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Municipal Corporations

Citizens for Implementing Medical Marijuana v. Municipality of Anchorage (02/24/2006) sp-5990 (sufficiency of ballot propositions)
Fuller v. City of Homer (06/03/2005) sp-5902 (fee: retrieve and copy municipal records)
Vroman v. City of Soldotna (04/29/2005) sp-5892, 111 P2d 343 (de facto officer doctrine)
DeNardo v. Calista Corporation (04/22/2005) sp-5890, 105 P2d 136 (challenge proposition pre-election vs. post-election; positional bias on ballot)
DeNardo v. Municipality of Anchorage (01/14/2005) sp-5859, 105 P2d 136 (challenge proposition pre-election vs. post-election; positional bias on ballot)
State, Dept. of Revenue v. Municipality of Anchorage (12/23/2004) sp-5855 (no taxation of municipalities)
Imperial Manufacturing Ice Cold Coolers, Inc. v. Shannon (11/19/2004) sp-5845 (government duty to verify contractor bond)
Treacy v. Municipality of Anchorage (05/14/2004) sp-5807 (ordinances presumed constitutional)
Fairbanks North Star Borough v. Dena' Nena' Henash (04/02/2004) sp-5792 (property tax exemption for charitable purposes)
Matanuska Electric Assoc., Inc. v. Waterman (03/26/2004) sp-5790 (board interpretation of bylaws not conclusive)
Native Village of Eklutna v. Alaska Railroad Corp. (03/12/2004) sp-5787 (when state is immune from local zoning)
Alaska Action Center, Inc. v. Municipality of Anchorage (02/06/2004) sp-5779 (cannot appropriate by initiative)
Dykstra v. Municipality of Anchorage (01/02/2004) sp-5766 (storing cars on property zoned R-3)
Stanek v. Kenai Peninsula Borough (12/05/2003) sp-5758 (taxing authority of local governments liberally construed and exemptions applied narrowly)
Friends of Cooper Landing v. Kenai Peninsula Borough (11/07/2003) sp-5749 (distinction between quasi-judicial and legislative decision when appealing municipal decision)
Ketchikan Gateway Borough v. Ketchikan Indian Corp. (08/15/2003) sp-5726 (apportioning property taxes; burden of proving exemptions)
Fuller v. City of Homer (08/15/2003) sp-5725 (deliberative process under the public records act)
Conservatorship Estate of K.H. v. Continental Insurance Co. (06/20/2003) sp-5708 (breach of trust, 6-month statute of limitations)
Holding v. Municipality of Anchorage (01/31/2003) sp-5659 (regulating "adult-oriented" businesses)
Griswold v. City of Homer (09/20/2002) sp-5629 (proving bias of board or commission member)
Miller v. Matanuska-Susitna Borough (09/06/2002) sp-5624 (presume municipal legislation is valid)
Matanuska Electric Ass'n. v. Chugach Electric Ass'n. (08/23/2002) sp-5611 (no retroactive refund of utility fuel surcharge)
Ogar v. City of Haines (07/19/2002) sp-5597 (encroachment on dedicated right-of-way)
Cabana v. Kenai Peninsula Borough (07/12/2002) sp-5594 (power over real estate, great deference; presume proceedings of municipal government comply with law)
Hayes v. Municipality of Anchorage (05/03/2002) sp-5568 (residency requirements to run for municipal office)
Alaska Railroad v. Native Village of Eklutna (02/15/2002) sp-5534 (nonconforming vs. conditional use)
Lake & Peninsula Borough v. Norquest Seafoods, Inc. (02/01/2002) sp-5530 (no sales tax on antitrust settlement)
Griswold v Homer (11/16/2001) sp-5503 (spot zoning, deference to council)
Municipality of Anchorage v Repasky et al. (10/26/2001) sp-5491 (mayor's veto of school district budget)
Bullock v. State; DCRA (03/23/2001) sp-5376 (No limit on authority to tax for debt service)
McCormick v. City of Dillingham (01/26/2001) sp-5359 (Proceedings presumed valid; state preemption)
Fairbanks North Star Borough Assessor's Office v. Golden Heart Utilities, Inc. (11/17/2000) sp-5334 (Taxing private interests in government land)
City of St. Mary's v. St. Mary's Native Corporation (09/29/2000) sp-5315 (Repeal tax exemption; newspaper notice)
City of Fairbanks v. Rice (03/17/2000) sp-5253 (Qualified immunity for municipal officials)
Balough v. Fairbanks North Star Borough (01/28/2000) sp-5234 (Borough Assembly as Board of Adjustment)
International Association of Firefighters, Local 1264 v. Municipality of Anchorage (01/08/1999) sp-5062, 971 P2d 156 (interest arbitration)
Walleri v. City of Fairbanks (10/02/1998) sp-5036, 964 P2d 463 (Fbx utility sale; open meetings)
Adams v. City of Tenakee Springs (08/21/1998) sp-5026, 963 P2d 1047 (discretionary function immunity)
Hildebrandt v. City of Fairbanks (05/01/1998) sp-4980, 957 P2d 974 (1983 police chase case)
Kotzebue Lions Club v. City of Kotzebue (04/03/1998) sp-4961, 955 P2d 921 (sales tax on gaming operations)
Laborers Local #942 v. Lampkin (03/20/1998) sp-4958, 956 P2d 422 (PLA's in construction progjects)
Anchorage v. Gallion (08/15/1997) sp-4869, 944 P2d 436 (underfunded retirment plan)
Schumacher v. Cidy of Yakutat (08/15/1997) sp-4864, 946 P2d 1255 (children sledding on public roads)
Anchorage Police Dep't. Employee Ass'n. v. Anchorage (06/06/1997) sp-4827, 938 P2d 1027 (grieving police officer transfers)
Ramsey v. Sand Point (04/11/1997) sp-4802, 936 P2d 126 (Open Meetings Act)
Kilmer v. Dillingham School District (02/14/1997) sp-4778, 932 P2d 757 (school superintendent, loss of trust)
Trigg et al v City of Nome (12/20/1996) sp-4448, 929 P2d 1273 (tort immunity when land not owned)
Area G Home and Landowners Ass'n. v. Anchorage (11/22/1996) sp-4435, 927 P2d 728 (service area election)
Cissna v. Division of Elections (11/08/1996) sp-4426, 931 P2d 363 (election recount)
Griswold v. City of Homer (10/25/1996) sp-4419, 925 P2d 1015 (spot zoning; council conflict of interest)
Thane Neighborhood Ass'n. v. Juneau (09/06/1996) sp-4395, 922 P2d 901 (piecemeal approval by plan commission)
Capital Information Group v. State (08/16/1996) sp-4386, 923 P2d 29 (release of public records)
Price v. Dahl (03/15/1996) sp-4326, 912 P2d 541 (all residents vote in referendum)
Taranto d/b/a Tundra Taxi v. North Slope Borough (01/19/1996) sp-4310, 909 P2d 354 (defamation action against)
US v. Matanuska-Susitna Borough (12/08/1995) sp-4296, 906 P2d 1386 (property tax on federal real estate)
North Slope Borough v. Barraza (11/24/1995) sp-4285, 906 P2d 1377 (back pay for discharged employee)
Von Stauffenberg v. The Committee for an Honest & Ethical School Board (10/06/1995) sp-4269, 903 P2d 1055 (Open Meetings Act)
Katmailand, Inc. v. Lake & Peninsula Borough (10/06/1995) sp-4265, 904 P2d 397 (constitutionality of new tax)
Lazy Mountan Land Club v. Matanuska-Susitna Borough Board of Adjustment and Appeal (09/01/1995) sp-4242, 904 P2d 373 (zoning; comprehensive plan)
Revelle v. Marston (06/16/1995) sp-4224, 898 P2d 917 (discharge of at-will employee, violation of Open Meetings Act)
Feichtinger v. Municipality of Anchorage (04/28/1995) sp-4189, 893 P2d 1266 (arbitral immunity)
Anchorage v. Coffey (04/14/1995) sp-4186, 893 P2d 722 (permanent disability benefits)
Kenai Peninsula Borough v. Associated Grocers (02/10/1995) sp-4166, 889 P2d 604 (limited authority to legislate)
[F] Marlow v. Municipality of Anchorage (02/10/1995) sp-4164, 889 P2d 599 (construing municipal ordinance)
Ferguson and MOA v. Citizens for Representative Governance et al (09/16/1994) sp-4120, 880 P2d 1058 (school board recall election)
N. Alaska Env. Center et al v. Alaska Public Utilities Comm. (08/26/1994) sp-4115, 879 P2d 1015 (definition of quorum)
Kenai Borough v. Port Graham Corporation (04/08/1994) sp-4070, 871 P2d 1135 (property taxes on ANCSA land)
Faipeas, et al v. Municipality of Anchorage (10/15/1993) sp-4012, 860 P2d 1214 (referendum petitions)

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