requirements.
Section 550. Fitness For Use.
Section 560. Securing the Property.
Section 570. Duties of the Department; Regulations.
Section 599. Definitions.
Section 710. Pollution Prohibited.
Section 715. Sale and Use of Tbt-Based Antifouling Paint.
Section 720. Public Water System Plan Review Requirement.
Section 730. Pesticides.
Section 740. Oil Pollution.
Section 742. Reckless Operation of Tank Vessel.
Section 743. Negligent Operation of Tank Vessel.
Section 744. Definitions For AS 46.03.742
Section 745. Hazardous Substance Release.
Section 750. Ballast Water Discharge.
Section 755. Discharge Reporting.
Section 758. Civil Penalties For Discharges of Oil.
Section 759. Civil Penalties For Discharges of Crude Oil.
Section 760. Civil Action For Pollution; Damages.
Section 761. Administrative Penalties.
Section 763. Attorney Fees and Costs.
Section 765. Injunctions.
Section 770. Detention of Vessel Without Warrant as Security For Damages.
Section 780. Liability For Restoration.
Section 790. Criminal Penalties.
Section 800. Water Nuisances.
Section 810. Air and Land Nuisances.
Section 820. Emergency Powers.
Section 822. Strict Liability For the Release of Hazardous Substances.
Section 823. Hazardous Substance Response Action Contractors.
Section 824. Damages.
Section 825. Oil Spill Response Action Contractors.
Section 826. Definitions For AS 46.03.822
Section 828. Other Rights of Action Not Affected.
Section 830. Proof of Financial Responsibility Required For Petrochemical Facility or Hazardous Waste Disposal Site Operation.
Section 833. Compliance With Financial Responsibility Requirements.
Section 840. Radiation Penalties. [Repealed, Sec. 12 Ch 172 SLA 1978. For Current Provisions, See AS 18.60.475
Section 850. Compliance Order.
Section 860. Inspection Warrant.
Section 865. Authority of Department in Cases of Emergency.
Section 870. Actionable Rights.
Section 875. Remedies Cumulative.
Section 880. Applicability of the Administrative Procedure Act.
Section 890. Enforcement Authority.
Section 900. Definitions.


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