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Procedure, Appellate
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Procedure, Appellate

Adams v. Adams (02/24/2006) sp-5991 (defer to trial court on witness credibility)
Kinegak v. State, Dept. of Corrections (02/17/2006) sp-5988 (overruling prior decision; stare decisis)
Sengupta v. Wickwire (12/09/2005) sp-5963, 124 P2d 748 (malpractice for filing untimely appeal)
Morris v. Rowallan Alaska, Inc (09/30/2005) sp-5945, 121 P2d 159 (automatic stay in bankruptcy)
Casciola v. F.S. Air Service, Inc. (09/23/2005) sp-5943, 120 P2d 1059 (arguments inadequately briefed)
Owen M. v. State, Office of Children's Services (09/09/2005) sp-5942, 120 P2d 201 (issue waived if not raised below)
Snyder v. American Legion Spenard Post No. 28 (09/02/2005) sp-5940, 119 P2d 996 (affirm on any ground supported by record)
Abood v. Abood (09/02/2005) sp-5937, 119 P2d 980 (defer to trial court on witness credibility, etc)
Laidlaw Transit Inc. v Anchorage School District (08/12/2005) sp-5931, 118 P2d 1018 (adjudicative proceeding; administrative appeal)
Wendell C. II v. State of Alaska (07/29/2005) sp-5929, 118 P2d 1 (harmless error in admitting evidence)
State v. Valley Hospital (07/01/2005) sp-5919, 116 P2d 580 (appeal only from a final order)
Cummins, Inc. v. Nelson (06/24/2005) sp-5917, 115 P2d 536 (when jury instruction is reversible error)
State v. Cowgill (06/24/2005) sp-5913, 115 P2d 522 (standard of review, administrative appeals)
Carlson v. Renkes (06/03/2005) sp-5903 (convert complaint to admin. Appeal; 30-days to file appeal does not run until decision advises of right to appeal)
Bartley v. Alaska Dep't. of Administration (04/15/2005) sp-5888, 110 P2d 1254 (deference to agency interpretation of its statutes)
Lawson v. Lawson (03/11/2005) sp-5876, 108 P2d 883 (standards for overruling precedent)
Dawson v. Temanson (02/25/2005) sp-5872, 107 P2d 892 (standard for reviewing fee awards)
ConocoPhillips Alaska, Inc. v. State, Dept. of Natural Resources (01/28/2005) sp-5864, 109 P2d 914 (4-part standard for reviewing admin. Decision)
Brown v. Dick (01/21/2005) sp-5862, 107 P2d 260 (superior court stay pending admin proceeding)
Silvan v. Alcina (01/14/2005) sp-5858, 105 P2d 117 (appeal of custody dispute filed in 15 days)
Alderman v. Iditarod Properties, Inc. (12/30/2004) sp-5856 (statutory savings clause)
State, Dept. of Revenue v. Municipality of Anchorage (12/23/2004) sp-5855 (reviewing agency interpretation of statute)
Hutka v. Sisters of Providence in Washington (12/10/2004) sp-5851 (failure to raise below waives issue; plain error)
Thomas v. Anchorage Equal Rights Commission (12/10/2004) sp-5850 (overcome precedent under stare decisis)
Cowen v. Wal-Mart (06/25/2004) sp-5821 (workers’ comp board resolves conflict in medicals)
Fyffe v. Wright (06/25/2004) sp-5819 (defer to trial court on witness credibility; pro se briefs held to less stringent standard)
Peterson v. Ek (06/25/2004) sp-5818 (defer to trial court on witness credibility; pro se briefs, less demanding standard)
Hallam v. Alaska Airlines, Inc. (05/21/2004) sp-5809 (deference to trial judge on witness credibility; weight of conflicting evidence)
Hallam v. Alaska Airlines, Inc. (05/21/2004) sp-5809 (Rule 56(f), discretionary with trial judge)
Treacy v. Municipality of Anchorage (05/14/2004) sp-5807 (granting trial de novo discretionary with judge)
Alaska Trademark Shellfish, LLC v. State (04/16/2004) sp-5795 (avoid deciding appeals on constitutional grounds when narrower grounds are available; uphold trial court on any theory supported by the record)
Jackson v. American Equity Insurance Co. (04/02/2004) sp-5791 (denying instruction not error if no prejudice)
Board of Trade, Inc. v. State, Dept. of Labor (01/23/2004) sp-5771 (Agency decisions; standard of review)
Crawford & Co. v. Baker-Withrow (12/19/2003) sp-5763 (final order; right to appeal)
Rausch v. Devine (12/05/2003) sp-5759 (deference to trial court on witness credibility)
Friends of Cooper Landing v. Kenai Peninsula Borough (11/07/2003) sp-5749 (distinction between quasi-judicial and legislative decision when appealing municipal decision)
Brandner v. Agre (10/31/2003) sp-5747 (standard of review for denial of continuance)
Martin N. v. State, Dept. of Health and Social Services (09/12/2003) sp-5736 (deference to trial court on fact issues)
Koyukuk River Basin Moose Co-Management Team v. Board of Game (08/22/2003) sp-5728 (deference to resource management decisions)
O'Connell v. Christenson (08/15/2003) sp-5724 (trial court must provide findings adequate for review)
Sherry R. v. State, Dept. of Health & Social Services (08/01/2003) sp-5721 (standard of review, terminate parental rights)
Alaska State Employees Assoc./AFSCME Local 52 v. State (07/25/2003) sp-5713 (deference to an arbitrator unless gross error)
Duffus v. Duffus (06/20/2003) sp-5707 (preserving appeal from a master’s findings)
Erica A. v. State, Dept. of Health & Social Services (03/21/2003) sp-5674 (defer to trial court on issues of credibility)
State, Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission v. Carlson (03/14/2003) sp-5673 (elements of stare decisis; waiver of issues not raised below)
DeNuptiis v. Unocal Corp. (01/31/2003) sp-5657 (agency policy, deferential standard of review)
Crivello v. Alaska Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission (12/06/2002) sp-5649 (standard of review, agency regulations)
Reich v. Cominco Alaska, Inc. (10/04/2002) sp-5637 (when jury instruction is reversible error)
Pitka v. Interior Regional Housing Authority (09/13/2002) sp-5627 (no new arguments or issues on appeal)
Midgett v. Cook Inlet Pretrial Facility (08/30/2002) sp-5620 (defer to trial judge on credibility decisions)
Collins v. Blair (08/09/2002) sp-5606 (deference to trial judge on matters of credibility)
Dougan v. Aurora Electric, Inc. (06/28/2002) sp-5591 (leniency for pro se briefs)
Cizek v. Concerned Citizens of Eagle River (06/14/2002) sp-5584 (issue not called to trial judge's attention waived)
Lexington Insurance Co. v. Lindahl Construction & Engineering, Inc. (05/24/2002) sp-5574 (standard of review, summary judgment)
Amos v. State (05/10/2002) sp-5563 (appointed lawyer’s failure to brief issue)
Demmert v. Kootznoowoo, Inc. (04/05/2002) sp-5555 (Standard of review for findings of fact)
Jourdan v. Nationsbanc Mortgage Corp. (03/08/2002) sp-5545 (PFD’s not security for appeal bond)
Wassserman v. Bartholomew (01/11/2002) sp-5524 (credibility issue, deference to trial judge)
Municipality of Anchorage v. Anderson (12/21/2001) sp-5519 (can’t appeal from non-final order)
Brandal v. Shangin (12/14/2001) sp-5514 (plain error)
Ulmer v Alaska Restaurant & Beverage Assoc. et al. (11/09/2001) sp-5495 (mootness doctrine; public interest exception)
Sprucewood Investment Corp. et al. v Alaska Housing Finance Corp. (10/19/2001) sp-5489 (moot issue not considered on appeal)
Basargin v State Commercial Fisheries Entry Commision (09/28/2001) sp-5478 (new case law doesn't mean new hearing)
Beaux v Jacob (09/07/2001) sp-5463 (negligence and failure to mitigate=issues of fact)
Gillum v L&J Enterprises, Inc. (08/24/2001) sp-5455 (review of special master findings)
State v Saathoff (08/17/2001) sp-5453 (standard of review, statutory construction)
Alvarez v Ketchikan Gateway Borough (08/17/2001) sp-5452 (record on appeal from admin agency; need for findings)
Anderson v State Dept of Revenue, Permanent Fund Div (07/20/2001) sp-5434 (standard of review, appeal from agency)
Barios v Brooks Range Supply, Inc. (07/20/2001) sp-5433 (issue given cursory treatment in brief is waived)
State, Department of Revenue v Martha Andrade, et al. (05/25/2001) sp-5414 (declatory judgment as an appeal)
Wright v Wright (05/11/2001) sp-5405 (Rule 60(b)(6) and 60(b)(1-5) mutually exclusive)
Baker v University of Alaska (05/04/2001) sp-5402 (prepayment of costs for record, admin. Appeal)
Cabana v Kenai Peninsula Borough (04/27/2001) sp-5398 (can't appeal from legislative decision)
Farquhar v. Alaska National Insurance Company (04/06/2001) sp-5382 (Stare decisis)
Kellis v. Crites (03/30/2001) sp-5380 (Waiver of issue not raised below/opening brief.)
Leuthe v. State, Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission (03/30/2001) sp-5379 (Standard of review, agency decisions)
B.B. v. D.D. (03/09/2001) sp-5371 (Issue not presented below not considered on appeal)
R.M. v. S.G. (12/08/2000) sp-5340 (Waiver if no objection to evidence when offered)
Glasen v. Glasen (12/01/2000) sp-5337 (Defining "final judgment")
Stosh's I/M v. Fairbanks North Star Borough (11/17/2000) sp-5331 (Cursory argument contitutes waiver)
Dobos v. Ingersoll (10/06/2000) sp-5318 (Harmless error is not reversible error)
Coster v. Piekarski (06/09/2000) sp-5282 (Use on remand of issue first raised on appeal)
Lloyd's of London v. Fulton (05/12/2000) sp-5271 (Remand for insufficient findings and conclusions)
United Parcel Service Company v. State, Dept. of Revenue (04/07/2000) sp-5257 (Standard of review, administrative appeal)
O'Callaghan v. Rue (02/18/2000) sp-5240 (Standard of review, administrative regs.)
Native Village of Eklutna v. Board of Adjustment for Municipality of Anchorage (02/04/2000) sp-5237 (Points not in points on appeal may be presented.)
Balough v. Fairbanks North Star Borough (01/28/2000) sp-5234 (When claim is administrative appeal)
Aloha Lumber Corporation v. University of Alaska (12/30/1999) sp-5225 (Reasonable basis, agency expertise)
Wilkerson v. State, Dept of Health and Social Service (12/17/1999) sp-5216 (Pro se appellate briefs)
Wal-Mart, Inc. v. Stewart (11/12/1999) sp-5202 (Waive rulings on evidence and juror)
Hayes v. Bering Sea Reindeer Products (08/20/1999) sp-5166 (Reversal requires error and prejudice)
Taylor v. Johnston (08/13/1999) sp-5152 (Preserve for appeal, failure to rule on motion)
Jensen v. Froissart (06/25/1999) sp-5136 (affirm on any grounds)
IBEW Local 1547 v. Alaska Utility Construction Inc. (03/26/1999) sp-5100, 976 P2d 852 (appeal of remitted award)
McCubbins v. Alaska Div. Of Parks & Recreation (03/05/1999) sp-5088, 573 P2d 588 (inconsistent verdict)
AU International Inc & Caldera Corp v. State of Alaska, DNR (01/22/1999) sp-5071, 971 P2d 1034 (Issue first raised in reply is waived)
Renwick v. Alaska Board of Marine Pilots (01/15/1999) sp-5063, 971 P2d 631 (affirm on any basis)
Piquniq Mgt. Corp. v. Reeves (11/06/1998) sp-5044, 965 P2d 732 (standard of review, admin. regs.)
Hilderbrand v. Hilderbrand (08/14/1998) sp-5023, 962 P2d 887 (waive issue not raised below)
Robinson v. Robinson (07/17/1998) sp-5011, 961 P2d 1000 (standard of review, modify support)
Tompkins v. Tompkins (07/17/1998) sp-5010, 961 P2d 419 (standard of review, modify custody)
Gerstein v. Axtell (06/19/1998) sp-5004, 960 P2d 599 (moot issue on appeal)
Collins v. Arctic Builders (05/01/1998) sp-4979, 957 P2d 980 (leniency for pro se appellants)
Sykes v. Melba Creek Mining, Inc. (01/30/1998) sp-4938, 952 P2d 1164 (issue not in points on appeal waived)
Bering Straits Coastal Mgt. Program v. Noah (01/23/1998) sp-4936, 952 P2d 737 (reasonable basis standard, agency review)
Pierce v. Pierce (12/05/1997) sp-4914, 949 P2d 498 (Issue not raised below is waived)
Harris v. Keys (11/14/1997) sp-4903, 948 P2d 460 (jury fact decisions, standard of review)
Ellis v. Alaska Dep't. of Natural Resources (09/26/1997) sp-4888, 944 P2d 491 (reasonable basis standard of review)
Bruner v. Peterson, A.A.S. School of Nursing Univ. of Alaska (08/29/1997) sp-4875, 944 P2d 43 (deference to university faculty)
Thoma v. Hickel (08/15/1997) sp-4863, 947 P2d 816 (decision by divided court affirmance)
Bauman v. Bauman (07/25/1997) sp-4853, 942 P2d 1130 (law of the case)
Mortvedt v. Alaska Dep't. of Natural Resources (06/20/1997) sp-4838, 941 P2d 126 (deferential standard of review)
Metcalf v. Felec Services (06/06/1997) sp-4828, 938 P2d 1023 (dismiss appeal, failure to file timely brief)
Krohn v. Dep't. of Fish and Game (05/30/1997) sp-4825, 938 P2d 1019 (mootness doctrine)
Stadnicky v. Southpark Terrace Homeowner's Ass'n. (05/16/1997) sp-4820, 939 P2d 403 (issue not raised below is waived)
Alaska Dep't. of Transportation v. Fairbanks North Star Borough (04/25/1997) sp-4814, 936 P2d 1259 (exhaustion of remedies)
Plumber v. UAA (04/18/1997) sp-4810, 936 P2d 163 ("any port in a storm")
Fairbanks Fire Fighters Ass'n. v. City of Fairbanks (04/11/1997) sp-4801, 934 P2d 759 (standard of review, public interst litigant)
United Utilities v. APUC (03/28/1997) sp-4797, 935 P2d 811 (argument not raised below)
Alaska Board of Marine Pilots v. Renwick (02/21/1997) sp-4782, 936 P2d 526 (standard of review, agency statutes)
Dep't. of Natural Resources v. Tongass Conservation Society (01/17/1997) sp-4462, 931 P2d 1016 (trial fees-Rule 82; appeal fees-Rule 508)
Child Support Enforcement Div. v. Mitchell (01/17/1997) sp-4461, 930 P2d 1284 (issue not raised below is waived)
Bollerud v. Alaska Dep't. of Public Safety. (01/10/1997) sp-4460, 929 P2d 1283 (standard of review, agency decisions)
Matthews v. University of Alaska, Fairbanks (11/08/1996) sp-4425, 925 P2d 1052 (finality of agency decision)
Griswold v. City of Homer (10/25/1996) sp-4419, 925 P2d 1015 (whether statute is wise not up to court)
Richmond v. Pluid (10/25/1996) sp-4418, 925 P2d 251 (court cases, retroactive application)
Denali Federal Credit Union v. Lange (10/17/1996) sp-4413, 924 P2d 429 (define "final judgment")
Geczy v. Dept. of Natural Resources (09/27/1996) sp-4409, 924 P2d 103 (dismissal for failure to file record)
Wasserman v. Bartholomew (09/20/1996) sp-4404, 923 P2d 806 (issue waived when authorities not cited)
Peninsula Correctional Health Care v. Dept. of Corrections (09/13/1996) sp-4403, 924 P2d 425 (standard of review; agency finding facts)
Mount Juneau Enterprises, Inc. v. Juneau (09/06/1996) sp-4396, 923 P2d 768 (must appeal from admin ruling before suing)
Usibelli Coal Mine v. Department of Natural Resources (08/16/1996) sp-4391, 921 P2d 1134 (defer to agency interpretation of regs)
Smith v. Alaska (08/09/1996) sp-4384, 921 P2d 632 (standard of review, summary judgment)
O'Callaghan v. Alaska (07/05/1996) sp-4368, 920 P2d 1387 (moot issues)
Ben Lomond Inc., v. Railwater Terminal Co. (05/10/1996) sp-4349, 915 P2d 632 (No JNOV appeal w/o motion for dir. verdict)
Ilardi v. Parker (04/19/1996) sp-4339, 914 P2d 888 (remand for findings)
Bird v. Starkey (04/04/1996) sp-4333, 914 P2d 1246 (order not reviewable without findings)
Breck v. Moore (02/02/1996) sp-4318, 910 P2d 599 (cost/supersedeas bonds)
Romulus v. Anchorage School District (02/02/1996) sp-4317, 910 P2d 610 (Wrongful discharge, notice of appeal rights)
Scott v. Briggs Way Co. (01/19/1996) sp-4311, 909 P2d 345 (standard of review, summary judgment)
Taranto d/b/a Tundra Taxi v. North Slope Borough (01/19/1996) sp-4310, 909 P2d 354 (standard of review, summary judgment)
Morris v. Morris (12/15/1995) sp-4298, 908 P2d 425 (Rule 60(b) not substitute for appeal)
Dominish v. Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission (12/08/1995) sp-4290, 907 P2d 487 (standard of review, admin decisions)
Zok v. Alaska (09/29/1995) sp-4262, 903 P2d 574 (argue first in reply brief waived)
A. H. v. W. P. (06/09/1995) sp-4222, 896 P2d 240 (failure to brief, cite authority waives issue)
Sumner v. Eagle Nest Hotel (05/05/1995) sp-4194, 894 P2d 628 (waive issue first argued in reply brief)
Feichtinger v. Municipality of Anchorage (04/28/1995) sp-4189, 893 P2d 1266 (fee award, abuse of discretion)
Anchorage v. Coffey (04/14/1995) sp-4186, 893 P2d 722 (standards for admin agency appeals)
Miller v. Miller (03/03/1995) sp-4172, 890 P2d 574 (can't appeal issue not raised below)
Slagle and Aviation Associates v. Temso Helicopters, Inc. (10/07/1994) sp-4132, 881 P2d 1127 (must object to instruct. to appeal)
Gonzales v. Safeway Stores, Inc. (10/07/1994) sp-4131, 882 P2d 389 (redacted bill okay for fee award)
Ferguson and MOA v. Citizens for Representative Governance et al (09/16/1994) sp-4120, 880 P2d 1058 (stare decisis)
Patterson v. Matanuska Maid et al (08/05/1994) sp-4108, 880 P2d 1038 (appealing from multiple claims)
Legge v. Greig (07/29/1994) sp-4106, 880 P2d 606 (appeal after dismissal; briefs)
Bering Strait School District v. RLI Ins. Co. and Lexington Ins. Co. (05/20/1994) sp-4084, 873 P2d 1292 (any port in a storm)
Beesley et al v. Van Doren (05/13/1994) sp-4079, 873 P2d 1280 (stare decisis)
In the Matter of the Estate of Chet Adkins (05/13/1994) sp-4078, 874 P2d 271 (cannot appeal once pleadings withdrawn)
Newton v. Magill's Trailer Park (04/29/1994) sp-4075, 872 P2d 1213 (appeal after reconsideration)
Blumenshine v. Baptiste (03/04/1994) sp-4060, 869 P2d 470 (accept verdict unchallenged below)
In the Matter of D.D.S. (03/04/1994) sp-4058, 869 P2d 160 (waive argument not made below)
Alaska Env. Center v. Dept. of Natural Resources (12/23/1993) sp-4039, 865 P2d 745 (waiver of issue not briefed or in points)
Brandon v. Dept. of Corrections (12/17/1993) sp-4036, 865 P2d 87 (stay pending appeal)
Breck v. Dept. of Labor, Employment Security Div. (11/05/1993) sp-4020, 862 P2d 854 (waiver by not preserving below)
Singh v. Dillon and State Farm Auto Insurance (10/08/1993) sp-4011, 860 P2d 1193 (appeal waived by stipulating judgment)
Wassink v. Hawkins, dir. Div. of Land and Water mgmt. (09/24/1993) sp-4005, 859 P2d 712 (first appeal sets law of the case)
City of Hydaburg v. Hydaburg Cooperative Association et al (08/27/1993) sp-4000, 858 P2d 1131 (issue not raised below)
Mortvedt v. Dept. of Natural Resources (08/27/1993) sp-3999, 858 P2d 1140 (issue not raised below)
Dept. of Revenue v. Atlantic Richfield Co. (08/06/1993) sp-3991, 858 P2d 307 (stan. of review agency appeals)
Skudrzyk v. University of Alaska (07/23/1993) sp-3983, 856 P2d 462 (agency ruling, appeal procedure)
Manning v. Alaska Railroad (06/11/1993) sp-3968, 853 P2d 1120 (civil suit as aadmin appeal; AR 521,602)
Pratt & Whitney v. Sheehan (05/28/1993) sp-3959, 852 P2d 1173 (U.S. S. Ct. not binding; stare decisis)
Heppinstall v. Darnall Kemna & Co., Inc. (05/07/1993) sp-3952, 851 P2d 78 (appeal does not stay judgment; Superior Court jurisdiction pending appeal)
Stein et al v. Dept. of Environmental Conservation (02/05/1993) sp-3927, 846 P2d 123 (public interest litigants)
Cannon v. Stonefield, in the Matter of McCoy (01/22/1993) sp-3919, 844 P2d 1131 (jury instruction, must object below; appeal not waived by failure to seek review)
North Star Alaska Housing Corp. v. Fairbanks Board of Equalization (01/15/1993) sp-3915, 844 P2d 1109 (reasonable basis standard)
Dept of Revenue v. The Parsons Corporation (12/31/1992) sp-3910, 843 P2d 1238 (agency standard of review)
Kiester v. Humana Hospital Alaska et al (12/24/1992) sp-3908, 843 P2d 1219 (review MD hospital privileges)
Conam AK et al v. Bell Lavalin et al (11/27/1992) sp-3900, 842 P2d 148 (jury instruction, plain error)
Handley v. Dept. of Revenue (09/18/1992) sp-3885, 838 P2d 1231 (4 standards for agency review)
Alaska Fish Spotters Assoc. v. Dept of Fish and Game (09/11/1992) sp-3884, 838 P2d 798 (mootness doctrine)
Trustees for AK et al v. Gorsuch & DNR (08/21/1992) sp-3879, 835 P2d 1239 (agency standards of review)
Eufemio v. Kodiak Island Hospital (07/24/1992) sp-3868, 837 P2d 95 (review MD hospital privileges)
L. Johnson v. S. Johnson (07/17/1992) sp-3867, 836 P2d 930 (points not briefed are abondoned)
M. Keating v. T. Traynor (06/30/1992) sp-3862, 833 P2d 695 (findings of fact, remand)
Cook Inlet Pipeline Co. v. Tesoro and Alaska Public Util. Comm. (06/26/1992) sp-3851, 836 P2d 343 (deference to admin agency)
O'Callaghan v. State of Alaska et al (03/06/1992) sp-3818, 826 P2d 1132 (waiver of issues)
Fairbanks North Star Borough v. State of Alaska (02/28/1992) sp-3815, 826 P2d 760 (appellate Rule 602)
J. Pruitt v. Dept. of Public Safety, Div. of Motor Vehicles (02/07/1992) sp-3809, 825 P2d 887 (appellate fees; Rule 508)
Far North Sanitation. Inc. v. Alaksa Public Utilities Comm. (02/07/1992) sp-3807, 825 P2d 867 (time to file; waiver of issue)
K. Cameron v. K. (Cameron) Hughes (02/07/1992) sp-3805, 825 P2d 882 (supersedeas bonds; waiver of issue)
Richey v. Oen and Rent-A-Wreck, Inc. (01/24/1992) sp-3801, 824 P2d 1371 (province of fact-finder)
J. Lyman v. State (01/17/1992) sp-3797, 824 P2d 703 (relaxation of rules)
J. Gates v. Tenakee Springs (12/06/1991) sp-3781, 822 P2d 455 (failure to brief, raise issues)
AK State Employees Assoc., et al v. AK Public Employees Assoc., et al (11/29/1991) sp-3779, 825 P2d 451 (any port in a storm)
P. Flisock v. State Div. of Retirement and Benefits (10/04/1991) sp-3758, 818 P2d 640 (intermediate court of review)
Peninsula Marketing Assoc. et al v. Dept. of Fish and Game (09/20/1991) sp-3754, 817 P2d 917 (mootness doctrine)
Hester v. State & Employees Retirement Board (09/06/1991) sp-3750, 817 P2d 472 (weighing evidence)

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