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Sec. 16.10.400. Permits for salmon hatcheries.
 (a) The commissioner or a designee may issue a permit, subject to the restrictions imposed by statute or regulation under AS 16.10.400 — 16.10.470, to a nonprofit corporation organized under AS 10.20, after the permit application has been reviewed by the regional planning team, for
     (1) the construction and operation of a salmon hatchery;

     (2) the operation of a hatchery under AS 16.10.480.

 (b) The application for a permit under this section shall be on a form prescribed by the department and be accompanied by an application fee of $100. The commissioner may waive the submission of an application for a permit to operate a hatchery under AS 16.10.480.

 (c) A hatchery permit is nontransferable. If a permit holder sells or leases a hatchery for which a permit is issued under this section, the new operator shall apply for a new permit under this section.

 (d) [Repealed, § 19 ch 154 SLA 1977.]
 (e) A qualified regional association formed under AS 16.10.380, if it has become a nonprofit corporation under AS 10.20, has a preference right to a permit under (a)(1) of this section if its proposed hatchery is provided for in the comprehensive plan for that region developed under AS 16.10.375 and the fresh water source exceeds one cubic foot per second minimum flow. Another local nonprofit hatchery corporation approved by a qualified regional association has an identical preference right.

 (f) Except for permits issued before June 16, 1976, a permit may not be issued for construction or operation of a hatchery on an anadromous fish stream unless the stream has been classified as suitable for enhancement purposes by the commissioner. The commissioner shall undertake to make such classifications in conjunction with the development of the comprehensive plan under AS 16.10.375.

 (g) During the development of a comprehensive plan for a region a permit may not be issued for a hatchery unless the commissioner determines that the action would result in substantial public benefits and would not jeopardize natural stocks.

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