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Sec. 15.13.010. Applicability.
 (a) This chapter applies
     (1) in every election for governor, lieutenant governor, a member of the state legislature, a delegate to a constitutional convention, or judge seeking judicial retention;

     (2) to every candidate for election to a municipal office in a municipality with a population of more than 1,000 inhabitants according to the latest United States census figures or estimates of population certified as correct for administrative purposes by the Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development unless the municipality has exempted itself from the provisions of this chapter; a municipality may exempt its elected municipal officers from the requirements of this chapter if a majority of the voters voting on the question at a regular election, as defined by AS 29.71.800(20), or a special municipality-wide election called for that purpose, votes to exempt its elected municipal officers from the requirements of this chapter; the question of exemption from the requirements of this chapter may be submitted by the governing body by ordinance or by initiative election.

 (b) Except as otherwise provided, this chapter applies to contributions, expenditures, and communications made for the purpose of influencing the outcome of a ballot proposition or question as well as those made to influence the nomination or election of a candidate.

 (c) This chapter does not prohibit a municipality from regulating by ordinance election campaign contributions and expenditures in municipal elections, or from regulating those campaign contributions and expenditures more strictly than provided in this chapter.

 (d) This chapter does not limit the authority of a person to make contributions to influence the outcome of a voter proposition submitted to the public for a vote at a municipal election. In this subsection, in addition to its meaning under AS 15.13.065(c), “proposition” means a municipal reclassification, proposal to adopt or amend a home rule charter, a unification proposal, a boundary change proposal, or the approval of an ordinance when approval by public vote is a requirement for the ordinance.

Sec. 15.13.011. Inapplicability to presidential primary. [Repealed, § 1 ch 2 SLA 1984.]

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