Alaska Statutes.
Title 41. Public Resources
Chapter 21. Parks and Recreational Facilities
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Chapter 21. Parks and Recreational Facilities

Section 10. Purpose.
Section 20. Duties and Powers of Department of Natural Resources; Limitations.
Section 22. Discharge of Firearms.
Section 24. Easements and Rights-of-Way For Access to Private Land.
Section 25. Zoning of Private Land Within State Parks.
Section 26. Fees For the Use of State Park System Facilities.
Section 27. Concession Contracts in the State Park System.
Section 28. Definitions.
Section 30. Disposition of Funds.
Section 40. Division Within Department.
Section 110. Purpose of AS 41.21.110
Section 111. Authority to Designate Chilkat State Park.
Section 112. Incompatible Uses.
Section 113. Eminent Domain Prohibited.
Section 120. Purpose of AS 41.21.120
Section 121. Chugach State Park Established.
Section 122. Management Responsibility.
Section 123. Incompatible Uses.
Section 124. Discharge of Firearms. [Repealed, Sec. 2 Ch 126 SLA 1984].
Section 125. Purchase Authorized.
Section 130. Purpose of AS 41.21.130
Section 131. Kachemak Bay State Park Established.
Section 132. Incompatible Uses.
Section 133. Discharge of Firearms. [Repealed, Sec. 2 Ch 126 SLA 1984].
Section 134. Purchase Authorized; Eminent Domain Prohibited.
Section 140. Kachemak Bay State Wilderness Park Established.
Section 141. Certain Land Excepted.
Section 142. Stream Rehabilitation Permitted.
Section 143. Discharge of Firearms. [Repealed, Sec. 2 Ch 126 SLA 1984].
Section 150. Purpose of AS 41.21.150
Section 151. Denali State Park Established.
Section 152. Eminent Domain Prohibited.
Section 160. Purpose of AS 41.21.160
Section 161. Wood-Tikchik State Park Established.
Section 162. Designation of Management Responsibility.
Section 163. Management Council Created.
Section 164. Management Plan.
Section 165. Regulations.
Section 166. Fish and Wildlife Breeding Areas.
Section 167. Incompatible Uses.
Section 170. Declaration of Purpose.
Section 172. Designated State Land and Water.
Section 174. Designation of Management Responsibility.
Section 176. Incompatible Uses; Access.
Section 178. Additions to Park.
Section 180. Purpose of AS 41.21.180
Section 181. Point Bridget State Park Established.
Section 182. Purchase or Exchange Authorized.
Section 183. Designation of Management Responsibility.
Section 185. Purpose of AS 41.21.185
Section 186. Afognak Island State Park Established.
Section 187. Designation of Management Responsibility.
Section 188. Incompatible Uses.
Section 189. Additions to Park.
Section 300. Declaration of Purpose.
Section 302. Management of Marine Parks.
Section 304. Designated Land and Water.
Section 306. Incompatible Uses.
Section 410. Purpose of AS 41.21.410
Section 415. Authority to Designate Captain Cook State Recreation Area.
Section 420. Incompatible Uses.
Section 425. Negotiated Purchase Authorized.
Section 430. Purpose of AS 41.21.430
Section 435. Authority to Designate Caines Head State Recreation Area.
Section 440. Incompatible Uses.
Section 445. Purchase Authorized; Eminent Domain Prohibited.
Section 450. Purpose of AS 41.21.450
Section 455. Nancy Lake State Recreation Area Established.
Section 460. Incompatible Uses.
Section 465. Purchase Authorized.
Section 470. Purpose of AS 41.21.470
Section 475. Chena River State Recreation Area Established.
Section 480. Eminent Domain Authorized to Acquire Necessary Access.
Section 485. Zoning of Private Land.
Section 490. Incompatible Uses.
Section 491. Willow Creek State Recreation Area.
Section 492. Designation of Management Responsibilities.
Section 493. Comprehensive Management Plan.
Section 494. Regulations.
Section 495. Cooperative Management Agreements.
Section 500. Purpose of AS 41.21.500
Section 502. Lots 9 and 10.
Section 504. Designation of Management Responsibilities.
Section 506. Comprehensive Management Plan; Regulations.
Section 508. Acquisition of Additional Land; Adjustment of Boundaries.
Section 510. Advisory Committee.
Section 512. Cooperative Management Agreements.
Section 514. Civil Enforcement.
Section 518. Business Park Wetlands Special Management Area Established.
Section 520. Incompatible Uses.
Section 522. Acquisitions Authorized; Eminent Domain Prohibited.
Section 610. Purpose of AS 41.21.610
Section 611. Alaska Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve Established.
Section 612. Land Excluded.
Section 613. Eminent Domain Prohibited.
Section 614. Native Allotments.
Section 615. Fish and Game Management.
Section 616. Regulations.
Section 617. Other Uses Generally.
Section 618. Traditional Uses.
Section 619. Access and Rights-of-Way.
Section 620. Management Plan.
Section 621. Additions or Deletions to Preserve.
Section 622. Historical, Cultural and Burial Sites.
Section 625. Alaska Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve Advisory Council.
Section 630. Existing Rights.
Section 800. Selection of Sites.
Section 805. Construction and Maintenance of Facilities.
Section 850. Wilderness Trails and Campsites.
Section 852. Selection.
Section 854. Uniform Marker.
Section 856. Regulations.
Section 858. Campsites; Work By Prisoners.
Section 860. Federal Financial Assistance.
Section 864. Grants For the Establishment of Trails and Footpaths.
Section 866. Paths and Trails Along Highways.
Section 868. Authorization of Funds.
Section 870. Use and Marking of Trails and Footpaths.
Section 872. Reports.
Section 900. Purpose of AS 41.21.900
Section 902. Alaska Conservation Action Corps Created.
Section 904. Activities of Corps.
Section 906. Compensation.
Section 908. Nonapplicability of Child Labor Laws.
Section 910. Alaska Youth Hostel System Established.
Section 912. Duties of Division.
Section 914. Hostel Locations.
Section 916. Hostel Facility.
Section 918. Duties of Coordinator.
Section 950. Penalty.
Section 955. Enforcement Authority.
Section 960. Form and Issuance of Citation.
Section 990. Definitions.


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