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Title 4 . Education and Early Development
Chapter 33 . (Repealed)
Section 490. Definitions

4 AAC 33.490. Definitions

In 4 AAC 33.410 - 4 AAC 33.490,

(1) repealed 8/6/2004;

(2) "board" means the state Board of Education and Early Development;

(3) "cooperative agreement" means a contract that is entered into by an enrolling district and a district of residence in conformance with 4 AAC 33.432;

(4) "department" means the Department of Education and Early Development;

(5) "district" means a city or borough school district or a regional educational attendance area;

(6) "district of residence" means the school district in which a student is a resident;

(7) "enrolling district" means the school district that is operating an approved statewide correspondence study program, including a program established under AS 14.03.250 - AS 14.03.290 , and that seeks or intends to enroll out-of-district students in that district's program;

(8) "IEP" means in individualized education program established under the provisions of 4 AAC 52.140 that meets the requirements of AS 14.30.186 and 14.30.278;

(9) "out-of-district student" means a student who seeks to enroll in a district in which the student does not reside;

(10) "special education student" means a student who is entitled to special education and related services under AS 14.30.180 - 14.30.350 and 4 AAC 52.010 - 4 AAC 52.990;

(11) "statewide correspondence study program" means any educational program, including a charter school program, that enrolls out-of-district students and provides

(A) for each secondary course, less than three hours per week of scheduled face-to-face interaction, in the same location, between a teacher certificated under AS 14.20.020 and the class;

(B) for elementary students, less than 15 hours per week of scheduled face-to-face interaction, in the same location, between a teacher certificated under AS 14.20.020 and each full-time equivalent elementary student;

(12) "curriculum" means a written plan that sets out the scope and arrangement of the educational program planned for a district; "curriculum" includes the scope and sequence of objectives and activities for a given course;

(13) "curriculum material" includes textbooks, software, multi-media materials, and other materials for which the primary purpose is for use in instructional activity; "curriculum material" does not include literary works;

(14) "home school" means an educational program provided in the child's home by a parent or legal guardian under AS 14.30.010 (b)(12);

(15) "parent" means a biological, adoptive, or foster parent, or an adult who acts as guardian of a child and makes decisions related to the child's safety, education, and welfare;

(16) "teacher" means a person employed by a district in a teaching, counseling, or administrative position and has the appropriate certificate issued by the department.

History: Eff. 5/1/99, Register 150; am 6/15/2000, Register 154; am 12/2/2000, Register 156; am 12/25/2002, Register 164; am 8/6/2004, Register 171

Authority: AS 14.03.040

AS 14.03.290

AS 14.07.020

AS 14.07.030

AS 14.07.060

AS 14.14.110

AS 14.17.430

AS 14.20.010

AS 14.30.010

AS 14.30.186

Editor's note: As of Register 151 (October 1999), the regulations attorney made technical revisions under AS\n 44.62.125(b)(6) to reflect the name change of the Department of Education to the Department of Education and Early Development made by ch. 58, SLA 1999, and the corresponding title change of the commissioner of education.

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