Alaska Statutes.
Title 38. Public Land
Chapter 5. Alaska Land Act
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Chapter 5. Alaska Land Act

Section 5. Division of Lands.
Section 10. Appointment of Director.
Section 15. Director Serves at Pleasure of Commissioner.
Section 20. Authority and Duties of the Commissioner.
Section 25. Continuing Regulations, Agreements, Etc.
Section 27. Cooperative Resource Management or Development Agreements.
Section 30. Exceptions.
Section 32. School Land Disposition Procedures. [Repealed, Sec. 20 Ch 182 SLA 1978].
Section 35. Powers and Duties of the Director.
Section 36. Audit of Royalty and Net Profit Payments and Costs.
Section 37. Zoning Regulations in the Unorganized Borough.
Section 40. Director Shall Be Bonded. [Repealed, Sec. 38 Ch 91 SLA 1997].
Section 45. Generally.
Section 47. Classification and Sale of State Land in Municipalities. [Repealed, Sec. 45 Ch 113 SLA 1981. For Current Law See AS 38.04.020].
Section 50. Disposal of Land For Private Ownership.
Section 55. Auction Sale Procedures.
Section 57. Disposal of Land By Lottery.
Section 58. Land Discount Program. [Repealed, Sec. 19 Ch 67 SLA 1983].
Section 59. Sale of Agricultural Land.
Section 60. Rejection of Bids.
Section 63. Sales For Pipeline Purposes. [Repealed, Sec. 31 Ch 3 Fssla 1973].
Section 65. Terms of Contract of Sale.
Section 66. Preference to Persons For Fishery Purposes. [Repealed, Sec. 34 Ch 94 SLA 1980].
Section 67. Preference For Veterans For Unoccupied Residential Land.
Section 68. Forest Service Permittees' Sales Preference.
Section 69. Preference to Persons For Agricultural Purposes.
Section 70. Generally.
Section 73. Recreational Facilities Development Leasing.
Section 75. Leasing Procedures.
Section 76. Leases For Pipeline Purposes. [Repealed, Sec. 31 Ch 3 Fssla 1973].
Section 77. And 38.05.078. Classification, Disposal, and Sale of Remote Parcels. [Repealed, Sec. 7 Ch 103 SLA 1983. For Current Law See AS 38.09].
Section 79. Remote Cabin Permit. [Repealed, Sec. 38 Ch 91 SLA 1997].
Section 80. Rejection of Bids.
Section 82. Leases For Shore Fisheries Development; Account.
Section 83. Aquatic Farming and Hatchery Site Leases.
Section 85. Term of Lease.
Section 87. Forest Service Permittees' Leasing Preference.
Section 90. Removal or Reversion of Improvements Upon Termination of Leases.
Section 95. Subleases.
Section 97. Exemption From Rental Payments On Land Leased By Nonprofit Organizations.
Section 98. Senior Citizens Exemption.
Section 100. Renewal of Lease. [Repealed, Sec. 15 Ch 257 SLA 1976].
Section 102. Lessee Preference.
Section 103. Rights of Holder of Security Interest.
Section 105. Periodic Rent Adjustments.
Section 107. Compensation Relating to Easements or Rights-of-Way Across State Leases. [Repealed, Sec. 1 Ch 203 SLA 1975].
Section 110. Sale of Timber and Materials; Account.
Section 112. Forest Land Use Plans.
Section 113. Five-Year Sale Schedule.
Section 115. Limitations and Conditions of Sale.
Section 117. Salvage Sales.
Section 118. Negotiated Sales.
Section 120. Disposal Procedure.
Section 123. Negotiated Timber Sales For Local Manufacture of Wood Products.
Section 125. Reservation.
Section 126. Navigable and Public Water.
Section 127. Access to Navigable or Public Water.
Section 128. Obstructions to Navigable Water.
Section 130. Damages and Posting of Bond.
Section 131. Applicability; Determination; Regulations.
Section 132. Exploration License For Oil and Gas or Gas Only.
Section 133. License Procedures.
Section 134. Conversion to Lease.
Section 135. Leasing Generally; Royalty and Net Profit Share Payments and Interest.
Section 137. Leasing Agreements.
Section 140. Limitations.
Section 145. Leasing Procedure.
Section 150. Coal.
Section 155. Phosphates.
Section 160. Oil Shale.
Section 165. Sodium.
Section 170. Sulphur.
Section 175. Potassium.
Section 177. Nonconventional Gas Leases.
Section 180. Oil and Gas and Gas Only Leasing.
Section 181. Geothermal Resources.
Section 182. Royalty On Natural Resources.
Section 183. Sale of Royalty.
Section 184. Limitation On Oil and Gas Leases in Kachemak Bay.
Section 185. Generally.
Section 190. Qualifications.
Section 195. Mining Claims.
Section 200. Changes in Locations and Amended Notices.
Section 205. Mining Leasing.
Section 207. Production License. [Repealed, Sec. 19 Ch 56 SLA 1997].
Section 210. Annual Labor.
Section 211. Annual Rental.
Section 212. Production Royalty.
Section 215. Notice to Co-Owners to Contribute to Cost of Annual Labor or Improvements and Forfeiture For Failure to Contribute.
Section 220. Recording the Notice to Contribute and Affidavits.
Section 225. Lienholder May Perform the Annual Labor.
Section 230. Lien For Performance of Annual Labor.
Section 235. Lien For Annual Labor is Independent of Other Liens.
Section 240. Labor Defined For AS 38.05.210
Section 242. Definitions For AS 38.05.210
Section 245. Prospecting Sites.
Section 250. Prospecting Permits and Leases On Tide and Submerged Land.
Section 252. Extralateral Rights Under Shore, Tide, and Submerged Land.
Section 255. Surface Use of Land or Water.
Section 260. Water Rights Where Claim Includes Both Banks of a Stream. [Repealed, Sec. 2 Ch 50 SLA 1966. For Current Law See AS 46.15].
Section 265. Abandonment.
Section 270. Transfers.
Section 275. Recognition of Locations.
Section 280. [Renumbered as AS 38.05.242
Section 285. Multiple Use.
Section 290. Selection Practice.
Section 295. Parks and Recreation Areas.
Section 300. Classification of Land.
Section 301. [Renumbered as AS 38.05.830
Section 305. Notice and Review. [Repealed, Sec. 45 Ch 113 SLA 1981. For Current Law See AS 38.05.945
Section 310. [Renumbered as AS 38.05.840
Section 315. [Renumbered as AS 38.05.810
Section 320. [Renumbered as AS 38.05.820
Section 321. Restriction On Sale, Lease, or Other Disposal of Agricultural Land.
Section 323. [Renumbered as AS 38.05.821
Section 325. Homestead Entry. [Repealed, Sec. 45 Ch 85 SLA 1979. For Current Law See AS 38.09].
Section 330. [Renumbered as AS 38.05.850
Section 335. [Renumbered as AS 38.05.860
Section 340. [Renumbered as AS 38.05.920
Section 345. [Renumbered as AS 38.05.945
Section 346. [Renumbered as AS 38.05.946
Section 347. Transfer of State Land to Cities. [Repealed, Sec. 6 Ch 218 SLA 1976; Sec. 15 Ch 257 Sla 1976].
Section 348. [Renumbered as AS 38.05.870
Section 349. [Renumbered as AS 38.05.872
Section 350. [Renumbered as AS 38.05.910
Section 351. [Renumbered as AS 38.05.930
Section 355. [Renumbered as AS 38.05.950
Section 360. Waste or Injury to Land. [Repealed, Sec. 21 Ch 166 SLA 1978. For Current Law See AS 11.46].
Section 362. Agricultural Land Classification. [Repealed, Sec. 88 Ch 152 SLA 1984].
Section 365. [Renumbered as AS 38.05.965
Section 370. [Renumbered as AS 38.05.990
Section 500. Electorate Determinations.
Section 501. Management.
Section 502. Property of the People.
Section 503. Treaties and Compacts.
Section 504. Proceeds to the General Fund.
Section 505. Exclusive Enforcement.
Section 600. Remote Recreational Cabin Sites.
Section 800. Reconstitution and Administration of Mental Health Land Trust. [Repealed, Sec. 39 Ch 5 Fssla 1994].
Section 801. Management of Mental Health Trust Land.
Section 810. Public and Charitable Use.
Section 820. Occupied Tide and Submerged Land.
Section 821. Tideland Seaward of Public Recreational Sites.
Section 825. Conveyance of Tide and Submerged Land to Municipalities.
Section 830. Land Disposal in the Unorganized Borough.
Section 840. Appraisal.
Section 850. Permits.
Section 855. , 38.05.856. Identification of Sites For Aquatic Farms and Hatcheries; Tideland and Land Use Permits For Aquatic Farming. [Repealed, Sec. 38 Ch 91 SLA 1997].
Section 860. Deposits.
Section 870. Grants of Land After Natural Disaster.
Section 872. Disposition of State Land For Flood Control Projects.
Section 874. Public Access Fund Created.
Section 875. Administration of Land Acquired Under Former AS 34.10.
Section 910. Policy.
Section 920. Assignment.
Section 930. Bona Fide Purchasers.
Section 940. Land Purchase Price Discount For Veterans.
Section 945. Notice.
Section 946. Hearings.
Section 950. Interference With Bidding Prohibited; Penalties.
Section 965. Definitions.
Section 990. Short Title.


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