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Procedure, Civil
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Procedure, Civil

Dunlap v. Dunlap (03/17/2006) sp-5996 (law of the case)
Smith v. CSK Auto, Inc. (03/10/2006) sp-5995 (res judicata)
Anchorage Chrysler Center, Inc. v. DaimlerChrysler Corporation (02/24/2006) sp-5993 (declaratory judgment, when appropriate)
John's Heating Service v. Lamb (02/24/2006) sp-5992 (statute of limitations, expanded discovery rule)
City of Kenai v. Friends of the Recreation Center, Inc. (02/17/2006) sp-5989 (prevailing party; public interest litigant)
Alaska Construction & Engineering, Inc. v Balzer Pacific Equipment Company (01/27/2006) sp-5981 (Rule 82, no need to prevail on all issues)
Scammon Bay Association, Inc. v. David Ulak (12/23/2005) sp-5971, 126 P2d 138 (timeliness of motion to intervene)
Polar Supply Company, Inc. v. Steelmaster Industries, Inc. (12/23/2005) sp-5970, 127 P2d 52 (long-arm jurisdiction; defendant in Canada)
Cikan v. ARCO Alaska, Inc. (12/16/2005) sp-5967, 125 P2d 335 (mental capacity, tolling the limitations statute)
Bartlett v. state, Department of Revenue, Child Support Enforcement Division (12/16/2005) sp-5966, 125 P2d 328 (exception to collateral estoppel)
Gilbert v. Sperbeck (12/09/2005) sp-5964, 126 P2d 1057 (witness immunity in arbitration proceeding)
Hymes v. Deramus (08/26/2005) sp-5936, 119 P2d 963 (Rule 56(f) continuance; pro se litigants)
Ellison v. Plumbers and Steam Fitters Union Local 375 (08/19/2005) sp-5934, 118 P2d 1070 (construing Rule 68)
Wendell C. II v. State of Alaska (07/29/2005) sp-5929, 118 P2d 1 (judicial notice)
Crumpler v. State, Dept. of Revenue, CSED (07/22/2005) sp-5927, 117 P2d 730 ( 7-22 (Rule 5, service by mail))
Cook Schuhmann & Groseclose, Inc v Brown & Root (07/08/2005) sp-5921, 116 P2d 592 (Rule 68, offers of judgment)
Akpik v. State (06/24/2005) sp-5915, 115 P2d 532 (mootness doctrine, public interest exception)
In Re Schmidt (06/24/2005) sp-5914, 114 P2d 816 (sanction for failure to follow filing deadlines)
Rockstad v. Erikson (06/10/2005) sp-5908, 113 P2d 1215 (granting unopposed summary judgment)
DeNardo v. Calista Corporation (04/22/2005) sp-5890, 105 P2d 136 (stipulation to dismiss sufficient for res judicata; doctrine of claim splitting)
Phillips v. Gieringer (03/11/2005) sp-5878, 108 P2d 889 (Rule 15(c), relation back doctrine; identity of interest)
Kaiser v. Umialik Insurance (03/11/2005) sp-5877, 108 P2d 876 (equitable tolling; discovery rule)
Hammond v. State, Dept. of Transportation & Public Facilities (02/25/2005) sp-5871, 107 P2d 871 (Rule 56, evidentiary threshold to deny is low)
Morgan v. Fortis Benefits Insurance Co. (02/11/2005) sp-5868, 107 P2d 267 (Rule 56, sum.judg. Requires admissible evidence)
Catalina Yachts v. Pierce (01/14/2005) sp-5860, 105 P2d 125 (Rule 68 post-judgment fee award)
Thomas v. Anchorage Equal Rights Commission (12/10/2004) sp-5850 (ripeness/standing; ready access favored)
Miller v. Safeway, Inc. (11/26/2004) sp-5849 (Rule 15, leave to amend freely granted)
Fred Meyer of Alaska, Inc. v. Bailey (11/05/2004) sp-5840 (statute of limitations defense disfavored)
Matanuska Electric Association, Inc. v. Chugach Electric Association, Inc. (10/08/2004) sp-5838 (primary agency jurisdiction, comity, exhaust administrative remedies)
Thomann v. Fouse (07/02/2004) sp-5824 (Rule 68 offers of judgment)
Varilek v. City of Houston (06/25/2004) sp-5822 (collateral estoppel, dismiss w/o prejudice not adjudication on merits)
Fyffe v. Wright (06/25/2004) sp-5819 (waiver when no objection to admission of evidence)
Peterson v. Ek (06/25/2004) sp-5818 (judicial bias; discovery need not be admissible)
Cook Schuhmann & Groseclose, Inc. v. Brown & Root, Inc. (06/18/2004) sp-5817 (Rule 68, offers of judgment)
State, DNR v. Greenpeace, Inc. (06/18/2004) sp-5816 (mootness doctrine)
Harris v. Westfall (04/30/2004) sp-5804 (timeliness of Rule 60(b) motion)
Cline v. Cline (04/30/2004) sp-5803 (Rule 60(b)(4) not a substitute for timely appeal)
Parker v. Tomera (04/23/2004) sp-5801 (appointing expert advisory panel is discretionary)
Kozevnikoff v. Tanana Village Council (04/23/2004) sp-5800 (Rule 58; fees ordered after entry of judgment)
Gunter v. Kathy-O-Estates (03/19/2004) sp-5789 (when dismissal of claim by guardian is valid)
Barry v. University of Alaska (02/27/2004) sp-5785 (no defense summary judgment when issue exists re: defendantís affirmative defense.)
Ruckle v. Anchorage School District (02/27/2004) sp-5784 (declaratory relief; two forms of standing; leave to amend freely granted)
Hikita v. Nichiro Gyogyo Kaisha, Ltd. (02/20/2004) sp-5780 (Rule 37; dismissal as sanction)
Runyon v. Association of Village Council Presidents (01/30/2004) sp-5776 (tribal sovereign immunity)
City of Kodiak v. Samaniego (01/23/2004) sp-5772 (Rule 51; objection to instruction required)
Fletcher v. Trademark Construction, Inc. (12/05/2003) sp-5760 (Rule 41(b) involuntary dismissal)
Williams v. Engen (12/05/2003) sp-5757 (Limits on Rule 27, Discovery before Action)
Anderson v. State (10/16/2003) sp-5745 (the state must share pro rata in a lawyer fee when it receives 50% of a punitive damage award)
Genaro v. Municipality of Anchorage (09/05/2003) sp-5734 (Rule 36, request for admissions; duty to pro se litigant)
Witt v. State, Dept. of Corrections (08/08/2003) sp-5723 (oppose summary judgment with facts, not allegations)
McElroy v. Kennedy (08/01/2003) sp-5719 (res judicata, especially collateral estoppel)
Alaska Wildlife Alliance v. State (07/25/2003) sp-5716 (Rule 12(b)(6) and res judicata)
Quality Asphalt Paving, Inc. v. State, Dept. of Transportation and Public Facilities (06/13/2003) sp-5702 (legislature must authorize interest against state)
Marine Solution Services, Inc. v. Horton (05/16/2003) sp-5691 (jury instructions, trial court broad discretion)
Blood v. Kenneth Murray Insurance, Inc. (04/25/2003) sp-5685 (law favors arbitration; waiver not "lightly inferred")
State, Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission v. Carlson (03/14/2003) sp-5673 (named class members can recover taxes for unnamed class members)
Anchorage Police & Fire Retirement System v. Gallion (03/14/2003) sp-5672 (elements of contempt of court; judge need not state applicable standard of proof)
Gilbert v. Nina Plaza Condo Assoc. (02/14/2003) sp-5666 (relax procedures for pro se litigant)
Zaverl v. Hanley (02/14/2003) sp-5665 (error to admit trial testimony refused at deposition)
Crosby v. Hummell (02/07/2003) sp-5664 (judicial admission in defendantís answer)
Kodiak Island Borough v. Roe (02/07/2003) sp-5663 (error to instruct on non-economic damages cap)
Koyukuk River Tribal Task Force on Moose Management v. Rue (02/07/2003) sp-5662 (fees and costs; public interest litigant)
DeNardo v. Barrans (11/29/2002) sp-5647 (dismissal can invoke res judicata;the doctrine precludes parties and those in privity from refiling a claim)
Fleegel v. Estate of Michael E. Boyles (11/15/2002) sp-5641 (trial judge discretion on challenge for cause)
Reich v. Cominco Alaska, Inc. (10/04/2002) sp-5637 (exclude shareholders as jurors)
Ball v. Birch, Horton, Bittner and Cherot (09/27/2002) sp-5634 (Rule 56, movant must show lack of genuine issue)
Fernandes v. Portwine (09/20/2002) sp-5632 (two conflicting statutes of limitation)
Charles v. Interior Regional Housing Authority (09/20/2002) sp-5631 (summary judgment sequence)
Central Bering Sea Fishermen's Assoc. v. Anderson (09/06/2002) sp-5623 (no instruction on punitive damage cap)
Willoya v. State (08/30/2002) sp-5622 (appointment of a discovery master; duty to advise pro se litigant; when summary judgment is appropriate)
Prentzel v. Alaska Dep't of Public Safety (08/23/2002) sp-5615 (Rule 15 amendments, liberally granted)
Van Deusen v. Seavey (08/23/2002) sp-5613 (Attorney fees under Rule 68)
Hinsberger v. Alaska (08/23/2002) sp-5609 (summary judgment when no response by non-moving party)
Shook v. Alyeska Pipeline Service Co. (07/26/2002) sp-5600 (Rule 23, decertifying a class)
DeNardo v. ABC Inc. RVs Motorhomes (07/26/2002) sp-5599 (sanctions for discovery noncompliance)
Robertson v. American Mechanical, Inc. (07/19/2002) sp-5595 (res judicata and claim splitting)
Cook v. Rowland (06/21/2002) sp-5586 (Rules 55 "good cause" and 60 "excusable neglect")
Nelson-Lizardi v. Lizardi (06/14/2002) sp-5583 (fail to meet deadline, no sanction without notice)
Kava v. American Honda Motor Co., Inc. (06/14/2002) sp-5582 (criteria for deciding new trial, dir. verdict, NOV)
Guttchen v. Gabriel (06/14/2002) sp-5581 (executing on judgment after five years)
Alakayak v. British Columbia Packers (05/31/2002) sp-5575 (trial judge can't weigh evidence when deciding summary judgment; trial judge can't weigh evidence when deciding summary trial court can't weigh evidence when deciding summary judgment; continuing violation doctrine)
John's Heating Service v. Lamb (05/10/2002) sp-5572 (evid. Threshold for summary judgment is low; Rule 68; discovery rule; no prejudgment interest on future damages)
Wells v. State (05/03/2002) sp-5559 (amending witness list after deadline)
Liimatta v. Vest (04/12/2002) sp-5556 (no prejudgment interest if double recovery)
Shields v. Cape Fox Corp. (03/08/2002) sp-5547 (next friend cannot defend for minor)
Jourdan v. Nationsbanc Mortgage Corp. (03/08/2002) sp-5545 (trial judge recusal)
Kessey v. Frontier Lodge, Inc. (03/01/2002) sp-5541 (Rule 56(f) continuances "liberally granted")
De Salvo v. Bryant (02/15/2002) sp-5536 (private settlements are favored)
Juelfs v. Gough (02/15/2002) sp-5535 (time limit for change of judge)
Kaiser v. Sakata (01/18/2002) sp-5526 (discretion to appoint advisory panel; duty to advise pro se litigant)
Ogden v. Ogden (12/14/2001) sp-5516 (attorney drafting findings and conclusions)
Hanson v. Hanson (12/14/2001) sp-5515 (disqualifying trial judge; extrajudicial doctrine)
Matanuska Electric Assoc. et al. v Rewire The Board et al. (12/07/2001) sp-5511 (contempt for violating Supreme Court order)
Juline Magden v. Alaska USA Federal Credit Union (11/23/2001) sp-5506 (execute on judgment after 5 years; reconsideration denied when attempting to present additional evidence)
Goliver v McAllister (11/02/2001) sp-5497 (expiration of limitation period is fact-based issue)
Bradley v Bradley (09/28/2001) sp-5476 (no execution on partial judgment)
Dore et al. v The City of Fairbanks et al. (09/28/2001) sp-5475 (underage plaintiff, statute of limitations)
Bartek et al. v State Dept. of Natural Resources (09/21/2001) sp-5473 (rule 23, class certification)
Magill v Nelbro Packing Company (08/31/2001) sp-5459 (Rule 68)
Glamann v Kirk (08/17/2001) sp-5450 (credibility is for the jury; aggravating cause instruction)
Hallam v Holland America Line, Inc. (08/03/2001) sp-5444 (no class certification by pro se litigent; Rule 15 leaave to amend, freely granted separate from relate back)
Joseph v State of Alaska (07/13/2001) sp-5432 (exclusion of jurors for cause)
Long v Holland America Line Westours, Inc. (07/13/2001) sp-5430 (statutes of limitation, dual competing policies)
Walden v State, DOT (07/13/2001) sp-5428 (trial judge need not mitigate correct ruling)
Robert Smith, Commissioner, et al. v Michael Cleary, et al. (06/22/2001) sp-5426 (law of the case)
Mapco Express Inc. v Faulk (06/15/2001) sp-5422 (Rule 52(a), clear and explicit findings)
McDowell v State of Alaska (06/08/2001) sp-5417 (claim splitting)
Bruns v Municipality of Anchorage (06/01/2001) sp-5416 (excuse exhaustion of remedy, fear discharge)
State, Department of Revenue v Martha Andrade, et al. (05/25/2001) sp-5414 (class certification under Rule 23)
Brown v Lange (04/27/2001) sp-5400 (define "appearance"; interpret rules w/federal law)
Brause v Alaska Dept of Health & Social Services (04/17/2001) sp-5392 (ripeness doctrine, no advisory opinions)
Kellis v. Crites (03/30/2001) sp-5380 (Rule 68, recovery of fees and costs)
Grant v. Anchorage Police Dept. & Municipality of Anchorage (03/30/2001) sp-5377 (Exhaustion of remedies)
Savage Arms Inc. v. Western Auto Supply Co. (03/02/2001) sp-5370 (Fully subrogated insurer, real party in interest)
Wing v. Geico Insurance Company (02/23/2001) sp-5366 (Additional authorities must be "legal authorities")
Hebert v. Honest Bingo (02/23/2001) sp-5365 (Rule 12c and Rule 16c)
Hutton v. Realty Executives, Inc. (12/22/2000) sp-5351 (Plaintiff's constructive knowledge, cases involving professional relationship)
Atcherian v. State; Dept of Revenue, Child Support Enforcement Div. (12/22/2000) sp-5350 (Use of Rule 60(b)(6))
Brown v. Ely (12/15/2000) sp-5347 ((Rule 15c) Relation back of amendments)
White v. State; Dept of Natural Resources (12/15/2000) sp-5343 (Res judicata)
R.M. v. S.G. (12/08/2000) sp-5340 (No Rule 37 sanctions for minor violations)
Era Aviation, Inc. v. Lindfors (11/24/2000) sp-5335 (Erroneous jury instruction, when harmless)
Martinez v. Ha (11/17/2000) sp-5332 (Failure to oppose summary judgment)
Hikita v. Nichiro Gyogyo Kaisha Ltd. (11/17/2000) sp-5330 (Sanctions for discovery violations; issue preclusion in close corp. cases; summary judgment guidelines)
Snook v. Bowers (11/09/2000) sp-5329 (Rule 60(b)(6) no substitute for (1), (2) or (3).)
Guerrero v. Alaska Housing Finance Corp. (08/03/2000) sp-5301 (Rule 12(b)(6) dismissals disfavored)
Cole v. Bartels (07/07/2000) sp-5296 (Prejudgment interest on cost of future repairs)
Coffland v. Coffland (06/30/2000) sp-5295 (pro se litigants; discovery sanctions)
Savage Arms, Inc. v. Western Auto Supply Co. (06/30/2000) sp-5293 (fully subrogated insurer, real party in interest)
Standifer v. State (06/16/2000) sp-5289 (Rule 60(b)(4), void judgment, no time limit)
Alaskans For a Common Language Inc. v. Kritz (06/16/2000) sp-5284 (Intervention as a matter of right)
Chilton-Wren v. Olds (05/05/2000) sp-5268 (Waiver of jury trial.)
Alaska General Alarm, Inc. v. Grinnell (04/21/2000) sp-5263 (Statute of limitations, complaint to apportion)
Silvers v. Silvers (04/14/2000) sp-5258 (Rule 99, telephonic testimony)
Stinson v. Holder (03/17/2000) sp-5252 (Incompetence of party during trial)
Odom v. Lee (03/17/2000) sp-5250 (Rule 56, construe favoring nonmoving party)
In the Matter of Alaback and Hall (03/10/2000) sp-5248 (Standing requires injury-in-fact)
Bennett v. Hedglin (02/11/2000) sp-5239 (Oral argument, summary judgment motion)
Balough v. Fairbanks North Star Borough (01/28/2000) sp-5234 (Bifurcation of trial)
Meyer v. State of Alaska, Dept of Revenue, Child Support Enforcement Div. (12/30/1999) sp-5226 (Summary judgment; no weighing conflicting evidence or witness credibility)
Law Offices of Steven D. Smith, P.C. v. Borg-Warner Security Corp. (12/23/1999) sp-5222 (Tort vs. contract statute of limitations)
Baypack Fisheries LLC v. Nelbro Packing Company (12/17/1999) sp-5221 (Forum non conveniens)
Taranto v. North Slope Borough (12/17/1999) sp-5217 (Piecemeal litigation)
Chenega Corporation v. Exxon (11/22/1999) sp-5211 (Jury instructions, general rules)
Bodzai v. Arctic Fjord, Inc. (10/15/1999) sp-5195 (Forum non conveniens)
Flynn v. E.I. duPont de Nemours (09/17/1999) sp-5177 (Burden to modify stipulated protective order)
Peter v. The Progressive Corporation (08/27/1999) sp-5168 (Rule 53, appointing discovery masters)
Universal Motors Inc. v. Neary (08/20/1999) sp-5162 (One-action rule not adopted)
Brown v. Brown (07/30/1999) sp-5147 (Court has power and duty to enforce decree)
Red Top Mining Inc. v. Anthony (07/30/1999) sp-5143 (Rule 55, set aside default judgment; intervene)
Ardinger v. Hummell (07/23/1999) sp-5141 (Rule 15, amend complaint "freely")
Jensen v. Froissart (06/25/1999) sp-5136 (Rule 60(a) or 60(b) to correct mistakes)
Williams v. Crawford (06/18/1999) sp-5135 (Rule 60(b)(1) vs 60(b)(6))
West v. Buchanan (06/11/1999) sp-5134 (Rule 15(c), relation-back)
John J. Koss v. Madonna Koss and Alaska Dept. of Revenue, CSED (05/28/1999) sp-5125, 981 P2d 106 (Limitation on CSED collection powers)
Ellingstad v. Alaska Department of Natural Resources (05/21/1999) sp-5120, 979 P2d 1000 (Rule 13, compulsory counterclaim)
Dena' Nena' Henash, a/k/a Tanana Chiefs Conference, Inc. v. Ipalook (05/21/1999) sp-5119 (stipulations and settlement are favored)
Strong v. Seaward (05/21/1999) sp-5118, 979 P2d 456 (Admin Rule 7, recovery of expert witness fees)
White v. Harvey (05/21/1999) sp-5117, 979 P2d 1012 (Rule 68, can't modify offer for ten days)
Dixon v. Pouncy (05/21/1999) sp-5116, 979 P2d 520 (no res judicata in Rule 60(b) motions)
Wilson v. Anchorage Fire Department (04/30/1999) sp-5111, 977 P2d 713 (collateral estoppel)
Ferguson v. Child Support Enforcement Agency (04/30/1999) sp-5110, 977 P2d 95 (Rule 60(b)(5); prospective relief only)
Noey v. Bledso (04/23/1999) sp-5107, 978 P2d 1264 (interpleader)
Bennett v. Weimer (04/09/1999) sp-5104, 975 P2d 691 (Rule 56, oppposing summary judgment)
Nelson v. Progressive Corporation (03/26/1999) sp-5099, 976 P2d 859 (challenge verdict before jury discharge)
Andrus v. Lena (03/26/1999) sp-5098, 975 P2d 54 (Rule 68; how to compute)
McGee v. McGee (03/12/1999) sp-5092, 974 P2d 983 (res judicata vs. collateral estoppel)
McCubbins v. Alaska Div. Of Parks & Recreation (03/05/1999) sp-5088, 573 P2d 588 (sanctions for violating discovery)
Coulson v. McLennan (02/26/1999) sp-5087, 973 P2d 1142 (discovery, in camera review)
Church v. State of Alaska; Department of Revenue (02/12/1999) sp-5079, 973 P2d 1125 (no right to hearing without fact dispute)
Dinsmore-Poff v. Alvord (02/05/1999) sp-5077, 972 P2d 978 (Rule 56: evidence must be admissible at trial)
Gossman v. Greatland Directional Drilling, Inc. (02/05/1999) sp-5076, 973 P2d 93 (suit against dissolved corporation)
Donnelly v. Eklutna, Inc. (02/05/1999) sp-5075, 973 P2d 87 (Res judicata)
North Slope Borough v. Green International, Inc. (01/15/1999) sp-5067, 969 P2d 1161 (change venue vs. dismissal)
Dewey v. Dewey (01/15/1999) sp-5065, 969 P2d 1154 (raise subject matter jurisdiction any time)
Renwick v. Alaska Board of Marine Pilots (01/15/1999) sp-5063, 971 P2d 631 (res judicata, col. Estop., remedy exhaustion)
Sonneman v. State of Alaska; Division of Elections (12/24/1998) sp-5058, 969 P2d 632 (Standing to sue)
Coleman v. Coleman (12/11/1998) sp-5053, 968 P2d 570 (Include fees in settlement agreements)
Creations Unlimited v. State of Alaska (10/09/1998) sp-5037, 965 P2d 1 (access to public records vs discovery)
Mackie v. Chizmar (10/02/1998) sp-5035, 965 P2d 1202 (Rule 68 valid after appeal, but not with ADR)
Wright v. Shorten (09/11/1998) sp-5033, 964 P2d 441 (pro se pleadings, liberally construe)
Bobich v. Hughes (09/11/1998) sp-5032, 965 P2d 1196 (Rule 68, offers of judgment)
Alaska Tae Woong Venture, Inc. v. Westward Seafoods (08/28/1998) sp-5029, 963 P2d 1055 (use tort statute of limittions for fraud)
Walton v. Ramos Aasand & Co (08/21/1998) sp-5025, 963 P2d 1042 (summary judgment rudiments; offer of judgment)
Mundt v. Northwest Explorations, Inc. (08/14/1998) sp-5022, 963 P2d 265 (Rule 42; change of judge)
Linstad v. Sitka School District (07/31/1998) sp-5012, 963 P2d 246 (no presumption of trial judge bias on remand)
Parson v. Marathon Oil Co. (07/02/1998) sp-5007, 960 P2d 615 (Rule 56(f) extension freely granted)
Demmert v. Kootznoowoo (07/02/1998) sp-5006, 960 P2d 606 (Rule 12 vs. Rule 56; Rule 56(f) extension)
Power Constructors, Inc. v. Taylor & Hintze (06/19/1998) sp-5001, 960 P2d 20 (value of verdict vs. Rule 68 offer of judgment)
Parker v. Alaska Child Support Enforcement Division (06/12/1998) sp-4999, 960 P2d 586 (long arm jurisdiction)
Miller v. Phillips (06/12/1998) sp-4998, 959 P2d 1247 (list doctor as expert; accuracy-medical records)
Tope v. Christianson (06/05/1998) sp-4997, 959 P2d 1240 (res judicata; bankruptcy reorganization)
Alaska v. Johnson (05/22/1998) sp-4991, 958 P2d 440 (Rule 17, fictitious person as plaintiff)
Frost v. Ayojiak (05/08/1998) sp-4984, 957 P2d 1353 (Rule (60(a)-(b), clerical error; new evidence)
McDowell v. Alaska (04/24/1998) sp-4975, 957 P2d 965 (two statutes of limitation)
Munn v. Thornton (04/17/1998) sp-4972, 956 P2d 1213 (oral testimony, defer to fact-finder)
Christensen v. NCH Corporation (04/17/1998) sp-4969, 956 P2d 468 (Rule 56 denial, no findings required)
Dickerson v. Andrew (04/17/1998) sp-4968, 956 P2d 458 (Rule 60(b); mistake, excusable neglect)
Leisnoi, Inc., v. Stratman (04/10/1998) sp-4965, 956 P2d 452 (settlement is a contract)
Arctic Tug & Barge, Inc. v. Raleigh, Schwarz & Powell (04/10/1998) sp-4963, 956 P2d 1199 (oppose sum. Judg. Requires admissible evid.)
Pieper v. Musarra (03/27/1998) sp-4960, 956 P2d 444 (leeway for pro-se litigant)
Roach v. Caudle (03/13/1998) sp-4954, 954 P2d 1039 (Discovery rule, distinguish Cameron case)
Himschoot v. Dushi (02/13/1998) sp-4947, 953 P2d 507 (sum. judg. supported by admissible evid.)
Karen L. v. Alaska Div. of Family and Youth Services (02/06/1998) sp-4943, 953 P2d 871 (stay discovery, suit against gov't officials)
City of Fairbanks v. Amoco Chemical Co. (01/30/1998) sp-4940, 952 P2d 1173 (prefer longer of two limitation stats.)
Sykes v. Melba Creek Mining, Inc. (01/30/1998) sp-4938, 952 P2d 1164 (witness list sanction too harsh)
Everett Andrews et al., v. Wade & De Young Inc. P.C. (12/26/1997) sp-4923, 950 P2d 574 (Rule 13, compulsory/permissive counterclaims)
Conger v. Conger (12/19/1997) sp-4920, 950 P2d 119 (late filed answer, excusable neglect)
Toney v. City of Anchorage Police Dept. (12/19/1997) sp-4919, 950 P2d 123 (ambiguous st. of limitations)
Pierce v. Pierce (12/05/1997) sp-4914, 949 P2d 498 (Rule 60(a) vs. 60(b)(3) "misconduct")
Ghete v. Anchorage (11/29/1997) sp-4912, 948 P2d 973 (Rule 60(b) not cure for failure to raise)
Wichman v. Benner (11/21/1997) sp-4907, 948 P2d 484 (Rule 24, interventin)
Osborne v. Hurst (11/14/1997) sp-4902, 947 P2d 1356 (witness not on witness list)
Mundt v. Northwest Explorations, Inc. (11/07/1997) sp-4901, 947 P2d 827 (Rule 24(a), motion to intervene, timeliness)
Human Resources Company v. Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education (10/16/1997) sp-4894, 946 P2d 441 (Rule 54(f), continuance for discovery)
Nome Commercial Co. v. National Bank of Alaska (10/10/1997) sp-4892, 948 P2d 443 (Rule 22, interpleader)
Rice v. Denley (09/26/1997) sp-4890, 944 P2d 497 (settlement contract; Rule 81(e))
Lowery v. McMurdie (09/05/1997) sp-4880, 944 P2d 50 (inadequate findings require remand)
Byars v. Byars (09/05/1997) sp-4879, 945 P2d 792 (actual notice cures deficiencies)
Van Sandt v. Brown (08/22/1997) sp-4873, 944 P2d 449 (qualified immunity not a "mere defense")
Howell v. Ketchikan Pulp Co. (08/15/1997) sp-4867, 943 P2d 1205 (is claim one in tort or contract?)
Lowe v. Lowe (08/15/1997) sp-4865, 944 P2d 29 (Rule 60(b)(6), reasonable time)
Melendrez v. Bode (07/25/1997) sp-4856, 941 P2d 1254 (Rule 54(c); 55(e); default/default judgments; trying to avoid service of process)
Bauman v. Bauman (07/25/1997) sp-4853, 942 P2d 1130 (Rule 15(a) amendments; law of the case)
Law Offices of Vincent Vitale v. Tabbytite (07/25/1997) sp-4852, 942 P2d 1141 (pleading and proving fraud)
Nissan v. Alaska (07/18/1997) sp-4850, 941 P2d 1229 (opposing summary judgment requires facts; continuance; severance)
Southwest Marine v. Alaska State Marine Highway Systems (06/27/1997) sp-4843, 941 P2d 166 (trial de novo denied)
D.L.M. v. M.W. (06/27/1997) sp-4840, 941 P2d 900 (defines "final judgment")
Manes v. Coats (06/20/1997) sp-4839, 941 P2d 120 (E.R.201(b), judicial notice)
Broeckel v. Alaska Dep't. of Corrections (06/20/1997) sp-4837, 941 P2d 893 (necessary party, stake in controversy)
Hernandez v. Freeman (05/23/1997) sp-4824, 938 P2d 1017 (motion to modify, hearing required)
Hanson v. Kake Tribal Corporation (05/23/1997) sp-4822, 939 P2d 1320 (contract and minor statute of limitations)
Stadnicky v. Southpark Terrace Homeowner's Ass'n. (05/16/1997) sp-4820, 939 P2d 403 (enforcing restrictive covenants)
Diksen v. Troxell (05/09/1997) sp-4818, 938 P2d 1009 (Rule 17(a), real party in interest)
Plumber v. UAA (04/18/1997) sp-4810, 936 P2d 163 (res judicata)
D.L.M v. M.W. (04/18/1997) sp-4806 (res judicata)
West v. City of St. Paul (04/11/1997) sp-4803, 936 P2d 136 (summary judgment rudiments)
Bradford v. First National Bank of Anchorage (02/21/1997) sp-4786, 932 P2d 256 (Rule 54(b) judgment)
Hanson v. Kake Tribal Corp. (02/21/1997) sp-4784 (contract and minor statute of limitations)
McCaffery v. Green (02/07/1997) sp-4472, 931 P2d 407 (UCCJA; long-arm juris., support order)
Matanuska-Susuitna Borough School District v. State of Alaska (01/31/1997) sp-4470, 931 P2d 391 (Rule 79, expert fees- exhibits)
Dep't. of Natural Resources v. Tongass Conservation Society (01/17/1997) sp-4462, 931 P2d 1016 (trial fees-Rule 82; appeal fees-Rule 508; nonjusticiable political question)
State v. Dutch Harbor Seafoods, State v Trident Seafoods (12/27/1996) sp-4456 (Entitlement to jury trial)
Foster v City of Fairbanks (12/27/1996) sp-4455, 929 P2d 658 (Estoppel when party does nothing to correct error below)
Devaney v. State of Alaska, CSED (12/20/1996) sp-4447, 928 P2d 1198 (Correcting clerical mistakes, Rule 60(a))
McConkey v. Hart (11/29/1996) sp-4441, 930 P2d 402 (prejudgment interest: date accrues, future losses; Rule 68)
Waage v. Cutter Biological Division of Miles Labs (11/22/1996) sp-4434, 926 P2d 1145 (discovery rule/equitable estoppel)
Hydaburg Cooperative Ass'n. v. Hydaburg Fisheries (10/17/1996) sp-4415, 925 P2d 246 (can challenge jurisdiction any time)
Danco Exploration v. DNR (10/17/1996) sp-4414, 924 P2d 432 (statute must authorize interest against State)
Denali Federal Credit Union v. Lange (10/17/1996) sp-4413, 924 P2d 429 (cannot deny jury trial validly made)
Sopcak v. Northern Mountain Helicopter Services (10/11/1996) sp-4411, 924 P2d 1006 (elements of collateral estoppel)
Jaso v. McCarthy (09/20/1996) sp-4407, 923 P2d 795 (Rule 68 fee award; evidence of insurance)
Smith v. Thompson (09/20/1996) sp-4406, 923 P2d 101 (Discovery rule; estoppel; equitable tolling)
Wasserman v. Bartholomew (09/20/1996) sp-4404, 923 P2d 806 (Rule 37 sanctions for non-party witness)
Tipton v. ARCO (09/06/1996) sp-4398, 922 P2d 910 (statute of limitation defense disfavored)
Mount Juneau Enterprises, Inc. v. Juneau (09/06/1996) sp-4396, 923 P2d 768 (Rule 56(f) continuance requires affidavit)
Washington Insurance Guaranty Ass'n., v. Ramsey (08/16/1996) sp-4390, 922 P2d 237 (long-arm jurisdiction)
Capital Information Group v. State (08/16/1996) sp-4386, 923 P2d 29 (release of public records)
Airoulofski v. Alaska (08/16/1996) sp-4385, 922 P2d 889 (fast-track dismissal, lack of prosecution; unequivocal conduct required for waiver)
Arbelovsky v. Ebasco (08/09/1996) sp-4382, 922 P2d 225 (litigation-ending sanctions)
Alaska Travel Specialists, Inc. v. First National Bank of Anchorage (07/19/1996) sp-4369, 919 P2d 759 (summary judgment, no findings required)
O'Callaghan v. Alaska (07/05/1996) sp-4368, 920 P2d 1387 (res judicata)
Boone v. Gipson (06/28/1996) sp-4364, 920 P2d 746 (Rule 77(k); response to reconsideration)
Hatten v. Hatten (05/31/1996) sp-4354, 917 P2d 667 (Rule 60(b)(1): time for filing)
Benedict v. Key Bank of Alaska (05/24/1996) sp-4353, 916 P2d 489 (Rule 60(b): reasonable time vs. one year)
Hamilton v. Blackman (05/17/1996) sp-4352, 915 P2d 1210 (must have pers. rep. to sue estate-cannot sue insurer. Rule 15(c), relation back)
Sandoval v. Sandoval (05/17/1996) sp-4351, 915 P2d 1222 (Rule 60(b): time for filing; burden of proof)
Child Support Enforcement Div. v. Demers (05/17/1996) sp-4350, 915 P2d 1219 (no conditions on writ of execution)
Barber v. Barber & Bank of America (05/03/1996) sp-4345, 915 P2d 1204 (peremptory challenge of judge, Rule 42)
Ilardi v. Parker (04/19/1996) sp-4339, 914 P2d 888 (homestead exemption)
Neilson v. Neilson (04/19/1996) sp-4337, 914 P2d 1268 (Rule 60(b); one year vs. reasonable time)
Bowers Office Products, Inc., v. North Star Borough School District (04/12/1996) sp-4336, 918 P2d 1012 (law of case; amended Rule 82)
Rooney v. Rooney (04/12/1996) sp-4334, 914 P2d 212 (collateral estoppel; law of the case)
French v. Chilkoot Charlie's (02/09/1996) sp-4321, 911 P2d 20 (assertions won't avoid summary judgement)
Turinsky v. Long (02/02/1996) sp-4319, 910 P2d 590 (ex parte communication with judge)
Breck v. Moore (02/02/1996) sp-4318, 910 P2d 599 (discovery rule)
R. Rodriguez v. J. Rodriguez (12/29/1995) sp-4302, 908 P2d 1007 (pro se litigent not fallowing civil rules, setting aside default; amending complaint)
Morris v. Morris (12/15/1995) sp-4298, 908 P2d 425 (Rule 60(b) not substitute for appeal)
Gamble v. Northstore Partnership (12/08/1995) sp-4291, 907 P2d 477 (pleading affirmative defenses; pleadings construed liberally; Rule 56(f) extensions)
Hoffmann v. Wirth (12/01/1995) sp-4287, 907 P2d 454 (awarding interest)
White Mountain Mining Partners v. Ptarmigan Company (11/24/1995) sp-4286, 906 P2d 1357 (discovery violation sanctions)
Prazak v. Alaska Local No. 1 International Union of Bricklayers (10/27/1995) sp-4277, 904 P2d 428 (dismissal of fast-track case)
Zok v. Alaska (09/29/1995) sp-4262, 903 P2d 574 (challenge jury verdict before discharge)
Maynard v. State Farm Insurance Co. (09/29/1995) sp-4261, 902 P2d 1328 (equitable and quasi estoppel)
Burcina v. City of Ketchikan (09/22/1995) sp-4260, 902 P2d 817 (estoppel; claim based on criminal violation)
Kopanuk v. AVCP Regional Hospital (09/15/1995) sp-4257, 902 P2d 766 (District Court limited jurisdiction)
Shade v. Anglo Alaska Service Corp. (09/08/1995) sp-4253, 901 P2d 434 (summary of Rule 56 guidelines)
Bromley v. Mitchel Marine Service (09/08/1995) sp-4250, 902 P2d 797 (forum non conveniens)
Spenard Action Committee v. Evergreen Subdivision (08/25/1995) sp-4245, 902 P2d 766 (discovery violations, sanctions/fees)
Child Support Enforcement Div. v. Dean (& Cross) (08/25/1995) sp-4244, 902 P2d 1321 (action on judgment vs. execution)
McGilvary v. Hansen (06/30/1995) sp-4227, 897 P2d 605 (sanctions for discovery violation)
Revelle v. Marston (06/16/1995) sp-4224, 898 P2d 917 (Rule 15, prejudice when complaint amended)
In the Matter of Mendel (06/16/1995) sp-4223, 897 P2d 68 (discovery from attorney concerning client)
Fairbanks North Star Borough v. Lakeview Enterprises, Inc., Rahoi, & City of Fairbanks (06/09/1995) sp-4218, 897 P2d 47 (precluding testimony as discovery sanction; enhanced Rule 82 fee based on Rule 68)
Staso v. Depts. of Transportation & Administration (05/26/1995) sp-4214, 895 P2d 988 (Rule 42(c), judge disqualification)
Andrews v. Bradshaw (05/26/1995) sp-4212, 895 P2d 973 (discovery: truth, not gamesmanship)
Jackinsky v. Jackinsky (05/12/1995) sp-4202, 894 P2d 650 (res judicata vs. collateral estoppel)
Sweet v. Sisters of Providence (05/12/1995) sp-4200, 895 P2d 484 (limits on use of depositions)
Alaska v. United Cook Inlet Drift Ass'n. (05/12/1995) sp-4195, 895 P2d 947 (collateral estoppel against State)
Keane v. Boundary Commission (04/14/1995) sp-4187, 893 P2d 1239 (stay criteria same as preliminary injunction)
Bauman v. Day (03/24/1995) sp-4182, 892 P2d 817 (2-yr., 6-yr., 10-yr. statute of limitation)
Viveca L. Howlett V. Steven E. Howlett (03/10/1995) sp-4179, 890 P2d 1125 (Rule 77, defective opposition)
Linda W. Myers V. Sidney L. Robertson Sr. (03/10/1995) sp-4176, 891 P2d 199 (adversity required for jurisdiction; advise jury of insurance in intra-family litigation)
Bowman v. Blair (02/17/1995) sp-4169, 889 P2d 1069 (affirmative defense, burden of proof)
[F] Keener v. State (02/17/1995) sp-4168, 889 P2d 1063 (laches, quasi estoppel, stat. limit.)
[F] von Gemmingen v. 1st Nat'l Bank of Anchorage (02/10/1995) sp-4165, 890 P2d 60 (garnishment)
American Restaurant Group v. Clark (02/10/1995) sp-4163, 889 P2d 595 (Rule 56; issues of fact)
Alaska Telecom, Inc. v. R. Schafer (01/27/1995) sp-4161, 888 P2d 1296 (long-arm jurisdiction)
D.M. v. D.A. (12/02/1994) sp-4153, 885 P2d 94 (reformation of instrument)
Lake and Peninsula Borough v. Local Boundary Commission, et al (12/02/1994) sp-4152, 885 P2d 1059 (laches not a defense in actions at law)
M. Dewey v. H. Dewey (11/25/1994) sp-4149, 886 P2d 623 (Civil Rule 60)
Bauman v. Day (11/25/1994) sp-4147, 886 P2d 608 (2-year, 6-year, 10-year st. of limitations)
Alaska Dept. of Corrections v. Kila, Inc. (11/04/1994) sp-4141, 884 P2d 661 (service on state; default judgment)
S.L. v. J.H. (10/28/1994) sp-4139, 883 P2d 984 (beware: order on unopposed motion)
Devincenzi and Richmond v. M. Wright, d/b/a Mike's Mechanics (10/21/1994) sp-4136, 882 P2d 1263 (counsel withdraw; continuance)
Slagle and Aviation Associates v. Temso Helicopters, Inc. (10/07/1994) sp-4132, 881 P2d 1127 (must object to instruct. to appeal)
Sweet v. Sisters of Providence (09/30/1994) sp-4127, 881 P2d 304 (limits on use of depositions)
Pride v. Harris and Suburban Propane (08/23/1994) sp-4121, 882 P2d 381 (vacated judgment not res judicata)
Legge v. Greig (07/29/1994) sp-4106, 880 P2d 606 (dismissal to expedite appeal)
Pacific Marine Ins. of Alaska v. Harvest States Cooperative (07/01/1994) sp-4100, 877 P2d 264 (collateral estoppel; Rule 19)
Campion v. Alaska Housing Assistance Division (07/01/1994) sp-4096, 876 P2d 1096 (service by mail; collateral estoppel)
Miscovich Mining Company v. Tryck, Miscovich and State of Alaska (06/17/1994) sp-4095, 875 P2d 1293 (waiver, estoppel and laches)
Moore v. Alaska Dept. of Transportation (06/17/1994) sp-4093, 875 P2d 765 (exhaustion of remedies)
A. and W. Hughes v. Diamond Mini-Storage et al (06/10/1994) sp-4092, 875 P2d 749 (Rule 37 sanctions; Rule 36 Admissions)
Novak's Fuel Dist. v. Orca Oil Company (06/10/1994) sp-4091, 875 P2d 756 (Rule 41(e) dismissal; service by mail; discovery of A.G. investigative records)
Hub City Construction Co. v. Wade and De Young, Inc. (06/10/1994) sp-4088, 871 P2d 1142 (Rule 12 vs. Rule 56; Rule 13 counterclaims; res judicata vs. collateral estoppel)
State Leasing and Equip. v. Wichman (05/27/1994) sp-4086, 874 P2d 949 (apportionment, joining co-defendants)
Diamond v. Wagstaff (05/13/1994) sp-4082, 873 P2d 1286 (Judgment NOV; New Trial)
Romero v. Alaska Financial Services (05/13/1994) sp-4080, 873 P2d 1278 (notice in small claims court)
Newton v. Magill's Trailer Park (04/29/1994) sp-4075, 872 P2d 1213 (unopposed summary judgment, Rule 56)
Perry v. Madlock (04/08/1994) sp-4072, 871 P2d 1150 (attack void judgment, Rule 60)
Kenai Borough v. Port Graham Corporation (04/08/1994) sp-4070, 871 P2d 1135 (stat. of limitation, property tax)
Blumenshine v. Baptiste (03/04/1994) sp-4060, 869 P2d 470 (Rule 82, prevailing party)
Hickel et al v. Southeast Conference (02/18/1994) sp-4055, 868 P2d 919 (Admin Rule 7(c), expert fees)
Alaska v. Cook Inlet Drift Assoc. et al (02/18/1994) sp-4054, 868 P2d 913 (col. estop. against State)
Johnson and Ulmer v. Schaub (02/11/1994) sp-4051, 867 P2d 812 (continuance; Rule 56)
Buster v. Gale and Westerhof (01/14/1994) sp-4044, 866 P2d 837 (Rule 32, admission of depo testimony)
R. Gallagher v. G. Gallagher (01/07/1994) sp-4041, 866 P2d 123 (Rule 60(b); uncontested motion)
R. Dingeman v. A. Dingeman (12/23/1993) sp-4038, 865 P2d 94 (Using FRCP to interpret ARCP)
Pedersen v. Flannery, Kibbey and Diaz (11/30/1993) sp-4033, 863 P2d 856 (tort vs. contract statute of limitations)
Valleys Borough Support Committe v. Local Boundary Commission (11/12/1993) sp-4022, 863 P2d 232 (public interest litigant)
Grow v. Ruggles (10/15/1993) sp-4014, 860 P2d 1225 (inconsistent verdict waived; CR 68)
Shaw v. State of Alaska Public Defender Agency (10/08/1993) sp-4008, 861 P2d 566 (prejudgment interest begins with service)
Korman v. Mallin (09/03/1993) sp-4002, 858 P2d 1145 (physicians and informed consent)
Mortvedt v. Dept. of Natural Resources (08/27/1993) sp-3999, 858 P2d 1140 (good survey of estoppel case law)
Paramount General Const. Co. v. Dept of Transportation (08/20/1993) sp-3997, 857 P2d 1191 (res judicata)
McNett v. Alyeska Pipeline Service Co. (08/06/1993) sp-3992, 856 P2d 1165 (CR 27, depo before action)
Saddler and Washington v. Alaska Marine Lines (07/30/1993) sp-3989, 856 P2d 784 (resolve negligence on summary judg.)
Stahlman v. State of Alaska and Anch. Daily News (07/30/1993) sp-3987, 856 P2d 1162 (Rule 27, Rule 41)
North Star Terminal and Stevedore v. Alaska Railroad Corp. (07/30/1993) sp-3986, 857 P2d 335 (res judicata)
R. Olson v. F. Olson (07/23/1993) sp-3975, 856 P2d 482 (Rule 60 modifying divorce decree)
Manning v. Alaska Railroad (06/11/1993) sp-3968, 853 P2d 1120 (preclusive effect, admin proc.)
Kleven v. Yukon-Koyukuk School District (06/04/1993) sp-3964, 853 P2d 518 (standing to sue; mootness; exhaustion)
Willis v. Wetco, Inc. (06/04/1993) sp-3963, 853 P2d 533 (Rule 41(e) dismissal)
Pratt & Whitney v. Sheehan (05/28/1993) sp-3959, 852 P2d 1173 (stare decisis; interest; Rule 68)
Martech Construction Co. v. Ogden Env. Svcs, Inc. (05/21/1993) sp-3957, 852 P2d 1146 (CR 19; CR 56; contract release)
Deal v. Kearney et al (05/14/1993) sp-3955, 851 P2d 1353 (Good Samaritan; assign subrog. claim)
Heppinstall v. Darnall Kemna & Co., Inc. (05/07/1993) sp-3952, 851 P2d 78 (post-judgment discovery; waive challenge to jurisdiction)
Darnall Kemna & Co. v. L. & M. Heppinstall (05/07/1993) sp-3951, 851 P2d 73 (admissions are conclusive)
McGahan v. Kenai Peninsula Borough (04/16/1993) sp-3944, 850 P2d 636 (standing; prelim. injunction)
Thomas Hernandez-Robaina v. Alaska (04/02/1993) sp-3941, 849 P2d 783 (incompetence toll stat. limit.)
Borg-Warner Corp., et al v. Avco Corp. (03/19/1993) sp-3938, 850 P2d 628 (contribution; separate trials; collateral estoppel)
Tookalook Sales and Service v. McGahan (02/12/1993) sp-3931, 846 P2d 127 (no compounding of interest)
Mogg v. National Bank of Alaska (02/12/1993) sp-3929, 846 P2d 806 (CR 15, res judictata, law-of-case)
Lloyds' London v. The Narrows, L & L Enterprises (01/29/1993) sp-3923, 846 P2d 118 (CR 37 sanctions, willful violation)
W. Lantz v. D. Lantz (01/29/1993) sp-3922, 845 P2d 429 (laches inapplicable at law; CR 52)
Cannon v. Stonefield, in the Matter of McCoy (01/22/1993) sp-3919, 844 P2d 1131 (CR 51)
Diamond Mini-Storage v. Stewart (12/31/1992) sp-3913, 843 P2d 1232 (prejudgment interest)
Sandstrom & Sons, Inc. v. State of Alaska (12/24/1992) sp-3909, 843 P2d 645 (seek alternate to Rule 37 sanctions)
Longwith v. Dept of Natural Resources (12/11/1992) sp-3903, 848 P2d 257 (standing)
Conam AK et al v. Bell Lavalin et al (11/27/1992) sp-3900, 842 P2d 148 (Rule 51(a))
Johnson v. Siegfried (10/02/1992) sp-3890, 838 P2d 1252 (dismissal, Rule 41(e))
McGill v. Wahl (09/18/1992) sp-3886, 839 P2d 393 (civil jury trial; laches)
S. Carvalho v. D. Carvalho (09/04/1992) sp-3881, 838 P2d 259 (Rule 94; Rule 99)
Beck v. Dept. of Transportation (07/31/1992) sp-3871, 837 P2d 105 (Rule 47, challenge juror for cause)
Soldotna Air, Inc. v. Estate of Duane Breitenfeld, et al (06/30/1992) sp-3859, 835 P2d 1215 (pro rata assess. costs/fees)
Van Huff v. Sohio Alaska Petroleum Co. (06/26/1992) sp-3857, 835 P2d 1181 (jury selection; juror misconduct)
Smith v. Stratton (06/26/1992) sp-3852, 835 P2d 1162 (saving stat; Rules 16 & 41; estoppel)
Hertz v. Cleary and Alaska Board of Parole (05/29/1992) sp-3846, 835 P2d 438 (Rule 24, intervention)
Hoffman v. Dept. of Commerce and Economic Development (05/29/1992) sp-3845, 834 P2d 1218 (non-mutual collateral estoppel)
J. Bozarth v. Atlantic Richfield Oil Co. (05/18/1992) sp-3843, 833 P2d 2 (Rule 79, deposition costs)
Dept. of Fish and Game v. Kluti Kaah Native Village of Copper Center (05/08/1992) sp-3839, 831 P2d 1270 (prelim. injunctions)
Tellier v. Ford Motor Co. (03/20/1992) sp-3823, 827 P2d 1125 (inadmissible evidence, waiver)
Tucker v. United Services Automobile Association (03/06/1992) sp-3817, 827 P2d 440 (policy limits; prejudgment interest)
Bank of California v. Security Title & Trust (03/06/1992) sp-3816, 826 P2d 1126 (Rule 54(b))
Siemion v. Rumfelt (02/14/1992) sp-3812, 825 P2d 896 (Rule 15(c), amended complaint)
J. Pruitt v. Dept. of Public Safety, Div. of Motor Vehicles (02/07/1992) sp-3809, 825 P2d 887 (collateral estoppel)
MOA v. Coluccio Construction v. CH2M Hill Northwest (02/07/1992) sp-3808, 826 P2d 316 (Rule 82 vs. Rule 79)
K. Cameron v. K. (Cameron) Hughes (02/07/1992) sp-3805, 825 P2d 882 (garnishment)
Earth Movers of Fairbanks, Inc. v. Dept. of Transportation (01/24/1992) sp-3804, 824 P2d 715 (declaratory judgment)
Wright v. State of Alaska (01/24/1992) sp-3802, 824 P2d 718 (estoppel, Rule 13)
Richey v. Oen and Rent-A-Wreck, Inc. (01/24/1992) sp-3801, 824 P2d 1371 (partial directed verdict)
J. Lyman v. State (01/17/1992) sp-3797, 824 P2d 703 (res judicata, Rule 60)
Colt Industries Operating Co. v. Murphy Manufacturer (12/13/1991) sp-3788, 822 P2d 925 (joint tortfeasor contribution)
Pedersen v. Zielski et al (12/06/1991) sp-3785, 822 P2d 903 (discovery rule; estoppel)
H. Hiibschman v. City of Valdez et al (12/06/1991) sp-3783, 821 P2d 1354 (ski liability statute)
J. Gates v. Tenakee Springs (12/06/1991) sp-3781, 822 P2d 455 (sovereign immunity)
W. Johnson et al v. AK Dept. Fish & Game (11/29/1991) sp-3778, 836 P2d 896 (sovereign immunity)
Otis Elevator Co. v. Northwood Associates (11/15/1991) sp-3770, 820 P2d 1072 (Rule 37 sanctions; Rule 26 interog.)
Fields v. Fairbanks School District (10/11/1991) sp-3762, 818 P2d 658 (Rule 6, Rule 56, computing dates)
Western Pioneer, Inc. v. Harbor Enterprises, Inc. (10/11/1991) sp-3761, 818 P2d 654 (Rule 56 summary jdgmnt.)
Frontier Co.'s of AK et al v. Jack White Co. et al (10/04/1991) sp-3759, 818 P2d 645 (Rule 79 paralegal costs)
V. Mack v. C. Mack (08/30/1991) sp-3746, 816 P2d 197 (continuance)
Braun v. AK Commercial Fishing & Ag. Bank (08/02/1991) sp-3727, 816 P2d 140 (Rule 56 summary judgment)
T. Lowe v. L. Lowe (07/26/1991) sp-3726, 817 P2d 453 (Rule 60 relief from judgment)
Lewis, Tolman et al v. Alaska Public Employees Assoc. (06/21/1991) sp-3711, 813 P2d 669 (CR 11 sanctions)
L. Houston et al v. A. Racine (03/01/1991) sp-3668, 806 P2d 848 (limitations, discovery rule)

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