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Family Law
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Family Law

In the Matter of the Adoption of Missy M. (04/14/2006) sp-6001 (adoption is a two-step proceeding)
Debbie G./Charles F. v. State of Alaska, DHSS (04/07/2006) sp-6000 (designating a relative does not "remedy" parental misconduct)
Fortson v. Fortson (02/17/2006) sp-5987 (Uneven split of property; Merrill factors; taxes and cost incurred selling property; loans that qualify as gifts)
Elliott v. Elliott (02/17/2006) sp-5985 (opposed custody motion; hearing and findings required, except for insubstantial alterations)
Bartlett v. state, Department of Revenue, Child Support Enforcement Division (12/16/2005) sp-5966, 125 P2d 328 (support enforcement under UIFSA)
John v. Baker (12/16/2005) sp-5965 (tribal court jurisdiction over child support)
Hanson v. Hanson (12/09/2005) sp-5962, 125 P2d 299 (active appreciation; home as marital asset; discount for minority ownership)
Hixson v. Sarkesian (11/18/2005) sp-5958 (exchange-rate fluctuation; the 15% rule)
Clifford B. Killary v. Susan Killary (11/10/2005) sp-5956, 123 P2d 1039 (support when child doesn't live with custodial parent)
State vs John G. Wise and Cynthia Wolf (10/14/2005) sp-5948, 122 P2d 212 (effective date of child support modification)
Webb v. State, Dept. of Revenue, CSED (09/09/2005) sp-5941, 120 P2d 997 (duty to support children; burden to modify upon change in circumstances)
Hansen v. Hansen (09/02/2005) sp-5939, 119 P2d 1005 (when couple is economic unit; roll over IRA; transferability of benefits not prerequisite)
State, Dept. of Revenue v. Wallace (09/02/2005) sp-5938, 119 P2d 992 (retroactive modification of support order)
Abood v. Abood (09/02/2005) sp-5937, 119 P2d 980 (factors use determine transmutation; active appreciation; value property close to trial date; failure to provide evidence of value)
Elton H. v. Naomi R (08/26/2005) sp-5935, 119 P2d 969 (legal vs. physical custody; custody preference for natural parent)
Alyssa B v. State, DH&SS (08/05/2005) sp-5930, 118 P2d 6 (no jury trial in CINA proceedings; mental exams can by ordered using Civil Rule 35)
Crumpler v. State, Dept. of Revenue, CSED (07/22/2005) sp-5927, 117 P2d 730 (child support, when modification effective; Rule 4 service not required)
Chesser-Witmer v. Chesser (07/15/2005) sp-5923, 117 P2d 711 (statutory best-interests factors; out-of-state move is automatic change of circumstances)
Jeff v. State (07/15/2005) sp-5922, 117 P2d 697 (definition of "abandonment"; CINA adjudication concerns the child; termination proceedings concern the parent)
Andrea S v David R (07/08/2005) sp-5920, 116 P2d 589 (when evidentiary hearing and findings are required in custody modification proceedings)
Ray v. Ray (07/01/2005) sp-5918, 115 P2d 573 (presumption of paternity; jurisdiction over custody issue)
Tanghe v. Tanghe (06/24/2005) sp-5910, 115 P2d 567 (value of marital portion of pension; cannot capitalize survivor benefit when age discrepancy is great)
Ebertz v. Ebertz (06/03/2005) sp-5905 (distinction between initial custody order and modification; custody investigator report not decisive; fee awards)
Jeff A.C., Jr. v. Alaska (04/27/2005) sp-5893, 117 P2d 697 (definition of "abandonment"; CINA adjudication concerns the child; termination proceedings concern the parent)
Rick P. v. State, Office of Children's Services (04/01/2005) sp-5882, 109 P2d 950 (requirements for termination of parental rights)
Chase v. Chase (04/01/2005) sp-5881, 109 P2d 942 (no obligation to accept expert testimony)
Lawson v. Lawson (03/11/2005) sp-5876, 108 P2d 883 (Rule 90.3 is constitutional)
Lana C. v. Cameron P. (03/11/2005) sp-5875, 108 P2d 896 (DV, parties canít agree to withhold evidence)
Alden H. v. State, Office of Children's Services (03/04/2005) sp-5874, 108 P2d 224 (relinquish parental rights canít be conditional; revisit termination of parental rights)
McComas v. Kirn (01/28/2005) sp-5865, 105 P2d 1130 (protective order; domestic violence crime)
Miller v. Miller (01/28/2005) sp-5863, 105 P2d 1136 (transmuting separate to marital property; time for classifying property vs. time to value it; lawyer fee)
Caldwell v. State, Dept. of Revenue, Child Support Enforcement Div. (01/21/2005) sp-5861, 105 P2d 570 (real estate sale proceeds as annual gross income; exceptional factors)
Silvan v. Alcina (01/14/2005) sp-5858, 105 P2d 117 (custody-trial judge in best position; reorientation alimony; custody appeal must be filed in 15 days)
State, Dept. of Revenue, Child Support Enforcement Div. v. DeLeon (12/17/2004) sp-5853 (order applying for PFD to pay delinquent support)
Carl N. v. State, Dept. of Health & Social Services, DFYS (12/10/2004) sp-5852 (terminating parental rights under ICWA)
Paxton v. Gavlak (10/15/2004) sp-5839 (retroactive modification of support arrearages)
Nunley v. State, Dept. of Revenue, Child Support Enforcement Div. (10/08/2004) sp-5837 (voluntary underemployed; paternity presumption)
Moeller-Prokosch v. Prokosch (10/01/2004) sp-5834 (custody when a parent moves out-of-state)
Stanley B. v. State, DFYS (06/04/2004) sp-5811 (incarceration as grounds for CINA/termination)
Cline v. Cline (04/30/2004) sp-5803 (dividing military retirement, but not disability)
Schmitz v. Schmitz (04/16/2004) sp-5797 (statutory rules for deciding custody; parenting plans into the future; separate vs. marital property-transmutation vs. active appreciation)
Evans v. McTaggart (04/09/2004) sp-5794 (grandparent custody/visitation requires clear and convincing evidence)
Stanley B. v. State, DFYS (04/09/2004) sp-5793 (incarceration as grounds for CINA/termination)
Brynna B. v. State, Dept. of Health & Social Services (03/19/2004) sp-5788 (disregard placement of child with blood relative)
Beal v. Beal (02/27/2004) sp-5782 (interim support; payments to maintain marital property cost of selling marital home; childrenís separate property; payment of marital debt; when trial court must consider request for credits)
Keturi v. Keturi (01/30/2004) sp-5774 (Rule 90.3, averaging several past years when income is erratic; rules for transmuting sole property to marital estate)
Gurney v. Gurney (11/21/2003) sp-5755 (property division between cohabiting couple)
In the Matter of the Adoption of Keith M.W. (10/31/2003) sp-5748 (consent to direct placement adoption under ICWA)
Vivian P. v. State (10/16/2003) sp-5744 (reasonable reunite effort not required when circumstances pose a substantial risk to childís health or safety)
Frank E. v. State (09/26/2003) sp-5741 (long prison term-terminate parental rights)
Martin N. v. State, Dept. of Health and Social Services (09/12/2003) sp-5736 (4 findings required for parental rights termination; witnessing violence is mentally harmful to small children)
In the Matter of the Adoption of Bernard A. (09/12/2003) sp-5735 (extended family preference under ICWA; continuity of caregiving for foster children)
Riddell v. Edwards (09/05/2003) sp-5733 (void vs. voidable marriage)
O'Connell v. Christenson (08/15/2003) sp-5724 (specific findings required when imputing income)
Sherry R. v. State, Dept. of Health & Social Services (08/01/2003) sp-5721 (termination of parental rights)
Teseniar v. Spicer (08/01/2003) sp-5720 (courts must follow Rule 90.3; jurisdiction under UIFSA)
Smith v. Weekley (07/18/2003) sp-5709 (no presumptive preference for parent with interim custody; use of statutory best interests analysis.)
Duffus v. Duffus (06/20/2003) sp-5707 (retroactive modification of support order; computing past support when no order existed)
Harrower v. Harrower (06/13/2003) sp-5700 (converting separate property to marital through transmutation or active appreciation)
Koller v. Reft (06/13/2003) sp-5699 (varying 90.3 support for "manifest injustice" requires findings; the "divorce exception" to fee and cost awards)
Adoption of L.E.K.M. (05/30/2003) sp-5695 (no relative-placement preference in adoptions)
Corbin v. Corbin (05/02/2003) sp-5687 (support when custody is divided with third party)
Jack C. v. State, Division of Family and Youth Services (05/02/2003) sp-5686 (termination of parental rights)
Ford v. Ford (04/25/2003) sp-5683 (settlements are favored; enforcing property settlement reached by mediation)
Conner v. Conner (04/18/2003) sp-5680 (difference between work. comp., disability and retirement benefits. Date pension matures. Rehabilitative alimony)
Inman v. Inman (04/11/2003) sp-5679 (date of separation=when marriage ceased to function as joint enterprise)
G.C. v. State, Dept. of Health & Social Services (04/11/2003) sp-5678 (abandonment of child based on incarceration)
Hixson v. Sarkesian (03/28/2003) sp-5677 (waiving the Rule 90.3 income cap; reorientation vs. rehabilitation alimony)
Erica A. v. State, Dept. of Health & Social Services (03/21/2003) sp-5674 (termination of parental rights; power of attorney cannot assign custody)
Evans v. Native Village of Selawik IRA Council (02/28/2003) sp-5669 (due process required to terminate parental rights)
Bailey v. Bailey (01/31/2003) sp-5658 (retroactive modification not prohibited when support order does not reflect current status; adequate findings on child support order required)
A.J. v. State, Dept. of Health & Social Services (01/17/2003) sp-5656 (terminating parental rights under ICWA)
State v. Strane (01/10/2003) sp-5655 (consent not a defense to violating DV order)
M.L.L. v. State, Dept. of Health and Social Services (12/31/2002) sp-5654 (higher burden of proof in ICWA termination cases)
S.B. v. State, Dept. of Health and Social Services (12/27/2002) sp-5653 (jurisdiction in UCCJEA case; nonparentís right to exercise legal custody)
Edelman v. Edelman (12/27/2002) sp-5652 (attorney fee order when spouse has "sufficient resources" to pay; when court may retain jurisdiction)
Atkins v. Vigil (11/22/2002) sp-5645 (childís "home state" under the UCCJEA)
Manelick v. Manelick (11/22/2002) sp-5642 (value of business good will; trial judge must provide sufficient findings to allow meaningful appellate review)
Fardig v. Fardig (10/04/2002) sp-5638 (move to another state is change in circumstances; childís age to state custody preference; unsupervised visitation is norm)
Potter v. Potter (09/27/2002) sp-5636 (modifying support without recognizing de facto change in custody or visitation)
Laybourn v. Powell (09/27/2002) sp-5633 (Rule 90.3, imputed income)
Bishop v. Clark (09/13/2002) sp-5626 (distribute property after non-marital cohabitation)
Whah v. Whah (08/23/2002) sp-5612 (waiver of credit for social security payments)
Osmar v. Mahan (08/16/2002) sp-5608 (social security not income under Rule 90.3)
Martin v. Martin (07/19/2002) sp-5598 (transmutation vs. active appreciation)
J.A. v. Alaska DFYS (07/05/2002) sp-5592 (use of expert testimony in ICWA termination cases)
J.S. v. State (06/21/2002) sp-5590 (no ICWA remedial plan or placement preference required in cases of sexual abuse)
Nelson-Lizardi v. Lizardi (06/14/2002) sp-5583 (dividing pension: consider Wanberg and Merrill))
Korn v. Korn (05/10/2002) sp-5571 (alimony and spouses use of marital residence not included in property division)
Kelly v. Joseph (05/10/2002) sp-5570 (custody, changed circumstances vs. best interests)
Faulkner v. Goldfuss (05/10/2002) sp-5565 (judge may deviate from custody agreement between parties if in best interests of child; adoptive parent may be awarded custody; marital share of pension; four misc. child support issues)
E.A. v. State, Div. of Family and Youth Services (05/10/2002) sp-5564 (terminating parental rights under ICWA)
Hubbard v. Hubbard (03/29/2002) sp-5554 (estoppel in disestablishment of paternity cases)
R.G. v. State, Dept. of Health & Social Services (03/15/2002) sp-5552 (mental illness, basis for termination of parent rights)
Kinnard v. Kinnard (03/15/2002) sp-5550 (psychological parent; health insurance as asset)
Hamilton v. Hamilton (03/08/2002) sp-5546 (leave state = changed circumstance; 9 factors for custody change; child too young to make religion decision)
S.H. v. State, Dept. of Health & Social Services (03/08/2002) sp-5544 (termination of parental rights)
Olmstead v. Ziegler (03/08/2002) sp-5543 (return to school; voluntary underemployment)
Fernau v. Rowdon (03/01/2002) sp-5540 (Rule 90.3: hybrid custody; prefer property division over alimony)
V.S.B. v. State (02/15/2002) sp-5537 (Compliance with treatment plan not conclusive)
Juelfs v. Gough (02/15/2002) sp-5535 (visitation rights with a pet dog)
Williams v. Crawford (02/08/2002) sp-5532 (actuarial value of pension in property settlement)
M.J.S. v. State, Dept. of Health and Social Services (01/25/2002) sp-5527 (fail to participate in plan-abandonment; who qualifies as guardian)
Velasquez v. Velasquez (01/11/2002) sp-5525 (no fault divorce statute vs. custody issues)
J.J. v. State, Dept. of Health & Social Services (12/24/2001) sp-5520 (ICWA; past addictive behavior not controlling)
Maxwell v. Maxwell (12/21/2001) sp-5518 (change in circumstances is prerequisite in motion to modify custody)
V.S.B. v. State, Dept. of Health & Social Services (12/21/2001) sp-5517 (CINA must precede termination; use of treatment plan)
Ogden v. Ogden (12/14/2001) sp-5516 (disqualifying child custody investigator)
Barrett v Alguire (11/16/2001) sp-5502 (move out-of-state; changed circumstance)
Meier v Cloud (11/16/2001) sp-5500 (relocating parent, stability, continuity, no custody Investigator required)
Goliver v McAllister (11/02/2001) sp-5497 (one-year limit to set aside adoption)
Murphy v Newlynn (11/02/2001) sp-5494 (agreement to waive past due child support)
Tolan v Kimball (10/19/2001) sp-5490 (property division between unmarried couple)
Hodge v Sorba (10/05/2001) sp-5485 (Rule 82 does not control fees in divorce cases)
J.L.P. v V.L.A. (09/14/2001) sp-5470 (two-step procedure for motion to modify custody)
J.H. v State Dept of Health & Social Services (08/31/2001) sp-5462 (step-by-step procedure to terminate parental rights)
Green v Green (08/31/2001) sp-5461 (property division; Wanberg guidelines)
John v Baker (08/31/2001) sp-5460 (tribal court family law jurisdiction)
In The Matter of: C.R.H. (08/31/2001) sp-5458 (transfer of Indian custody cases to tribal court)
D.D. v L.A.H. (08/10/2001) sp-5447 (hearing and findings required to change custody; appointment of custody investigator discretionary)
Moeller-Prokosch v Prokosch (07/27/2001) sp-5440 (custody when parent seeks to relocate)
Elliott v Settje (07/27/2001) sp-5439 (no custodial preference to primary care giver, court not required to follow custody investigator's recommendation)
T.F. v. State, Dept. of Health and Social Services (07/20/2001) sp-5437 (terminate parental rights in ICWA case)
Beaudoin v Beaudoin (06/15/2001) sp-5420 (voluntary underemployment)
E. H. v State Dept of Health and Social Services (06/08/2001) sp-5419 (Alaska residency follwing absence from state)
C.W. v State Dept of Health and Social Services (05/25/2001) sp-5415 (abandonment of child as grounds for termination)
Leis v Hustad (05/18/2001) sp-5412 (marital vs separate property, parties' actions as proof)
Wright v Wright (05/11/2001) sp-5405 (no retroactive modification of support arrears)
West v West (04/27/2001) sp-5394 (no custody preference for two-parent household)
M.W. v. Alaska Department of Health & Social Services (04/20/2001) sp-5391 (terminate parental rights; abandon-reappear)
Routh v. Andreassen (03/23/2001) sp-5375 (Imputing business income w/o hearing)
N.A. v. State (03/23/2001) sp-5374 (ICWA: active efforts to reunite)
C.J. v. State, Dept. of Health & Social Services (03/16/2001) sp-5372 (Terminate parental rights in ICWA case)
B.B. v. D.D. (03/09/2001) sp-5371 (Modify requires change of circumstances)
Sloane v. Sloane (03/02/2001) sp-5368 (Value of promissory note: Merrill factors, atty. Fee)
Platz v. Aramburo (02/16/2001) sp-5362 (Best interests hearing required for custody change.)
Spott v. Spott (02/16/2001) sp-5361 (Fixing retrospective child support)
C.L. v. P.C.S. (02/12/2001) sp-5360 (ICWA placement guidelines; good cause to deviate.)
In the Matter of the Adoption of A.F.M. v. D.M. (01/05/2001) sp-5355 (Sexual assault, consent to adopt not required.)
J.M.R. v. S.T.R. (01/05/2001) sp-5354 (Domestic violence petition not appropriate to litigate custody; grounds for non-parent custody.)
Atcherian v. State; Dept of Revenue, Child Support Enforcement Div. (12/22/2000) sp-5350 (Restitution from CSED)
L.G. v. State; Dept of Health & Social Services (12/15/2000) sp-5349 (Terminate parental rights under ICWA.)
Sampson v. Sampson (12/15/2000) sp-5345 (Inherited property; transmute vs. invade)
Allen v. State; Dept of Revenue, Child Support Enforcement Div. (12/15/2000) sp-5342 (CSED notify of final decision; 30 days to appeal.)
R.M. v. S.G. (12/08/2000) sp-5340 (Custody investigator is "expert" under Rule 26.)
Schuyler v. Briner (12/01/2000) sp-5339 (Living arrangements change not always change in circumstances. Extra income to support "new family".)
Glasen v. Glasen (12/01/2000) sp-5337 (Legal separation may or may not exist)
Sanders v. Barth (11/09/2000) sp-5328 ("Divorce exception" to Rule 82 fees)
Lauth v. State, Dept. of Health & Social Services (11/09/2000) sp-5327 (New ATAP program vs. former AFDC program)
McDougall v. Lumpkin (11/03/2000) sp-5326 (Alimony and property division are separate)
A.H. v. State, Dept of Health & Social Services (10/20/2000) sp-5324 (Termination of parental rights)
Jenkins v. Handel (10/13/2000) sp-5321 (Child's custody preference; GAL's obligation)
A.B. v. State; Dept. of Health & Social Services (09/08/2000) sp-5312 (Two grounds for terminating parental rights)
State, Dept of Revenue, CSED v. Button (08/18/2000) sp-5309 (Disestablish acknowledged paternity)
R.I. v C.C. (08/18/2000) sp-5308 (Custody based on factors in AS 25.24.150©)
Child Support Recovery Services Inc. v. Inn at the Waterfront (08/18/2000) sp-5307 (Penalty-employer disregard support garnishment.)
State, Dept of Revenue, CSED v. Maxwell (08/18/2000) sp-5306 (Disestablish paternity; relief from support order)
Powers v. United Services Automobile Association (08/11/2000) sp-5302 (Equitable estoppel, consolidation)
Bennett v. Bennett (07/28/2000) sp-5300 (Child support is based on court-ordered custody)
Pearson v. Pearson (07/07/2000) sp-5297 (Custodial parent out-of-state move)
State, Dept. of Revenue, Child Support Enforcement Div. v. McCormick (06/23/2000) sp-5290 (Post-majority support)
Valentino v. Cote (06/16/2000) sp-5287 (Custody dispute, older child's preference)
Edelman v. Edelman (06/16/2000) sp-5286 (Wanberg guidelines; post-separation mortgage payments; compensatory damages; retirement benefits)
S.S.M v. State (06/16/2000) sp-5285 (CINA case, relative has placement preference)
A.H. v. P.B. (05/26/2000) sp-5278 (Hearing required before material visit change)
State, Dept. of Revenue v. Leitch (04/14/2000) sp-5262 (de facto custody change; CSED right to modify.)
State, Dept of Revenue, Child Support Enforcement Div. V. Pealatere (02/11/2000) sp-5238 (Valid support offset; CSED recoup AFDC)
Moore v. Allstate Insurance Company (01/21/2000) sp-5232 (Jurisdiction, concurrent or exclusive)
D.M. v. State, Div. Of Family & Youth Services (01/14/2000) sp-5230 (Terminate parental rights, two step process)
Acevedo v. Burley (12/30/1999) sp-5227 (Change of child's name by custodial parent)
Meyer v. State of Alaska, Dept of Revenue, Child Support Enforcement Div. (12/30/1999) sp-5226 (No summary judgment with affidavit denying paternity)
Lacher v. Lacher (12/10/1999) sp-5214 (Set aside property division; tort recovery as marital property; Wanberg guidelines)
State, CSED v Schofield (12/03/1999) sp-5212 (Modify support requires motion)
Willis v. State, Dept. of Revenue, CSED (11/26/1999) sp-5208 (Depart from Rule 90.3 for financial hardship)
V.D. v. State, Dept. of Health and Social Services (11/12/1999) sp-5206 (CINA case, appointment of counsel)
Hammer v. Hammer (11/12/1999) sp-5199 (Long-term alimony; must fix adj. ann. Income)
Virgin v. Virgin (11/05/1999) sp-5197 (Rehabilitative alimony; majority supports trial judge discretion on custody, visitation and property division; not all statutory factors required; use "best indicator of earning capacity")
Tybus v. Holland (10/15/1999) sp-5194 (Separation date; 50-50 split presumed equitable; use of security for bills; rehabilitative alimony; property division sufficient to cover incurred attorney fees)
Todd v. Todd (10/08/1999) sp-5188 (Custody in non-parents/grandparents)
State, Child Support Enforcement Division v. Bromley (09/17/1999) sp-5180 (Retro modify support; UIFSA apply Alaska Law)
Scully v.Scully (09/10/1999) sp-5175 (Post-majority support)
Crane v. Crane (09/10/1999) sp-5173 (Custody agreement/stipulation must consider best interests)
John v. Baker (09/08/1999) sp-5174 (Tribal jurisdiction over child custody)
Park v. Park (09/03/1999) sp-5171 (Include some statutory factors in custody findings)
State, Dept. of Revenue, CSED v. Kovac (08/06/1999) sp-5150 (Duty to support begins with birth of child)
State, Child Support Enforcement Div, v. Green (07/30/1999) sp-5148 (CSED independent right to collect)
Berg v. Berg (07/30/1999) sp-5146 (Conflicting appraisals, older one may be OK)
Harrington v. Jordan (07/30/1999) sp-5145 (Modify custody, change of circumstance)
Wall v. Stinson f/k/a Wall (07/23/1999) sp-5142 (Full faith and credit, child support order)
Kilpper v. Alaska Child Support Enforcement Division (07/02/1999) sp-5138 (hearing required on support arrears after paternity disestablished)
A.A. v. State of Alaska, Dept. of Family & Youth Services (06/25/1999) sp-5137 (ICWA, "active remedial efforts")
Jensen v. Froissart (06/25/1999) sp-5136 (medical payments/support nondischargeable)
Williams v. Crawford (06/18/1999) sp-5135 (Rule 60(b), modify property settlement)
Tollefsen v. Tollefsen (06/11/1999) sp-5133 (prop. division and findings must "mesh")
Alaska Dept. of Revenue, CSED v. Kevin Lyn Dillon (05/28/1999) sp-5129, 977 P2d 118 (Effect date of support modification)
T.P.D. v. A.C.D., and Alaska Dept. of Revenue, CSED (05/28/1999) sp-5127, 981 P2d 116 (Paternity by estoppel; laches)
John J. Koss v. Madonna Koss and Alaska Dept. of Revenue, CSED (05/28/1999) sp-5125, 981 P2d 106 (CSED, collect on judgment after 10 years)
Sharon Elliott v. Christopher James (05/28/1999) sp-5123, 977 P2d 727 (Annulment; equal division presumed valid; source of funds rule; unreasonable depletion)
B.E.B. v. R.L.B. (05/14/1999) sp-5114, 979 P2d 514 (paternity by estoppel)
Ferguson v. Child Support Enforcement Agency (04/30/1999) sp-5110, 977 P2d 95 (support after paternity disestablishment)
Benson v. Benson (04/23/1999) sp-5109, 977 P2d 88 (retro modification of order; security)
Berry v. Berry (04/16/1999) sp-5105, 978 P2d 93 (credit, post-separation payments: pensions)
Nicholson v. Wolfe (03/26/1999) sp-5097, 974 P2d 417 (transmute separate property; Rose)
Vinzant v. Elam (03/19/1999) sp-5094, 977 P2d 84 (no custody change in show-cause hearing)
McGee v. McGee (03/12/1999) sp-5092, 974 P2d 983 (Rule 60(b), reopen property settlement)
Naquin v. Naquin (03/05/1999) sp-5090, 974 P2d 383 (right to hearing, change custody)
Knutson (Logue) v. Kutson (03/05/1999) sp-5089, 573 P2d 596 (interpret dissolution property agreement)
Rubright v. Arnold (02/19/1999) sp-5083, 973 P2d 580 (paternity order as blood test sanction)
Dewey v. Dewey (01/15/1999) sp-5065, 969 P2d 1154 (modify support fixed by contract)
Morino v. Swayman (01/15/1999) sp-5064, 970 P2d 426 (modify visitation)
Song v. Song (01/08/1999) sp-5061, 972 P2d 589 (divorce v. dissolution)
Maloney v. Maloney (12/24/1998) sp-5056, 969 P2d 1148 (Modify support-voluntary income reduction)
Zito v. Zito (12/18/1998) sp-5055, 969 P2d 1144 (Enforce decree with QDRO; survivor benefits)
Coleman v. Coleman (12/11/1998) sp-5053, 968 P2d 570 (Fee awards)
Bostic v. Alaska Child Support Enforcement Division (12/04/1998) sp-5052, 968 P2d 564 (CSED required to provide due process)
Elsberry v. Elsberry (11/27/1998) sp-5047, 967 P2d 1004 (CSED, imputing average state income)
O.R. v. Alaska Dep't. of Health and Social Services (11/27/1998) sp-5046, 968 P2d 93 (CINA, abandonment vs. physical abuse)
Alaska Child Support Enforcement Div. V. Gause (11/20/1998) sp-5045, 967 P2d 599 (CSED enforcing in-state support order)
Horchover v. Field (10/16/1998) sp-5040, 964 P2d 1278 (court's inherent power to enforce decree)
Alaska Child Support Enforcement Division v. Beans (09/04/1998) sp-5030, 965 P2d 725 (license suspension for support nonpayment)
Hilderbrand v. Hilderbrand (08/14/1998) sp-5023, 962 P2d 887 (Rule 90.3, rental value not imputed)
Hermosillo v. Hermosillo (08/14/1998) sp-5018, 962 P2d 891 (social security as offset; support not affected by interference with visitation)
In the Matter of J.A. (08/07/1998) sp-5019, 962 P2d 173 (probable cause in CINA case)
Bendixen v. Bendixen (08/07/1998) sp-5016, 962 P2d 170 ($50/month support order while incarcerated)
Alaska Child Support Enforcement Division v. Delaney (08/07/1998) sp-5015, 962 P2d 187 (modify support out-of-state; CSED gets interest)
Rowen v. Rowen (07/31/1998) sp-5014, 963 P2d 249 (Rule 90.3, % of custody time; visit transport costs; no retro modifying of support order)
I.J.D. v. D.R.D. (07/31/1998) sp-5013, 961 P2d 425 (no rule favoring primary caregiver or against dividing siblings; findings needed for limited visit order)
Robinson v. Robinson (07/17/1998) sp-5011, 961 P2d 1000 (require findings when modifying support)
Tompkins v. Tompkins (07/17/1998) sp-5010, 961 P2d 419 (use of step-children in custody case)
Walker v. Walker (07/02/1998) sp-5008, 960 P2d 620 (oppose custody modification, right to hearing)
Adoption of A.F.M. (06/26/1998) sp-5005, 960 P2d 602 (adoption: visits after and waiver of consent)
Boone v. Boone (06/12/1998) sp-5000, 960 P2d 579 (child move to noncustodial home; retro modify)
Parker v. Alaska Child Support Enforcement Division (06/12/1998) sp-4999, 960 P2d 586 (paternity suit against nonresident)
E.M. v. Alaska Division of Family and Youth Services (05/29/1998) sp-4994, 959 P2d 766 (termination of parental rights in ICWA case)
C.R.B. v. C.C. (05/29/1998) sp-4993, 959 P2d 375 (modify custody against nonparents)
Monette v. Hoff (05/15/1998) sp-4987, 958 P2d 434 (deference on custody decision, can't adopt CSED)
Sielak v. Alaska Child Support Enforcement Div. (05/15/1998) sp-4985, 958 P2d 438 (disestablish paternity, time limit)
Broadribb v Broadribb (05/08/1998) sp-4982, 956 P2d 1222 (spousal support; tax consequences; fee award)
Grober v. Alaska Child Support Enforcement Division (05/08/1998) sp-4981, 956 P2d 1230 (paternity suit brought by/on behalf of minor)
Marine v. Marine (04/24/1998) sp-4976, 957 P2d 314 (Rule 90.3 definition of shared-primary custody)
Lashbrook v. Lashbrook (04/24/1998) sp-4974, 957 P2d 326 (modify custody, right to hearing; domestic violence is change of circumstances)
D.K. v. Alaska Dep't. of Health & Social Services (04/17/1998) sp-4970, 956 P2d 477 (abandonment of child)
Siekawitch v. Siekawitch (04/10/1998) sp-4966, 956 P2d 447 (requirements to modify custody/visit order)
Acevedo v. Liberty (04/10/1998) sp-4964, 956 P2d 455 (requirements to modify visitation order)
Dodson v. Dodson (03/27/1998) sp-4959, 955 P2d 902 (separation date/economic unit; reorient alimony; mandatory life insurance)
Beard v. Morris (03/20/1998) sp-4956, 956 P2d 418 (inadequate findings; voluntarily reduced income)
Gaston v. Gaston (02/20/1998) sp-4950, 954 P2d 572 (mediation in custody visitation matters)
Robinson v. Robinson (02/06/1998) sp-4944, 953 P2d 880 (findings required when Rule 90.3 surpassed)
West v. Lawson (01/16/1998) sp-4935, 951 P2d 1200 (divided physical custody)
J.W. v. R.J. (01/16/1998) sp-4934, 951 P2d 1206 (custody between parent and non-parent)
Dunn v. Dunn (01/16/1998) sp-4933, 952 P2d 268 (imputed income; IRA interest Ross theory)
C.T. v. J.S. & C. B. (01/16/1998) sp-4931, 951 P2d 1199 (adoption requires parent consent)
Hernandez v. Lambert (01/02/1998) sp-4928, 951 P2d 436 (1 year to challenge adoption)
Flannery v. Flannery (12/19/1997) sp-4922, 950 P2d 126 (modify support; exceed 990.3 income cap)
B.J. v. J.D. (12/19/1997) sp-4921, 950 P2d 113 (UCCJA; custody to step-parent)
Pierce v. Pierce (12/05/1997) sp-4914, 949 P2d 498 (Rule 90.3(a)(3) extended visit credit)
Beard v. Beard (11/07/1997) sp-4900, 947 P2d 831 (fee adjusted for vexatious conduct)
Brown v. Brown (10/31/1997) sp-4897, 947 P2d 307 (Wanberg/Merrill; unequal division invasion)
Flanigin v. Alaska Child Support Enforcement Division (10/31/1997) sp-4896, 946 P2d 446 (CSED can collect back to birth date)
Wahl v. Wahl (10/16/1997) sp-4895, 945 P2d 1229 (retirment benefits; survivor annuity)
Johns v. Johns (09/26/1997) sp-4889, 945 P2d 1222 (property acquired during marriage is marital)
R.J.M. v. Alaska Department of Health and Social Services (09/19/1997) sp-4887, 946 P2d 855 (CINA case, unwilling vs unable to care)
A.M. v. Alaska (09/12/1997) sp-4886, 945 P2d 296 (terminate parental rights, standard of review)
Crayton v. Crayton (09/12/1997) sp-4885, 944 P2d 487 (duty to support/reimburse; gifts as income)
Gallant v. Gallant (09/12/1997) sp-4884, 945 P2d 795 (50% support reduction during long visits; business losses and net income)
Nelson v. Jones (09/05/1997) sp-4881, 944 P2d 476 (modify visits, change + best interests; can deny w/o hearing)
Acevedo v. Burley (09/05/1997) sp-4878, 944 P2d 473 (deny modification of support w/o hearing)
Agen v. State of Alaska, Child Support Division (08/29/1997) sp-4874, 945 P2d 1215 (consent to adopt does not end duty to support)
Lowe v. Lowe (08/15/1997) sp-4865, 944 P2d 29 (Using 60(b)(6) to change divorce decree)
Jones v. Jones (07/25/1997) sp-4858, 942 P2d 1133 (need justification for unequal property division)
Child Support Enforcement Agency v. Gerke (07/25/1997) sp-4857, 942 P2d 423 (five-year bar to collecting support)
Aga v. Aga (07/25/1997) sp-4855, 941 P2d 1260 (tradeoff between property division and support)
Pacana v. Child Support Enforcement Agency (07/25/1997) sp-4854, 941 P2d 1263 (retroactive credit for social security to child)
Brotherton v. Brotherton (07/18/1997) sp-4848, 941 P2d 1241 (property division guidelines)
Borchgrevink v. Borchgrevink (06/27/1997) sp-4842, 941 P2d 132 (child custody, physical abuse)
Alaska Child Support Enforcement Div. v. Valdez (06/27/1997) sp-4841, 941 P2d 144 (conflicting support orders under URESA; time limits for collecting support)
Hernandez v. Freeman (05/23/1997) sp-4824, 938 P2d 1017 (motion to modify, hearing required)
Child Support Enforcement Div. v. Rios (05/23/1997) sp-4823, 938 P2d 1013 (parent's duty to support child)
Bellanich v. Bellanich (04/18/1997) sp-4807, 936 P2d 141 (property division, gifts of realty)
Bunn v. House (04/11/1997) sp-4804, 934 P2d 753 (modify requires change in circumstances; support in divided custody case)
Yerrington v. Yerrington (03/14/1997) sp-4791, 933 P2d 555 (support order, obligor with erratic income)
Vokacek v. Vokacek (03/07/1997) sp-4792, 933 P2d 544 (voluntary unemployment; fees post-judgment; interest on past due support)
Batey v. Batey (03/07/1997) sp-4787, 933 P2d 551 (putative marriage)
Duffus v. Duffus (02/28/1997) sp-4788, 932 P2d 777 (custody when mother has ex-convict boyfriend)
Harrelson v. Harrelson (02/14/1997) sp-4479, 932 P2d 247 (property division, parties cohabit then marry)
Cox v. Cox (02/07/1997) sp-4475, 931 P2d 1041 (preferred method, dividing marital estate)
Alaska Child Support Enforcement Div. v. Campbell (02/07/1997) sp-4474, 931 P2d 416 (no credit against support order for voluntary expenditure)
Batey v. Batey (02/07/1997) sp-4473 (putative marriage)
McCaffery v. Green (02/07/1997) sp-4472, 931 P2d 407 (UCCJA; long-arm juris., support order)
O.R. v. Dep't. of Health and Social Services (01/31/1997) sp-4471, 932 P2d 1303 (CINA case)
Child Support Enforcement Div. v. Wetherelt (01/24/1997) sp-4468, 931 P2d 383 (presumption, child born to married woman; CSED refund denied)
Ferguson v. Ferguson (12/20/1996) sp-4449, 928 P2d 597 (Fishing quota as marital property)
Devaney v. State of Alaska, CSED (12/20/1996) sp-4447, 928 P2d 1198 (Amend error in support order using Rule 60(a), retroactive modification child support)
D.H. v. State (12/20/1996) sp-4446, 929 P2d 650 (CINA, three specific findings required)
J.F.E. v. J.A.S. (12/13/1996) sp-4445, 930 P2d 409 (supervised visitation)
R.F. v. S.S. and J.S. (12/06/1996) sp-4442, 928 P2d 1194 (Termination of parental rights when H murders W)
Kelly v. Kelly (11/22/1996) sp-4439, 926 P2d 1168 (divided custody; finding must support award)
Myers v. Myers (11/22/1996) sp-4438, 927 P2d 326 (rehabilitative alimony)
Child Support Enforcement Div. v. Fry (11/22/1996) sp-4437, 926 P2d 1170 (soc. sec. is credit toward support order)
Jones v. Jones (11/15/1996) sp-4430, 925 P2d 1339 (attorney fees in UCCJA custody contest)
McCoy v. McCoy (11/15/1996) sp-4429, 926 P2d 460 (several property division rules)
Vachon v. Pugliese (11/08/1996) sp-4428, 931 P2d 371 (custodial parent leaves state)
Richmond v. Pluid (10/25/1996) sp-4418, 925 P2d 251 (agreements to waive support)
Denali Federal Credit Union v. Lange (10/17/1996) sp-4413, 924 P2d 429 (when transfer between spouses is fraudulent)
Gardner v. Harris (09/20/1996) sp-4408, 923 P2d 96 (separate vs. marital property; remand for findings)
Child Support Division v. Carrick (09/20/1996) sp-4405, 923 P2d 803 (credit for VA and SS support payments)
Muller v. BP Exploration Inc. (09/13/1996) sp-4402, 923 P2d 783 (Human Rights Act; "marital status")
T.B. v. State (09/06/1996) sp-4400, 922 P2d 271 (CINA, evidence must be "substantial")
F.T. v. Div. of Family & Youth Services (09/06/1996) sp-4399, 922 P2d 277 (CINA, unwilling to accept parent's care)
Hayes v. Hayes (09/06/1996) sp-4397, 922 P2d 896 (prefer biological parent; out-of-state move)
Lundquist v. Lundquist (08/16/1996) sp-4392, 923 P2d 42 (joint title presumes marital property; dividing inheritances, tort recovery; 50-50 split presumed equitable)
M.B. v. Alaska (08/09/1996) sp-4383, 922 P2d 878 (paternity presumption; blood tests)
Berkbigler v. Berkbigler (08/02/1996) sp-4377, 921 P2d 628 (adequate findings, Rule 90.3)
Notkin v. Notkin (07/26/1996) sp-4374, 921 P2d 1109 (setting aside property settlment)
In the Matter of J.W., W.W., and J.P.W. (07/19/1996) sp-4370, 921 P2d 604 (CINA, alcoholic vs. substance abuse)
Taylor v. McGlothlin (06/28/1996) sp-4366, 919 P2d 1349 (pre.90.3 support agreements)
Boone v. Gipson (06/28/1996) sp-4364, 920 P2d 746 (retroactive application of 90.3)
R.R. v. State (06/21/1996) sp-4359, 919 P2d 754 (CINA case, unable vs. unwilling to care)
Hatten v. Hatten (05/31/1996) sp-4354, 917 P2d 667 (different dates for segregating/valuing property; tort recovery as marital or separate; fee request must be itemized)
Child Support Enforcement Div. v. Demers (05/17/1996) sp-4350, 915 P2d 1219 (judgment for support arrearage)
Neilson v. Neilson (04/19/1996) sp-4337, 914 P2d 1268 (use of tax return; self-employed expenses)
Mariscal v. Watkins (04/12/1996) sp-4335, 914 P2d 219 (findings to support custody conditions)
Rooney v. Rooney (04/12/1996) sp-4334, 914 P2d 212 (prefer biological parent; guardian recommend)
Bird v. Starkey (04/04/1996) sp-4333, 914 P2d 1246 (order not reviewable without findings)
Brown v. Brown (03/29/1996) sp-4328, 914 P2d 206 (date of valuing property vs. date of determining marital and post-marital; presuming equal division is just; grandparent visit; rehabilitative alimony)
Matter of J.L.F and K.W.F. (03/15/1996) sp-4327, 912 P2d 1255 (CINA, unable vs. unwilling to care; relatives willing to provide care; withholding consent to adopt)
Musser v. Johnson (03/08/1996) sp-4325, 914 P2d 1241 (when property settlement not enforceable)
Turinsky v. Long (02/02/1996) sp-4319, 910 P2d 590 (support varied by custody/visitation)
In the Matter of N. A. (01/26/1996) sp-4314, 912 P2d 1235 (CINA case, unable vs. unwilling to care)
Van Alfen v.Van Alfen (01/26/1996) sp-4313, 909 P2d 1075 (self-executing support increase)
McDow v. McDow (01/12/1996) sp-4312, 908 P2d 1049 (UCCJA and PKPA; modify out-of-state custody)
R. Davila v. R. Davila (12/29/1995) sp-4305, 908 P2d 1025 (reasons for reorientation alimony)
R. Rodriguez v. J. Rodriguez (12/29/1995) sp-4302, 908 P2d 1007 (post-separation mortgage payments; property acquired during separation)
F. Davila v. S. Davila (12/29/1995) sp-4301, 908 P2d 1027 (separate vs. marital property; alimony)
Morris v. Morris (12/15/1995) sp-4298, 908 P2d 425 (settlement may include seperate property)
Rogers v. Rogers (12/08/1995) sp-4293, 907 P2d 469 (UCCJA; forum non conveniens)
Child Support Enforcement Division v. Superior Court (11/24/1995) sp-4283, 907 P2d 14 (fee: Soldiers' and Sailors' Relief Act)
Waggoner v. Foster (11/09/1995) sp-4280, 904 P2d 1234 (Rule 90.3 order must have adequate findings)
Child Support Enforcement Division v. Dunning (11/09/1995) sp-4278, 907 P2d 1 (CSED authority to fix new order)
Nass v. Seaton (10/20/1995) sp-4275, 904 P2d 412 (support based on gifts, imputed income, business accounts, depreciation)
Saltz v. Saltz (10/13/1995) sp-4272, 903 P2d 1070 (Rule 82, reduce spousal support to judgment.)
Wright v. Wright (10/13/1995) sp-4271, 904 P2d 403 (valuing corp./goodwill; including tort and gift to child in marital estate; fee-vexatious conduct.)
McQueary v. McQueary (09/29/1995) sp-4263, 902 P2d 1326 (value asset using present day value)
Sanders v. Sanders (09/08/1995) sp-4254, 902 P2d 310 (support of child over 18)
Child Support Enforcement Agencey v. Alsop & Castleman (09/08/1995) sp-4252, 902 P2d 790 (presumption/disestablishing paternity)
Compton v. Compton (09/08/1995) sp-4247, 902 P2d 805 (prenumptial agreements; property acquired during marriage with separate property)
Child Support Enforcement Div. v. Dean (& Cross) (08/25/1995) sp-4244, 902 P2d 1321 (past due support is judgment)
B. McQuade v. P. McQuade (08/18/1995) sp-4238, 901 P2d 421 (custodial parent move out-of-state; desirable not to separate siblings in custody order)
Dept. of Revenue, Child Support Enforcement Div. v. Dunning (08/18/1995) sp-4237 (CSED authority to fix new order)
K.E. v.J. W. (07/14/1995) sp-4228, 899 P2d 133 (estoppel to prevent denial of paternity)
A. H. v. W. P. (06/09/1995) sp-4222, 896 P2d 240 (parent's mental health as change of circumstance.)
Moore v. Moore (04/28/1995) sp-4190, 893 P2d 1268 (support when income $60,000+, mortgage)
Viveca L. Howlett V. Steven E. Howlett (03/10/1995) sp-4179, 890 P2d 1125 (need findings for modification order)
A.M. V. State (03/10/1995) sp-4177, 891 P2d 815 (terminate parental rights-abandonment; parent in jail; ICWA 'remedial efforts' requirement)
Miller v. Miller (03/03/1995) sp-4172, 890 P2d 574 (Rule 90.3, social security offset)
Robert Wainwright v. Karen Wainwright (01/13/1995) sp-4160, 888 P2d 762 (non-vested pension)
In the Matter of T.W.R., J.P.M., and P.S.R. (12/23/1994) sp-4157, 887 P2d 941 (terminate parental rights; CINA Rule 15)
M. Dewey v. H. Dewey (11/25/1994) sp-4149, 886 P2d 623 (support order against stepparent)
S.L. v. J.H. (10/28/1994) sp-4139, 883 P2d 984 (fee award for modification/enforcement)
C.A.S., P.K.S. and B.S. v. State of Alaska (10/21/1994) sp-4138, 882 P2d 1266 (release of info in CINA case)
J. Foster v. E. Foster (10/21/1994) sp-4137, 883 P2d 397 (unequal property division)
In the Matter of Adoption of J.M.F. (09/30/1994) sp-4128, 881 P2d 1116 (consent of natural parent; adoption)
B. Karpuleon v. D. Karpuleon (09/30/1994) sp-4123, 881 P2d 318 (self-executing support agreement)
Gallant v. Weed (09/30/1994) sp-4122, 882 P2d 1252 (QDRO in ERISA pensions; need for findings)
C. Cox v. V. Cox (09/09/1994) sp-4118, 882 P2d 909 (all aspects of prop. div.; standard of rev.)
Alaska Dept. of Revenue v. A. H. (08/19/1994) sp-4113, 880 P2d 1048 (presumption of paternity; CSED pays)
Douglas v. Alaska Department of Revenue (08/05/1994) sp-4109, 880 P2d 113 (rule 90.3 applies to inmate)
R. Skvarch v. P. Skvarch (07/08/1994) sp-4103, 876 P2d 1110 (modify alimony vs. prop. settlement)
Davila v. Davila (07/01/1994) sp-4099, 876 P2d 1089 (rehab vs. reorient alimony)
Mattox v. Alaska Child Support Enforcement Division (06/17/1994) sp-4094, 875 P2d 763 (DNA tests)
Puhlman v. Turner (05/27/1994) sp-4090, 874 P2d 291 (long-arm jurisdiction)
Perry v. Madlock (04/08/1994) sp-4072, 871 P2d 1150 (effect of terminating parental rights)
P. Hanlon v. J. Hanlon (03/25/1994) sp-4068, 871 P2d 229 (date marriage ends; spousal support)
M. Evans v. D. Evans (03/11/1994) sp-4066, 869 P2d 478 (child custody, statutory factors)
In the Matter of D.D.S. (03/04/1994) sp-4058, 869 P2d 160 (alcohol record admissible in CINA)
Adoption of N.P.S. (02/18/1994) sp-4057, 868 P2d 934 (ICWA adoption preferences)
A. Ulsher v. L. Ulsher (02/11/1994) sp-4053, 867 P2d 819 (rehab alimony; alimony vs. property div.; unequal property division)
A. Carstens v. R. Carstens (02/11/1994) sp-4052, 867 P2d 805 (mental health record-custody; findings under Rule 90.3; unequal property division)
Rhodes v. Rhodes (02/04/1994) sp-4046, 867 P2d 802 (marital vs. separate property)
R. Dingeman v. A. Dingeman (12/23/1993) sp-4038, 865 P2d 94 (custody, deference to trial judge)
In the Matter of the Adoption of J.B.K. and T.S.K. (12/10/1993) sp-4035, 865 P2d 737 (1-yr. non-suppport, consent to adoption)
F.T. v. State of Alaska (11/05/1993) sp-4021, 862 P2d 857 (CINA prerequisites; best interests)
In the Matters of D.P., C.P., H.P. (11/05/1993) sp-4019, 861 P2d 1166 (visitation, child in DFYS custody)
T.M.C. v. S.A.C. (09/03/1993) sp-4001, 858 P2d 315 (sua sponte change of circumstances)
Rich v. Berry (08/06/1993) sp-3990, 857 P2d 341 (guardian ad litem in custody case)
Nix. v. Nix (07/23/1993) sp-3984, 855 P2d 1332 (support waiver by both parents)
Wright v. Black (07/23/1993) sp-3981, 856 P2d 477 (paternity, estoppel and due process)
K.N. v. State of Alaska (07/23/1993) sp-3980, 856 P2d 468 (termination of rights under ICWA)
B. Murray v. D. Murray (07/23/1993) sp-3978, 856 P2d 463 (property division or remand)
R. Olson v. F. Olson (07/23/1993) sp-3975, 856 P2d 482 (modify under Rule 60(b))
Wright v. Gregorio (07/16/1993) sp-3973, 855 P2d 772 (Rule 90.3, legal vs. physical custody)
B. Money v. M. Money (05/21/1993) sp-3958, 852 P2d 1158 (prop. div., taxes, alimony, support)
In the Matter of the Adoption of F.H. (05/14/1993) sp-3956, 851 P2d 1361 (ICWA placement/adoption preference)
T. Keffer v. G. Keffer (05/14/1993) sp-3954, 852 P2d 394 (dissolution)
K. Terry v. R. Terry (05/07/1993) sp-3950, 851 P2d 837 (Rule 90.3 requires specific findings)
In the Matter of R.K. and E.K. (04/30/1993) sp-3949, 851 P2d 62 (CINA, terminate parental rights)
J. Root v. L. Root (04/30/1993) sp-3947, 851 P2d 67 (nonvested pension)
C. Renfro v. V. Renfro (03/26/1993) sp-3939, 848 P2d 830 (Rule 90.3, rehab alimony)
S. Hertz v. A. Hertz (02/19/1993) sp-3934, 847 P2d 71 (del in. support, whereabouts of children)
R. Eagley v. L. Eagley (02/12/1993) sp-3928, 849 P2d 777 (Rule 90.3, self-employment)
J. Smith v. R. Smith (02/05/1993) sp-3926, 845 P2d 1090 (presumption of paternity)
W. Lantz v. D. Lantz (01/29/1993) sp-3922, 845 P2d 429 (prop. settlement merged in decree)
H. Hakas v. W. Bergenthal (12/24/1992) sp-3907, 843 P2d 642 (best interest inquiry is essential)
In the Matter of F.P., W.M. and A.M. (12/18/1992) sp-3906, 843 P2d 1214 (ICWA, village custody jurisdiction)
Serradell v. Hartford Accident and Indemnity Co. (12/12/1992) sp-3905, 843 P2d 639 (common law marriage)
W. Adrian v. C. Adrian (10/16/1992) sp-3892, 838 P2d 808 (Rule 90.3, evidence required)
Doe v. Hughes, Thorsness, Gantz, Powell & Brundin (10/09/1992) sp-3891, P11; 838,804d 833 (ICWA, adoption)
L.P. v. State of Alaska, in the Matter of T.P. (09/25/1992) sp-3889, 838 P2d 1236 (hearsay in CINA proceedings)
S. Carvalho v. D. Carvalho (09/04/1992) sp-3881, 838 P2d 259 (due process, delinquent support)
V. Deininger v. J Deininger (07/31/1992) sp-3874, 835 P2d 449 (custody)
G. Epperson v. T. Epperson (07/31/1992) sp-3873, 835 P2d 451 (modify support; fees on modify)
R. Zimin v. M. Zimin (07/31/1992) sp-3872, 837 P2d 118 (prop. div., joint custody, support)
C. Ramsey v. S. Ramsey (07/24/1992) sp-3870, 834 P2d 807 (property division, rehab. alimony)
L. Johnson v. S. Johnson (07/17/1992) sp-3867, 836 P2d 930 (property division, interim support)
J. Coghill v. D. Coghill (07/10/1992) sp-3865, 836 P2d 921 (Rule 90.3; constitutionality)
M. Keating v. T. Traynor (06/30/1992) sp-3862, 833 P2d 695 (can't waive Rule 90.3)
Pinneo v. Pinneo (06/30/1992) sp-3860, 835 P2d 1233 (UCCJA, modify custody)
B. Jones v. V. Jones (06/26/1992) sp-3856, 835 P2d 1173 (property division, alimony)
D.W. v. State of Alaska in the Matter of A.S.W. and E.W. (05/29/1992) sp-3847, 834 P2d 801 (sexual abuse; CHINA case)
J. Clauson v. D. Clauson (05/08/1992) sp-3836, 831 P2d 1257 (pension is "property"; Rule 60)
V. Hilliker v. B. Hilliker (04/10/1992) sp-3831, 828 P2d 1205 (costs; expert witness)
C. Harvick v. D. Harvick (04/03/1992) sp-3828, 828 P2d 769 (modify custody, ICWA)
A. Chotiner v. J. Chotiner (04/03/1992) sp-3827, 829 P2d 829 (property division)
D. McDaniel v. R. McDaniel (04/03/1992) sp-3826, 829 P2d 303 (property division)
D. Kessler v. L. Kessler (03/20/1992) sp-3821, 827 P2d 1119 (modify custody; fee award)
K. F. v. State & F. C. (03/13/1992) sp-3820, 828 P2d 166 (terminate parental rights; CINA)
G. Bock v. L. Bock (02/07/1992) sp-3810, 824 P2d 723 (UCCJA)
D. Lowdermilk v. S. Lowdermilk (02/07/1992) sp-3806, 825 P2d 874 (property division; custody)
K. Cameron v. K. (Cameron) Hughes (02/07/1992) sp-3805, 825 P2d 882 (attachment to collect support)
R. Musgrove v. L. Musgrove (12/06/1991) sp-3784, 821 P2d 1366 (rehabilitative alimony)
R. Farrell v. R. Farrell (11/01/1991) sp-3767, 819 P2d 896 (custody, support, property)
M. Brosnan v. J. Brosnan (10/04/1991) sp-3757, 817 P2d 478 (property, attorney fees)
V. Mack v. C. Mack (08/30/1991) sp-3746, 816 P2d 197 (property)
R. Holl v. C. Holl (08/16/1991) sp-3737, 815 P2d 379 (custody)
R. Long v. D. Long (08/09/1991) sp-3734, 816 P2d 145 (modigy, custody-support-visitation)
C. Thomas v. L. Thomas (08/09/1991) sp-3730, 815 P2d 374 (property)
C. Miles v. W. Miles (08/02/1991) sp-3729, 816 P2d 129 (property)
T. Lowe v. L. Lowe (07/26/1991) sp-3726, 817 P2d 453 (property, attorney fees)
L. Barnes v. R. Barnes (07/26/1991) sp-3724, 820 P2d 294 (property)
A. Doyle, Jr. v. P. Doyle (07/26/1991) sp-3723, 815 P2d 366 (support, property, attorney fees)
A. Ogard v. L. Ogard (04/05/1991) sp-3679, 808 P2d 815 (support, property, interest)

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