Alaska Statutes.
Title 18. Health, Safety, and Housing
Chapter 55. Housing, Public Buildings, Urban Renewal, and Regional Housing Authorities
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Chapter 55. Housing, Public Buildings, Urban Renewal, and Regional Housing Authorities

Section 10. Purpose of AS 18.55.100
Section 20. - 18.55.070l Alaska State Housing Authority. [Repealed, Sec. 140 Ch 4 Fssla 1992].
Section 80. Members or Employees Prohibited From Acquiring Interest in Projects.
Section 90. Removal of Members. [Repealed, Sec. 2 Ch 9 SLA 1965].
Section 100. Powers of Corporation.
Section 105. Lease of Authority's Public Buildings to Political Subdivisions. [Repealed, Sec. 3 Ch 118 SLA 1967].
Section 110. Cooperation With and Aid of Federal Government.
Section 120. Operation and Management of Projects.
Section 130. Qualifications of Tenants and Maximum Number of Rooms.
Section 140. Issuance of Bonds, Notes, and Refunding Bonds.
Section 150. Security For Bonds.
Section 160. Limitation of Liability On Bonds.
Section 170. Exemption From Taxes.
Section 180. Issuance and Sale of Bonds and Notes.
Section 185. Prohibited Bidding On Bonds and Notes. [Repealed, Sec. 4 Ch 86 SLA 1981].
Section 187. Independent Financial Advisor.
Section 190. Maximum Interest Rate. [Repealed, Sec. 1 Ch 52 SLA 1977].
Section 200. Additional Powers to Secure Bonds or Obligations Under Leases.
Section 210. Right of Obligee of Corporation to Bring Action.
Section 220. Power of Corporation to Confer Upon Obligee Right to Bring Action or Proceeding.
Section 230. Exemption of Real Property of Corporation From Execution or Other Process.
Section 240. Power of Corporation to Obtain Federal Aid and Cooperation.
Section 250. Property of Corporation Exempt From Taxes and Assessments.
Section 255. Disposal of Surplus Property.
Section 260. Legality of Corporation's Bonds as Investments.
Section 270. Recommendations For Legislation.
Section 280. Public Loans or Donations to or Cooperation With Corporation.
Section 288. Definitions.
Section 290. Short Title.
Section 300. Declaration of Purpose.
Section 310. Powers and Duties of Corporation.
Section 320. Sale of Surplus Property.
Section 330. Preference to Veterans.
Section 340. Care, Operation, Maintenance, and Rental of Housing.
Section 350. Availability of Housing Units.
Section 360. Alaska State Housing Authority Revolving Fund. [Repealed, Sec. 72 Ch 113 SLA 1982].
Section 370. Use of Money.
Section 375. Investment of State Surplus. [Repealed, Sec. 33 Ch 141 SLA 1988].
Section 380. Corporation May Use Powers Under Other Laws.
Section 390. Limitation On Corporation's Power.
Section 400. Expenditure of Money.
Section 410. Power to Sell, Transfer, or Dispose of Projects.
Section 420. Regulations; Allocation of Units and Projects.
Section 430. Authority to Submit Annual Report. [Repealed, Sec. 140 Ch 4 Fssla 1992].
Section 440. Additional Powers to Acquire Land or Interests in Land.
Section 450. Ability to Accept Land and Other Property.
Section 460. Preference For State Professional and Contractors' Services.
Section 470. Definitions.
Section 480. Findings and Declaration of Necessity.
Section 490. Legislative Intent.
Section 500. Interest of Members of Board of Directors or Employees of Corporation in Project Prohibited.
Section 510. Finding of Necessity By Municipality.
Section 520. Powers of the Corporation.
Section 525. Neighborhood Development Projects.
Section 530. Preparation and Approval of Redevelopment Plans.
Section 540. Disposal of Property in Redevelopment Project.
Section 550. Eminent Domain.
Section 560. Acquisition and Development of Undeveloped Vacant Land.
Section 570. Issuance of Bonds and Notes.
Section 580. Power of Corporation to Provide Additional Security For Bonds.
Section 590. Remedies of Obligee.
Section 600. Bonds as Legal Investment.
Section 610. Conveyance to Federal Government On Default.
Section 620. Property Exempt From Taxes and Execution.
Section 630. Cooperation By Public Bodies.
Section 640. Report By the Authority. [Repealed, Sec. 140 Ch 4 SLA 1992].
Section 650. Title of Purchaser of Project Property.
Section 660. Additional Powers of Governing Body.
Section 670. Preparation of General Plan By Local Governing Body.
Section 680. Urban Renewal Projects; Definition.
Section 690. Urban Renewal Plan; Definition.
Section 695. - 18.55.698l Use of Tax Collections; Loan Agreements; Taxation of Leased Property. [Repealed, Sec. 31 Ch 37 SLA 1986].
Section 700. Powers With Respect to Urban Renewal.
Section 710. Public Bodies Authorized to Assist in Urban Renewal Projects.
Section 720. Corporation May Delegate Functions to Municipalities and Public Bodies.
Section 730. Agreements For Exercising Powers and Granting Assistance.
Section 740. Workable Program.
Section 750. Municipality May Repair, Etc., Dwellings Unfit For Habitation.
Section 760. Ordinances Relating to Unfit Dwellings.
Section 770. What Ordinance Must Include.
Section 780. Petition or Finding That Dwelling is Unfit and Filing of Complaint.
Section 790. Pleadings and Hearing.
Section 800. Rules of Evidence Do Not Control in Hearings Before the Corporation.
Section 810. Findings and Order.
Section 820. Ordinance to Fix Percentage of Cost as Reasonable.
Section 830. Failure of Owner to Comply With Order.
Section 840. Costs of Repair, Etc., Are a Lien.
Section 850. Disposition of Material Where Dwelling is Removed or Demolished.
Section 860. Ordinance to Give Corporation Power to Determine Fitness of Dwellings For Habitation.
Section 870. Manner of Serving Parties in Interest.
Section 880. Injunction to Prevent Corporation From Proceeding.
Section 890. Remedies Provided Are Exclusive.
Section 900. Ordinance May Give Corporation Additional Powers.
Section 910. Municipality to Prepare Estimate of Costs of Administration.
Section 920. AS 18.55.750
Section 930. Powers of a Municipality to Control Use and Occupancy of Dwellings.
Section 932. Urban Redevelopment or Urban Renewal in a Disaster Area.
Section 934. State Aid For An Urban Redevelopment or Urban Renewal Project in a Disaster Area.
Section 940. Inconsistent Provisions Superseded.
Section 945. Limitation. [Repealed, Sec. 31 Ch 37 SLA 1986].
Section 950. Definitions.
Section 960. Short Title.
Section 970. - 18.55.990l Planning Assistance. [Repealed, Sec. 10 Ch 200 SLA 1972].
Section 995. Purpose and Intent.
Section 996. Creation of Authorities.
Section 997. Residential Loans.
Section 998. Supplemental Housing Development Grants.


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