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1873 Gilmore Trail
Fairbanks, Alaska 99712

Tel: (907) 456-8142
fax: (907) 452-8157

Lawyer Support Services is a firm in Fairbanks, Alaska, which provides weekly summaries of the Alaska Supreme Court's opinions, and deposition and transcribing services through LSS Court Reporting. LSS is owned and operated by Ed and Mary Husted. Ed earned an L.L.B. from Indiana University Law School in 1962. Mary has worked as a paralegal since 1982 and now also as a court reporter.

The LSS Weekly Alaska Court Summaries, started in 1989, are issued every Saturday in Fairbanks and contain a one-page summary of each opinion of the Alaska Supreme Court issued the preceding day. The summaries are mailed,  faxed or e-mailed to law offices in 16 communities throughout Alaska where they are now read by roughly 450 attorneys. Included with each edition is a brief topical index, updated weekly, to assist in locating slip opinions prior to their appeearance in an advance sheet. The Index, itself has been utilized by the Alaska Legal Resource Center with our permission.

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