Alaska Statutes.
Title 18. Health, Safety, and Housing
Chapter 60. Safety
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Chapter 60. Safety

Section 10. Legislative Intent.
Section 20. Regulations.
Section 30. Duties of Department of Labor and Workforce Development.
Section 40. Report.
Section 50. Employment For Education and Enforcement Purposes. [Repealed, Sec. 9 Ch 72 SLA 1973].
Section 55. Division of Labor Standards and Safety.
Section 57. Occupational Safety and Health Review Board.
Section 58. Reporting of Injuries and Illnesses.
Section 59. Legal Counsel.
Section 60. Cooperation By Other State Agencies.
Section 65. Importation of Toxic and Hazardous Substances.
Section 66. Employee Safety Education Programs.
Section 67. Information Provided On Employee's Request.
Section 68. Posting of Information in Workplace.
Section 70. Use of Funds and Contributions.
Section 75. Safe Employment.
Section 77. Variance From a Standard.
Section 80. Contributions.
Section 81. Temporary Variance.
Section 83. Right of Entry and Inspection.
Section 85. Prohibition of Unauthorized Notice of Inspection.
Section 87. Employer and Employee Participation in Inspections.
Section 88. Employee Requests For Special Inspection.
Section 89. Prohibition Against Retribution.
Section 90. Penalty For Violations. [Repealed, Sec. 9 Ch 72 SLA 1973].
Section 91. Citations.
Section 93. Enforcement Procedures.
Section 95. Penalties.
Section 96. Imminent Dangers.
Section 97. Judicial Review.
Section 98. Employee Compensation For Appearances.
Section 99. Confidentiality of Trade Secrets.
Section 100. Nonabrogation of Powers of Department of Health and Social Services.
Section 105. Definitions.
Section 110. Fund For Rescue and Relief of Lost Persons. [Repealed, Sec. 1 Ch 15 SLA 1968].
Section 120. Search and Rescue Parties.
Section 125. Civil Immunity.
Section 130. Expenses of Search and Rescue Parties.
Section 140. , 18.60.145. Limitation of Amount of Expenditure For Search and Rescue; Search and Rescue Fund. [Repealed, Sec. 12 Ch 42 SLA 1997].
Section 146. Civil Air Patrol.
Section 148. Transfer of Forfeited Aircraft to Civil Air Patrol.
Section 150. Report of Mysterious Disappearance or Separation From Companions.
Section 160. Violation a Misdemeanor.
Section 170. Report and Investigation of Disappearance.
Section 175. Regulations.
Section 180. Regulations.
Section 190. Effect of Regulations.
Section 200. New Boilers and Unfired Pressure Vessels.
Section 210. Exemptions.
Section 220. Duties of the Department of Labor and Workforce Development.
Section 230. Appointment of Deputy Inspectors.
Section 235. Approved Inspectors.
Section 240. Appointment and Qualifications of Special Inspectors.
Section 250. Compensation For Special Inspectors Prohibited.
Section 260. Duty of Special Inspectors.
Section 270. Report of Inspection.
Section 280. Right of Inspection.
Section 290. Examination For Deputy and Special Inspectors.
Section 300. Revocation or Suspension of State Commission.
Section 310. Replacement of Lost or Destroyed Certificate or Commission.
Section 315. Inspection Standards.
Section 320. Inspection of Boilers and Unfired Pressure Vessels.
Section 330. Rules of Inspection.
Section 340. Inspection Certificates.
Section 350. Suspension of Inspection Certificate.
Section 360. Inspection Fees.
Section 370. Appeals.
Section 380. Creation of Boiler Fund. [Repealed, Sec. 3 Ch 29 SLA 1968].
Section 390. Inspection Certificate Required; Penalty.
Section 395. Licensing of Boiler Operators; Fees.
Section 400. Refrigerator Safety Requirements.
Section 410. Equipment to Have Opening Device On Inside.
Section 420. Administration of AS 18.60.400
Section 430. Inspection of Equipment.
Section 435. Exemption.
Section 440. Review.
Section 450. Penalties For Violations.
Section 460. Enforcement.
Section 470. [Repealed, Sec. 4 Ch 120 SLA 1971].
Section 475. Powers and Duties of Department.
Section 480. [Repealed, Sec. 4 Ch 120 SLA 1971].
Section 485. Radiation Sources.
Section 490. [Repealed, Sec. 4 Ch 120 SLA 1971].
Section 495. Notification of Violation and Order of Abatement.
Section 500. [Repealed, Sec. 4 Ch 120 SLA 1971].
Section 505. Authority of Department in Cases of Emergency.
Section 510. [Repealed, Sec. 4 Ch 120 SLA 1971].
Section 515. Assisting Other Agencies.
Section 520. [Repealed, Sec. 4 Ch 120 SLA 1971].
Section 525. Exceptions.
Section 530. [Repealed, Sec. 4 Ch 120 SLA 1971].
Section 535. Penalty.
Section 540. [Repealed, Sec. 4 Ch 120 SLA 1971].
Section 545. Definitions.
Section 550. - 18.60.570l [Repealed, Sec. 4 Ch 120 SLA 1971].
Section 580. Minimum Electrical Standards.
Section 590. Code Amendments; Local Safety Codes.
Section 600. Powers and Duties of the Department.
Section 610. Delegation of Authority.
Section 620. Inspection Fees.
Section 630. Enforcement of Compliance.
Section 640. Scope of Work Covered.
Section 650. Penalty For Violations.
Section 660. Definitions.
Section 670. Prohibition Against Placement of Equipment Near Electrical Power Lines and Conductors.
Section 675. Posting of Warning Sign Before Operation.
Section 680. Placement of Barriers For Temporary Work.
Section 685. Criminal Penalty; Civil Liability For Damages.
Section 690. Nonapplicability to Certain Activities.
Section 695. Definitions.
Section 705. Plumbing Code.
Section 710. Duties of the Department.
Section 715. Administration.
Section 720. Cost of Permits.
Section 725. Enforcement; Reinspection.
Section 730. Penalty For Violations.
Section 735. Borough or City Regulation.
Section 740. Definitions.
Section 750. Labeling Required.
Section 755. Safety Glazing Materials Required.
Section 760. Employees Not Liable.
Section 765. Penalty.
Section 770. Local Ordinances.
Section 775. Applicability. [Repealed, Sec. 38 Ch 30 SLA 1992].
Section 780. Definitions.
Section 800. Elevator Safety Standards.
Section 810. Emergency Power Source. [Repealed, Sec. 5 Ch 31 SLA 1983].
Section 820. Enforcement of Compliance.
Section 822. Snow Safety and Operation Plan. [Repealed, Sec. 3 Ch 63 SLA 1994. For Current Law, See AS 05.45].
Section 825. Definition.
Section 830. Alaska Safety Advisory Council.
Section 835. Duties of the Council.
Section 840. Finances of the Council.
Section 850. Piping Codes.
Section 880. Needle Stick and Sharps Injury Protections For Health Care Workers.
Section 890. Definitions.
Section 950. Accounting and Disposition of Fees. [Repealed, Sec. 28 Ch 90 SLA 1991].


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