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Sec. 47.33.070. Resident files.
 (a) An assisted living home shall maintain, for each resident of the home, a file that includes
     (1) the name and birth date, and, if provided by the resident, the social security number of the resident;

     (2) the name, address, and telephone number of the resident’s closest relative, service coordinator, if any, and representative, if any;

     (3) a statement of what actions, if any, the resident’s representative is authorized to take on the resident’s behalf;

     (4) a copy of the resident’s assisted living plan;

     (5) a copy of the residential services contract between the home and the resident;

     (6) a notice, as required under AS 47.33.030, regarding the depository in which the resident’s advance payment money is being held;

     (7) written acknowledgment by the resident or the resident’s representative that the resident has received a copy of and has read, or has been read the
          (A) resident’s rights under AS 47.33.300;

          (B) resident’s right to pursue a grievance under AS 47.33.340;

          (C) resident’s right to protection from retaliation under AS 47.33.350;

          (D) provisions of AS 47.32.160, regarding immunity; and

          (E) home’s house rules;

     (8) an acknowledgment and agreement relating to home safekeeping and management of the resident’s money, as required by AS 47.33.040;

     (9) a copy of the resident’s living will, if any, or an advance health care directive made under AS 13.52, if any; and

     (10) a copy of a power of attorney or other written designation, including an advance health care directive made under AS 13.52, of an agent, representative, or surrogate by the resident.

 (b) An assisted living home shall retain a resident’s file for at least one year after the resident terminates residency at the home.

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