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Simpson v. Murkowski (02/10/2006) sp-5984 (contract clause)
Brandal v. State, Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission (02/03/2006) sp-5982 (due process extends to admin proceedings; three-step test for consider cases involving extended delay)
David Nevers v. State of Alaska Department of Administraton Division of Motor Vehicles (10/28/2005) sp-5952, 123 P2d 958 (DMV revocation hearings, no 4th Amendment))
ACLU v. State & Municipality of Anchorage (10/28/2005) sp-5950, 122 P2d 781 (marriage amendment, same-sex partners; 50% of punitive damages to state)
State v. The Green Party of Alaska (08/12/2005) sp-5933, 118 P2d 1054 (Alaska election law unconstitutional)
Laidlaw Transit Inc. v Anchorage School District (08/12/2005) sp-5931, 118 P2d 1018 (full-scale hearing not always required)
State v. Trust the People (05/27/2005) sp-5898, 113 P2d 613 (pre-election judicial review of initiative)
Larson v. Cooper (05/27/2005) sp-5897, 113 P2d 1196 (prison inmate; constitutional tort claim)
Alaska Inter-Tribal Council v. State of Alaska (04/15/2005) sp-5886, 110 P2d 947 (race-neutral law can still violate equal protection if disparate treatment is traced to discrimination)
Blackburn v. State, Dept. of Transportation & Public Facilities (12/17/2004) sp-5854 (probationary employee has no due process property interest in continuing employment)
Thomas v. Anchorage Equal Rights Commission (12/10/2004) sp-5850 (landlord refusing to rent to unmarried couple)
Miller v. Safeway, Inc. (11/26/2004) sp-5849 (Alaska right to privacy only extends to the state)
Varilek v. City of Houston (06/25/2004) sp-5822 (non-waivable admin fees violate due process)
State, DNR v. Greenpeace, Inc. (06/18/2004) sp-5816 (cure inadequate notice with reconsideration)
Treacy v. Municipality of Anchorage (05/14/2004) sp-5807 (municipal ordinance presumed constitutional)
Larson v. Cooper (03/05/2004) sp-5786 (inmate exercise of religious freedom; rehabilitation)
Zok v. Estate of Collins (02/06/2004) sp-5777 (due process requires opportunity to be heard)
Runyon v. Association of Village Council Presidents (01/30/2004) sp-5776 (tribal sovereign immunity)
City of Kodiak v. Samaniego (01/23/2004) sp-5772 (4th Amendment; police right to detain witness)
Alaska Legislative Council v. Knowles (01/09/2004) sp-5768 ("appropriations" as used in the Alaska Const; vote required to override governor's veto of legislation))
K & K Recycling v. Alaska Gold Co. (11/14/2003) sp-5752 (interpret = ? Of law; intent = ? Of fact; accord and satisfaction; repudiation and anticipatory breach; no punitive damages in contract case; assignment of contract/novation)
Spinell Homes, Inc. v. Municipality of Anchorage (08/22/2003) sp-5731 (Sandberg guidelines for inverse condemnation)
Brandon v. State, Dept. of Corrections (07/18/2003) sp-5711 (discipline hearing, prisoner due process rights)
Kodiak Island Borough v. Mahoney (06/20/2003) sp-5706 (ballot initiatives raising constitutional issues)
Richard B. v. State, Dept. of Health & Social Services (06/13/2003) sp-5703 (prisoner’s right to be transported to trial)
Duncan v. Retired Public Employees of Alaska (06/13/2003) sp-5698 (changes in retirees’ vested benefits)
Wendte v. State, Board of Real Estate Appraisers (05/23/2003) sp-5694 (professional license suspension not double jeopardy)
Malabed v. North Slope Borough (05/16/2003) sp-5692 (hiring preference violates equal protection; three step equal protection analysis under Alaska Constitution.)
Myers v. Alaska Housing Finance Corp. (04/18/2003) sp-5682 (anti-dedication clause; tobacco settlement)
State, Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission v. Carlson (03/14/2003) sp-5673 (higher fees charged to non-residents)
Evans v. Native Village of Selawik IRA Council (02/28/2003) sp-5669 (comity between tribal and state courts)
Holding v. Municipality of Anchorage (01/31/2003) sp-5659 (commercial speech doctrine)
Potter v. Potter (09/27/2002) sp-5636 (due process at a minimum requires notice)
Evans v. State (08/30/2002) sp-5618 (tort reform legislation is constitutional)
DeNardo v. ABC Inc. RVs Motorhomes (07/26/2002) sp-5599 (discovery sanctions are constitutional)
Fraiman v. State (06/14/2002) sp-5580 (standing to assert 4th Amendment defense)
State v Planned Parenthood of Alaska et al. (11/16/2001) sp-5499 (minor abortions: privacy, equal protect)
Sampson et al. v State of Alaska (09/21/2001) sp-5474 (physician-assisted suicide)
William Sands v Living Word Fellowship (09/14/2001) sp-5471 (immunity from tort based on freedom of religion)
John v Baker (08/31/2001) sp-5460 (due process and comity with tribal courts)
State Dept of Health & Social Svs v Planned Parenthood of Alaska, et al. (07/27/2001) sp-5443 (Medicaid abortions; equal protection sliding scale; seperation of powers)
Brandon v Corrections Corporation of America, et al. (07/27/2001) sp-5438 (reduced filing fee for inmate suing state)
Anch. Police Dept. Empl. Assoc v Municipality of Anchorage (06/15/2001) sp-5423 (urine testing: right to privacy and 4th Amendment)
E. H. v State Dept of Health and Social Services (06/08/2001) sp-5419 (Alaska residency follwing absence from state)
Cowles v State of Alaska (06/08/2001) sp-5418 (4th Amend., search by secret video camera)
State, Department of Revenue v Martha Andrade, et al. (05/25/2001) sp-5414 (PFD eligibility requirements constitutional)
Alaska Legislative Council v. Knowles (04/20/2001) sp-5395 (governor's veto power)
Brown v Alaska Dept of Administration (04/13/2001) sp-5389 (when due process requires in-house hearing)
Whitesides v Alaska Dept of Public Safety (04/13/2001) sp-5388 (when due process requires in-house hearing)
Interior Alaska Airboat Assoc. v. State, Board of Game (03/02/2001) sp-5369 (Distinctions based on type of harvest equipment)
Rollins v. Ulmer (Lieutenant Governor) (01/12/2001) sp-5356 (Medical marijuana law)
Brown v. Ely (12/15/2000) sp-5347 (Marijuana rights under "Ravin".)
State; Dept of Public Safety, Dept of Motor Vehicles v. Niedermeyer (12/15/2000) sp-5346 (Substantive vs. procedural due process)
Rollins v Ulmer (11/24/2000) sp-5336 (Medical marijuana law)
Lauth v. State, Dept. of Health & Social Services (11/09/2000) sp-5327 (Equal protection requires similarly situated persons)
Waiste v. State (10/13/2000) sp-5320 (Due process, preseize v. postseizure hearings; taking under eminent domain v. use of police power)
O'Callaghan v. State, Director of Elections (08/16/2000) sp-5310 (Open primary law unconstitutional)
In the Matter of Alaback and Hall (03/10/2000) sp-5248 (Closed custody hearing not unconstitutional or violation of Public Records Law)
Balough v. Fairbanks North Star Borough (01/28/2000) sp-5234 (Procedural and substantive due process; taking without just compensation under Alaska constitution.)
D.M. v. State, Div. Of Family & Youth Services (01/14/2000) sp-5230 (Notice failure; Matthews due process analysis)
Wilkerson v. State, Dept of Health and Social Service (12/17/1999) sp-5216 (Equal protection sliding scale analysis)
Rollins v. State, Dept. of Revenue, Alcoholic Beverage Control Board (11/12/1999) sp-5200 (ABC license; due process, equal protection)
Native Village of Elim v. State of Alaska (10/15/1999) sp-5192 (Sustained yield clause)
Weber v. Kenai Peninsula Borough (10/15/1999) sp-5191 (Special assessment for gas line)
Legislative Council v. Knowles (10/01/1999) sp-5185 (Governor can't sue legislature)
Eldridge v. State, Dept. of Revenue (09/24/1999) sp-5182 (Low scrutiny for economic interests)
Bess v. Ulmer (08/17/1999) sp-5167 (Alaska Constitution; amend vs. revise)
White v. State, Dept of Natural Resources (08/13/1999) sp-5156 (Due process under Alaska constitution)
Cramer v. Wade (08/13/1999) sp-5155 (Long-arm jurisdiction over nonresidents)
Jordan v. Jordan (07/30/1999) sp-5144 (Custody case, right to counsel)
Wall v. Stinson f/k/a Wall (07/23/1999) sp-5142 (Full faith and credit, child support order)
Gregory Boyd v. Alaska Dept. of Commerce & Economic Development, Div. Of Occupational Licensing (05/28/1999) sp-5126, 977 P2d 113 (Equal protection-loss of occupation license)
Alaska v. Alaska Civil Liberties Union (04/16/1999) sp-5108, 978 P2d 597 (campaign finance law)
Nickerson v. University of Alaska Anchorage (03/26/1999) sp-5101, 975 P2d 46 (UA: academic vs. disciplinary dismissal)
IBEW Local 1547 v. Alaska Utility Construction Inc. (03/26/1999) sp-5100, 976 P2d 852 (peaceful pickenting=free speech)
International Association of Firefighters, Local 1264 v. Municipality of Anchorage (02/12/1999) sp-5081, 973 P2d 1132 (right to privacy, names and salaries)
Church v. State of Alaska; Department of Revenue (02/12/1999) sp-5079, 973 P2d 1125 (economic interest, minimum scrutiny)
Valda Chijide, M.D., v. Maniilaq Association of Kotzebue (01/22/1999) sp-5070, 972 P2d 167 (Property interest in job)
Brooks v. Wright (01/15/1999) sp-5066, 971 P2d 1025 (wolf snare initiative; natural resources)
Sonneman v. State of Alaska; Division of Elections (12/24/1998) sp-5058, 969 P2d 632 (Election law, ballot position)
Bostic v. Alaska Child Support Enforcement Division (12/04/1998) sp-5052, 968 P2d 564 (Due process, notice and hearing)
Alaska v. Dutch Harbor Seafoods (10/16/1998) sp-5042, 965 P2d 738 (right to jury trial)
Reid v. Williams (10/02/1998) sp-5034, 964 P2d 453 (substantive due process, equal protection analysis)
Rutter v. Alaska Board of Fisheries (08/07/1998) sp-5017, 963 P2d 1007 (only similarly situated get equal protection)
Falke v. Fairbanks City Council (06/12/1998) sp-5002, 960 P2d 589 (eminent domain, private property only)
Kenai Peninsula Borough v. Arndt (05/22/1998) sp-4989, 958 P2d 1101 (borough taxing authority)
Baxley v. Alaska Dep't. of Natural Resources (05/15/1998) sp-4988, 958 P2d 422 (uniform application; special legislation)
L.H. v. Y.M. (05/15/1998) sp-4986, 961 P2d 414 (self-incrimination privilege can be waived)
Lashbrook v. Lashbrook (04/24/1998) sp-4974, 957 P2d 326 (due process requires hearing)
Kotzebue Lions Club v. City of Kotzebue (04/03/1998) sp-4961, 955 P2d 921 (home rule provision of AK const.)
Laborers Local #942 v. Lampkin (03/20/1998) sp-4958, 956 P2d 422 (PLA-Equal protection)
Alaska Department of Military and Veterans Affairs v. Bowen (02/13/1998) sp-4946, 953 P2d 888 (property and liberty interest in job)
Hernandez v. Lambert (01/02/1998) sp-4928, 951 P2d 436 (full faith, tribal courts)
Bartlett v. Alaska Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission (12/12/1997) sp-4916, 948 P2d 987 (due process hearing; equal protection)
Alaska Wildlife Alliance v. Alaska Dep't. of Fish & Game (11/28/1997) sp-4910, 948 P2d 976 (Public Recoreds Act; privacy)
Valley Hospital Association, Inc. v. Mat-Su Coalition for Choice (11/21/1997) sp-4906, 948 P2d 963 (abortion and right to privacy)
A.M. v. Alaska (09/12/1997) sp-4886, 945 P2d 296 (due process requires notice)
Szejner v. University of Alaska (09/12/1997) sp-4882, 944 P2d 481 (admission to grad school not a property right)
Van Sandt v. Brown (08/22/1997) sp-4873, 944 P2d 449 (qualified immunity, 4th amendment)
Hertz v. Storer, Dep't. of Revenue, Permanent Fund Division (08/22/1997) sp-4871, 943 P2d 725 (no PFD for convicts is constitutional)
Mathis v. Sauser (07/18/1997) sp-4849, 942 P2d 1117 (prisoner use of computer, access to courts)
Alaska v. Arnariak (06/27/1997) sp-4844, 941 P2d 154 (5th Amend precludes fed. taking of state land)
Alaska Child Support Enforcement Div. v. Valdez (06/27/1997) sp-4841, 941 P2d 144 (full faith and credit, child support orders)
Payton v. Dep't. of Fish & Game (06/13/1997) sp-4831, 938 P2d 1036 (subsistence, "customary and traditional uses")
Brandon v. Dep't. of Corrections (06/06/1997) sp-4829, 938 P2d 1029 (prisoner right to visitation/rehabilitation)
Ramsey v. Sand Point (04/11/1997) sp-4802, 936 P2d 126 (property/liberty interest in job)
Turney v. State (04/04/1997) sp-4799, 936 P2d 533 (free speech, jury tampering)
Cockerham v. Alaska (02/21/1997) sp-4783, 933 P2d 537 (confrontation and due process clauses)
City of North Pole v. Zabek (02/21/1997) sp-4781, 934 P2d 1292 (wrongful discharge, curative post-termination hearing)
Matanuska-Susuitna Borough School District v. State of Alaska (01/31/1997) sp-4470, 931 P2d 391 (school financing; state equal protection)
Bollerud v. Alaska Dep't. of Public Safety. (01/10/1997) sp-4460, 929 P2d 1283 (due process; drivers license-property interest)
State v. Dutch Harbor Seafoods, State v Trident Seafoods (12/27/1996) sp-4456 (Entitlement to jury trial)
Snyder v. State (12/27/1996) sp-4451, 930 P2d 1274 (Due process, DWI blood tests, police duty to preserve potentially exculpatory evidence)
Devaney v. State of Alaska, CSED (12/20/1996) sp-4447, 928 P2d 1198 (Lack of due process not always actionable)
Pullen v. Ulmer (08/26/1996) sp-4394, 923 P2d 54 (initiative cannot appropriate)
Cook v. Botelho (08/02/1996) sp-4379, 921 P2d 1126 (appointment of commission members)
Miller v. Purvis (07/26/1996) sp-4372, 921 P2d 610 (presumption of constitutionality)
R.R. v. State (06/21/1996) sp-4359, 919 P2d 754 ("unconstitutionally vague" guidelines)
Carlson v. Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission (06/21/1996) sp-4356, 919 P2d 1337 (commerce clause; privileges and immunities)
O'Callaghan v. Alaska (04/12/1996) sp-4338, 914 P2d 1250 (Alaska's primary voting law)
Phillip Chokwak v. Les Worley and Ron Worley (03/08/1996) sp-4323, 912 P2d 1248 (statute met minimally rational standard)
Totemoff v. Alaska (10/20/1995) sp-4276, 905 P2d 954 (state can enforce game laws on fed. land)
Katmailand, Inc. v. Lake & Peninsula Borough (10/06/1995) sp-4265, 904 P2d 397 (state/federal equal protection analysis)
Abruska v. State (09/09/1995) sp-4256, 902 P2d 319 (rights of offender, prison discipline)
Alaska v. Teller Native Corporation (08/25/1995) sp-4243, 904 P2d 847 (condemnation, pay based on actual loss)
Totemoff v. State of Alaska (08/07/1995) sp-4236 (state can enforce game laws on federal land)
Tulkisarmute Native Community Council & Tuluksak v. Heinze & Davidge (07/28/1995) sp-4232, 898 P2d 935 (water use rights)
Carr Gottstein Properties v. Department of Natural Resources (07/14/1995) sp-4230, 899 P2d 136 (constitutional restriction on debt)
State v. Albert (06/23/1995) sp-4225, 899 P2d 103 (CR 39, repayment of costs by indigents)
Revelle v. Marston (06/16/1995) sp-4224, 898 P2d 917 (no liberty interest, at-will employee)
Chiropractors for Justice v. Workers Compensation Board (05/19/1995) sp-4210, 895 P2d 962 (equal protection, due process)
Shepherd v. Dept. of Fish & Game (05/19/1995) sp-4204, 897 P2d 33 (nonresident hunters; Board of Game)
Alaska v. United Cook Inlet Drift Ass'n. (05/12/1995) sp-4195, 895 P2d 947 (All-Alaskan subsistence)
Rosier v. Kenaitze Indian Tribe (05/09/1995) sp-4201, 894 P2d 632 (equal access; subsistence)
Pan-Alaska Const. v. State Dept. of Admin. (03/24/1995) sp-4183, 892 P2d 159 (equal protection, sliding scale)
Mount Juneau Enterprises v. Juneau Empire (03/17/1995) sp-4180, 891 P2d 829 (First Amendment, defamation)
Alaska Telecom, Inc. v. R. Schafer (01/27/1995) sp-4161, 888 P2d 1296 (long-arm jurisdiction)
Alaskans for Legislative Reform et al v. J. Coghill (12/30/1994) sp-4158, 887 P2d 960 (no amendment by initiative)
Gonzales v. Safeway Stores, Inc. (10/07/1994) sp-4131, 882 P2d 389 (Dram Shop Act is constitutional)
Underwood v. Hickel, State of Alaska and Dept. of Revenue (09/30/1994) sp-4124, 881 P2d 322 (right to PFD; ex post facto law)
Fairbanks School District v. Duncan (08/05/1994) sp-4110, 878 P2d 641 (right to jury trial)
Douglas v. Alaska Department of Revenue (08/05/1994) sp-4109, 880 P2d 113 (hearing w/o factual dispute)
Campion v. Alaska Housing Assistance Division (07/01/1994) sp-4096, 876 P2d 1096 (full faith and credit)
Moore v. Alaska Dept. of Transportation (06/17/1994) sp-4093, 875 P2d 765 (State merit system)
Puhlman v. Turner (05/27/1994) sp-4090, 874 P2d 291 (long arm jurisdiction)
Hickel et al v. Cowper (05/27/1994) sp-4089, 874 P2d 922 (budget reserve fund)
Whitehall Properties v. Anchorage Equal Rights Commision (05/13/1994) sp-4081, 874 P2d 274 (discriminate, marital status)
Smith and Bynum v. Alaska Dept. of Corrections (04/29/1994) sp-4074, 872 P2d 1218 (Parole Board, overbreadth doctrine)
Kenai Borough v. Port Graham Corporation (04/08/1994) sp-4070, 871 P2d 1135 (statutory law vs. common law)
Hickel v. Halford and Cowper et al (04/04/1994) sp-4069, 872 P2d 171 (budget reserve fund)
Peloza v. Freas (03/25/1994) sp-4067, 871 P2d 687 (residency requirements)
Alaska v. Cook Inlet Drift Assoc. et al (02/18/1994) sp-4054, 868 P2d 913 (All-Alaskan subsistence)
Dept. of Env. Conservation v. Pac-Rim Financial Svcs. (02/04/1994) sp-4047, 867 P2d 797 (condemnation by govt. activity)
Sport Fishing Assn. v. Dept. of Fish and Game (01/14/1994) sp-4043, 866 P2d 1314 (Common Use; Exclusive Fishery)
Brandon v. Dept. of Corrections (12/17/1993) sp-4036, 865 P2d 87 (due process, prisonerscr)
State of Alaska v. Hazelwood (12/03/1993) sp-4034, 866 P2d 827 (5th Amend. immunity; exclusion rule)
Div. of Motor Vehicles v. Fann (12/03/1993) sp-4031, 864 P2d 533 (full faith and credit, foreign judgment)
State of Alaska v. J.R.N. (10/28/1993) sp-4018, 861 P2d 578 (rule-crmaking; juvenile waiver)
City of Kenai v. Financial Factors, Ltd., et al (10/15/1993) sp-4015, 860 P2d 1233 (inverse condemnation; damages)
Weidner v. Dept. of Transportation (10/08/1993) sp-4010, 860 P2d 1205 (prescriptive easements)
Anchorage v. Sandberg, Davis and Richards (10/01/1993) sp-4007, 861 P2d 554 (inverse condemnation)
Dept. of Revenue, Permanent Fund Div., v. Cosio (08/20/1993) sp-3998, 858 P2d 621 (splendid equal protection analysis)
Investment Fund II v. Municipality of Anchorage (07/23/1993) sp-3976, 856 P2d 777 (eminent domain)
State of Alaska v. Gonzalez et al (06/04/1993) sp-3962, 853 P2d 526 (self incrimination)
Marshall v. Munro (01/29/1993) sp-3924, 845 P2d 424 (freedom of religion)
Hickel et al v. Southeast Conference et al (12/29/1992) sp-3911, 846 P2d 38 (reapportionment)
Sandstrom & Sons, Inc. v. State of Alaska (12/24/1992) sp-3909, 843 P2d 645 (procedural due process)
Municipality of Anchorage v. Police Dept. Employees Assoc. (10/23/1992) sp-3893, 839 P2d 1080 (interest arbitration)
Alaska Fish Spotters Assoc. v. Dept of Fish and Game (09/11/1992) sp-3884, 838 P2d 798 (common use clause)
S. Carvalho v. D. Carvalho (09/04/1992) sp-3881, 838 P2d 259 (procedural due process)
Dick Fischer Dev. No. 2, Inc., v. Dept. of Administration (09/04/1992) sp-3880, 838 P2d 263 (Bivens suit dismissed)
Wilson and State of Alaska v. Morry and Kwethluk Ira Council (07/10/1992) sp-3866, 836 P2d 358 (subsistence rights)
Cook Inlet Pipeline Co. v. Tesoro and Alaska Public Util. Comm. (06/26/1992) sp-3851, 836 P2d 343 (regulate industry; fed preempt)
Hoffman v. Dept. of Commerce and Economic Development (05/29/1992) sp-3845, 834 P2d 1218 (due process; right to hearing)
Thompson v. Anderson and Mail Boxes Etc., Inc. (01/24/1992) sp-3803, 824 P2d 712 (Fourth Amendment)
Arco Alaska, Inc. et al v. State of Alaska (01/24/1992) sp-3800, 824 P2d 708 (retroactive statutes)
Hertz v. Dept. of Corrections (01/17/1992) sp-3796, 823 P2d 1247 (review of prison discipline)
C.G.A. & I. Jousma v. State & C.G.A. (01/10/1992) sp-3795, 824 P2d 1364 (Supremacy Clause)
MOA v. A. Leigh (01/03/1992) sp-3793, 823 P2d 1241 (due process; equal protection)
J. Gates v. Tenakee Springs (12/06/1991) sp-3781, 822 P2d 455 (due process, equal protection)
State, DNR, and AK Oil & Gas Cons. Comm. v. Arctic Slope Reg. Corp., & Standard AK Prod. (11/22/1991) sp-3776, 821 P2d 1366 (eminent domain)
City of Fairbanks. v. Fairbanks Convention & Visitors Bureau (10/11/1991) sp-3760, 818 P2d 1153 (appropriation by initiative)
State v. Anthony et al (09/13/1991) sp-3753, 816 P2d 1377 (ex post facto)
O'Leary et al v. Superior Court, Thrird Judicial District (08/09/1991) sp-3736, 816 P2d 163 (grand jury)
Diamond D Properties v. Dept. of Transportation (02/22/1991) sp-3665, 806 P2d 843 (eminent domain)

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