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This index is presented by Touch N' Go Systems, Inc., and the Law Offices of James B. Gottstein with permission of Lawyer Support Services which created the index and makes available single page summaries of each case the day following issuance.

Federal Issues

State v. Dupier (08/12/2005) sp-5932, 118 P2d 1039 (when federal law preempts state law)
Catalina Yachts v. Pierce (01/14/2005) sp-5860, 105 P2d 125 (federal preemption of state court rule)
Hutka v. Sisters of Providence in Washington (12/10/2004) sp-5851 (overtime pay under FLSA)
Hallam v. Alaska Airlines, Inc. (05/21/2004) sp-5809 (fed. preempts state law on airlines routes, prices)
Harris v. Westfall (04/30/2004) sp-5804 (waiver of child support against public policy)
Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium v. Settlement Funds Held For or to be Paid on Behalf of E.R. (01/30/2004) sp-5775 (ANMC entitled to enforce lien against thrid party recovery but is liable for fees and costs)
ACS of Alaska, Inc. v. Regulatory Commission of Alaska (12/12/2003) sp-5762 (rural exemptions for telephone companies)
Ketchikan Gateway Borough v. Ketchikan Indian Corp. (08/15/2003) sp-5726 (local property taxes; federal exemption)
Marine Solution Services, Inc. v. Horton (05/16/2003) sp-5691 (Jones Act, negligence and unseaworthiness claims)
Garner v. State, Dept. of Health & Social Services (01/31/2003) sp-5661 (Americans with Disabilities Act)
Nunez v. American Seafoods (07/12/2002) sp-5593 (Jones Act claim filed in state or federal court)
Foster v State Department of Transportation (11/16/2001) sp-5504 (jurisdiction pver Native allotments)
Krossa v All Alaskan Seafoods, Inc. et al. (10/12/2001) sp-5488 (applying state law to maritime claims)
Tlingit-Haida Regional Electrical Authority v. State, Alaska Public Utilities Commission (01/12/2001) sp-5357 (Federal preemption)
Standifer v. State (06/16/2000) sp-5289 (Bankruptcy; state concurrent jurisdiction)
Cavin v. State; Fish and Wildlife Protection Div. (04/07/2000) sp-5255 (Jones Act and unseaworthiness claims)
Chenega Corporation v. Exxon (11/22/1999) sp-5211 (Federal preemption in maritime cases)
Bodzai v. Arctic Fjord, Inc. (10/15/1999) sp-5195 (Maritime claims by employee)
Abbot v. Alaska Division of Marine Highway System, Inc. (05/14/1999) sp-5115, 979 P2d 994 (tolling maritime statute is federal issue)
Norcon, Inc. v. Kotowski (02/19/1999) sp-5085, 971 P2d 158 (pre-emption of state law issues by LMRA)
Alaska Southern Partners v. Prosser, Prosser, and Besse (01/22/1999) sp-5069, 972 P2d 161 (FDIC bank takeover)
Stratman v. Leisnoi, Inc. (12/18/1998) sp-5054, 969 P2d 1139 (ANCSA preempts local law re: real estate)
Quinn v. Alaska State Employees Association (08/29/1997) sp-4877, 944 P2d 468 (federal preemption of state law)
Dep't. of Transportation & Public Facilities et al. v. Sanders (08/22/1997) sp-4872, 944 P2d 453 (rely of FTCA for immunity precedents)
Law Offices of Vincent Vitale v. Tabbytite (07/25/1997) sp-4852, 942 P2d 1141 (concurrent jurisdiction with state court)
Alaska v. Arnariak (06/27/1997) sp-4844, 941 P2d 154 (fed. preemption of conflicting state law)
Hughes et al v. Foster Wheeler Co. et al (03/07/1997) sp-4790, 932 P2d 784 (admiralty, state jurisdiction)
Ferguson v. Ferguson (12/20/1996) sp-4449, 928 P2d 597 (Federal IFQ as marital property)
Hydaburg Cooperative Ass'n. v. Hydaburg Fisheries (10/17/1996) sp-4415, 925 P2d 246 (State cannot adjudicate tribal property)
Sopcak v. Northern Mountain Helicopter Services (10/11/1996) sp-4411, 924 P2d 1006 (Warsaw Convention)
Stone v. International Marine Carriers, Inc. (06/21/1996) sp-4358, 918 P2d 551 (willful failure to pay injured seaman)
Scott v. Briggs Way Co. (01/19/1996) sp-4311, 909 P2d 345 (Jones Act)
Totemoff v. Alaska (10/20/1995) sp-4276, 905 P2d 954 (federal vs. state control of game laws)
Kopanuk v. AVCP Regional Hospital (09/15/1995) sp-4257, 902 P2d 766 (HUD regs don't control state law)
Gunderson v. University of Alaska Fairbanks and Alaska Railroad Corporation (09/08/1995) sp-4255, 9902 P2d 323 (Antitrust; Noerr-Pennington)
Totemoff v. State of Alaska (08/07/1995) sp-4236 (federal vs. state control of game laws)
L. Capener v. Tanagusix Corp. (11/04/1994) sp-4142, 884 P2d 1060 ("occupant" under ANCSA)
Basel et al v. Westward Trawlers et al (03/04/1994) sp-4064, 869 P2d 1185 (admiralty, state law)
R. Dingeman v. A. Dingeman (12/23/1993) sp-4038, 865 P2d 94 (using FRCP to interpret ARCP)
Hildebrandt v. Malone and City of Fairbanks (11/12/1993) sp-4026, 863 P2d 240 (1983, failure to train employee)
Bjornsson v. U.S. Dominator, Inc. (11/12/1993) sp-4023, 863 P2d 235 (federal admiralty protection, seamen)
Dept. of Health and Social Svcs. v. Hospital and Nursing Home Assoc. (07/16/1993) sp-3972, 856 P2d 755 (exhaust remedies before 1983)
Dayhoff v. Temso Helicopters (03/26/1993) sp-3940, 848 P2d 1367 (preemption over state law)
Wagner v. Key Bank of Alaska (01/22/1993) sp-3921, 846 P2d 112 (bankruptcy jurisdiction)
In the Matter of F.P., W.M. and A.M. (12/18/1992) sp-3906, 843 P2d 1214 (ICWA, village custody jurisdiction)
Nenana Fuel Co. v. Venetie (07/24/1992) sp-3869, 834 P2d 1229 (tribal sovereign immunity)
J. Lyman v. State (01/17/1992) sp-3797, 824 P2d 703 (1983)
C.G.A. & I. Jousma v. State & C.G.A. (01/10/1992) sp-3795, 824 P2d 1364 (attaching social security)
McKeown et al v. Kinney Shoe Corp. (11/15/1991) sp-3774, 820 P2d 1068 (refer to fed case law)
Darling v. Standard AK Prod.Co., et al. (10/17/1991) sp-3765, 818 P2d 677 (patents)
Brown v. State & Div. of Marine Highway Systems (08/30/1991) sp-3747, 816 P2d 1368 (maritime)
Kissick v. Schmierer (08/23/1991) sp-3740, 816 P2d 188 (federal preemption)
M. Barber v. National Bank of AK & D. Wallace (07/26/1991) sp-3721, 815 P2d 857 (collection practices)

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