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Sec. 15.13.065. Contributions.
 (a) Individuals, groups, nongroup entities, and political parties may make contributions to a candidate. An individual, group, or nongroup entity may make a contribution to a group, to a nongroup entity, or to a political party.

 (b) A political party may contribute to a subordinate unit of the political party, and a subordinate unit of a political party may contribute to the political party of which it is a subordinate unit.

 (c) Except for reports required by AS 15.13.040 and 15.13.110 and except for the requirements of AS 15.13.050, 15.13.060, and 15.13.112 — 15.13.114, the provisions of AS 15.13.010 — 15.13.116 do not apply to limit the authority of a person to make contributions to influence the outcome of a ballot proposition. In this subsection, in addition to its meaning in AS 15.80.010, “proposition” includes
     (1) an issue placed on a ballot to determine whether
          (A) a constitutional convention shall be called;

          (B) a debt shall be contracted;

          (C) an advisory question shall be approved or rejected; or

          (D) a municipality shall be incorporated;

     (2) an initiative proposal application filed with the lieutenant governor under AS 15.45.020.

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