Alaska Statutes.
Title 45. Trade and Commerce
Chapter 50. Competitive Practices, Regulation of Competition, and Consumer Protection
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Chapter 50. Competitive Practices, Regulation of Competition, and Consumer Protection

Section 10. Registrability.
Section 20. Application For Registration.
Section 25. Procedure Concerning Application.
Section 30. Form of Application.
Section 40. Filing Fee.
Section 50. Form and Contents of Certificate of Registration.
Section 60. Certificate of Registration as Evidence.
Section 70. Duration and Renewal.
Section 80. Fee For Renewal of Registration.
Section 90. Additional Terms of Renewal.
Section 100. Notification of Expiration of Registration Period.
Section 110. Registrations Existing On July 1, 1961. [Repealed, Sec. 65 Ch 37 SLA 1986].
Section 120. Assignment.
Section 125. Name Change and Other Filings.
Section 130. Commissioner to Keep Record of Registration.
Section 140. Cancellation.
Section 150. Classification.
Section 160. Fraudulent Registration.
Section 170. Infringement.
Section 180. Remedies.
Section 190. Common-Law Rights. [Repealed, Sec. 29 Ch 132 SLA 1996].
Section 200. Definitions.
Section 205. Short Title.
Section 210. Application For Registration of Distinctive Brand.
Section 220. Termination and Renewal.
Section 230. Presumption From Display.
Section 232. Reporting of Lost Logs to the Department.
Section 234. Publication of Notice of Intent to Claim Abandoned Property.
Section 235. Ownership of Unbranded and Abandoned Timber Property.
Section 237. Extension of Period For Recovery of Timber Property.
Section 240. Property Rights in Brand.
Section 250. Recording Brand.
Section 260. Registration Upon Transfer.
Section 270. Publication of Current List of Brands.
Section 280. Certified Copies of Certificate or Transfer Instrument.
Section 290. Certificate of Registration as Evidence.
Section 300. Registration as Constructive Notice.
Section 310. Disposition of Fees.
Section 315. Regulations.
Section 320. Penalties For Fraudulent Branding or Other Acts.
Section 325. Definitions.
Section 330. - 45.50.460l Pooled Music Copyright Law. [Repealed, Sec. 1 Ch 95 SLA 1984].
Section 470. [Repealed, Sec. 1 Ch 246 SLA 1970].
Section 471. Unlawful Acts and Practices.
Section 472. Junk Telephone Calls. [Repealed, Sec. 5 Ch 142 SLA 1996].
Section 473. Disclosure of Costs of Certain Telephone Services.
Section 474. Required Disclosures in Promotions and Shoreside Sales On Board Cruise Ships.
Section 475. Unlawful, Unwanted Telephone Advertisements and Solicitations.
Section 477. Use of Titles Relating to Industrial Hygiene.
Section 479. Limitation On Electronic Mail.
Section 480. [Repealed, Sec. 1 Ch 246 SLA 1970].
Section 481. Exemptions.
Section 490. [Repealed, Sec. 1 Ch 246 SLA 1970].
Section 491. Regulations.
Section 495. Investigative Power of Attorney General.
Section 500. [Repealed, Sec. 1 Ch 246 SLA 1970].
Section 501. Restraining Prohibited Acts.
Section 510. [Repealed, Sec. 1 Ch 246 SLA 1970].
Section 511. Assurances of Voluntary Compliance.
Section 521. When Information and Evidence Confidential and Nonadmissible.
Section 531. Private and Class Actions.
Section 535. Private Injunctive Relief.
Section 536. Mediation.
Section 537. Attorney Fees, Costs, and Damages.
Section 541. Nonnegotiability of Consumer Paper.
Section 542. Provisions Not Waivable.
Section 545. Interpretation.
Section 551. Civil Penalties.
Section 561. Definitions; Short Title.
Section 562. Combinations in Restraint of Trade Unlawful.
Section 564. Monopolies and Attempted Monopolies Unlawful.
Section 566. Transactions and Agreements Not to Use or Deal in Commodities or Services Unlawful.
Section 568. Mergers and Acquisitions Unlawful When Competition Lessened.
Section 570. Interlocking Directorates and Relationships.
Section 572. Exemptions.
Section 574. Contracts Voidable.
Section 576. Suits By Persons Injured; Treble Damages; Costs.
Section 577. Enforcement By Attorney General.
Section 578. Certain Violations Constitute Misdemeanor.
Section 579. Proof of Aggregate Damages.
Section 580. Injunction By Attorney General.
Section 582. Jurisdiction of Court.
Section 584. Consent Judgment.
Section 586. Judgment in Favor of the State as Evidence in Another Action.
Section 588. Limitation of Actions.
Section 590. Powers of the Attorney General.
Section 592. Investigatory Demand For Documentary Evidence.
Section 594. Investigatory Demand For Attendance of Witness.
Section 596. Definitions.
Section 598. Short Title.
Section 600. Power and Duty of Director of Civil Defense.
Section 601. Content of Regulations.
Section 602. Content of Installment or Credit Purchase Plans.
Section 603. Prosecution By Attorney General.
Section 604. Criminal and Civil Penalties.
Section 606. Definition of "Civil Defense Aid".
Section 800. Disclosures to Be Made By Distributors and Refiners Before Conclusion of Agreement.
Section 810. Violations.
Section 820. Obligation of Distributor to Repurchase Upon Termination, Etc., of Agreement.
Section 825. Right of First Refusal of Surviving Spouse.
Section 830. Court to Determine Fair Market Value When Parties Cannot Agree.
Section 840. Definitions.
Section 850. Short Title.
Section 900. Reproduction and Sale of Sound Recordings Without Consent.
Section 910. Injunctive Relief For Misappropriation of Trade Secrets.
Section 915. Damages.
Section 920. Preservation of Secrecy.
Section 925. Limitation of Actions.
Section 930. Effect On Other Laws.
Section 935. Uniformity of Application and Construction.
Section 940. Definitions.
Section 945. Short Title.

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