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This index is presented by Touch N' Go Systems, Inc., and the Law Offices of James B. Gottstein with permission of Lawyer Support Services which created the index and makes available single page summaries of each case the day following issuance.


Edwin Saltz v. State of Alaska, Division of Motor Vehicles (12/23/2005) sp-5972, 126 P2d 133 (when trooper's investigative stop is legal)
Jack v. State (12/16/2005) sp-5968, 125 P2d 311 (Alaska crime committed in Canadian waters; extraterritorial jurisdictions; effects doctrine)
Munson v. State (11/18/2005) sp-5959, 123 P2d 1042 (invoking Miranda rights)
David Nevers v. State of Alaska Department of Administraton Division of Motor Vehicles (10/28/2005) sp-5952, 123 P2d 958 (DMV revocation hearings, no 4th Amendment))
Conkey v. State (06/10/2005) sp-5906, 113 P2d 1235 ("motor vehicle" and "driving" under DWI law)
McComas v. Kirn (01/28/2005) sp-5865, 105 P2d 1130 (second degree stalking)
State v. Semancik (10/01/2004) sp-5833 (burglary indictment must state intended crime)
Doe v. State, Dept. of Public Safety (06/11/2004) sp-5815 (constitutionality of sex offender registration act)
State v. Blank (04/30/2004) sp-5802 (breath test admitted even when no arrest is made)
State v. Blank (02/27/2004) sp-5783 (breath test admitted even when no arrest is made)
James v. State (01/30/2004) sp-5773 (new trial based on recantation of witness)
City of Kodiak v. Samaniego (01/23/2004) sp-5772 (4th Amendment; police right to detain witness)
Dague v. State (12/05/2003) sp-5761 (when central issue in murder case is whether defendant’s actions were knowing, cross examination of state’s expert tending to support defense testimony must be allowed)
State v. Wagar (11/07/2003) sp-5750 (investigative stop, frisking for weapons)
Grinols v. State (08/01/2003) sp-5718 (right to competent counsel, post-conviction relief)
State v. Strane (01/10/2003) sp-5655 (consent not a defense to violating DV protective order; mistake of law also not a defense)
Amos v. State (05/10/2002) sp-5563 (appointed lawyer’s failure to brief issue)
State v. Malloy (05/03/2002) sp-5560 (sentence for murder w/ aggravating circumstances)
Pasco v. State (04/12/2002) sp-5557 (the necessity defense)
Snyder v. State, Dept. of Public Safety (03/15/2002) sp-5551 (credibility issue requires in-person hearing)
State v. Smith (01/11/2002) sp-5523 (need miranda only upon "custodial interrogation")
Snyder v State Dept. of Public Safety (09/28/2001) sp-5480 (Miranda vs. refusal warning; blood vs. breath test)
State v Saathoff (08/17/2001) sp-5453 (theft by receiving not a continuing offense)
Anch. Police Dept. Empl. Assoc v Municipality of Anchorage (06/15/2001) sp-5423 (search w/o warrant presumed unreasonable)
Cowles v State of Alaska (06/08/2001) sp-5418 (4th Amend., search by secret video camera)
State of Alaska v Joubert (04/13/2001) sp-5387 (search incident to arrest; weapons search)
Hess v State of Alaska (04/13/2001) sp-5386 (sexual assault, evidence of consent)
State, Dept. of Public Safety v. Shakespeare (06/30/2000) sp-5292 (curing prior refusal to take breath test)
Sosa v. State (06/16/2000) sp-5283 (Implied consent to blood tests in DWI case)
Bowers v. State (06/02/2000) sp-5280 (Purpose of indictment; state can disavow theory)
Beavers v. State (03/10/2000) sp-5247 (Confession based on police threat)
State v. Hodari (03/03/2000) sp-5243 (Rejection of rigid sentencing benchmarks)
Raphael v. State (01/07/2000) sp-5229 (Witness intimidation; defendant right to be present)
Smithart v. State of Alaska (09/24/1999) sp-5183 (Alternative-perpetrator evidence)
Sivertsen v. Alaska (06/11/1999) sp-5132 (can't "assume/presume" intent)
Ronald F. Wyatt v. State of Alaska (05/28/1999) sp-5128, 981 P2d 109 (State-of-mind hearsay exception)
Alaska v. Dutch Harbor Seafoods (10/16/1998) sp-5042, 965 P2d 738 (jury trial, fishing violations)
Titus v. State (08/14/1998) sp-5021, 963 P2d 258 (Rule 606(b); ban on juror testimony)
McGhee v. Alaska (01/23/1998) sp-4937, 951 P2d 1215 (DWI license revocation)
Daryl James et al., v. State of Alaska (12/26/1997) sp-4925, 950 P2d 1130 (Fed. vs. state jurisdiction, fishing violations)
Smith v. Alaska (11/21/1997) sp-4909, 948 P2d 473 (exceptions to exclusionary rule)
Alaska v. Shewfelt (11/21/1997) sp-4908, 948 P2d 470 (jury replaying taped testimony)
Alaska v. Summerville (11/14/1997) sp-4904, 948 P2d 469 (Rule 16 unconstitutional)
State v. Hazelwood (10/03/1997) sp-4891, 946 P2d 875 (objective fault crimes)
Saltz v. Alaska Dept. of Public Safety (08/01/1997) sp-4860, 942 P2d 1151 (right to call attorney before DWI breath test)
Mathis v. Sauser (07/18/1997) sp-4849, 942 P2d 1117 (prisoner use of computer, access to courts)
Alaska v. Arnariak (06/27/1997) sp-4844, 941 P2d 154 (violating state game sanctuary)
Brandon v. Dep't. of Corrections (06/06/1997) sp-4829, 938 P2d 1029 (prisoner right to visitation/rehabilitation)
Turney v. State (04/04/1997) sp-4799, 936 P2d 533 (jury tampering; criminal trespass)
Cockerham v. Alaska (02/21/1997) sp-4783, 933 P2d 537 (pre-sentencing discovery)
State v. Dutch Harbor Seafoods, State v Trident Seafoods (12/27/1996) sp-4456 (Entitlement to jury trial)
Snyder v. State (12/27/1996) sp-4451, 930 P2d 1274 (DWI, independent blood tests; subsequent consent instruction)
D'Antorio v. State (11/22/1996) sp-4433, 926 P2d 1158 (inventory searches; second glance)
Howarth v. Public Defender Agency (11/08/1996) sp-4421, 925 P2d 1330 (collateral estoppel after no contest plea)
State v. Gilbert (10/11/1996) sp-4412, 925 P2d 1324 (prosecutor comments in argument)
Todd v. State (06/21/1996) sp-4357, 917 P2d 674 (consecutive sentence, felony-murder rule)
Totemoff v. Alaska (10/20/1995) sp-4276, 905 P2d 954 (state can enforce game laws on fed. land)
Burcina v. City of Ketchikan (09/22/1995) sp-4260, 902 P2d 817 (effect of nolo plea on civil claim)
Abruska v. State (09/09/1995) sp-4256, 902 P2d 319 (rights of offender, prison discipline)
State v. Albert (06/23/1995) sp-4225, 899 P2d 103 (CR 39, repayment of costs by indigents)
M. R. S. v. State (06/09/1995) sp-4219, 897 P2d 63 (psychotherapist-patient privilege)
Journey v. Alaska (05/12/1995) sp-4197, 895 P2d 955 (expunging criminal record)
Smith and Bynum v. Alaska Dept. of Corrections (04/29/1994) sp-4074, 872 P2d 1218 (parole vs. probation)
Hertz v. Dept. of Corrections (02/18/1994) sp-4056, 869 P2d 154 (Cleary suit dismissed)
Haynes v. Dept. of Public Safety (12/30/1993) sp-4040, 865 P2d 753 (Intoximeter margin of error)
Brandon v. Dept. of Corrections (12/17/1993) sp-4036, 865 P2d 87 (prisoners' rights)
State of Alaska v. Hazelwood (12/03/1993) sp-4034, 866 P2d 827 (exclusionary rule, inevitable discovery)
Div. of Motor Vehicles v. Fann (12/03/1993) sp-4031, 864 P2d 533 (DWI, license suspension)
State of Alaska v. J.R.N. (10/28/1993) sp-4018, 861 P2d 578 (juveniles, waive parental notices)
Owen v. Alaska Dept. of Corrections (10/01/1993) sp-4006, 859 P2d 1308 (appeal of sentence computation)
Arnett v. Baskous (07/30/1993) sp-3985, 856 P2d 790 (release of medical records)
State of Alaska v. McPherson (07/02/1993) sp-3970, 855 P2d 420 (sentencing)
State of Alaska v. Gonzalez et al (06/04/1993) sp-3962, 853 P2d 526 (self incrimination; immunity)
P. Johnson v. D. Johnson and the City of Fairbanks (04/09/1993) sp-3943, 849 P2d 1361 (search warrant; forfeiture)
S. Hertz v. A. Hertz (02/19/1993) sp-3934, 847 P2d 71 (child support during incarceration)
J. Hays v. State (05/01/1992) sp-3835, 830 P2d 783 (prison discipline)
Sun v. Norris, Crawford and State of Alaska (04/10/1992) sp-3830, 830 P2d 772 (arrest/deadly force; no contest plea)
J. Pruitt v. Dept. of Public Safety, Div. of Motor Vehicles (02/07/1992) sp-3809, 825 P2d 887 (DWI; breath test refusal)
Hertz v. Dept. of Corrections (01/17/1992) sp-3796, 823 P2d 1247 (review of prison discipline)
Gudmunson v. State (12/06/1991) sp-3780, 822 P2d 1328 (waive const. issue)
State v. Bumpus (11/08/1991) sp-3769, 820 P2d 298 (sentencing)
State v. Anthony et al (09/13/1991) sp-3753, 816 P2d 1377 (ex post facto)
O'Leary et al v. Superior Court, Thrird Judicial District (08/09/1991) sp-3736, 816 P2d 163 (grand jury, CrR 6.1)
Borrego v. Dept. of Public Safety (07/26/1991) sp-3722, 815 P2d 360 (DWI)
Stadler v. State of Alaska (06/14/1991) sp-3702, 813 P2d 270 (criminal contempt, jury duty)
Closson v. State of Alaska (06/07/1991) sp-3701, 812 P2d 966 (breach of immunity agreement)

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