Alaska Statutes.
Title 6. Banks and Financial Institutions
Chapter 60. Mortgage Licensing
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Chapter 60. Mortgage Licensing

Section 10. Mortgage Lender or Mortgage Broker License Required.
Section 12. Mortgage Loan Originator License Required.
Section 13. Loan Processors or Underwriters.
Section 14. Registered Depository Institutions.
Section 15. Exemptions.
Section 16. Registry.
Section 17. Small Mortgage Lenders and Originators. [Repealed, 87 ch 61 SLA 2010.]
Section 20. Application for License.
Section 25. Application for Originator License. [Repealed, 87 ch 61 SLA 2010.]
Section 26. Transfer of Mortgage Loan Originator License.
Section 27. Background Checks.
Section 30. Investigation.
Section 35. Fees and Expenses.
Section 38. Prelicensing and Relicensing Education of Mortgage Loan Originators.
Section 40. Testing of Mortgage Loan Originators.
Section 45. Bonding.
Section 50. Decision on Application.
Section 60. Determinations Before Licensing.
Section 65. — 06.60.075. Determinations for Originator Licensing; Form and Contents of License; License Availability. [Repealed, 87 ch 61 SLA 2010.]
Section 77. Authority to Issue Provisional License.
Section 80. Duration of License.
Section 85. Renewal of License.
Section 87. Standards for License Renewal.
Section 90. Inactive License.
Section 95. Reactivation of Inactive License.
Section 97. Surrender of License.
Section 100. Annual Report.
Section 105. Biennial License Fee. [Repealed, 87 ch 61 SLA 2010.]
Section 110. Location of Business.
Section 112. Branch Office Application.
Section 115. Change of Place of Business.
Section 120. Transfer of Business.
Section 130. Change in Business Control or Business Operations.
Section 135. Records of Mortgage Licensee.
Section 140. Availability of Out-of-State Records.
Section 145. , 06.60.150. Disqualified persons; posting of license. [Repealed, 87 ch 61 SLA 2010.]
Section 155. Restriction on Mortgage Loan Originator Licensee Work.
Section 157. Restrictions on Mortgage Licensee's Performance of Mortgage Loan Originator Activities.
Section 159. Mortgage Licensee's Employment of, Contract with, and Liability for Mortgage Loan Originator.
Section 160. Continuing Education Requirements for Mortgage Loan Originators.
Section 200. Disciplinary Action.
Section 210. Suspension, Revocation, or Renewal Related to Fund.
Section 230. Divestment.
Section 240. Reinstatement.
Section 250. Investigation and Examination Authority.
Section 260. Revocation, Removal, or Suspension of Mortgage Loan Originator Licensee.
Section 270. Removal by Entity.
Section 280. Department List.
Section 290. Report to the Registry.
Section 320. False, Misleading, or Deceptive Advertising Prohibited.
Section 325. Display of Unique Identifier.
Section 330. Compliance with Federal Requirements.
Section 340. Prohibited Activities.
Section 350. Certain Refinancing Prohibited.
Section 360. Escrow Accounts.
Section 370. Criminal Penalties.
Section 380. Definition of "Covered Person."
Section 400. Cease and Desist Proceedings.
Section 405. Review of Temporary Cease and Desist Orders.
Section 410. Censure, Suspension, or Bar.
Section 420. Civil Penalty for Violations.
Section 430. Additional Enforcement Provisions, Actions, and Rights.
Section 440. Definition. [Repealed, 87 ch 61 SLA 2010.]
Section 500. Mortgage Loan Originator Surety Fund.
Section 510. Composition of Fund.
Section 520. Use of Fund.
Section 530. Fund Report.
Section 540. Approval Required. [Repealed, 87 ch 61 SLA 2010.]
Section 550. Required Fund Fees.
Section 560. Claim for Reimbursement.
Section 570. Submission of Fund Claim.
Section 580. Form and Contents of Fund Claim.
Section 590. Claim Hearing.
Section 600. Filing and Distribution of Claim.
Section 610. Election to Use Small Claims Court.
Section 620. Filing Fee.
Section 630. Department Contracts.
Section 640. Defense of Claim.
Section 650. Standard of Proof.
Section 660. Postponement.
Section 670. Nonapplication.
Section 680. Findings and Payment.
Section 690. Fund Operations.
Section 700. Payment of Small Claims Judgement.
Section 710. Maximum Liability.
Section 715. Other Rights of Claimant.
Section 720. Order of Fund Claim Payment.
Section 730. False Claims or Documents.
Section 740. Right to Subrogation.
Section 745. Reimbursement for Expenses.
Section 750. Disciplinary Action Against a Mortgage Loan Originator Licensee.
Section 800. Authorization of Program Administration Fee.
Section 810. Payment and Use of Fees. [Repealed, 87 ch 61 SLA 2010.]
Section 850. Publication of Disciplinary Action.
Section 860. Authority of Department.
Section 870. Authority to Participate in National System and Registry. [Repealed, 87 ch 61 SLA 2010.]
Section 890. Application to Internet Activities.
Section 895. Effect of Revocation, Suspension, or Surrender of License.
Section 900. Applicability of Administrative Procedures.
Section 905. Untrue, Misleading, or False Statements.
Section 910. Regulations.
Section 920. Relationship to Federal and Other State Law.
Section 990. Definitions.
Section 995. Short Title.

Article 01. LICENSING

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