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Real Estate
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Real Estate

Price v. Eastham (02/03/2006) sp-5983 (define scope of prescriptive public easement)
Guerrero v. AHFC (11/04/2005) sp-5954, 123 P2d 966 (landlord liability, hazard on adjacent property)
Cook Schuhmann & Groseclose, Inc v Brown & Root (07/08/2005) sp-5921, 116 P2d 592 (reluctant to set aside foreclosure sale)
Interior Trails Preservation Coalition v. Swope (06/24/2005) sp-5916, 115 P2d 527 (prescriptive easement by general public)
North Pacific Processors v. Sitka Sound Seafoods (04/15/2005) sp-5885, 113 P2d 575 (when tenant can remove trade fixtures)
Dawson v. Temanson (02/25/2005) sp-5872, 107 P2d 892 (award of fees in URLTA case)
Chalovich v. State, Dept. of Natural Resources (12/30/2004) sp-5857 (annual labor requirement; mining law)
Baskurt v. Beal (11/26/2004) sp-5848 (deed of trust foreclosure: inadequate price, selling two or more tracts separately or as a unit)
Rush v. State, Department of Natural Resources (09/17/2004) sp-5831 (property rights=ownership, possession, disposal)
Soules v. Ramstack (07/30/2004) sp-5827 (condo assessments effective before payable)
Cook Schuhmann & Groseclose, Inc. v. Brown & Root, Inc. (06/18/2004) sp-5817 (reluctant to set aside foreclosure sale)
Glover v. Glover (06/11/2004) sp-5812 (adverse possession by a tenant; hostility required)
Alaskans for Efficient Government, Inc. v. Knowles (05/14/2004) sp-5808 (also use public policy when interpreting statutes)
Mechanical Contractors of Alaska, Inc. v. State (05/07/2004) sp-5805 (specific statute vs. general statute)
Rausch v. Devine (12/05/2003) sp-5759 (recorded deed presumes delivery)
Spinell Homes, Inc. v. Municipality of Anchorage (08/22/2003) sp-5731 (plat notes run with the land; zoning v. plat notes)
Price v. Eastham (08/15/2003) sp-5727 (prescriptive easements; RS 2477)
National Bank of Alaska v. Ketzler (06/06/2003) sp-5696 (spouse must join in conveyance of family home)
Hurst v. Victoria Park Subdivision Addition No. 1 Homeowners' Assoc. (11/29/2002) sp-5646 (interpreting restrictive covenants)
Joseph M. Jackovich Revocable Trust v. State, Dept. of Transportation (09/06/2002) sp-5625 (inverse condemnation)
Madden v. Alaska Mortgage Group (08/30/2002) sp-5621 (deed of trust statute of limitations; restarting the statute with late payments)
Van Deusen v. Seavey (08/23/2002) sp-5613 (permanent vs. temporary nuisance)
Ogar v. City of Haines (07/19/2002) sp-5597 (encroachment on dedicated right-od-way)
Holta v. Certified Financial Services, Inc. (06/28/2002) sp-5588 (different st. of limitations on deed of trust and underlying note; clear title at municipal tax sale except for redeeming owner)
Cizek v. Concerned Citizens of Eagle River (06/14/2002) sp-5584 (nonconforming uses of land frustrate zoning)
Guttchen v. Gabriel (06/14/2002) sp-5581 (b’ruptcy doesn’t discharge valid lien on realty)
Barr v. Goldome Realty Credit Corp. (05/10/2002) sp-5566 (foreclosing deed of trust when surplus payment exists)
Jourdan v. Nationsbanc Mortgage Corp. (03/08/2002) sp-5545 (posting notice of foreclosure sale)
Municipality of Anchorage v. Suzuki (02/08/2002) sp-5533 (definitions of "easement" and "property")
Rockstad v. Global Finance & Investment Co., Inc. (02/01/2002) sp-5529 (interpreting commercial real estate lease)
Vezey v Green (11/16/2001) sp-5501 (adverse possession)
Safeway, Inc. v State Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (11/02/2001) sp-5492 (vacating street, state vs. municipal rights)
R&Y Inc. et al v Municipality of Anchorage (09/07/2001) sp-5466 (inverse condemnation; compensable taking)
Beaux v Jacob (09/07/2001) sp-5463 (property transfer disclosure form)
Mapco Express Inc. v Faulk (06/15/2001) sp-5422 (damages for trespass)
Newmont Alaska Ltd. V State Dept of Natural Resources (05/18/2001) sp-5413 (rental on state mining claims)
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation v. Laidlaw Transit, Inc. (04/12/2001) sp-5390 (Hazardous waste cleanup)
Laverty v. Alaska Railroad Corporation (12/01/2000) sp-5338 (License distinguished from easement)
Snook v. Bowers (11/09/2000) sp-5329 (Doctrine of equitable title; ouster of a co-tenant; color of title adverse possession)
Sullivan v. Subramanian (05/12/2000) sp-5270 ( URLTA, claims for dimunition of rental value)
Chilton-Wren v. Olds (05/05/2000) sp-5268 (URLTA claims as defense to FED action.)
Simon v. State (03/03/2000) sp-5244 (Interpreting ambiguous highway easement)
Native Village of Eklutna v. Board of Adjustment for Municipality of Anchorage (02/04/2000) sp-5237 (Conditional use permit; cultural considerations)
Balough v. Fairbanks North Star Borough (01/28/2000) sp-5234 (Zoning, grandfathered nonconforming use)
Osborne v. Buckman (12/03/1999) sp-5213 (Effect of bankruptcy of DOT foreclosure)
Moore v. State, Dept of Natural Resources (11/26/1999) sp-5209 (Homestead interest, conveyable by quitclaim)
Chenega Corporation v. Exxon (11/22/1999) sp-5211 (Assignment of trespass damages)
Interior Regional Housing Authority v. James (10/08/1999) sp-5187 (URLTA not applicable to contract w/ equity)
Sauve v. Winfree (08/20/1999) sp-5160 (Landlord liable to commercial tenant employee)
Lane v. City of Kotzebue (07/09/1999) sp-5140 (inverse condemnation, stat. of limitations)
Ellingstad v. Alaska Department of Natural Resources (05/21/1999) sp-5120, 979 P2d 1000 (quitclaim deed; state patent)
Bennett v. Weimer (04/09/1999) sp-5104, 975 P2d 691 (condominium association directors)
McDonald v. Harris (04/09/1999) sp-5103, 978 P2d 81 (prescriptive easements)
Beluga Mining Co. v. Alaska Dep't. of Natural Resources (02/19/1999) sp-5082, 973 P2d 570 (right to mine, subject to existing claims)
Donnelly v. Eklutna, Inc. (02/05/1999) sp-5075, 973 P2d 87 (judgment binding on successors in interest)
AU International Inc & Caldera Corp v. State of Alaska, DNR (01/22/1999) sp-5071, 971 P2d 1034 (State mining claims, annual affidavit)
Brent v. Unicol, Inc. (12/24/1998) sp-5059, 969 P2d 627 (Independent contractor, premises liability)
Stratman v. Leisnoi, Inc. (12/18/1998) sp-5054, 969 P2d 1139 (Lis pendens)
Gerstein v. Axtell (06/19/1998) sp-5004, 960 P2d 599 (minor but permanent land use is "taking")
Hayes v. A.J. Associates, Inc. (05/22/1998) sp-4992, 960 P2d 556 (state reserves mineral rights)
Frost v. Ayojiak (05/08/1998) sp-4984, 957 P2d 1353 (misidentification of land not "clerical error")
McDowell v. Alaska (04/24/1998) sp-4975, 957 P2d 965 ("property tort")
Lake Colleen Enterprises Inc. v. Estate of Michael Raymond Mark, et al. (12/26/1997) sp-4924, 951 P2d 427 (State easements, public/private land)
Osborne v. Hurst (11/14/1997) sp-4902, 947 P2d 1356 (damages for trespass to land)
Ellis v. Alaska Dep't. of Natural Resources (09/26/1997) sp-4888, 944 P2d 491 (mining claim, how acquired)
Persson-Mokvist v. Anderson (08/01/1997) sp-4861, 942 P2d 1154 (recreational/residential lot use)
Law Offices of Vincent Vitale v. Tabbytite (07/25/1997) sp-4852, 942 P2d 1141 (condemnation is "enforced sale")
Methonen v. Stone (07/18/1997) sp-4851, 941 P2d 1248 (implied and constructive easements)
Diksen v. Troxell (05/09/1997) sp-4818, 938 P2d 1009 (definition of lease)
Rush v. Alaska Mortgage Group (04/25/1997) sp-4813, 937 P2d 647 (equitable subrogation)
Faulk v. Kenai Board of Equalization (03/28/1997) sp-4798, 934 P2d 750 (real estate tax assessement)
Four Separate Parcels of Land v. City of Kodiak (02/21/1997) sp-4785, 938 P2d 448 (burden of proof, land value in condemnation)
Amyot v. Luchini (02/14/1997) sp-4480, 932 P2d 244 (realty sale, innocent misrep. not actionable)
Kohl v. Legoullon (01/24/1997) sp-4469, 936 P2d 514 (restrictive covenants)
James v. McCombs (01/24/1997) sp-4466, 936 P2d 520 (marketable title, contract vs. deed)
Brigdon v. Lamb (01/03/1997) sp-4457, 929 P2d 1274 (URLTA not applicable, contract of sale)
Joyner v. Vitale (11/22/1996) sp-4432, 926 P2d 1154 (assume mortgage; 3rd party beneficiary)
Hydaburg Cooperative Ass'n. v. Hydaburg Fisheries (10/17/1996) sp-4415, 925 P2d 246 (State cannot adjudicate triabal property)
Mount Juneau Enterprises, Inc. v. Juneau (09/06/1996) sp-4396, 923 P2d 768 (inverse condemnation)
Groff v. Kohler (08/02/1996) sp-4378, 922 P2d 870 (estoppel by deed; reformation)
Tenala, Ltd., v. Fowler (08/02/1996) sp-4376, 921 P2d 1114 (adverse possession)
Great American Insurance Company v. The Buckaroo Club (07/26/1996) sp-4373, 921 P2d 626 (landlord-tenant insurance)
Bear Fritz Land Company v. Kachemak Bay Title Agency (07/05/1996) sp-4367, 920 P2d 759 (title insurance: marketability vs. market value)
Fitzgerald v. Puddicombe (04/26/1996) sp-4340, 918 P2d 1017 (RS 2477 right-of-way)
Ilardi v. Parker (04/19/1996) sp-4339, 914 P2d 888 (homestead exemption)
Parker v. Alaska Power Authority (03/29/1996) sp-4331, 913 P2d 1089 (mining; surface vs. mineral estate)
Price v. Dahl (03/15/1996) sp-4326, 912 P2d 541 (comprehensive plan; zoning)
CH Kelly Trust v. Anchorage Board of Equalization (01/26/1996) sp-4315, 909 P2d 1381 (property tax assessment)
K & L Distributors v. Kelly Electric (12/15/1995) sp-4297, 908 P2d 429 (fixtures)
Voss v. Brooks (12/08/1995) sp-4294, 907 P2d 465 (reformation; merger of contract and deed; unmarried couple cannot hold title jointly)
Nielson and Domke v. Benton & Telfer (09/15/1995) sp-4258, 903 P2d 1049 (title clouds, opportunity to cure)
Kopanuk v. AVCP Regional Hospital (09/15/1995) sp-4257, 902 P2d 766 (FED not an "equitable" proceeding)
Lazy Mountan Land Club v. Matanuska-Susitna Borough Board of Adjustment and Appeal (09/01/1995) sp-4242, 904 P2d 373 (zoning; comprehensive plan)
Spenard Action Committee v. Evergreen Subdivision (08/25/1995) sp-4245, 902 P2d 766 (abate nuisance, burden of proof)
Alaska v. Teller Native Corporation (08/25/1995) sp-4243, 904 P2d 847 (landlord-tenant, ownership of improvements)
Tulkisarmute Native Community Council & Tuluksak v. Heinze & Davidge (07/28/1995) sp-4232, 898 P2d 935 (water use rights)
Fairbanks North Star Borough v. Lakeview Enterprises, Inc., Rahoi, & City of Fairbanks (06/09/1995) sp-4218, 897 P2d 47 (inverse condemnation, limitations)
Kalenka v. Taylor dba Colony builders (05/26/1995) sp-4211, 896 P2d 222 (restrictive covenants)
Bauman v. Day (03/24/1995) sp-4182, 892 P2d 817 (setting aside foreclosure)
[F] Keener v. State (02/17/1995) sp-4168, 889 P2d 1063 (right-of-way, road construction)
Stormont v. Astoria Limited (02/17/1995) sp-4167, 889 P2d 1059 (rescind contract based on mistake)
D. Denardo v. State of Alaska (12/23/1994) sp-4156, 887 P2d 947 (recording deeds for Russian land)
A. Roeckl and Fermell Co. v. FDIC (12/02/1994) sp-4154, 885 P2d 1067 (grantee in deed-assumed name)
D.M. v. D.A. (12/02/1994) sp-4153, 885 P2d 94 (reform deed; tenants in common presumed ½- ½)
Bauman v. Day (11/25/1994) sp-4147, 886 P2d 608 (setting aside foreclosure)
In the Matter of J. Wiederholt (07/08/1994) sp-4102, 877 P2d 765 (offset bid reduces/eliminated judg.)
Miscovich Mining Company v. Tryck, Miscovich and State of Alaska (06/17/1994) sp-4095, 875 P2d 1293 (quiet title vs. ejectment)
Kenai Borough v. Port Graham Corporation (04/08/1994) sp-4070, 871 P2d 1135 (stat. of limitation, property tax)
Swanson v. Krenik (02/11/1994) sp-4050, 868 P2d 297 (assume debt, series of conveyances)
Ashley v. Baker (02/04/1994) sp-4048, 867 P2d 792 (deed interpretation)
Earth Movers of Fairbanks v. Fairbanks North Star Borough (12/17/1993) sp-4037, 865 P2d 741 (standing to contest zoning)
Weidner v. Dept. of Transportation (10/08/1993) sp-4010, 860 P2d 1205 (prescriptive easement)
Anchorage v. Sandberg, Davis and Richards (10/01/1993) sp-4007, 861 P2d 554 (speculative development; taking)
North Star Terminal and Stevedore v. Alaska Railroad Corp. (07/30/1993) sp-3986, 857 P2d 335 (quiet title; estoppel by deed)
Investment Fund II v. Municipality of Anchorage (07/23/1993) sp-3976, 856 P2d 777 (regulatory v. physical taking)
Vinson v. Hamilton (06/11/1993) sp-3967, 854 P2d 733 (FED: continuance, jury trial)
D. Summers v. W. Hagen (05/28/1993) sp-3961, 852 P2d 1165 (conspiracy to fraudulently convey)
Saunders Propterties v. Municipality of Anchorage (02/12/1993) sp-3933, 846 P2d 135 (recover overpaid property tax)
Hayes v. Harang, A.J. Associates, and Alaska Marine Lines (02/12/1993) sp-3932, 846 P2d 131 (public interest doc., mining claims)
W. & S. Pappert v. V. Sargent (02/12/1993) sp-3930, 847 P2d 66 (set aside deed, incompetent grantor)
North Star Alaska Housing Corp. v. Fairbanks Board of Equalization (01/15/1993) sp-3915, 844 P2d 1109 (appeal property tax assessment)
McGill v. Wahl (09/18/1992) sp-3886, 839 P2d 393 (prescriptive easement)
Gordon v. Brown, Brewster and Torrence (07/10/1992) sp-3864, 836 P2d 354 (restrictive covenants)
University of Alaska v. Shanti (06/30/1992) sp-3861, 835 P2d 1225 (recreational use statute)
Leisnoi, Inc. v. Stratman, Rice, Burton, & Burton (06/26/1992) sp-3858, 835 P2d 1202 (lis pendens)
K. & G. LeDoux v. Kodiak (03/20/1992) sp-3822, 827 P2d 1121 (zoning)
Bank of California v. Security Title & Trust (03/06/1992) sp-3816, 826 P2d 1126 (title insurance)
RAN Corp. v. D. Hudesman & H. Smith, Jr. (12/27/1991) sp-3790, 823 P2d 646 (landlord-tenant; assignment of lease)
State, DNR, and AK Oil & Gas Cons. Comm. v. Arctic Slope Reg. Corp., & Standard AK Prod. (11/22/1991) sp-3776, 821 P2d 1366 (define "property")
Norken Corp. v. M. McGahan et al (11/15/1991) sp-3771, 823 P2d 622 (deeds, easements, mining)

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