Alaska Statutes.
Title 34. Property
Chapter 35. Liens
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Chapter 35. Liens

Section 5. Action For Foreclosure.
Section 10. Joinder of Claimants in Lien Statement.
Section 15. Joinder in Foreclosure Suit.
Section 20. Sufficiency in Lien Notice or Pleadings.
Section 25. Parties to Foreclosure.
Section 30. Lien Claim Against Different Properties.
Section 35. Several Judgment For Each Claimant.
Section 40. Order of Priority and Payment. [Repealed, Sec. 19 Ch 175 SLA 1978. For Current Law See AS 34.35.112
Section 45. Lienor's Action On Contract.
Section 50. Lien For Labor or Materials Furnished.
Section 55. Land Subject to Lien.
Section 60. Priorities.
Section 62. Construction Financing.
Section 64. Notice of Right to Lien.
Section 65. Notice of Nonresponsibility.
Section 67. Recording Notice of Right to Lien.
Section 68. Time Periods For Claiming Liens.
Section 69. Acknowledgment of Right to Lien. [Repealed, Sec. 18 Ch 102 SLA 1986].
Section 70. Claim of Lien.
Section 71. Notice of Completion.
Section 72. Bond.
Section 74. Civil Suits.
Section 75. Record and Index of Claim.
Section 80. Duration of Lien.
Section 85. Lien For Improving Lot or Street.
Section 90. Payment to Contractor.
Section 95. Amount of Lien.
Section 100. Action Against Contractor On Lien.
Section 105. Materials Not Subject to Process.
Section 110. Actions to Enforce Liens.
Section 112. Payment of Claimant's Liens.
Section 114. Obligation of Claimant and Lender to Provide Information.
Section 115. Persons Considered Agent of Owner.
Section 117. Waiver of Lien Rights.
Section 118. Claimant Liability. [Repealed, Sec. 18 Ch 102 SLA 1986].
Section 119. Waiver of Liens On Unsold Common Interest Community Units.
Section 120. Definitions.
Section 125. Liens On Mines and Oil Wells.
Section 130. Lien On Mill or Machine.
Section 135. Priority.
Section 140. Lien On Dump or Mass of Mineral.
Section 145. Extent of Liens.
Section 150. Labor Deemed Performed at Instance of Owner, Mortgagee, or Lien Claimant.
Section 155. Liens Not Exclusive.
Section 160. Claim of Lien.
Section 165. Duration of Lien.
Section 170. Definitions.
Section 175. Improvement Lien On Personal Property.
Section 180. Chattel Lien; Surrender of Possession.
Section 185. Lien Notice.
Section 190. Duty of Recorder.
Section 195. Persons Considered Owner of Chattel.
Section 200. Priority.
Section 205. Duration of Lien.
Section 210. Release or Discharge of Lien.
Section 215. Penalty For Refusal to Discharge Lien.
Section 220. Persons Entitled to Carrier, Warehouse, and Livestock Liens.
Section 225. Sale to Enforce Lien.
Section 230. Construction.
Section 235. Persons Entitled to Timber Lien.
Section 240. Lien Claim.
Section 245. Landowner's Lien For Timber.
Section 250. Landowner's Lien Claim.
Section 255. Priority.
Section 260. Duration of Lien.
Section 265. Enforcement of Lien Against Manufactured Product.
Section 270. Commissioner of Public Safety as Receiver.
Section 275. Bona Fide Purchasers.
Section 280. Enforceability.
Section 285. Contractor's Lien.
Section 290. Order of Sale Before Judgment.
Section 295. Liability For Injuring Property or Destroying Identity.
Section 300. Lien For Manufacturing.
Section 305. Manufacturing Lien Claim.
Section 310. Release Upon Filing Bond.
Section 315. Definitions.
Section 320. Packer's and Processor's Lien.
Section 325. Time Limit.
Section 330. Lien Claim.
Section 335. Extent of Lien.
Section 340. Priority.
Section 345. Duration of Lien.
Section 350. Commissioner of Public Safety as Receiver.
Section 355. Bona Fide Purchasers.
Section 360. Enforcement Against Whole or Part of Property.
Section 365. Property to Be Sold Before Judgment.
Section 370. Liability For Injuring Property or Destroying Identity.
Section 375. Release Upon Filing Bond.
Section 380. Misdemeanor to Remove Lien Property From State.
Section 385. Embezzlement of Lien Property.
Section 390. Written Statements to Employees.
Section 391. Fishermen's Lien.
Section 395. Watchman's Lien.
Section 400. Services or Work Covered By Lien.
Section 405. Lien Claim.
Section 410. Recording and Indexing Claim.
Section 415. Duration of Lien.
Section 420. Extent of Lien.
Section 425. Priority.
Section 430. Attorney's Lien.
Section 435. Lien For Wages.
Section 440. Fixing the Lien.
Section 445. Duration of Lien.
Section 450. Hospital's, Physician's, and Nurse's Lien.
Section 455. Limitation On Extent of Lien.
Section 460. Notice of Lien.
Section 465. Form of Notice.
Section 470. Lien Docket. [Repealed, Sec. 7 Ch 135 SLA 1996].
Section 475. Settlement After Notice.
Section 480. Enforcement of Lien.
Section 481. Priority of Liens.
Section 482. Definition.
Section 485. - 34.35.500l [Renumbered as AS 34.35.900
Section 510. Hotel and Boardinghouse Operator's Liens.
Section 520. Disposition of Property to Satisfy Liens.
Section 530. Definitions.
Section 900. Acknowledgment of Satisfaction.
Section 910. Employment Considered Continuous.
Section 920. Waiver of Lien.
Section 930. Liberal Construction of Chapter.
Section 950. Nonconsensual Common Law Liens.


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