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Sec. 25.27.140. Authority and procedures to administratively establish and enforce support obligation.
 (a) If a support order has not been entered, the agency may establish paternity and a duty of support, which may include periodic payments of support, a medical support order, or both, utilizing the procedures prescribed in AS 25.27.160 — 25.27.220 and may enforce a duty of support utilizing the procedure prescribed in AS 25.27.230 — 25.27.270. Action under this subsection may be undertaken upon application of an obligee, or at the agency’s own discretion if the obligor is liable to the state under AS 25.27.120(a) or (b).

 (b) If a support order has been entered, the agency may enforce the support order utilizing the procedures prescribed in AS 25.27.062, 25.27.150, and 25.27.230 — 25.27.270.

 (c) Unless the agency is establishing only a medical support order, a decision of the agency determining a duty of support shall include an income withholding order as provided under AS 25.27.062.

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