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Business, Commercial/Labor Law
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Business, Commercial/Labor Law

McMullen v. Bell (01/27/2006) sp-5976 (change ee benefits after enrolling in PERS)
OK Lumber Company v. Alaska Railroad (11/25/2005) sp-5960, 123 P2d 1076 (issues subject to arbitration)
Morris v. Rowallan Alaska, Inc (09/30/2005) sp-5945, 121 P2d 159 (automatic stay in bankruptcy)
Casciola v. F.S. Air Service, Inc. (09/23/2005) sp-5943, 120 P2d 1059 (piercing the corporate veil)
Cummins, Inc. v. Nelson (06/24/2005) sp-5917, 115 P2d 536 (liability based on apparent authority)
Schaub v. K&L Distributors, Inc (06/24/2005) sp-5911, 115 P2d 555 (time to file hybrid suit under LMRA)
Martinez v. Cape Fox (06/10/2005) sp-5909, 113 P2d 1226 (remove corp. director; ban future service)
Rockstad v. Erikson (06/10/2005) sp-5908, 113 P2d 1215 (Alaska's usury statute)
Hall v. TWS (06/10/2005) sp-5907, 113 P2d 1207 (forming a partnership without a written agreement)
Dugan v. Atlanta Casualty Companies (06/03/2005) sp-5900, 113 P2d 652 (when insurance policy is ambiguous)
David Berg v David Popham (05/20/2005) sp-5896, 113 P2d 604 (manufacturer liable for hazardous substance cleanup)
State Farm Mutual Automobile Company v. Dowdy (04/22/2005) sp-5891, 111 P2d 337 (bifurcating issues of coverage, liability, damages)
Berg v. Popham (03/18/2005) sp-5879, 113 P2d 604 (manufacturer liable for hazardous substance cleanup)
Hammond v. State, Dept. of Transportation & Public Facilities (02/25/2005) sp-5871, 107 P2d 871 (arbitration does not preclude statutory claim)
Deaver v. The Auction Block Company (02/25/2005) sp-5870, 107 P2d 884 (obligations of "buyer" under UCC)
Government Employees Insurance Company v. Graham-Gonzalez (02/18/2005) sp-5869, 107 P2d 279 (UIM coverage offer need not include premium)
Morgan v. Fortis Benefits Insurance Co. (02/11/2005) sp-5868, 107 P2d 267 (insurance policy exclusions contrued narrowly)
Brown v. Dick (01/21/2005) sp-5862, 107 P2d 260 (director liability for proxy violation; good faith)
Blackburn v. State, Dept. of Transportation & Public Facilities (12/17/2004) sp-5854 (state probationary employee is at-will)
Hutka v. Sisters of Providence in Washington (12/10/2004) sp-5851 (overtime pay under AWHA and FLSA)
Miller v. Safeway, Inc. (11/26/2004) sp-5849 (employment discrimination-racial, religious, gender)
Western Star Trucks, Inc. v. Big Iron Equipment Service, Inc. (11/26/2004) sp-5847 (Unfair Trade Practices Act applies to commercial transactions, not just consumer transactions)
Imperial Manufacturing Ice Cold Coolers, Inc. v. Shannon (11/19/2004) sp-5845 (government duty to verify contractor bond)
Municipality of Anchorage v. Gregg (11/12/2004) sp-5842 (Family and Medical Leave Act)
Disotell v. Stiltner (11/05/2004) sp-5841 (liquidation of p’ship assets, when compelled)
Maloney v. Progressive Specialty Insurance Co. (10/08/2004) sp-5836 (policy-limits offer, when to include fees)
Allstate Insurance Company v. Teel (10/01/2004) sp-5832 (insurance K coverage, reasonable expectations)
Still v. Cunningham (07/09/2004) sp-5825 (guaranty voided by fraud or misrepresentation; when spouse signature not required on other spouse’s loan)
State v. Public Safety Employees Association (06/25/2004) sp-5823 (providing legal counsel for state employees)
Jackson v. American Equity Insurance Co. (04/02/2004) sp-5791 (absent bad faith, insurer denying policy limits settlement offer not required to cover excess judgment)
Matanuska Electric Assoc., Inc. v. Waterman (03/26/2004) sp-5790 (board interpretation of bylaws not conclusive)
Norville v. Carr-Gottstein Foods Co. (02/06/2004) sp-5778 (consent to sublease; commercially reasonable)
Raad v. Alaska State Commission for Human Rights (01/09/2004) sp-5769 (refuse employment; discrimination, retalliation)
Crittell v. Bingo (01/02/2004) sp-5767 (fees in probate proceedings based on fraud)
O'Connor v. Star Insurance Co. (12/26/2003) sp-5765 (performance bond vs. licensing bond)
Great Divide Insurance Co. v. Carpenter (10/24/2003) sp-5746 (insurance contracts = adhesion contracts)
Skaflestad v. Huna Totem Corp. (08/29/2003) sp-5732 (false or misleading proxy solicitations)
Alaska State Employees Assoc./AFSCME Local 52 v. State (07/25/2003) sp-5713 (definition of "just cause" for employment dismissal)
Marine Solution Services, Inc. v. Horton (05/16/2003) sp-5691 (corp. officer may sue corp.; piercing the corp. veil)
Wyller v. Madsen (05/09/2003) sp-5689 (all partners liable for p’ship debts; damages for wrongful dissolution)
Blood v. Kenneth Murray Insurance, Inc. (04/25/2003) sp-5685 (insurer’s notice required when canceling policy)
Jerue v. Millett (03/28/2003) sp-5676 (fees and indemnification in corp. derivative suit)
University of Alaska v. Alaska Community Colleges' Federation of Teachers, Local 2404 (02/21/2003) sp-5667 (arbitration standard of review)
Jerue v. Millett (12/13/2002) sp-5650 (fees and indemnification in corp. derivative suit)
Powell v. Tanner (11/22/2002) sp-5644 (respondeat superior, ee vs. ind. Contractor)
Diaz v. Silver Bay Logging, Inc (09/27/2002) sp-5635 (deduction for room and board under AWHA)
Nerox Power Systems, Inc. v. M-B Contracting Co., Inc. (09/13/2002) sp-5628 (director/attorney duty to preserve assets for creditors)
Pitka v. Interior Regional Housing Authority (09/13/2002) sp-5627 (implied covenant of good faith; at-will employee; constructive discharge)
Collins v. Blair (08/09/2002) sp-5606 (SH’s in closely-held corp. owe fiduciary duty)
Wold v. Progressive Preferred Insurance Co. (08/02/2002) sp-5602 (UM/UIM insurance, "miss-and-run" accident)
Nunez v. American Seafoods (07/12/2002) sp-5593 (forum selection clause invalid under Jones Act)
Guttchen v. Gabriel (06/14/2002) sp-5581 (b’ruptcy doesn’t discharge valid lien on realty)
Alakayak v. British Columbia Packers (05/31/2002) sp-5575 (Alaska Anti-trust Act; salmon processors)
Barnica v. Kenai Peninsula School District (05/03/2002) sp-5562 (exhaust grievance remedies)
Brooks Range Exploration Co. v. Gordon (05/03/2002) sp-5561 (definition of "abandoned property")
Demmert v. Kootznoowoo, Inc. (04/05/2002) sp-5555 (Corporations: the "Equal Treatment Rule")
Matanuska Electric Assoc. et al. v Rewire The Board et al. (12/07/2001) sp-5511 (board of directors recall election)
Goodman v Fairbanks North Start Borough School District et al. (12/07/2001) sp-5508 (discrimination, failure to accommodate disability)
Alderman et al. v Iditarod Properties, Inc. et al. (10/12/2001) sp-5486 (trade name infringement)
Old Harbor Native Corp. et al v Afognak Joint Venture (09/07/2001) sp-5464 (fiduciary duty between joint venturers)
Curran v Progressive Northwestern Insurance Company (08/31/2001) sp-5456 (exhaust liability coverage before claiming UIM)
Waldroup v Lindman (08/10/2001) sp-5448 (intentional interfere w/contract; insurer privilege)
Meidinger v Koniag, Inc. (07/27/2001) sp-5442 (Alaska Securities Act; proxy solicitations)
Barios v Brooks Range Supply, Inc. (07/20/2001) sp-5433 (burden of proof; entitlement of overtime pay)
State Farm Auto Insurance v Lawrence (07/13/2001) sp-5429 (separate policy limits; UM/UIM coverage; ambiguous insurance contacts)
Sierra v Goldbelt, Inc. (06/29/2001) sp-5427 (issuance of stock by ANCSA boards of directors)
Newmont Alaska Ltd. V State Dept of Natural Resources (05/18/2001) sp-5413 (payment on multiple debts, apply first to oldest)
Peter v Schumacher Enterprises (05/11/2001) sp-5409 (insurance co./agent duty to advise customer)
Finch v Greatland Foods, INC (05/04/2001) sp-5403 (employment K, covenant of good faith)
Hartung v State of Alaska Dept. of Labor (04/27/2001) sp-5399 (collect back UE taxes from corporate officer)
Farquhar v. Alaska National Insurance Company (04/06/2001) sp-5382 (Construe insurance contracts; public policy override)
Savage Arms Inc. v. Western Auto Supply Co. (03/02/2001) sp-5370 (Successor liability)
Wing v. Geico Insurance Company (02/23/2001) sp-5366 (Arbitration of insurance claims, fees, offsets)
McCormick v. City of Dillingham (01/26/2001) sp-5359 (Piercing the corporate veil)
State; Dept. of Revenue v. Dyncorp (12/22/2000) sp-5352 (Penalty for late-filed Alaska tax return)
Makarka v. Great American Insurance Company (12/22/2000) sp-5348 (Duty to defend; occurrence policy coverage)
Cassel v. State; Dept of Administration (12/15/2000) sp-5344 (Dismiss probationary employee)
Era Aviation, Inc. v. Lindfors (11/24/2000) sp-5335 (Analysis of employment discrimination cases)
Alaska Contracting & Consulting, Inc. v. Alaska Dept. of Labor (09/15/2000) sp-5313 (Employee vs. independent contractor)
Kim v. National Indemnity Company (08/11/2000) sp-5305 (Insurance doesn’t cover injuries by intentional acts)
Kachemak Bay Conservation Society v. State, Dept. of Natural Resources (08/11/2000) sp-5303 (DNR can "phase" best interest findings)
Powers v. United Services Automobile Association (08/11/2000) sp-5302 (Arbitration clause in insurance K)
Savage Arms, Inc. v. Western Auto Supply Co. (06/30/2000) sp-5293 (successor liability)
Pierce v. Catalina Yachts, Inc. (05/19/2000) sp-5277 (Warranty excluding consequential damages)
Lloyd's of London v. Fulton (05/12/2000) sp-5271 (Notice to insured of coverage issue; estoppel.)
M.C. v. Northern Insurance Company of New York (04/21/2000) sp-5264 (Insurance policy exclusions; duty to defend)
City of Fairbanks v. Rice (03/17/2000) sp-5253 (Constructive discharge, Whistleblower Act)
Odom v. Fairbanks Memorial Hospital (03/17/2000) sp-5251 (Antitrust; unfair trade practices)
Odom v. Lee (03/17/2000) sp-5250 (Antitrust; unfair trade practices)
Bennett v. Hedglin (02/11/2000) sp-5239 (Misrepresentation, rescind insurance policy)
Anchorage Police Dept. Employees Ass'n. v. Feichtinger (12/30/1999) sp-5224 (Union failure to represent; damages)
Holland v. Union Oil Company of California (12/23/1999) sp-5223 (Wrongful demotion)
Larsen v. Municipality of Anchorage (12/23/1999) sp-5220 (Police officer "job assignments")
Belluomini v. Fred Meyer of Alaska Inc. (12/17/1999) sp-5218 (Terminate at-will employee)
Moore v. State, Dept of Natural Resources (11/26/1999) sp-5209 (Foreign corp. mining claim, must register)
International Investors v. Business Park Fund (11/12/1999) sp-5204 (Limited partner obligations)
Alaska State Employees Association v. State (10/15/1999) sp-5193 (Supervisory/non-supervisory employees)
Compton v. Chatanika Gold Camp Properties (10/01/1999) sp-5186 (Bankruptcy, violating automatic stay)
University of Alaska Classified Employees Assoc. v. University of Alaska (09/24/1999) sp-5184 (No public employee raises without legislative action)
Hayes v. Bering Sea Reindeer Products (08/20/1999) sp-5166 (Partners jointly liable)
Ruggles v. Grow (08/20/1999) sp-5161 (Subrogation by insurer or insured)
IBEW Local 1547 v. Lindgren (08/13/1999) sp-5159 (Breach of union duty - fair representation)
Dena' Nena' Henash, a/k/a Tanana Chiefs Conference, Inc. v. Ipalook (05/21/1999) sp-5119 (AWHA: when supervisory job is exempt; breach of fiduciary duty by corporate officer)
Wilson v. Anchorage Fire Department (04/30/1999) sp-5111, 977 P2d 713 (union duty to grieve for member)
Alyeska Pipeline Service Co. v. Shook (04/16/1999) sp-5106, 978 P2d 86 (AWHA claim)
State Farm Insurance Company v. Raymer (03/26/1999) sp-5102, 977 P2d 706 (insurable interest; innocent co-insured)
ERA Aviation v. Seekins (02/26/1999) sp-5086, 973 P2d 1137 (fire at-will employee, implied covenant)
Norcon, Inc. v. Kotowski (02/19/1999) sp-5085, 971 P2d 158 (hostile environment sexual harassment; LMRA pre-emption)
Veco v. Rosebrock (02/19/1999) sp-5084, 970 P2d 906 (Hostile environment sexual harassment/wrongful discharge; employer vicarious liability)
Williams v. Wainscott (02/12/1999) sp-5080, 974 P2d 975 (insurance insolvency claims)
Gossman v. Greatland Directional Drilling, Inc. (02/05/1999) sp-5076, 973 P2d 93 (suit against dissolved corporation)
Marathon Oil Company v. ARCO Alaska, Inc. (01/22/1999) sp-5068, 972 P2d 595 (Authority of arbitrator; fees on appeal)
International Association of Firefighters, Local 1264 v. Municipality of Anchorage (01/08/1999) sp-5062, 971 P2d 156 (interest arbitration)
Moody-Herrera v. Alaska Department of Natural Resources (11/27/1998) sp-5050, 967 P2d 79 (AHRA, disability discrimination)
Board of Trade, Inc. v. Alaska Wage & Hour Administration (11/27/1998) sp-5048, 968 P2d 86 (Little Davis-Bacon; "on-site")
Piquniq Mgt. Corp. v. Reeves (11/06/1998) sp-5044, 965 P2d 732 (AWHA computation for salaried employee)
Fred Meyer v. Adams (08/21/1998) sp-5027, 963 P2d 1025 (AWHA sttute of limitation, tolling)
Linstad v. Sitka School District (07/31/1998) sp-5012, 963 P2d 246 (incompetent tenured teacher)
Alaska v. Beard (05/29/1998) sp-4996, 960 P2d 1 (failure to exhaust; constr. Discharge)
Munn v. Thornton (04/17/1998) sp-4972, 956 P2d 1213 (owner-contractor not fiduciary)
Nyberg v. University of Alaska (03/20/1998) sp-4957, 954 P2d 1376 (insubordination)
Estate of Evancoe (03/06/1998) sp-4952, 955 P2d 525 (corp. and shareholders are contractual)
Alaska Department of Military and Veterans Affairs v. Bowen (02/13/1998) sp-4946, 953 P2d 888 (wrongful termination, preterm. hearing)
University of Alaska v. University of Alaska Classified Employees Association (02/06/1998) sp-4945, 952 P2d 1182 (waiver of collective bargaining subject)
Johnson v. Olympic Liquidating Trust (01/30/1998) sp-4939, 953 P2d 494 (fraud may not avoid entire note)
Ross v. City of Sand Point (01/16/1998) sp-4932, 952 P2d 274 (wrongful discharge)
State of Alaska v. Greenfield (12/19/1997) sp-4918, 950 P2d 1128 (Whistleblower Act)
Alaska Housing Finance Corp. v. Salvucci (12/19/1997) sp-4917, 950 P2d 1116 (Whistleblower Act)
Harris v. Keys (11/14/1997) sp-4903, 948 P2d 460 (agency vs. bailment)
Carver v. Quality Inspection & Testing, Inc. (10/31/1997) sp-4898, 946 P2d 450 (dissolving and valuing a corporation)
Quinn v. Alaska State Employees Association (08/29/1997) sp-4877, 944 P2d 468 (AWHA vs. FLSA: minimum wage, overtime)
Nissan v. Alaska (07/18/1997) sp-4850, 941 P2d 1229 (unfair trade practices; consumer protection)
Anchorage Police Dep't. Employee Ass'n. v. Anchorage (06/06/1997) sp-4827, 938 P2d 1027 (grieving police officer transfers)
Hanson v. Kake Tribal Corporation (05/23/1997) sp-4822, 939 P2d 1320 (corporation, primary vs. derivative claim)
Diksen v. Troxell (05/09/1997) sp-4818, 938 P2d 1009 (definition of lease)
Alaska Democratic Party v. Rice (04/04/1997) sp-4800, 934 P2d 1313 (promissory estoppel vs. st. of frauds; agency)
University of Alaska v. Tumeo (03/14/1997) sp-4794, 933 P2d 1147 (discrimination, employee health benefits)
Ebasco Construction, Inc., v. Ahtna, Inc. (02/28/1997) sp-4789, 932 P2d 1312 (postpone arbitration; interest on award, fees)
Bradford v. First National Bank of Anchorage (02/21/1997) sp-4786, 932 P2d 256 (partner liability after retiring)
Hanson v. Kake Tribal Corp. (02/21/1997) sp-4784 (corporation, primary vs. derivative claims)
Brogdon v. Klawock (01/17/1997) sp-4463, 930 P2d 989 (wrongful termination: grievance decision not appealed is dispositive; after-acquired evidence)
Foster v City of Fairbanks (12/27/1996) sp-4455, 929 P2d 658 (Deference to arbitrator's findings; ambiguity)
Alaska Public Employees Association v State (12/27/1996) sp-4452, 929 P2d 662 (Arbitrator award, broad discretion, gross error)
Safety National Casualty Corp. v. Pacific Employers Insurance Co. (11/29/1996) sp-4440, 927 P2d 748 (primary vs. excess insurer)
Reeves v. Alyeska Pipeline Service Co. (11/22/1996) sp-4431, 926 P2d 1130 (intellectual property: copyright/patent)
State Farm Insurance Co. v. Bongen (11/08/1996) sp-4424, 925 P2d 1042 (construe exlusions in policy)
Sever v. Alaska Pulp Corporation (10/25/1996) sp-4420, 931 P2d 354 (NLRA not binding on Alaska; employment tort requires contract)
Muller v. BP Exploration Inc. (09/13/1996) sp-4402, 923 P2d 783 (Human Rights Act; "marital status")
Voight v. Snowden (09/13/1996) sp-4401, 923 P2d 778 (exhaust admin remedies before suing; futility)
Municipality of Anchorage v. Gentile (08/16/1996) sp-4388, 922 P2d 248 (reducing retiree's medical benefits)
Alaska Housing Finance Corporation v. Alaska State Employees Association (08/02/1996) sp-4380, 923 P2d 18 (successor employer)
Great American Insurance Company v. The Buckaroo Club (07/26/1996) sp-4373, 921 P2d 626 (landlord-tenant insurance)
Alaska Travel Specialists, Inc. v. First National Bank of Anchorage (07/19/1996) sp-4369, 919 P2d 759 (credit card transactions)
Fairbanks Police Department Chapter, APEA v. City of Fairbanks (06/28/1996) sp-4365, 920 P2d 273 (arbitrator award subject to legislative appropriation)
Metcalfe Investments, Inc. v. Garrison et. al. (06/28/1996) sp-4361, 919 P2d 1356 (covenant not to compete)
State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co. v. Harrington (06/21/1996) sp-4360, 918 P2d 1022 (define "policy limits" in "U" coverage)
Lower Kuskokwim School District v. Foundation Services (02/02/1996) sp-4320, 909 P2d 1383 (failure to file biennial report)
Western Alaska Building & Construction Trades Council v. Inn-Vestment Associates of Alaska (01/12/1996) sp-4309, 909 P2d 330 (Little Davis-Bacon)
University of Alaska v. Thomas Architectural Products, Inc. (12/01/1995) sp-4288, 907 P2d 448 (corp. capacity to sue)
Public Safety Employees Ass'n v. Alaska (10/06/1995) sp-4270, 902 P2d 1334 ([rehearing of sp-4213] legislature must provide for pay raise)
Gunderson v. University of Alaska Fairbanks and Alaska Railroad Corporation (09/08/1995) sp-4255, 9902 P2d 323 (Antitrust; Noerr-Pennington)
Kenneth Haroldsen v. Omni Enterprises Inc., dba Swanson's (09/01/1995) sp-4246, 901 P2d 426 (employment discrimination)
Bishop v. MOA & Anchorage Telephone Utility (07/28/1995) sp-4233, 899 P2d 149 (wrongful discharge; insubordination)
Nenana City School District v. Arlene Coghill (07/21/1995) sp-4229, 898 P2d 929 (teacher tenure, lapsed license)
Public Safety Employees Local 92 v. Alaska (05/26/1995) sp-4213, 895 P2d 980 (legislature must provide for pay raise)
Aetna v. Marion Equipment Co. (05/19/1995) sp-4205, 894 P2d 664 (indemnity clause, equipment lease)
Ahtna, Inc., v. Ebasco (05/12/1995) sp-4199, 894 P2d 657 (arbitration)
Feichtinger v. Municipality of Anchorage (04/28/1995) sp-4189, 893 P2d 1266 (arbitral immunity)
[F] von Gemmingen v. 1st Nat'l Bank of Anchorage (02/10/1995) sp-4165, 890 P2d 60 (assign accounts; garnishment)
D.M. v. D.A. (12/02/1994) sp-4153, 885 P2d 94 (valuing partnership assets)
Willner's Fuel Distributors v. R. Noreen and T. Rosson (10/07/1994) sp-4133, 882 P2d 399 (fiduciary duty of corporate counsel; response to levy)
Patterson v. Matanuska Maid et al (08/05/1994) sp-4108, 880 P2d 1038 (arbitrator award; "hybrid claims")
Miscovich Mining Company v. Tryck, Miscovich and State of Alaska (06/17/1994) sp-4095, 875 P2d 1293 (mining law issues)
Newton v. Magill's Trailer Park (04/29/1994) sp-4075, 872 P2d 1213 (landlord-tenant tort liability)
Basel et al v. Westward Trawlers et al (03/04/1994) sp-4064, 869 P2d 1185 (essentials of joint venture)
Security Pacific Bank v. White Pass Alaska (03/04/1994) sp-4062, 869 P2d 156 (attach secured creditor)
Kelso Marine v. Bierria (02/04/1994) sp-4045, 868 P2d 907 (check pays debt when received)
Buster v. Gale and Westerhof (01/14/1994) sp-4044, 866 P2d 837 (lost evidence of debt)
Heppinstall v. Darnall Kemna & Co., Inc. (05/07/1993) sp-3952, 851 P2d 78 (collection of judgments)
Darnall Kemna & Co. v. L. & M. Heppinstall (05/07/1993) sp-3951, 851 P2d 73 (reg. agent/unreg. broker)
Bauer v. The Blomfield Co./Holden Joint Venture (04/09/1993) sp-3942, 849 P2d 1365 (assign interest in partnership)
Beck v. White Pass Alaska (12/31/1992) sp-3914, 843 P2d 1229 (personal guaranty)
Diamond Mini-Storage v. Stewart (12/31/1992) sp-3913, 843 P2d 1232 (employee vs. contractor; p'ship)
Gross v. Home Insurance Co. et al (11/13/1992) sp-3898, 841 P2d 176 (insurer's duty to defend)
Gerik-Jones, Inc. v. Timberline Industries, Inc. (11/13/1992) sp-3897, 840 P2d 999 (biennial reports, reinstatement)
Perl Island Lodge v. Perl Island Ranch Committee (11/06/1992) sp-3894, 841 P2d 164 (foreign limited partnership)
Nenana Fuel Co. v. Venetie (07/24/1992) sp-3869, 834 P2d 1229 (dealing with tribes)
Leisnoi, Inc. v. Stratman, Rice, Burton, & Burton (06/26/1992) sp-3858, 835 P2d 1202 (corporate merger)
National Bank of Alaska v. Warfle and First National Bank of Anch. (06/26/1992) sp-3855, 835 P2d 1167 (paid by mistake; acc & satis)
Wirum & Cash et al v. L. Cash (05/22/1992) sp-3842, 837 P2d 692 (partnership; covenant-compete)
Neal and Lakeside Mall, Ltd., v. Hill et al (03/06/1992) sp-3819, 826 P2d 1137 (limited partnership)
Hydaburg Cooperative Assoc. v. Hydaburg Fisheries (02/21/1992) sp-3813, 826 P2d 751 (execution against tribes)
Wright v. State of Alaska (01/24/1992) sp-3802, 824 P2d 718 (lender liability/bankruptcy)
National Bank of AK v. Univentures 1231 (01/24/1992) sp-3799, 824 P2d 1377 (holder in due course under UCC)
L. Croxton v. Crowley Maritime Corp. (08/30/1991) sp-3743, 817 P2d 460 (subsidiary corporation)

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