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This index is presented by Touch N' Go Systems, Inc., and the Law Offices of James B. Gottstein with permission of Lawyer Support Services which created the index and makes available single page summaries of each case the day following issuance.


Alaska Construction Equipment, Inc. v. Star Trucking, Inc. (01/27/2006) sp-5980 (loss of use damages)
Hagen Insurance, Inc. v. Roller (01/20/2006) sp-5975 (distinguish-NIED and non-economic damages)
Dan Reust v. Alaska Petroleum Contractors (10/28/2005) sp-5951, 127 P2d 807 (lost wages; 50% of punitive damages to state)
Casciola v. F.S. Air Service, Inc. (09/23/2005) sp-5943, 120 P2d 1059 (no ratio between punitive and compensatory)
Clement v. Fulton (04/08/2005) sp-5883, 110 P2d 927 (computing damages, wrongful death claim)
Fyffe v. Wright (06/25/2004) sp-5819 (punitive damages donít require IIED award)
Sisters of Providence in Washington v. A.A. Pain Clinic, Inc. (12/19/2003) sp-5764 (lost profits of professional corp.; cannot include lawyer fees and litigant preparation time)
Fletcher v. Trademark Construction, Inc. (12/05/2003) sp-5760 (breach of contract damages, prove with reasonable certainty)
K & K Recycling v. Alaska Gold Co. (11/14/2003) sp-5752 (no punitive damages in contract case)
Great Divide Insurance Co. v. Carpenter (10/24/2003) sp-5746 (fair notice required for punitive damages)
Anderson v. State (10/16/2003) sp-5745 (the state must share pro rata in a lawyer fee when)
Carr-Gottstein Properties v. Benedict (06/20/2003) sp-5704 (liquidated damages okay if not a penalty)
Kodiak Island Borough v. Roe (02/07/2003) sp-5663 (extraordinary costs of child rearing)
Fleegel v. Estate of Michael E. Boyles (11/15/2002) sp-5641 (punitive damages, evidence of insurance OK)
D.H. Blattner & Sons, Inc. v. N.M. Rothschild & Sons, Ltd. (09/20/2002) sp-5630 (duty to mitigate)
Central Bering Sea Fishermen's Assoc. v. Anderson (09/06/2002) sp-5623 (both compensatory and punitive damages in wrongful termination case)
Laidlaw Transit, Inc. v. Crouse (08/30/2002) sp-5619 (when defís wealth relevant to punitive damages)
Hinsberger v. Alaska (08/23/2002) sp-5609 (NIED, no damages w/o physical injury: exceptions)
Reeves v. Alyeska Pipeline Service Co. (07/19/2002) sp-5596 (no punitives w/o compensatory damages in tort)
City of Seward v Afognak Logging (09/28/2001) sp-5477 (damages for negligently damaged property)
Lynden Inc., et al. v James Walker (09/14/2001) sp-5468 (proof of future medicals)
Choi v Anvil et al (09/07/2001) sp-5465 (expert not needed to prove "subjective injuries")
Beaux v Jacob (09/07/2001) sp-5463 (for depreciated personal property)
Robles v Shoreside Petroleum, Inc. (08/31/2001) sp-5457 (when punitive damages not a jury issue)
Glamann v Kirk (08/17/2001) sp-5450 (no recovery for nursing services by spouse)
Mitchell v Heinrichs (07/20/2001) sp-5436 (damages for killing pet dog)
Mapco Express Inc. v Faulk (06/15/2001) sp-5422 (plaintiff uses own workforce and equipment to repair loss; punitive damages)
Era Aviation, Inc. v. Lindfors (11/24/2000) sp-5335 (Remittitur of excessive punitive damage award)
Grant v. Stoyer (10/13/2000) sp-5322 (Proving some injury precludes zero damages)
Pierce v. Catalina Yachts, Inc. (05/19/2000) sp-5277 (Warranty excluding consequential damages)
City of Fairbanks v. Rice (03/17/2000) sp-5253 (Duty to mitigate in wrongful discharge case)
Chenega Corporation v. Exxon (11/22/1999) sp-5211 (Collateral source rule; damages to land)
Kodiak Borough v. Exxon Corporation (11/22/1999) sp-5210 (Oil spills; free public service doctrine)
Wal-Mart, Inc. v. Stewart (11/12/1999) sp-5202 (Grounds for awarding punitives)
Sherbahn v. Kerkove (09/17/1999) sp-5178 (Future meds; reduce to present value)
Denardo v. CGI Communication Corp. (08/20/1999) sp-5164 (Speculative damages)
IBEW Local 1547 v. Alaska Utility Construction Inc. (03/26/1999) sp-5100, 976 P2d 852 (punitives=outrageous; excessive award)
Nelson v. Progressive Corporation (03/26/1999) sp-5099, 976 P2d 859 (emotional distress-fraud; punitives)
Falconer v. Adams (03/26/1999) sp-5096, 974 P2d 406 (collateral source, burden of proof)
Norcon, Inc. v. Kotowski (02/19/1999) sp-5085, 971 P2d 158 (punitives: vicarious liability; excessive)
Veco v. Rosebrock (02/19/1999) sp-5084, 970 P2d 906 (punitives: vicarious liability)
Rubright v. Arnold (02/19/1999) sp-5083, 973 P2d 580 (elements of equitable estoppel)
Mackie v. Chizmar (10/02/1998) sp-5035, 965 P2d 1202 (damage award requires findings)
Alaska Tae Woong Venture, Inc. v. Westward Seafoods (08/28/1998) sp-5029, 963 P2d 1055 (proof, lost profits; limit, future damages)
Power Constructors, Inc. v. Taylor & Hintze (06/19/1998) sp-5001, 960 P2d 20 (interest and arbitration costs as damages)
M.A. v. U.S. (01/02/1998) sp-4929, 951 P2d 851 (failure to diagnose pregnancy)
State of Alaska v. Greenfield (12/19/1997) sp-4918, 950 P2d 1128 (no punitives against State)
Alaska Housing Finance Corp. v. Salvucci (12/19/1997) sp-4917, 950 P2d 1116 (no punitives against State)
Alaska Marine Pilots v. Hendsch (12/12/1997) sp-4915, 950 P2d 98 (punitives require clear and convincing evidence)
Osborne v. Hurst (11/14/1997) sp-4902, 947 P2d 1356 (damages, trespass to land; treble damages)
Southwest Marine v. Alaska State Marine Highway Systems (06/27/1997) sp-4843, 941 P2d 166 (liquidated damages affirmed)
Manes v. Coats (06/20/1997) sp-4839, 941 P2d 120 (life expectancy tables, future damages)
Alaska Democratic Party v. Rice (04/04/1997) sp-4800, 934 P2d 1313 (jury instruction, lost wages)
Alaska Travel Specialists, Inc. v. First National Bank of Anchorage (07/19/1996) sp-4369, 919 P2d 759 (lost profits can not be speculative)
Ben Lomond Inc., v. Railwater Terminal Co. (05/10/1996) sp-4349, 915 P2d 632 (no proof by exact detail, but reasonable basis)
Landers v. Municipality of Anchorage (04/26/1996) sp-4343, 915 P2d 614 (value of personal property)
French v. Chilkoot Charlie's (02/09/1996) sp-4321, 911 P2d 20 (not needed for defamation, per se)
Johnson & Higgins of AK v. Blomfield (12/15/1995) sp-4299, 907 P2d 1321 (fundamentals of punitive damages)
Zok v. Alaska (09/29/1995) sp-4262, 903 P2d 574 (nominal damages)
Kalenka v. Taylor dba Colony builders (05/26/1995) sp-4211, 896 P2d 222 (no punitives in contract cases)
Chizmar(s) v. Mackie (05/19/1995) sp-4209, 896 P2d 196 (window of anxiety; economic loss in divorce; good discussion of punitive damages)
Navistar Int'l Trans. Corp. v. F. Pleasant (12/30/1994) sp-4159, 887 P2d 951 (apportionment, window period)
Homer Electric Assoc. v. Geolar, Inc. and Gilbert/Commonwealth Inc. (05/27/1994) sp-4087, 874 P2d 937 (actual cost vs. total cost)
State Leasing and Equip. v. Wichman (05/27/1994) sp-4086, 874 P2d 949 (apportionment)
Cox v. Progressive Casualty Ins. Co. (03/04/1994) sp-4061, 869 P2d 467 ("immediate medical care")
Blumenshine v. Baptiste (03/04/1994) sp-4060, 869 P2d 470 (proving future medicals)
Kelso Marine v. Bierria (02/04/1994) sp-4045, 868 P2d 907 (sp. perform. as alternate remedy)
State of Alaska and Cameron, et al v. Beard (12/03/1993) sp-4032, 864 P2d 538 (ratio, punitive-compensatory)
Hildebrandt v. Malone and City of Fairbanks (11/12/1993) sp-4026, 863 P2d 240 (apportionment, single party)
George v. Custer (11/12/1993) sp-4025, 862 P2d 176 (restitution-unjust enrichment)
Darnall Kemna & Co. v. L. & M. Heppinstall (05/07/1993) sp-3951, 851 P2d 73 (rescissionary damages)
Tookalook Sales and Service v. McGahan (02/12/1993) sp-3931, 846 P2d 127 (no compounding of interest)
Conam AK et al v. Bell Lavalin et al (11/27/1992) sp-3900, 842 P2d 148 (burden of proof)
Perl Island Lodge v. Perl Island Ranch Committee (11/06/1992) sp-3894, 841 P2d 164 (foresee contract damages; innocent convert)
Beck v. Dept. of Transportation (07/31/1992) sp-3871, 837 P2d 105 (wrongful death)
State Farm v. Weiford (05/08/1992) sp-3838, 831 P2d 1264 (bad faith vs. punitives)
MOA v. Coluccio Construction v. CH2M Hill Northwest (02/07/1992) sp-3808, 826 P2d 316 (total cost vs. actual cost; fees)
J. Gates v. Tenakee Springs (12/06/1991) sp-3781, 822 P2d 455 (mitigation)
W. Johnson et al v. AK Dept. Fish & Game (11/29/1991) sp-3778, 836 P2d 896 (discrimination)
Otis Elevator Co. v. Northwood Associates (11/15/1991) sp-3770, 820 P2d 1072 (future medicals)
M. Barber v. National Bank of AK & D. Wallace (07/26/1991) sp-3721, 815 P2d 857 (punitive)
L. Houston et al v. A. Racine (03/01/1991) sp-3668, 806 P2d 848 (punitive damages, lost profits)
H & M Construction v. Northcutt (01/18/1991) sp-3658, 808 P2d 251 (unjust enrichment, construction contract breach, negligent infliction emotional distress)

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