Alaska Statutes.
Title 47. Welfare, Social Services and Institutions
Chapter 30. Mental Health
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Chapter 30. Mental Health

Section 10. [Repealed, Sec. 7 Ch 84 SLA 1981].
Section 11. Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority.
Section 16. Membership of the Board.
Section 20. [Repealed, Sec. 7 Ch 84 SLA 1981].
Section 21. Term of Office, Vacancies, and Removal.
Section 26. Officers and Staff.
Section 30. [Repealed, Sec. 7 Ch 84 SLA 1981].
Section 31. Regulations.
Section 36. Duties of the Board.
Section 40. [Repealed, Sec. 7 Ch 84 SLA 1981].
Section 41. Board Advisors.
Section 46. Budget Recommendations; Reports.
Section 50. [Repealed, Sec. 7 Ch 84 SLA 1981].
Section 51. Submissions Requiring Use of Trust Money.
Section 56. Use of Money in the Mental Health Trust Settlement Income Account.
Section 60. [Repealed, Sec. 7 Ch 84 SLA 1981].
Section 61. Definitions.
Section 70. - 47.30.170l [Repealed, Sec. 7 Ch 84 SLA 1981].
Section 180. [Renumbered as AS 47.30.880
Section 190. - 47.30.340l [Repealed, Sec. 7 Ch 84 SLA 1981].
Section 350. Powers and Duties of Department.
Section 360. Acceptance of Funds.
Section 370. Review By Legislative Budget and Audit Committee.
Section 380. Appropriation Authorized.
Section 390. Acquisition of Existing Mental Health Care Facilities.
Section 400. Purpose of AS 47.30.350
Section 410. Persons Subject to Extradition.
Section 420. Extradition Proceedings.
Section 430. Time to Commence Proceedings.
Section 440. Interpretation and Construction.
Section 450. Definitions.
Section 460. Short Title.
Section 470. Powers and Duties of Department.
Section 475. Grant-in-Aid Program.
Section 477. Grant-in-Aid Program Regulations.
Section 480. Judicial Notice.
Section 490. Acceptance of Funds.
Section 500. Definitions.
Section 520. Legislative Purpose.
Section 523. Community Mental Health Program Policy and Principles.
Section 530. Duties of Department.
Section 540. Eligible Local Community Entities.
Section 545. Populations to Be Served.
Section 546. Services For Mentally and Emotionally Disturbed. [Repealed, Sec. 49 Ch 66 SLA 1991].
Section 547. Standards For Community Mental Health Services.
Section 550. Cost Sharing Formula; Limitations.
Section 560. Funds For Local Programs.
Section 570. Eligible Costs; Maintenance of Local Effort.
Section 580. Comprehensive Services.
Section 590. Patient Rights and the Confidential Nature of Records and Information.
Section 600. Applicability to Existing Programs. [Repealed, Sec. 6 Ch 47 SLA 1987].
Section 605. Mental Health Advisory Council. [Repealed, Sec. 13 Ch 48 SLA 1987].
Section 610. Definitions.
Section 620. Short Title.
Section 655. Purpose of Major Revision.
Section 660. Powers and Duties of Department.
Section 661. Alaska Mental Health Board.
Section 662. Composition.
Section 663. Term of Office.
Section 664. Officers and Staff.
Section 665. Bylaws.
Section 666. Duties of the Board.
Section 667. Compensation, Per Diem, and Expenses.
Section 669. Definition.
Section 670. Standards For Voluntary Admission.
Section 675. Notice of Rights.
Section 680. Discharge of Voluntary Patients.
Section 685. Request to Leave; Evaluation; 48-Hour Hold For Commitment.
Section 690. Admission of Minors Under 18 Years of Age.
Section 693. Notice to Parent or Guardian or Minor.
Section 695. Notice of Request For Release of Minors Under 18 Years of Age From Detention and Commitment.
Section 700. Initiation of Involuntary Commitment Procedures.
Section 705. Emergency Detention For Evaluation.
Section 710. Examination.
Section 715. Acceptance of Order.
Section 720. Release Before Expiration of 72-Hour Period.
Section 725. Commitment Proceeding Rights; Notification.
Section 730. Procedure For 30-Day Commitment; Petition For Commitment.
Section 735. 30-Day Commitment.
Section 740. Procedure For 90-Day Commitment Following 30-Day Commitment.
Section 745. 90-Day Commitment Hearing Rights.
Section 750. Conduct of Hearing.
Section 755. Court Order.
Section 760. Placement at Closest Facility.
Section 765. Appeal.
Section 770. Additional 180-Day Commitment.
Section 772. Medication and Treatment.
Section 775. Commitment of Minors.
Section 780. Early Discharge.
Section 785. Authorized Absences.
Section 790. Unauthorized Absences: Return to Facility; Required Notice.
Section 795. Involuntary Outpatient Care For Committed Persons.
Section 800. Conversion of Involuntary Outpatient Treatment to Inpatient Commitment.
Section 803. Conversion From Involuntary to Voluntary Status.
Section 805. Computing Periods of Time.
Section 810. Habeas Corpus Not Limited.
Section 815. Limitation of Liability; Bad Faith Application a Felony.
Section 817. Advance Health Care Directives.
Section 825. Patient Medical Rights.
Section 830. Prohibition of Experimental Treatments.
Section 833. Nutritional Evaluation; Right to Proper Diet.
Section 835. Civil Rights Not Impaired.
Section 836. Psychotropic Medication in Nonemergency.
Section 837. Informed Consent.
Section 838. Psychotropic Medication in Emergencies.
Section 839. Court-Ordered Administration of Medication.
Section 840. Right to Privacy and Personal Possessions.
Section 845. Confidential Records.
Section 847. Patients' Grievance Procedures.
Section 850. Expunging or Sealing Records.
Section 855. Posting of Rights.
Section 860. Notices in Languages Other Than English.
Section 865. Discrimination Prohibited.
Section 870. Transportation.
Section 875. Nonresident Patients.
Section 880. Interstate Compact On Mental Health Ratified.
Section 885. Rights Outside State.
Section 890. Provision For Personal Needs Upon Discharge.
Section 895. Disposition of Personal Property and Unclaimed Money.
Section 900. Disposition of Money and Personal Property Subject to Claim.
Section 905. Fees and Expenses For Judicial Proceedings.
Section 910. Liability For Expense of Placement in a Facility.
Section 915. Definitions.
Section 950. - 47.30.980l Personal Declaration of Preference For Mental Health Treatment. [Repealed, Sec. 15 Ch 83 SLA 2004. For Current Law, See AS 13.52].


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