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Sec. 25.27.180. Administrative findings and decision.
 (a) Within 20 days after the date of the hearing, the hearing officer shall adopt findings and a decision determining whether paternity is established and whether a duty of support exists, and, if a duty of support is found, the decision must specify
     (1) unless a medical support order only is being established, the amount of periodic payments or sum for which the alleged obligor is found to be responsible; and

     (2) the parents’ respective responsibilities for the costs of the child’s health care; this medical support order must be in compliance with AS 25.27.060(c).

 (b) Liability to the state under AS 25.27.120 is limited to the amount for which the obligor is found to be responsible under (a) of this section.

 (c) A decision regarding support rendered under (a) of this section is modified to the extent that a subsequent order, judgment, or decree of a superior court is inconsistent with the decision entered under (a) of this section.

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