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Alaska Administrative Code
Title 07 . Health and Social Services
Chapter 75 . Assisted Living Homes

Chapter 75. Assisted Living Homes

Section 10 . Applicability
Section 20 . Types of license; duration; licensing responsibility
Section 30 . Powers and duties of the department
Section 40 . (Repealed)
Section 50 . Voluntary licensure
Section 60 . Probationary license
Section 70 . Standard license
Section 80 . Application for license; modification
Section 85 . Inspection of financial records
Section 90 . Renewal; staggered renewal; extension
Section 100 . Fees
Section 110 . Content of license; posting
Section 120 . Denial of license
Section 130 . License not transferable
Section 140 . Access and inspection
Section 210 . Organization; administration; staff
Section 215 . Criminal background check requirements
Section 220 . General requirements
Section 230 . Administrator
Section 240 . Care provider
Section 250 . Advertising
Section 260 . General environmental requirements
Section 265 . Food service
Section 270 . Safety and evacuation requirements
Section 280 . Sanitation and environmental protection
Section 290 . Emergency situations
Section 295 . Use of intervention and physical restraint
Section 300 . Assisted living plan
Section 305 . Determination regarding declarations for mental health treatment
Section 310 . Acceptance and management of residents
Section 320 . Annual monitoring report
Section 330 . Refund of rent
Section 340 . Notification requirements
Section 405 . Request for variance
Section 410 . Grounds for variance
Section 415 . Temporary variance to admit a child for care in an assisted living home
Section 420 . Application for variance, generally
Section 430 . Application for temporary variance
Section 440 . Evaluation of application for temporary variance
Section 450 . Grant or denial of temporary variance
Section 460 . Application for permanent variance
Section 470 . Evaluation of application for permanent variance
Section 480 . Grant or denial of permanent variance
Section 490 . Appeal from denial of variance
Section 510 . Violation conference
Section 520 . Report of compliance in response to notice of violation
Section 530 . Violation constituting an emergency
Section 540 . Temporary inability to correct a violation constituting an emergency
Section 550 . Refusal to correct a violation constituting an emergency
Section 560 . Sanctions based on conviction of administrator
Section 570 . Sanctions for noncompliance
Section 990 . Definitions

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