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Workers' Compensation
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Workers' Compensation

Circle De Lumber Co. v. Humphrey (03/03/2006) sp-5994 (comp rate increase; interest; enhanced fee)
Flowline of Alaska v. Brennan (02/17/2006) sp-5986 (intermittent union calls = hourly worker, not temporary or seasonal worker)
Hagen Insurance, Inc. v. Roller (01/20/2006) sp-5975 (damages for failure to provide insurance)
Municipality of Anchorage v. Devon (12/02/2005) sp-5961, 124 P2d 424 (Repayment of benefits requirement when "knowingly making a false or misleading statement for the purpose of obtaining that benefit.")
Sharon Ranney v. Whitewater Engineering and Alaska Insurance (10/14/2005) sp-5949, 122 P2d 214 (death benefits to unmarried cohabitant)
Lindhag v. State, Dept. of Natural Resources (10/07/2005) sp-5946, 123 P2d 448 (defer to board; motion to modify, newly-discovered evidence; motion for rehearing, changed circumstances)
George Easley Co. v. Estate of John Lindekugel (07/22/2005) sp-5925, 117 P2d 734 (last injurious exposure; PTD not immutable)
State v. Cowgill (06/24/2005) sp-5913, 115 P2d 522 (when reemployment plan should not be approved)
Rockney v. Boslough Construction Co. (05/27/2005) sp-5899, 115 P2d 1240 (when reemployment plan should not be approved)
Bailey v. Texas Instruments Inc. (04/22/2005) sp-5889, 111 P2d 321 (hearing requested two years after controversion)
Brown v. Patriot Maintenance, Inc. (10/08/2004) sp-5835 (conflicting testimony-defer to board; Beauchamp rule)
Odsather v. Richardson (08/06/2004) sp-5828 (employee vs. self-employed contractor)
Cowen v. Wal-Mart (06/25/2004) sp-5821 (presumption of compensability, 3-step analysis; benefits awarded if work is substantial factor; expert opinion sufficient to overcome presumption)
Excursion Inlet Packing Co. v. Ugale (06/11/2004) sp-5814 (overcoming presumption requires substantial evidence; whether evidence is substantial is issue of law)
Gunter v. Kathy-O-Estates (03/19/2004) sp-5789 (Board cannot adjudicate damage claims)
Crawford & Co. v. Baker-Withrow (12/19/2003) sp-5763 (final order; right to appeal)
Alyeska Pipeline Service Co. v. DeShong (10/03/2003) sp-5740 (medical stability, right to change physicians, interplay between workers’ comp and unemployment)
Crawford & Co. v. Baker-Withrow (07/18/2003) sp-5710 (written plan for multiple-continuing treatments)
Bradbury v. Chugach Electric Assoc. (06/20/2003) sp-5705 (presumption of compensability; 3-step analysis; medical testimony need not be unqualified)
Robinson v. Municipality of Anchorage (05/09/2003) sp-5690 (Court defers to Board on credibility issues and reweighing of conflicting evidence)
DeNuptiis v. Unocal Corp. (01/31/2003) sp-5657 (recovery of fraudulent benefits)
Bustamante v. Alaska Workers' Compensation Board (11/29/2002) sp-5648 (indigent appellant, payment for transcript, appointment of counsel)
Gaede v. Saunders (08/30/2002) sp-5617 (covered ee must work in a business or industry)
Fenner v. Municipality of Anchorage (08/23/2002) sp-5610 (intentional tort, exclusive remedy rule)
Williams v. Abood (08/16/2002) sp-5607 (C&R interpreted as contract, when set aside; attorney fees based on issues that prevailed; Board’s filing deadlines enforced; comp rate adjustment, Gilmore vs. Thompson; medical benefits are "compensation")
Bauder v. Alaska Airlines, Inc. (08/02/2002) sp-5603 (Board as credibility evaluator; TTD ends upon return to work; PPI not paid as lump sum during reemployment)
Robertson v. American Mechanical, Inc. (07/19/2002) sp-5595 (res judicata and claim splitting)
Dougan v. Aurora Electric, Inc. (06/28/2002) sp-5591 (Gilmore no longer applicable to comp rate adjustments; discovery in work comp cases)
Wollaston v. Schroeder Cutting, Inc. (03/01/2002) sp-5542 (overcoming presumption of compensability)
Justice v. R.M.H. Aero Logging, Inc. (02/15/2002) sp-5538 (retroactive comp rate increase)
Municipality of Anchorage et al. v Robertson (11/16/2001) sp-5498 (premises rule, providing employee parking)
State Dept. of Fish & Game v Kacyon et al. (10/05/2001) sp-5484 (third party settlements)
Collins v Arctic Builders, Inc. et al. (10/05/2001) sp-5481 (30-day notice of injury; 2-year statute of limitations)
Nickels v Napolilli (08/17/2001) sp-5454 (exclusive remedy; tort claim when employer provides no coverage)
Parris-Eastlake v State Dept. of Law (07/20/2001) sp-5435 (drug addiction as work-related injury)
Temple v Denali Princess Lodge (04/27/2001) sp-5401 (imported quarrels, assaults)
Anderson v. Tuboscope (10/06/2000) sp-5319 (Exclusive remedy; temporary employee)
Bloom v. Tekton, Inc. (07/07/2000) sp-5298 (Employee's right to change attending physician)
American International Group v. Carriere (06/09/2000) sp-5281 (Board cannot excuse 25% late payment penalty)
Steffey v. Municipality (04/28/2000) sp-5266 (Rebut presumption; defer to Board decision)
DeYonge v. Nana/Marriott (04/21/2000) sp-5265 (Rebut presumption; symptoms vs. condition)
Egemo v. Egemo Construction Company (04/14/2000) sp-5261 (Disability requires injury plus earnings loss)
Doyon Universal Services V. Allen (04/14/2000) sp-5260 (Remote site doctrine; adequate pre-existing injury)
Carlson v. Doyon Universal-0gden Services (01/21/2000) sp-5233 (Odd lot doctrine; presumption analysis)
Berger v. Wien Air Alaska (01/21/2000) sp-5231 (Odd lot doctrine; presumption analysis)
Alaska National Insurance Co., v. Jones (12/10/1999) sp-5215 (Carrier's lien for reimbursement)
Stone v. Fluid Air Components of Alaska (11/12/1999) sp-5201 (Pro rata fees; third party recovery)
Weidner v. Hibdon (10/08/1999) sp-5189 (Conflicting medical advice, employee's choice)
Robles v. Providence Hospital (09/24/1999) sp-5181 (Proof of PTD)
Lindekugel v. George Easley Co. (09/10/1999) sp-5176 (Additional benfits after PTD)
Brassea v. Person (08/13/1999) sp-5158 (Maintenance and cure, Jones Act)
Irvine v. Glacier General Construction (08/06/1999) sp-5151 (Reemployment benefits; physician's opinion)
Bolieu and Oliver v. Our Lady of Compassion Care Center (07/30/1999) sp-5149 (Alternative work-related cause of injury)
Ann E. Malone v. Lake and Peninsula Borough School District and Alaska National Insurance Company (06/04/1999) sp-5131, 977 P2d 733 (injury before term of employment begins)
Melaku A. Ayele v. Unisea, Inc., Alaska National Insurance Company and Employer's Insurance of Wausau (05/28/1999) sp-5124, 980 P2d 955 (Board D&O; reference to lay witnesses)
Bockness v. Brown Jug, Inc., Alaska National Insurance Company and Alaska Workers' Compensation Board (05/28/1999) sp-5122, 980 P2d 462 (Frequency standards; reasonable/necessary)
Seville v. Holland America Line Westours, Inc. (05/14/1999) sp-5113, 977 P2d 103 (going and coming; special hazards rules)
Tolbert v. Alascom (03/19/1999) sp-5095, 973 P2d 603 (presumption analysis; "but for" causation)
Aleck v. Delvo Plastics, Inc. (03/12/1999) sp-5093, 973 P2d 988 (latent defect)
Veco v. Rosebrock (02/19/1999) sp-5084, 970 P2d 906 (Not exclusive remedy for emotional distress)
Thompson v. UPS (02/05/1999) sp-5078, 975 P2d 684 (comp rate when part-time and full-time)
Safeway, Inc. v. Mackey (10/09/1998) sp-5039, 965 P2d 22 (cause of employee disease is "unknown")
Hodges v. Alaska Constructors, Inc. (04/17/1998) sp-4971, 957 P2d 957 (newly discovered evidence)
Hammer v. City of Fairbanks (02/06/1998) sp-4942, 953 P2d 500 (late-payment penalty)
Wichman v. Benner (11/21/1997) sp-4907, 948 P2d 484 (assignment of subrogation under sec. 015)
Grove v. Alaska Construction and Erectors (11/14/1997) sp-4905, 948 P2d 454 (treatment standards, medical evid. conflict)
Wells v. Swalling Construction (08/15/1997) sp-4866, 944 P2d 34 (Last injurious exposure rule)
Dafermo v. Municipality of Anchorage (06/20/1997) sp-4836, 941 P2d 114 (30-day notice, when excused; latent injury)
Twiggs v. Anchorage (06/13/1997) sp-4835, 938 P2d 1046 (lost promotion; benefits for volunteer)
Williams v. Dep't. of Revenue (06/13/1997) sp-4834, 938 P2d 1065 (30-day notice of injury; overcoming presumption; mental injury denied)
Blanas v. The Brower Co. (06/13/1997) sp-4833, 938 P2d 1056 (set aside C&R, fact mistake vs. fraud)
Morgan v. Lucky Strike Bingo (06/13/1997) sp-4832, 938 P2d 1050 (reemployment benefits, SCODDOT)
Cogger v. Anchor House (04/18/1997) sp-4809, 936 P2d 157 (30-day notice of injury, when excused)
Kolkman v. Greens Creek Mining Co. (04/18/1997) sp-4808, 936 P2d 150 (30-day notice of injury, when excused)
Lindekugel v. Fluour Alaska, Inc. (03/28/1997) sp-4795, 934 P2d 1307 (stipulation to dismiss; written and approved)
Brown v. Alaska Workers' Compensation Board (02/07/1997) sp-4476, 931 P2d 421 (Board not bound by IME; conflicting med. evid.)
Bouse v. Fireman's Fund Ins. Co. (01/17/1997) sp-4464, 932 P2d 222 (last injurious exposure, aggravation of pre-existing injury, statutory presumption)
Second Injury Fund v. Arctic Bowl (12/13/1996) sp-4444, 928 P2d 590 (100 week notice and 104 week payment requirements)
Wagner v. Stuckagain Heights (11/08/1996) sp-4427, 926 P2d 456 (no simultaneous PPD and PTD)
Arnesen v. Anchorage Refuse, Inc. (11/01/1996) sp-4422, 925 P2d 661 (reemployment benefits, job within last ten years; IRS dependents in computing SWW)
Huston v. Coho Electric (09/27/1996) sp-4410, 923 P2d 818 (Sec. 110(c), no new request for hearing required)
Tipton v. ARCO (09/06/1996) sp-4398, 922 P2d 910 (sec. 110(c), request for hearing after cancellation)
Hale v. Anchorage School District (08/16/1996) sp-4389, 922 P2d 268 (frequency standards for medical treatment)
Konecky v. Camco Wireline, Inc. (07/26/1996) sp-4371, 920 P2d 277 (entitlement to employment benefits)
Sulkosky v. Morrison-Knudsen (06/28/1996) sp-4363, 919 P2d 158 (PTD can be modified; SGE)
Stephens v. ITT/Felec Services (05/03/1996) sp-4346, 915 P2d 620 (presumption analysis; inadequate findings)
Meek v. Unocal (04/26/1996) sp-4344, 914 P2d 1276 (reemployment benefits vs. PTD)
Tinker v. Veco, Inc. (03/29/1996) sp-4329, 913 P2d 488 (excusing 30-day notice of injury)
Raris v. The Greek Corner (02/23/1996) sp-4322, 911 P2d 510 (out-of-state reemployment benefits)
Himschoot and Legislative Affairs Agency v. Shanley (01/05/1996) sp-4307, 908 P2d 1035 (injury while traveling)
Sauve v. Winfree (11/17/1995) sp-4281, 907 P2d 7 (exclusive remedy, co-employee)
Osborne v. Construction v. Jordan and Alaska Insurance (09/15/1995) sp-4259, 904 P2d 386 (rebutting presumption of compensability)
AK Pulp Corp. & AK Timber Ins. v. Trading Union Inc. & AK National Ins. Corp. (06/09/1995) sp-4220, 896 P2d 235 (last injurious exposure, issue of fact)
Gibeau v. Kollsman Inst. Co. (06/09/1995) sp-4217, 896 P2d 822 (no lump sum attorney fee award)
Chiropractors for Justice v. Workers Compensation Board (05/19/1995) sp-4210, 895 P2d 962 (frequency standards)
Williams v. Workers Compensation Board (05/19/1995) sp-4208, 895 P2d 99 (stress claims)
Sumner v. Eagle Nest Hotel (05/05/1995) sp-4194, 894 P2d 628 (payment date for lump sum PPI)
Cluff v. Nana-Marriott et al. (03/24/1995) sp-4181, 888 P2d 766 (lent employee; tryout exception)
Huf v. Arctic Alaska Drilling Co. (03/03/1995) sp-4175, 890 P2d 579 (exclusive remedy, partnership)
Williams v. Mammoth of Alaska (03/03/1995) sp-4174, 890 P2d 581 (exclusive remedy, partnership)
Jonathan v. Doyon Drilling, Inc. (03/03/1995) sp-4173, 890 P2d 1121 (meaning of 'claim'; section 110(c))
Witmer v. G. Kellen and Wit-Rey, d/b/a Kentucky Fried Chicken (11/25/1994) sp-4148, 884 P2d 662 (exclusive remedy, corporate officer)
Underwater Const. Inc. et al v. Shirley and Alaska Workers' Comp. (11/04/1994) sp-4144, 884 P2d 150 (social security offset)
Underwater Const. Inc. et al v. Shirley (11/04/1994) sp-4143, 884 P2d 156 (TTD vs. PTD; controvert and attorney fees)
M. McCarter v. Alaska National Insurance Co. (11/04/1994) sp-4140, 883 P2d 986 (§105 subrogation)
Gilmore v. AK Workers' Comp, Timber Insurance Exc. and Klukwan (10/14/1994) sp-4135, 882 P2d 922 (wage comp. stat. unconstitutional)
Gillispie v. B & B Foodland (09/30/1994) sp-4125, 881 P2d 1106 (presumption analysis; credibility)
Norcon Inc. and Eagle Pacific Ins. Co. v. Siebert and Alaska Workers' Comp. (09/09/1994) sp-4119, 880 P2d 1051 (presumption analysis)
Binder v. Fairbanks Historical Preservation and AK Nat'l Insurance (08/26/1994) sp-4117, 880 P2d 117 (limits on reemployment benefits)
Dwight v. Humana Hospital et al (07/08/1994) sp-4104, 876 P2d 1114 (second "IME"; conflicting med. evid.)
Moesh v. Anch. Sand and Gravel and Alaska Nat'l Insurance (07/08/1994) sp-4101, 877 P2d 763 (eligibility for reemployment benefits)
State Leasing and Equip. v. Wichman (05/27/1994) sp-4086, 874 P2d 949 (exclusive remedy)
Anchorage School District v. Murdock (05/20/1994) sp-4083, 873 P2d 1291 (standing to raise const. issues)
Schmidt v. Beeson Plumbing and Heating, et al (02/25/1994) sp-4059, 869 P2d 1170 (use of equity; 2-member board)
State of Alaska and Cameron, et al v. Beard (12/03/1993) sp-4032, 864 P2d 538 (C&R as released civil damages)
Rydwell v. Anchorage School Dist. and Wetzel Svcs. (12/03/1993) sp-4030, 864 P2d 526 (no voc rehab with no permanent impairment)
Childs v. Copper Valley Electric Assn. et al (09/17/1993) sp-4004, 860 P2d 1184 (presumption; estoppel; fees; interest; penalty)
Gilstrap v. International Contractors Inc. (08/13/1993) sp-3996, 857 P2d 1182 (room/board; substantial evid. test)
Anchorage School District v. Hale (08/13/1993) sp-3995, 857 P2d 1186 (frequency standards; review of regs)
Olsen Logging and Cigna v. Silver Bay Logging (07/30/1993) sp-3988, 856 P2d 1155 (set aside C&R; last injurious exposure)
Bell v. State of Alaska and Harbor Adjustment Svc. (07/23/1993) sp-3982, 855 P2d 1334 (enhanced attorney fee)
Peek v. Alaska Pacific Assurance (06/25/1993) sp-3969, 855 P2d 415 (last injurious exposure)
Wolfer v. Veco Inc. and Home Insurance Co. (05/28/1993) sp-3960, 852 P2d 1171 (last injurious exposure rule)
Yahara v. Construction & Rigging, Inc. (04/30/1993) sp-3948, 851 P2d 69 (reemploy. benefits; conflicting evid.)
Cole v. Ketchikan Pulp Co. and Timber Ins. Exchange (04/23/1993) sp-3946, 850 P2d 642 (approval of unsigned settlement)
Wausau Insurance and Era Helicopters v. Biene (02/26/1993) sp-3935, 847 P2d 584 (AWCB may use equity; soc. sec. offset)
Fireman's Fund Mortgage Corp. v. Severance (09/11/1992) sp-3883, 838 P2d 790 (anti-deficiency law)
Big K Grocery v. Gibson (09/04/1992) sp-3882, 836 P2d 941 (overcome presumption with "probably")
W.R. Grasle Co. & Argonaut Ins. Co. v. Mumby (06/26/1992) sp-3853, 833 P2d 10 (presumption; laches)
Leslie Cutting Inc. et al v. Bateman (06/05/1992) sp-3848, 833 P2d 691 (discovery rule; standards of review)
Baker v. Reed-Dowd Co. and Aetna Casualty and Surety (05/22/1992) sp-3841, 836 P2d 916 (presumption)
Olsen Logging Co. et al v. D. Lawson et al (05/15/1992) sp-3840, 832 P2d 174 (stay pending appeal)
Harp v. Arco Alaska Inc. and ALPAC/CIGNA/INA (05/01/1992) sp-3834, 831 P2d 352 (presumption; good faith controversion)
D. Forest v. Safeway & Scott Wentzel Services (04/17/1992) sp-3832, 830 P2d 778 (third party claim)
Alcan Electric and Royal Ins. Co. v. Bringmann (04/10/1992) sp-3829, 829 P2d 1187 (presumption; medical transport)
Walt's Sheet Metal v. Debler (02/21/1992) sp-3814, 826 P2d 333 (intent to injure oneself)
MOA v. A. Leigh (01/03/1992) sp-3793, 823 P2d 1241 (constitutionality)
D. Kirby v. AK Treatment Center (11/22/1991) sp-3777, 821 P2d 127 (stat. presumption; voc rehab)
C. Croft v. Pan AK Trucking, & AK Natural Ins. (11/15/1991) sp-3773, 820 P2d 1064 (overpayment of benefits)
C. Adamson v. University of Alaska (11/01/1991) sp-3766, 819 P2d 886 (medicals)
Louisiana Pacific Corp. v. Koons & Alaska Workers' Compensation Board (09/20/1991) sp-3756, 816 P2d 1379 (statutory presumption)
Carter v. Brodrick (09/06/1991) sp-3752, 818 P2d 661 (stat. presumption; medicals)
Green v. Kake Tribal Corp, AK Timber Insurance Exchange, & AK Workers' Compensation Board (08/30/1991) sp-3748, 816 P2d 1363 (overpay benefits; interest)
Brown v. State & Div. of Marine Highway Systems (08/30/1991) sp-3747, 816 P2d 1368 (maritime employees)
G. Hulsey v. Johnson & Holen (07/26/1991) sp-3725, 814 P2d 327 (attorney fees)
Lesuer-Johnson v. Rollins-Burdick Hunter of Alaska (04/12/1991) sp-3681, 808 P2d 266 (recreational activities)

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