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Alaska Administrative Code
Title 18 . Environmental Conservation
Chapter 31 . Alaska Food Code

Chapter 31. Alaska Food Code

Section 10 . Purpose and applicability
Section 11 . Requirements adopted by reference
Section 12 . Exempt activities and facilities
Section 14 . Exemption by application
Section 15 . Confidentiality of trade secrets
Section 20 . Permit and registration requirements
Section 30 . Permit application requirements
Section 40 . Plan review and pre-operation inspection
Section 50 . Fees
Section 55 . Laboratory fees
Section 60 . Labeling and placarding
Section 70 . School food establishments
Section 200 . Food condition and source
Section 205 . Traditional wild game meat, seafood, plants, and other food donated to an institution or a nonprofit program
Section 210 . Prohibited food
Section 215 . Highly susceptible populations
Section 220 . Food protection
Section 230 . Temperature control
Section 240 . Display and service
Section 300 . Disease transmission
Section 310 . Personal cleanliness
Section 315 . Employee practices and training
Section 400 . Materials
Section 410 . Design and construction
Section 415 . Equipment installation and location
Section 420 . Cleaning and sanitizing
Section 425 . Storage and handling
Section 500 . Water supply
Section 510 . Wastewater
Section 515 . Plumbing
Section 520 . Toilet facilities
Section 525 . Handwash facilities
Section 530 . Garbage and refuse
Section 535 . Insect and rodent control
Section 540 . Floors
Section 545 . Walls and ceilings
Section 550 . Cleaning
Section 555 . Lighting
Section 560 . Ventilation
Section 565 . Dressing rooms and locker areas
Section 570 . Poisonous or toxic materials
Section 575 . Premises
Section 600 . Temporary food service
Section 610 . Limited food service
Section 615 . Kiosks
Section 620 . Mobile food units
Section 625 . Mobile retail vendors
Section 630 . Machines vending potentially hazardous food
Section 700 . Food processing establishment design and control
Section 710 . Hazard analysis critical control point (HACCP)
Section 720 . Thermal processing and acidified food
Section 730 . Glacier ice and ice manufacturing
Section 740 . Bottled drinking water
Section 750 . (Repealed)
Section 760 . Reduced oxygen packaging at food services or markets
Section 770 . Meat, poultry, and game slaughtering and processing
Section 800 . Bulk food
Section 810 . Retail seafood products
Section 820 . Reindeer for retail sale to or at a market
Section 900 . Inspections
Section 905 . Permit suspension and establishment closure
Section 910 . Examination, detention, and destruction of food
Section 920 . Food protection managers
Section 925 . Food service establishment recognition program
Section 930 . Waiver of requirements
Section 940 . Right to appeal noncompliance decision
Section 945 . Delegation of authority
Section 990 . Definitions

Editor's note: The regulations in this chapter, effective 5/18/97, and distributed in Register 142, have been renumbered and reorganized. The history notes at the end of each section do not reflect the history of that section as it appeared before 5/18/97, nor do the article or section titles or numbers reflect previous titles or numbering. Previous amendments to these regulations may be reviewed at the Office of the Lieutenant Governor. Refer to regulations in and amendments to 7 AAC 25 for requirements in effect before the issuance of Executive Order No. 51 which transferred functions from the Department of Health and Social Services to the Department of Environmental Conservation. Previous amendments to some of the regulations in this chapter occurred before those regulations were transferred from 18 AAC 30.

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