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Anchorage Chrysler Center, Inc. v. DaimlerChrysler Corporation (02/24/2006) sp-5993 (fraudulent misrepresentation)
John's Heating Service v. Lamb (02/24/2006) sp-5992 (statute of limitations, expanded discovery rule)
Kinegak v. State, Dept. of Corrections (02/17/2006) sp-5988 (sovereign immunity; false imprisonment; Zerbe overruled)
Marsingill v. O'Malley (01/27/2006) sp-5977 (informed consent)
Hagen Insurance, Inc. v. Roller (01/20/2006) sp-5975 (distinguish-NIED and non-economic damages)
Williams v. Williams (01/20/2006) sp-5973 (equitable estoppel; toll statute of limitations)
Jones v. State, Dept. of Corrections (12/16/2005) sp-5969, 125 P2d 343 (threshold determination of an IIED claim; harmless error when damages available from an alternative theory)
Cikan v. ARCO Alaska, Inc. (12/16/2005) sp-5967, 125 P2d 335 (mental capacity, tolling the limitations statute)
Sengupta v. Wickwire (12/09/2005) sp-5963, 124 P2d 748 (malpractice statute of limitations; elements for appellate malpractice)
Dan Reust v. Alaska Petroleum Contractors (10/28/2005) sp-5951, 127 P2d 807 (retaliation against a witness)
Ondrusek v. Murphy (09/23/2005) sp-5944, 120 P2d 1053 (respondeat superior)
Ellison v. Plumbers and Steam Fitters Union Local 375 (08/19/2005) sp-5934, 118 P2d 1070 (labor union not liable for discrimination)
Lowell v. Hayes (07/22/2005) sp-5924, 117 P2d 745 (defamation of public figure; constitutional tort)
Larson v. Cooper (05/27/2005) sp-5897, 113 P2d 1196 (adverse retaliatory action by the state)
Trapp v. State of Alaska (05/13/2005) sp-5895, 112 P2d 668 (assumption of duty to protect another from harm)
State Farm Mutual Automobile Company v. Dowdy (04/22/2005) sp-5891, 111 P2d 337 (bifurcating issues of coverage, liability, damages)
McGrew v. State, Dept. of Health & Social Services, DFYS (02/04/2005) sp-5866, 106 P2d 319 (factors for deciding existence of duty, an issue of law; IIED different from a negligence claim)
Miller v. Safeway, Inc. (11/26/2004) sp-5849 (employment discrimination-racial, religious, gender)
Maloney v. Progressive Specialty Insurance Co. (10/08/2004) sp-5836 (policy-limits offer, when to include fees)
Allstate Insurance Company v. Teel (10/01/2004) sp-5832 (NIED claims are direct; bystander exception)
City of Bethel v. Peters (09/03/2004) sp-5829 (subsequent remedial measures; severe disfigurement)
Kinzel v. Discovery Drilling, Inc. (06/25/2004) sp-5820 ((retaliatory discharge, pretextual vs. mixed-motive; recovering contract wage loss in a tort claim; defamation vs. opinion; intentional interference with contract)
Fyffe v. Wright (06/25/2004) sp-5819 (punitive damages don’t require IIED award)
Ledgends, Inc. v. Kerr (05/28/2004) sp-5810 (limitations of pre-recreational exculpatory release)
Parker v. Tomera (04/23/2004) sp-5801 (expert required in medical malpractice unless non-technical; informed consent)
Adams v. Adams (04/23/2004) sp-5798 (constructive fraud)
Kinzel v. Discovery Drilling, Inc. (04/16/2004) sp-5796 (retaliatory discharge, pretextual Visual Studio. Mixed-motive; recovering contract wage loss in a tort claim; defamation vs opinion;intentional interference with contract)
Zok v. Estate of Collins (02/06/2004) sp-5777 ("badges of fraud")
Sisters of Providence in Washington v. A.A. Pain Clinic, Inc. (12/19/2003) sp-5764 (intentional interference with contract/economic advantage; antitrust/restraint of trade)
Doxsee v. Doxsee (11/21/2003) sp-5754 (aggravation of pre-existing injury)
K & K Recycling v. Alaska Gold Co. (11/14/2003) sp-5752 (interfere w/contract; conversion)
Lawson v. Helmer (09/26/2003) sp-5739 (defamation: absolute privilege-court proceedings)
State Farm Fire & Casualty Co. v. White-Rodgers Corp. (09/26/2003) sp-5738 (trespass, 6-year v. 2-year stat. of limitations)
Kiokun v. State, Dept. of Public Safety (07/25/2003) sp-5717 (state tort immunity; planning vs. operational)
Fletcher v. South Peninsula Hospital (06/13/2003) sp-5701 (hospitals: non-delegable duty doesn’t apply to physicians selected by patient; corporate negligence)
State, Dept. of Health & Social Services v. Sandsness (05/23/2003) sp-5693 (no state liability when released juvenile offender commits a murder)
Coughlin v. Government Employees Insurance Co. (04/18/2003) sp-5681 (defining policy limits as it affects UIM coverage)
Getchell v. Lodge (02/28/2003) sp-5668 (violate traffic law is negl. per se unless excused)
Zaverl v. Hanley (02/14/2003) sp-5665 (physician standard of care; general v. specialist)
Crosby v. Hummell (02/07/2003) sp-5664 (instructions in negligence per se case)
Kodiak Island Borough v. Roe (02/07/2003) sp-5663 (apportionment, negligent and intentional torts)
Whalen v. Hanley (01/31/2003) sp-5660 (legislative immunity is absolute)
Spindle v. Sisters of Providence in Washington (12/20/2002) sp-5651 (grounds for denying hospital privileges)
Powell v. Tanner (11/22/2002) sp-5644 (respondeat superior, ee vs. ind. Contractor)
Marsingill v. O'Malley (11/22/2002) sp-5643 (medical malpractice; difference between duty to treat non-negligently and duty to inform; proof of board certification failure not relevant)
Fleegel v. Estate of Michael E. Boyles (11/15/2002) sp-5641 (crime victim can recover fees in tort case)
Reich v. Cominco Alaska, Inc. (10/04/2002) sp-5637 (continuing violations doctrine; hostile work environ.)
Ball v. Birch, Horton, Bittner and Cherot (09/27/2002) sp-5634 (legal malpractice requires expert opinion)
Fernandes v. Portwine (09/20/2002) sp-5632 (trespass, broad and narrow meaning)
Charles v. Interior Regional Housing Authority (09/20/2002) sp-5631 (wrongful termination; constructive discharge)
Central Bering Sea Fishermen's Assoc. v. Anderson (09/06/2002) sp-5623 (wrongful termination; defamation)
Laidlaw Transit, Inc. v. Crouse (08/30/2002) sp-5619 (vicarious liability of employer for punitives)
Evans v. State (08/30/2002) sp-5618 (tort reform legislation is constitutional)
Prentzel v. Alaska Dep't of Public Safety (08/23/2002) sp-5615 (inadequate police training as actionable duty; §1983 claim must be against individual, not one acting officially)
Van Deusen v. Seavey (08/23/2002) sp-5613 (permanent vs. temporary nuisance)
Hinsberger v. Alaska (08/23/2002) sp-5609 (NIED, no damages w/o physical injury: exceptions; four essentials of a negligence claim)
AVCP Regional Housing Authority v. R.A. Vranckaert Co., Inc. (05/17/2002) sp-5573 (contract-based indemnity, express and implied)
John's Heating Service v. Lamb (05/10/2002) sp-5572 (professional negl. can apply to skilled trades)
Wells v. State (05/03/2002) sp-5559 (State immunity, construct vs. maintain highway)
Kallstrom v. U.S. (03/15/2002) sp-5553 (NIED, bystander/preexisting duty exception)
Shields v. Cape Fox Corp. (03/08/2002) sp-5547 (instruct on comparative fault when issue raised)
Wassserman v. Bartholomew (01/11/2002) sp-5524 (police use of excessive force)
Moody v. Delta Western, Inc. (01/11/2002) sp-5522 (the Firefighter's Rule)
Wongittilin et al. v State et al. (12/07/2001) sp-5509 (police have no duty to arrest; DSW duty factors)
Goodman v Fairbanks North Start Borough School District et al. (12/07/2001) sp-5508 (discovery rule, employment discrimination case)
Himsel et al. v State (11/30/2001) sp-5507 (Feres doctrine; respondeat superior, borrowed ee)
Hibbits et al. v Sides (11/02/2001) sp-5493 (intentional third-party spoilation of evidence)
Pauley v Anchorage School District et al. (10/05/2001) sp-5482 (qualified official immunity)
Lybrand v Trask (09/28/2001) sp-5479 (IIED)
City of Seward v Afognak Logging (09/28/2001) sp-5477 (create duty three ways; discretionary immunity)
Dore et al. v The City of Fairbanks et al. (09/28/2001) sp-5475 (negligent failure to arrest, police owe no duty)
Bartek et al. v State Dept. of Natural Resources (09/21/2001) sp-5473 (sovereign immunity; State's firefighting operations)
William Sands v Living Word Fellowship (09/14/2001) sp-5471 (abuse of process; religious freedom=immunity)
Gayle Moore v Hartley Motors, Inc. et al. (09/14/2001) sp-5469 (signed release of liability)
Lynden Inc., et al. v James Walker (09/14/2001) sp-5468 (existence of duty, DSW factors)
Gidget Lincoln v Interior Regional Housing Authority (09/14/2001) sp-5467 (IIED and Whistleblower claims)
Beaux v Jacob (09/07/2001) sp-5463 (negligence and failure to mitigate=issues of fact)
Robles v Shoreside Petroleum, Inc. (08/31/2001) sp-5457 (supplier of gasoline or propane, duty to warn; legal cause, two-part test)
Gillum v L&J Enterprises, Inc. (08/24/2001) sp-5455 (fail to discover hazard, comparative neligence)
L.C.H. v T.S. (08/17/2001) sp-5449 (civil sexual abuse case)
Waldroup v Lindman (08/10/2001) sp-5448 (intentional interfere w/contract)
Meidinger v Koniag, Inc. (07/27/2001) sp-5442 (abuse of process)
Mitchell v Heinrichs (07/20/2001) sp-5436 (conversion by killing pet dog; damages)
Joseph v State of Alaska (07/13/2001) sp-5432 (jailer's duty; voluntary intox.; intentional acts)
Angabooguk, et al. v State, Division of Forestry (07/13/2001) sp-5431 (governmental immunity: planning vs. operational; State duty of care)
Walden v State, DOT (07/13/2001) sp-5428 (state highway maintenance, prior accidents)
Mapco Express Inc. v Faulk (06/15/2001) sp-5422 (damages for trespass)
Alpine Industries v Feyk (05/11/2001) sp-5410 (public official, absolute immunity)
Peter v Schumacher Enterprises (05/11/2001) sp-5409 (insurance co./agent duty to advise customer)
Petranovich v Matanuska Electric Assoc (05/11/2001) sp-5406 (retained control doctrine)
Finch v Greatland Foods, INC (05/04/2001) sp-5403 (constructive discharge)
Sengupta v University of Alaska (04/27/2001) sp-5397 (§1981-§1983 claims: employ discrimination)
Sopko v. Schlumberger Technology Corp. (04/27/2001) sp-5396 (discovery rule)
Grant v. Anchorage Police Dept. & Municipality of Anchorage (03/30/2001) sp-5377 (Discrimination based on age or disability)
Savage Arms Inc. v. Western Auto Supply Co. (03/02/2001) sp-5370 (Successor tort liability)
Zok v. Collins (02/23/2001) sp-5367 (Attorney malpractice; expert witnesses)
Yoon v. Alaska Real Estate Commission (02/23/2001) sp-5364 (Promissory fraud)
Smith v. Ingersoll-Rand Company (12/29/2000) sp-5353 (Comparative negligence applies to products liability)
Brown v. Ely (12/15/2000) sp-5347 (Sec. 1983 claim, state vs. federal law.)
Griffith v. Taylor (11/17/2000) sp-5333 (Attorney malpractice; superseding cause)
Nichols v. State Farm Fire and Casualty Company (08/11/2000) sp-5304 (Intentional and negligent spoliation)
Guerrero v. Alaska Housing Finance Corp. (08/03/2000) sp-5301 (Landlord duty, State's negligence immunity)
P.G. and R.G. v. State, Dept of Health & Human Services, DFYS (06/30/2000) sp-5294 (State's duty of care to foster parents; duty, breach and causation in negligence analysis; importance of foreseeability; State's immunity for misrepresentation)
Savage Arms, Inc. v. Western Auto Supply Co. (06/30/2000) sp-5293 (successor liability)
Trombley v. Starr-Wood Cardiac Group P.C. (06/16/2000) sp-5288 (Medical malpractice; informed consent; lost consortium by unmarried cohabitant)
Gerber v. Juneau Bartlett Memorial Hospital (05/19/2000) sp-5276 (Malpractice: use of expert panel report)
Samaniego v. City of Kodiak (05/19/2000) sp-5275 (Immunity in excessive force cases)
State, Dept. of Corrections v. Johnson (05/05/2000) sp-5269 (Duty owed to prisoners; negligence per se.)
Silvers v. Silvers (04/14/2000) sp-5258 (Proving bailment instead of conversion)
City of Fairbanks v. Rice (03/17/2000) sp-5253 (Defamation per se)
Odom v. Fairbanks Memorial Hospital (03/17/2000) sp-5251 (Defamation, defamation per se, intentional interference with prospective economic advantage IIED)
Odom v. Lee (03/17/2000) sp-5250 (Interfere with contract)
Preblich v. Zorea (03/10/2000) sp-5249 (Discovery rule tolls statute of limitations)
C.P. v. Allstate Insurance Company (03/03/2000) sp-5245 (Personal tort liability of insurance adjuster)
Barrett v. Era Aviation, Inc. (02/25/2000) sp-5242 (Common carrier negligence)
Parks Hiway Enterprises, LLC v. CEM Leasing Inc. (02/04/2000) sp-5236 (Strict liability, ultrahazardous, trespass, nuisance)
Balough v. Fairbanks North Star Borough (01/28/2000) sp-5234 (Dismissal of sec. 1983 claims after admin. Appeal)
Caudle v. Mendel (12/30/1999) sp-5228 (Elements of abuse of process, malicious prosecution, NIED, IIED)
Aloha Lumber Corporation v. University of Alaska (12/30/1999) sp-5225 (Unfair trade applies to consumer goods and services)
Holland v. Union Oil Company of California (12/23/1999) sp-5223 (Wrongful demotion)
Law Offices of Steven D. Smith, P.C. v. Borg-Warner Security Corp. (12/23/1999) sp-5222 (Intentional tort vs. comparative negligence)
Belluomini v. Fred Meyer of Alaska Inc. (12/17/1999) sp-5218 (No private constitutional tort)
Taranto v. North Slope Borough (12/17/1999) sp-5217 (Government demaation, conditional privilege)
Chenega Corporation v. Exxon (11/22/1999) sp-5211 (Intervening/superseding cause)
Wal-Mart, Inc. v. Stewart (11/12/1999) sp-5202 (Invade privacy, 11ED, workplace discrimination)
Martinson v. ARCO (10/08/1999) sp-5190 (Independent contractor, retained control)
Pugliese v. Perdue (09/03/1999) sp-5169 (Proof of causation is part of damages)
Sauve v. Winfree (08/20/1999) sp-5160 (Landlord liable to commercial tenant employee)
Cable v. Shefchik (08/13/1999) sp-5157 (Negligence per se; excused violations)
Briggs v Newton (08/13/1999) sp-5154 (Interfere with K; defamation/business privilege)
Fancyboy v. Alaska Village Electric Cooperative Inc. (08/13/1999) sp-5153 (Superceding cause; apportionment [old law])
Taylor v. Johnston (08/13/1999) sp-5152 (Medical battery)
Ardinger v. Hummell (07/23/1999) sp-5141 (Negligent entrustment; negligence per se; child's duty of care; no tort after criminal misconduct)
Falconer v. Adams (03/26/1999) sp-5096, 974 P2d 406 (rear-end auto accident)
McCubbins v. Alaska Div. Of Parks & Recreation (03/05/1999) sp-5088, 573 P2d 588 (State's duty of care, recreational land)
Coulson v. McLennan (02/26/1999) sp-5087, 973 P2d 1142 (IIED, employment discrimination)
Norcon, Inc. v. Kotowski (02/19/1999) sp-5085, 971 P2d 158 (sexual harassment/discrimination; IIED/NIED; employer vicarious liability; non delegable duty)
Dinsmore-Poff v. Alvord (02/05/1999) sp-5077, 972 P2d 978 (parent liability for child's torts)
Brent v. Unicol, Inc. (12/24/1998) sp-5059, 969 P2d 627 (Independent contractor, premises liability; negligence not decided by summary judgement)
Methvin v. Bartholomew (12/04/1998) sp-5051, 971 P2d 151 (Whistleblower act must be public concern)
General Motors Corporation v. Farnsworth (10/16/1998) sp-5041, 965 P2d 1209 (product liability-crashworthy; apportionment)
Creations Unlimited v. State of Alaska (10/09/1998) sp-5037, 965 P2d 1 (sovereign immunity; sec. 1983; res ipsa)
Mestar v. Heckman (09/11/1998) sp-5031, 964 P2d 445 (determining if duty of care exists)
Alaska Tae Woong Venture, Inc. v. Westward Seafoods (08/28/1998) sp-5029, 963 P2d 1055 (fraud uses tort statute of limitations)
Ward v. Lutheran Hospitals & Homes (08/21/1998) sp-5028, 963 P2d 1031 (hospital non-delegable duty; informed consent)
Adams v. City of Tenakee Springs (08/21/1998) sp-5026, 963 P2d 1047 (immunity: planning vs. operational test)
Ostrow v. Alaska (08/21/1998) sp-5024, 963 P2d 1021 (conversion requires possessory interest)
Power Constructors, Inc. v. Taylor & Hintze (06/19/1998) sp-5001, 960 P2d 20 (elements to prove attorney malpractice)
Miller v. Phillips (06/12/1998) sp-4998, 959 P2d 1247 (midwife malpractice)
Kooly v. Alaska (05/22/1998) sp-4990, 958 P2d 1106 (duty of care, sledding on State right-of-way)
Hildebrandt v. City of Fairbanks (05/01/1998) sp-4980, 957 P2d 974 (§1983 police chase case)
McDowell v. Alaska (04/24/1998) sp-4975, 957 P2d 965 ("property tort"; define "tresspass")
Neary v. McDonald (04/17/1998) sp-4973, 956 P2d 1205 (negilgent entrustment)
Arctic Tug & Barge, Inc. v. Raleigh, Schwarz & Powell (04/10/1998) sp-4963, 956 P2d 1199 (nature and extent of duty is question of law)
Bolieu v. Sisters of Providence (02/13/1998) sp-4948, 953 P2d 1233 (duty of care, spouses of nurses)
Karen L. v. Alaska Div. of Family and Youth Services (02/06/1998) sp-4943, 953 P2d 871 (duty of care, CINA case)
City of Fairbanks v. Amoco Chemical Co. (01/30/1998) sp-4940, 952 P2d 1173 (negligent vs. intentional misrep.)
Ross v. City of Sand Point (01/16/1998) sp-4932, 952 P2d 274 (wrongful discharge)
M.A. v. U.S. (01/02/1998) sp-4929, 951 P2d 851 (failure to diagnose pregnancy)
Alaska Marine Pilots v. Hendsch (12/12/1997) sp-4915, 950 P2d 98 (intentional interference, 3rd party)
Wichman v. Benner (11/21/1997) sp-4907, 948 P2d 484 (no assignment of personal injury claims)
Nome Commercial Co. v. National Bank of Alaska (10/10/1997) sp-4892, 948 P2d 443 (I.I.E.D. and N.I.E.D.)
State v. Hazelwood (10/03/1997) sp-4891, 946 P2d 875 (simple negligence vs. criminal negligence)
Van Sandt v. Brown (08/22/1997) sp-4873, 944 P2d 449 (qualified immunity, 4th amendment)
Dep't. of Transportation & Public Facilities et al. v. Sanders (08/22/1997) sp-4872, 944 P2d 453 (State's discretionary immunity)
Schumacher v. Cidy of Yakutat (08/15/1997) sp-4864, 946 P2d 1255 (duty of care; attractive nuisance)
Thoma v. Hickel (08/15/1997) sp-4863, 947 P2d 816 (executive immunity, qualified or absolute)
Nissan v. Alaska (07/18/1997) sp-4850, 941 P2d 1229 (factors to determine existence of duty)
West v. City of St. Paul (04/11/1997) sp-4803, 936 P2d 136 (duty to warn, wharfinger)
City of North Pole v. Zabek (02/21/1997) sp-4781, 934 P2d 1292 (wrongful discharge, curative post-termination hearing; vicarious liability; slander)
Amyot v. Luchini (02/14/1997) sp-4480, 932 P2d 244 (realty sale, innocent misrep. not actionable)
Lyons v Midnight Sun Transportation (12/27/1996) sp-4454, 928 P2d 1202 (Sudden emergency doctrine, four elements of negligence case)
Trigg et al v City of Nome (12/20/1996) sp-4448, 929 P2d 1273 (no liability, city failure to warn/abate)
Waage v. Cutter Biological Division of Miles Labs (11/22/1996) sp-4434, 926 P2d 1145 (discovery rule/equitable estoppel; AIDS case)
State Farm Insurance Co. v. Bongen (11/08/1996) sp-4424, 925 P2d 1042 (property insurance exclusion)
Maddox v. River & Sea Marine, Inc. (11/08/1996) sp-4423, 925 P2d 1033 (no summary judgment for issues of negligence; legal causation; duty to warn)
Howarth v. Public Defender Agency (11/08/1996) sp-4421, 925 P2d 1330 (no recovery by intentional tortfeasor for another's negligence; legal causation)
Sever v. Alaska Pulp Corporation (10/25/1996) sp-4420, 931 P2d 354 (employment tort requires contract)
Smith v. Alaska (08/09/1996) sp-4384, 921 P2d 632 (nature of undertaken duty, law or fact?)
Stone v. International Marine Carriers, Inc. (06/21/1996) sp-4358, 918 P2d 551 (willful failure to pay injured seaman)
Ben Lomond Inc., v. Railwater Terminal Co. (05/10/1996) sp-4349, 915 P2d 632 (fraud v. breach of fiduciary duty)
Phillip Chokwak v. Les Worley and Ron Worley (03/08/1996) sp-4323, 912 P2d 1248 (social host immunity, alcohol to minor)
French v. Chilkoot Charlie's (02/09/1996) sp-4321, 911 P2d 20 (gender discrimination, hostile work environment, defamation)
Romulus v. Anchorage School District (02/02/1996) sp-4317, 910 P2d 610 (Wrongful discharge, exhaust remedies)
Taranto d/b/a Tundra Taxi v. North Slope Borough (01/19/1996) sp-4310, 909 P2d 354 (defamation; respondeat superior)
Waskey v. Municipality of Anchorage (01/12/1996) sp-4308, 909 P2d 342 (negligent investigation; false imprisonment)
Victor v. State Farm Fire and Casualty Co. (01/05/1996) sp-4306, 908 P2d 1043 (uninsured motorist coverage)
Helmuth v. UAF (12/29/1995) sp-4304, 908 P2d 1017 (wrongful termination, insubordination)
Hawks v. State (12/29/1995) sp-4303, 908 P2d 1013 (IIED; NIED; no duty to identify crime victim)
Johnson & Higgins of AK v. Blomfield (12/15/1995) sp-4299, 907 P2d 1321 (insurance agent malpractice)
Cozzen v. Municipality of Anchorage (12/08/1995) sp-4292, 907 P2d 473 (wrongful discharge, exhaust remedies)
North Slope Borough v. Barraza (11/24/1995) sp-4285, 906 P2d 1377 (wrongful termination; back pay)
D.D. v. Insurance Company of North America (11/24/1995) sp-4284, 905 P2d 1365 (insurance contracts; duty to defend)
Palmer G. Lewis Co. v. Arco Chemical Co. (10/20/1995) sp-4274, 904 P2d 1221 (product liability; burden of proof)
Zok v. Alaska (09/29/1995) sp-4262, 903 P2d 574 (false arrest; nominal damages)
Burcina v. City of Ketchikan (09/22/1995) sp-4260, 902 P2d 817 (estoppel; claim based on criminal violation)
Shade v. Anglo Alaska Service Corp. (09/08/1995) sp-4253, 901 P2d 434 (summary of four essentials in negligence case)
Kenneth Haroldsen v. Omni Enterprises Inc., dba Swanson's (09/01/1995) sp-4246, 901 P2d 426 (employment discrimination)
Sharpe v. Trail (08/18/1995) sp-4239, 902 P2d 304 (wrongful eviction; bad faith)
Bishop v. MOA & Anchorage Telephone Utility (07/28/1995) sp-4233, 899 P2d 149 (wrongful discharge; insubordination)
Estate of Day v. Willis (06/30/1995) sp-4226, 897 P2d 78 (no duty owed fleeing offender; spoliation)
Beilgard v. State (06/02/1995) sp-4215, 896 P2d 230 (convict can't sue for damages)
Chizmar(s) v. Mackie (05/19/1995) sp-4209, 896 P2d 196 (emotional distress without physical injury; AIDS diagnosis, breach of confidentiality, loss of consortium; IIED and NIED)
Aetna v. Marion Equipment Co. (05/19/1995) sp-4205, 894 P2d 664 (reckless indifference=willful misconduct)
Sweet v. Sisters of Providence (05/12/1995) sp-4200, 895 P2d 484 (missing medical records; informed consent)
Estate of Arrowwood v. Alaska (05/12/1995) sp-4196, 894 P2d 642 (state sovereign immunity)
Mount Juneau Enterprises v. Juneau Empire (03/17/1995) sp-4180, 891 P2d 829 (defamation, libel, public figure)
Linda W. Myers V. Sidney L. Robertson Sr. (03/10/1995) sp-4176, 891 P2d 199 (intra-family litigation; negligent party may not benefit from its own negligent acts)
P. McAdoo v. M. Diaz et al (11/25/1994) sp-4151, 884 P2d 1385 (defamation, statutory retaliation)
J. Lythgoe v. J. Guinn (11/25/1994) sp-4150, 884 P2d 1085 (absolute quasi-judicial immunity)
Gonzales v. Safeway Stores, Inc. (10/07/1994) sp-4131, 882 P2d 389 (immunity from tort; criminal negligence)
Jensen and Lindholm v. Goresen, F/V Poseidon (10/07/1994) sp-4130, 881 P2d 1119 (conversion, nature of poss. required)
Sweet v. Sisters of Providence (09/30/1994) sp-4127, 881 P2d 304 (missing med. records; informed consent)
Patterson v. Matanuska Maid et al (08/05/1994) sp-4108, 880 P2d 1038 (grievance statement, no defamation)
R.E. et al v. State of Alaska (07/29/1994) sp-4107, 878 P2d 1341 (state licensing of child care; immunity)
State Leasing and Equip. v. Wichman (05/27/1994) sp-4086, 874 P2d 949 (apportionment, joining co-defendants)
Morry v. Wilson and State of Alaska (04/29/1994) sp-4076, 872 P2d 1209 (claim against St., enforce invalid reg.)
Newton v. Magill's Trailer Park (04/29/1994) sp-4075, 872 P2d 1213 (landlord-tenant tort liability)
Andrews v. Engineers-Employers Training Trust Fund (04/08/1994) sp-4071, 871 P2d 1142 (ERISA preempts state claims)
State of Alaska and Cameron, et al v. Beard (12/03/1993) sp-4032, 864 P2d 538 (constructive discharge; IIED)
Pedersen v. Flannery, Kibbey and Diaz (11/30/1993) sp-4033, 863 P2d 856 (tort vs. contract statute of limitations)
Hildebrandt v. Malone and City of Fairbanks (11/12/1993) sp-4026, 863 P2d 240 (police running red light; §1983; apportionment single party)
Vincent v. Fairbanks Memorial Hospital (10/29/1993) sp-4017, 862 P2d 847 (legal cause, "but for" test)
Mulvihill v. Union Oil Co. et al (10/08/1993) sp-4009, 859 P2d 1310 (providing alcoholic beverage)
Korman v. Mallin (09/03/1993) sp-4002, 858 P2d 1145 (physicians and informed consent)
Saddler and Washington v. Alaska Marine Lines (07/30/1993) sp-3989, 856 P2d 784 (prod. liab.; bulk supply, undertake service; can't resolve negligence on summary judgment)
Blanas v. Dept. of Natural Resources (07/23/1993) sp-3979, 856 P2d 766 (design professional, retain control, assumption of duty)
Hillman v. Nationwide Mutual Fire Insurance (07/09/1993) sp-3971, 855 P2d 1321 (1-st party insurance bad faith claims)
Pratt & Whitney v. Sheehan (05/28/1993) sp-3959, 852 P2d 1173 (products liability)
Deal v. Kearney et al (05/14/1993) sp-3955, 851 P2d 1353 (Good Samaritan statute)
P. Johnson v. D. Johnson and the City of Fairbanks (04/09/1993) sp-3943, 849 P2d 1361 (conversion by bailee [police dept.])
Borg-Warner Corp., et al v. Avco Corp. (03/19/1993) sp-3938, 850 P2d 628 (intentional v. willful)
Marshall v. Munro (01/29/1993) sp-3924, 845 P2d 424 (intentional interference w/ contract; defamation, conditional privilege)
Gillispie v. Beta Construction Co. (12/11/1992) sp-3904, 842 P2d 1272 (loss of society with child)
Pederson-Szafran v. D. Baily and F. Baxter (08/14/1992) sp-3877, 837 P2d 124 (wrongful discharge)
Williams v. Utility Equipment, Inc. (08/14/1992) sp-3875, 837 P2d 1112 (subrogation)
Beck v. Dept. of Transportation (07/31/1992) sp-3871, 837 P2d 105 (NIED; instructions)
University of Alaska v. Shanti (06/30/1992) sp-3861, 835 P2d 1225 (recreational use statute)
S. Shanks v. The Upjohn Co. (06/26/1992) sp-3850, 835 P2d 1189 (products liability, drugs)
Sun v. Norris, Crawford and State of Alaska (04/10/1992) sp-3830, 830 P2d 772 (injuries while committing felony)
Tucker v. United Services Automobile Association (03/06/1992) sp-3817, 827 P2d 440 (policy limits; prejudgment interest)
D. Lowdermilk v. S. Lowdermilk (02/07/1992) sp-3806, 825 P2d 874 (assault and battery)
Thompson v. Anderson and Mail Boxes Etc., Inc. (01/24/1992) sp-3803, 824 P2d 712 (conversion/police exception)
Richey v. Oen and Rent-A-Wreck, Inc. (01/24/1992) sp-3801, 824 P2d 1371 (elements of negligence case)
RAN Corp. v. D. Hudesman & H. Smith, Jr. (12/27/1991) sp-3790, 823 P2d 646 (intentional intererence)
Colt Industries Operating Co. v. Murphy Manufacturer (12/13/1991) sp-3788, 822 P2d 925 (products liability)
Snyder v. J. Foote & Tanana Valley Med/Surg. Group, Inc. (12/13/1991) sp-3787, 822 P2d 1353 (medical malpractice)
J. Loeb v. L. Rasmussen & L&L Investments (12/13/1991) sp-3786, 822 P2d 914 (dram shop, comparative negligence)
Pedersen v. Zielski et al (12/06/1991) sp-3785, 822 P2d 903 (medical malpractice)
Fields v. Fairbanks School District (10/11/1991) sp-3762, 818 P2d 658 (statute tolled by minority)
Frontier Co.'s of AK et al v. Jack White Co. et al (10/04/1991) sp-3759, 818 P2d 645 (intentional interference)
Hester v. State & Employees Retirement Board (09/06/1991) sp-3750, 817 P2d 472 (negligence, aggravation)
M. Wassilie v. AK Village Electric Cooperative (08/09/1991) sp-3735, 816 P2d 158 (risk foreseeability, warning)

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