Alaska Statutes.
Title 9. Code of Civil Procedure
Chapter 45. Actions Relating to Real Property
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Chapter 45. Actions Relating to Real Property

Section 10. Action to Quiet Title.
Section 15. Land Adjoining Highway Reservation.
Section 20. Action to Establish Boundaries.
Section 30. Appointment of Referees to Establish and Mark Boundaries.
Section 40. Oaths and Report of Referees.
Section 50. Court Action on the Referees' Report.
Section 52. Adverse Possession.
Section 60. Prohibition of Use of Force For Entry On Realty.
Section 70. Action For Forcible Entry or Detention.
Section 80. Undertaking On Appeal. [Repealed, Sec. 4 Ch 10 SLA 1974].
Section 90. Unlawful Holding By Force.
Section 100. Notice to Quit.
Section 105. Content of Notice to Quit.
Section 110. Time When Action to Recover Possession May Be Brought.
Section 120. Summons and Continuance.
Section 130. Action Against Persons Paying Rent in Advance.
Section 135. Action Against Tenant Occupying Premises Abated as Nuisance.
Section 140. Agricultural Tenant.
Section 150. Inquiry Into Merits of Title.
Section 158. Action By Nonprofit Housing Corporation.
Section 160. Actions For Possession of Realty.
Section 161. Lien Against Public Servant.
Section 164. Request For Release of Nonconsensual Common Law Lien.
Section 167. Liability of Nonconsensual Common Law Lien Claimant or Grantee.
Section 169. Definitions.
Section 170. Judgment On Foreclosure of Lien.
Section 180. Sale of Encumbered Property.
Section 190. Redemption After Foreclosure of Lien.
Section 200. Effect of Action to Recover Debt.
Section 210. Proceedings When Debt Secured is Not All Due.
Section 220. Effect of Payment Before Judgment or Sale.
Section 230. Action Based On Private Nuisance.
Section 235. Agricultural Operations as Private Nuisances.
Section 240. Manner of Abatement.
Section 250. Order Staying Issue of Warrant.
Section 255. Definition of Nuisance.
Section 260. Right of Action For Partition or Sale.
Section 270. Lien On Undivided Interest.
Section 280. Determination of Rights of Parties.
Section 290. Order For Partition or Sale.
Section 300. Report of Referees.
Section 310. Effect of Judgment.
Section 320. Tenant Not Affected By Judgment.
Section 330. Order of Sale.
Section 340. Estate of Life or Years.
Section 350. Reference to Determine Liens.
Section 360. Appearance of Lienholders Before Referee.
Section 370. Effect of Confirmation of Report.
Section 380. Application of Proceeds From Sale of Encumbered Property.
Section 390. Lienholder Having Other Securities.
Section 400. Distribution of Proceeds of Sale.
Section 410. Continuation of Action to Determine Claims to Proceeds.
Section 420. Sale Procedure.
Section 430. Credit Terms.
Section 440. Credit Security.
Section 450. Disposal of Estate For Life or Years.
Section 460. Compensation For Sale of Estate For Life or Years.
Section 470. Determination of Value of Estate For Life or Years Sold Without Consent.
Section 480. Rules For Determining Value.
Section 490. Protection of Unknown Tenants.
Section 496. [Renumbered (a) as AS 34.03.285 and (b) as AS 34.03.115.]
Section 500. Vested or Contingent Future Rights or Estate.
Section 510. Separate Sales of Farms or Lots.
Section 520. Persons Ineligible to Purchase. [Repealed, Sec. 5 Ch 78 SLA 1972].
Section 530. Report of Sale.
Section 540. Confirmation or Vacation of Sale.
Section 550. Investment of Proceeds Belonging to Unknown or Nonresident Owner.
Section 560. Security Taken and Investments Made in Name of Court Clerk.
Section 570. Security Taken in Names of Parties When Interests Ascertained.
Section 580. Duties of Clerk in Securities and Investments.
Section 590. Compensation For Unequal Partition.
Section 600. Payment to Guardian of Share of Infant.
Section 610. Payment to Guardian of Share of Insane or Incompetent Person.
Section 620. Apportionment of Cost of Partition.
Section 630. Actions For Recovery of Real Property.
Section 640. Damages For Withholding Property and Value of Improvements as Setoff.
Section 650. Termination of Right to Recover Property During Pendency of Action.
Section 660. Order For Survey and Measurement of Property.
Section 670. Effect of Alienation By Person in Possession.
Section 680. Mortgage Not a Conveyance.
Section 690. Failure to Pay Rent.
Section 700. Judgment in Actions to Recover Possession.
Section 710. Possession When New Trial Granted.
Section 720. Actions to Recover Possession By Tenant in Dower. [Repealed, Sec. 1 Ch 89 SLA 1984].
Section 730. Trespass By Cutting or Injuring Trees or Shrubs.
Section 735. Trespass Related to Geotechnical Surveys and Mining.
Section 740. Right of Action For Waste.
Section 750. - 09.45.790. [Renumbered as AS 09.45.900]
Section 795. [Renumbered as AS 09.65.200]
Section 797. [Renumbered as AS 09.65.220]
Section 800. Prerequisite Earthslide Changing Land Boundaries.
Section 805. Parties.
Section 810. Separate Actions as to Separate Slide Areas.
Section 815. Complaint.
Section 820. Publication and Posting of Notice.
Section 825. Procedure Applicable.
Section 830. Jurisdiction.
Section 835. Answer.
Section 840. Lis Pendens.
Section 845. Vacating of Streets in Whole or in Part.
Section 850. Proof of Facts.
Section 855. Scope of Judgment.
Section 860. Standards For Judgment.
Section 865. Effect of Judgment.
Section 870. Recording of Judgment.
Section 875. Cumulative Remedies.
Section 880. Short Title.
Section 881. Notice of Claim.
Section 882. Written Response to Notice of Claim.
Section 883. Court Action Allowed If Claim Disputed or Not Responded to.
Section 884. Consequence of Rejecting Inspection or Settlement Offer.
Section 885. Consequence of Accepting Inspection Offer.
Section 886. Procedure After Inspection.
Section 887. Court Action Allowed After Failure to Repair or to Settle.
Section 888. Court Action Allowed If Claimant Rejects Offer.
Section 889. Unreasonable Rejection of Offer.
Section 890. Acceptance of Offer.
Section 891. Presumption of Mitigation.
Section 892. Noncompliance Assertion Prohibited.
Section 893. Notice Required in Contract.
Section 894. Additional Construction Defects; Additional Notice of Claim Required.
Section 895. Limitation On Damages; Collateral Sources.
Section 896. Exemption.
Section 899. Definitions.
Section 900. Joining Unknown Heirs as Defendants in Real Property Suits.
Section 910. Service On Unknown Heirs By Publication.
Section 920. Unknown Claimants in Real Property Suits.
Section 930. Rights of Unknown Heirs and Parties Served By Publication.
Section 940. Lis Pendens.
Section 990. Definitions.


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