Alaska Supreme Court Index
Administrative Agencies
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Administrative Agencies

Brandal v. State, Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission (02/03/2006) sp-5982 (CFEC, adding points for "special circumstances"; agency decision not overturned because agency was slow)
Wilson V. State, Dept. of Corrections (01/20/2006) sp-5974 (agency interpreting its own regulations)
State of Alaska Public Employees Retirement Board v. Paul Morton (11/04/2005) sp-5953, 123 P2d 986 (PERS definition of "disability"; 75% rule)
David Nevers v. State of Alaska Department of Administraton Division of Motor Vehicles (10/28/2005) sp-5952, 123 P2d 958 (DMV revocation hearings, no 4th Amendment)
State v. Dupier (08/12/2005) sp-5932, 118 P2d 1039 (combining state and federal fisheries law)
State v. Valley Hospital (07/01/2005) sp-5919, 116 P2d 580 (remand should not direct specific relief)
Halloran v. State (06/24/2005) sp-5912, 113 P2d 1207 (awarding fees under the catalyst theory)
Larson v. Cooper (05/27/2005) sp-5897, 113 P2d 1196 (inmate tort claim; deference to prison officials)
Vroman v. City of Soldotna (04/29/2005) sp-5892, 111 P2d 343 (de facto officer doctrine)
Deaver v. The Auction Block Company (02/25/2005) sp-5870, 107 P2d 884 (philosophy behind regulation of commercial fishing)
ConocoPhillips Alaska, Inc. v. State, Dept. of Natural Resources (01/28/2005) sp-5864, 109 P2d 914 (reduced royalty for discovery of new oil)
Brown v. Dick (01/21/2005) sp-5862, 107 P2d 260 (superior court stay pending admin proceeding)
Simpson v. State, Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission (11/19/2004) sp-5846 (CSED: maximum-optimum permits)
Libertarian Party of Alaska, Inc. v. State (11/19/2004) sp-5844 (APOC: hard vs. soft money; validity of agency regulations.)
Fred Meyer of Alaska, Inc. v. Bailey (11/05/2004) sp-5840 (AWHA: overtime pay for employees)
Alaska Center for the Environment v. Rue (07/30/2004) sp-5826 (beluga whales are not endangered)
State v. Public Safety Employees Association (06/25/2004) sp-5823 (providing legal counsel for state employees)
Anderson v. Alaska Bar Association (05/14/2004) sp-5806 (appeal of Bar Counsel ruling)
Mechanical Contractors of Alaska, Inc. v. State (05/07/2004) sp-5805 (challenging regs on procedural grounds and on substantive grounds; three-part O’Callaghan analysis)
Alaska Trademark Shellfish, LLC v. State (04/16/2004) sp-5795 (DF&G and Aquatic Farming Act)
Larson v. Cooper (03/05/2004) sp-5786 (defer to prison officials re: prison regulations)
Board of Trade, Inc. v. State, Dept. of Labor (01/23/2004) sp-5771 (Little Davis Bacon Act)
State v. Kenaitze Indian Tribe (01/16/2004) sp-5770 (promulgating and challenging admin. Regs.)
ACS of Alaska, Inc. v. Regulatory Commission of Alaska (12/12/2003) sp-5762 (rural exemptions for telephone companies)
Greenpeace, Inc. v. State (10/16/2003) sp-5743 (cumulative impacts of oil drilling under ACMP)
Grimm v. Wagoner (09/19/2003) sp-5737 (public official financial disclosure statutes require only substantial, not strict, compliance; corrupt election practice is basis for election contest only if sufficient to change the result)
Koyukuk River Basin Moose Co-Management Team v. Board of Game (08/22/2003) sp-5728 (deference to resource management decisions)
Fuller v. City of Homer (08/15/2003) sp-5725 (deliberative process under the public records act)
Brandon v. State, Dept. of Corrections (07/18/2003) sp-5711 (discipline hearing, prisoner due process rights)
Duncan v. Retired Public Employees of Alaska (06/13/2003) sp-5698 (changes in retirees’ vested benefits)
Wendte v. State, Board of Real Estate Appraisers (05/23/2003) sp-5694 (suspend professional license; crime of moral turpitude)
Palmer v. Municipality of Anchorage (03/07/2003) sp-5670 (AWCB and PFRB decisions, no preclusive effect)
Garner v. State, Dept. of Health & Social Services (01/31/2003) sp-5661 (Medicaid for disabled person)
DeNuptiis v. Unocal Corp. (01/31/2003) sp-5657 (preponderance is default standard of proof)
Crivello v. Alaska Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission (12/06/2002) sp-5649 (CFEC: awarding points when one partner applies for his own permit)
Samissa Anchorage, Inc. v. State, Dept. of Health and Social Services (10/25/2002) sp-5639 (no interest against State on admin appeals)
Hunt v. University of Alaska Fairbanks (08/09/2002) sp-5605 (deference to university on academic matters)
Lakosh v. Alaska Dept. of Environmental Conservation (06/28/2002) sp-5589 (admin. regs. must reflect statutory standards)
Chugach Electric Assoc., Inc. v. Regulatory Commission of Alaska (06/21/2002) sp-5585 (RCA must approve electricity outside of area)
Fairbanks Fire Fighters Assoc., Local 1324 v. City of Fairbanks (06/07/2002) sp-5579 (ALRA; is issue arbitrable?)
Cleaver v. State, Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission (06/07/2002) sp-5576 (CFEC permit; extraordinary circumstances)
Cook Inlet Keeper v. State (05/03/2002) sp-5567 (Alaska Coastal Management Program)
De Salvo v. Bryant (02/15/2002) sp-5536 (settlement of AWHA overtime claims)
Rhines v State Public Rmployees' Retirement Board (09/21/2001) sp-5472 (permanent disability under PERS)
Alvarez v Ketchikan Gateway Borough (08/17/2001) sp-5452 (need for factual findings for "meaningful review")
Enders v Parker (08/10/2001) sp-5446 (Rule 82 not applicable if statute provides for fees)
Anderson v State Dept of Revenue, Permanent Fund Div (07/20/2001) sp-5434 (PFD, presumption of non-residence)
State, Department of Revenue v Martha Andrade, et al. (05/25/2001) sp-5414 (PFD for legal aliens)
Lousiana Pacific Corp v State Dept of Revenue (05/04/2001) sp-5404 (state tax code incorporates IRC)
Lopez v. Administrator, Public Employee's Retirement System (04/06/2001) sp-5383 (Occupational disability benefits)
Kellis v. Crites (03/30/2001) sp-5380 (Admin Rule 7, recovery of fees and costs)
Interior Alaska Airboat Assoc. v. State, Board of Game (03/02/2001) sp-5369 (Review of a reg deals with process, not policy)
Yoon v. Alaska Real Estate Commission (02/23/2001) sp-5364 (Real Estate Surety Fund, promissory fraud)
Whitesides v. U-Haul Company of Alaska (01/19/2001) sp-5358 (AWHA: hourly vs. administrative employee)
Tlingit-Haida Regional Electrical Authority v. State, Alaska Public Utilities Commission (01/12/2001) sp-5357 (No vested right in certificate agency can revoke)
Era Aviation, Inc. v. Lindfors (11/24/2000) sp-5335 (Who is "professional" under AWHA?)
Stosh's I/M v. Fairbanks North Star Borough (11/17/2000) sp-5331 (Agency must follow its own regs)
Gwich'in Steering Committee v. State (10/13/2000) sp-5323 (Public Records Act)
Alaska Contracting & Consulting, Inc. v. Alaska Dept. of Labor (09/15/2000) sp-5313 (Liability for unemployment tax.)
Schikora v. Alaska Dept. of Revenue (08/25/2000) sp-5311 (Residency for PFD eligibility)
Office of Public Advocacy v. Superior Court, Second Judicial District (06/23/2000) sp-5291 (Continued appointment when client is ineligible)
Allen v. Alaska Oil & Gas Conservation Commission (05/12/2000) sp-5272 (Authority for retroactive orders under APA.)
United Parcel Service Company v. State, Dept. of Revenue (04/07/2000) sp-5257 (Deference to agency interpreting its own regs)
Jerrel v. State (03/24/2000) sp-5254 (Regulations must be promulgated under APA)
Skvorc v. State (03/03/2000) sp-5246 (Executive Branch Ethics Act)
Wescott v. State, Dept. of Labor (02/18/2000) sp-5241 (Unemployment compensation; suitable work)
Rollins v. State, Dept. of Revenue, Alcoholic Beverage Control Board (11/12/1999) sp-5200 (Alcoholic beverage license)
Halter v. State; Dept of Commerce and Economic Dev. (11/05/1999) sp-5198 (Doctor prescribe drugs without good records)
Alaska Department of Revenue v. Hale (04/30/1999) sp-5112, 978 P2d 1276 (military spouse residency for PFD)
Church v. State of Alaska; Department of Revenue (02/12/1999) sp-5079, 973 P2d 1125 (PFD; absence from state for 180 days)
Board of Trade, Inc. v. Alaska Wage & Hour Administration (11/27/1998) sp-5048, 968 P2d 86 (Little Davis-Bacon; "on-site")
Creations Unlimited v. State of Alaska (10/09/1998) sp-5037, 965 P2d 1 (soverign immunity; good faith negotiation)
Rutter v. Alaska Board of Fisheries (08/07/1998) sp-5017, 963 P2d 1007 (deference to Board of Fisheries)
Lucas v. Anchorage Police & Fire Retirement Board (07/10/1998) sp-5009, 960 P2d 1151 ("permanent" disability may be terminated)
Stalnaker v. Williams (06/12/1998) sp-5003, 960 P2d 590 (PERS like trial, not appeal, court)
Baxley v. Alaska Dep't. of Natural Resources (05/15/1998) sp-4988, 958 P2d 422 (altering competitively bid contracts)
Sielak v. Alaska Child Support Enforcement Div. (05/15/1998) sp-4985, 958 P2d 438 (agencies, creatures of legislature)
Suydam v. Alaska Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission (04/24/1998) sp-4977, 957 P2d 318 (CSED, burden of proof; AK residence)
Alaska Dep't. of Revenue v. OSG Bulk Ships, Inc. (02/20/1998) sp-4951, 961 P2d 399 (income tax on multinational corps)
McGhee v. Alaska (01/23/1998) sp-4937, 951 P2d 1215 (DWI license revocation)
Bering Straits Coastal Mgt. Program v. Noah (01/23/1998) sp-4936, 952 P2d 737 (trapper cabin in coastal area)
Bartlett v. Alaska Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission (12/12/1997) sp-4916, 948 P2d 987 (fishing permit - due process)
Alaska Wildlife Alliance v. Alaska Dep't. of Fish & Game (11/28/1997) sp-4910, 948 P2d 976 (Public Recoreds Act; privacy)
Valley Hospital Association, Inc. v. Mat-Su Coalition for Choice (11/21/1997) sp-4906, 948 P2d 963 (public interest litigant fees)
Alaska Division of Motor Vehicls v. Fernandes (10/31/1997) sp-4899, 946 P2d 1259 (mandatory insurance)
Human Resources Company v. Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education (10/16/1997) sp-4894, 946 P2d 441 (no agency power beyond that authorized)
Ellis v. Alaska Dep't. of Natural Resources (09/26/1997) sp-4888, 944 P2d 491 (DNR issuing Mineral Closing Order)
Szejner v. University of Alaska (09/12/1997) sp-4882, 944 P2d 481 (UAA academic admissions; student conduct)
Bruner v. Peterson, A.A.S. School of Nursing Univ. of Alaska (08/29/1997) sp-4875, 944 P2d 43 (presumption of agency impartiality)
Hertz v. Storer, Dep't. of Revenue, Permanent Fund Division (08/22/1997) sp-4871, 943 P2d 725 (no PFD for convicts is constitutional)
Nissan v. Alaska (07/18/1997) sp-4850, 941 P2d 1229 (unfair trade practices; consumer protection)
Mathis v. Sauser (07/18/1997) sp-4849, 942 P2d 1117 (prisoner use of computer, access to courts)
Schorr v. Frontier Transportation Co. (07/03/1997) sp-4847, 942 P2d 418 (AWHA, overtime pay long-haul drivers)
Mortvedt v. Alaska Dep't. of Natural Resources (06/20/1997) sp-4838, 941 P2d 126 (DNR and Historic Preservation Act)
Broeckel v. Alaska Dep't. of Corrections (06/20/1997) sp-4837, 941 P2d 893 (exhaust remedies, inmate grievance)
Stalnaker v. M.L.D. (06/06/1997) sp-4826, 939 P2d 407 (focus in PERS disability claim)
Krohn v. Dep't. of Fish and Game (05/30/1997) sp-4825, 938 P2d 1019 (open meetings act not applicable to commissioner)
Diksen v. Troxell (05/09/1997) sp-4818, 938 P2d 1009 (transferring limited entry permit)
Weiss v. State (05/02/1997) sp-4816, 939 P2d 380 (mental health lands trust case)
Grimes v. Kinney Shoe Corp (05/02/1997) sp-4815, 938 P2d 997 (Wage & Hour, no employer fees)
Alaska Dep't. of Transportation v. Fairbanks North Star Borough (04/25/1997) sp-4814, 936 P2d 1259 (exhaustion of remedies)
Crum v. Stalnaker (04/25/1997) sp-4812, 936 P2d 1254 (late-filed unused sick leave credit)
Kachemak Bay Watch, Inc., v. Dept. of Natural Resources (04/11/1997) sp-4805, 935 P2d 816 (aquatic farming; application of APA)
Faulk v. Kenai Board of Equalization (03/28/1997) sp-4798, 934 P2d 750 (inadequate agency findings; tax assessment)
Alaska Board of Marine Pilots v. Renwick (02/21/1997) sp-4782, 936 P2d 526 (agency interpreting its own statutes)
Child Support Enforcement Div. v. Wetherelt (01/24/1997) sp-4468, 931 P2d 383 (CSED refund denied)
Dep't. of Natural Resources v. Tongass Conservation Society (01/17/1997) sp-4462, 931 P2d 1016 (nonjusticiable political question)
Bollerud v. Alaska Dep't. of Public Safety. (01/10/1997) sp-4460, 929 P2d 1283 (standard of review, agency decisions; hearing officer asking questions of witness)
Alaska Permanent Fund Div. v. Wilder (01/10/1997) sp-4459, 929 P2d 1280 (residency for PFD purposes)
Distributel v. State (01/03/1997) sp-4458, 933 P2d 1137 (Telephonic Solicitation Act)
Kimble v State (12/27/1996) sp-4453, 928 P2d 1201 (No transcript, agency adopts h.o. decision)
Ninilchik Traditional Council, et al v. Noah (12/27/1996) sp-4450, 928 P2d 1206 (DNR process for approving oil lease sales)
Cissna v. Division of Elections (11/08/1996) sp-4426, 931 P2d 363 (election recount)
Matthews v. University of Alaska, Fairbanks (11/08/1996) sp-4425, 925 P2d 1052 (finality of agency decision)
Peninsula Correctional Health Care v. Dept. of Corrections (09/13/1996) sp-4403, 924 P2d 425 (Bids must be responsive to RFP)
Voight v. Snowden (09/13/1996) sp-4401, 923 P2d 778 (exhaust admin remedies before suing; futility)
Mount Juneau Enterprises, Inc. v. Juneau (09/06/1996) sp-4396, 923 P2d 768 (exhaust admin remedies before suing)
Usibelli Coal Mine v. Department of Natural Resources (08/16/1996) sp-4391, 921 P2d 1134 (administrative res judicata; granting rule-making authority to agency)
Capital Information Group v. State (08/16/1996) sp-4386, 923 P2d 29 (release of public records)
Gunderson v. UAF (08/09/1996) sp-4381, 922 P2d 229 (agency discretion, RFPs)
Javed v. DMV (07/26/1996) sp-4375, 921 P2d 620 (drivers license revocation hearing)
Carlson v. Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission (06/21/1996) sp-4356, 919 P2d 1337 (nonredident permit fees)
Reichmann v. Dept. of Natural Resources (05/31/1996) sp-4355, 917 P2d 1197 (preference rights; procedures manual vs. regulation)
Child Support Enforcement Div. v. Demers (05/17/1996) sp-4350, 915 P2d 1219 (CSED; judgment for support arrearage)
Waller v. Stalnaker (05/10/1996) sp-4348, 915 P2d 637 (PERS refund precludes applying for benefits)
Era Aviation v. Campbell (03/29/1996) sp-4332, 915 P2d 606 (refund of unlawful tax/fee)
Price v. Dahl (03/15/1996) sp-4326, 912 P2d 541 (comprehensive plan; zoning)
Kelso, AK Dept. Environ. Conservation v. Rybachek (03/08/1996) sp-4324, 912 P2d 536 (water quality; regs presumed valid)
Lower Kuskokwim School District v. Foundation Services (02/02/1996) sp-4320, 909 P2d 1383 (material variance in bids)
Berger v. Alaska (01/26/1996) sp-4316, 910 P2d 581 (3,000 PFD assignments)
Paul Wholesale et al v. State et al (12/22/1995) sp-4300, 908 P2d 994 (cancellation of agency bid invitation)
Dominish v. Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission (12/08/1995) sp-4290, 907 P2d 487 (CFEC proceedings)
Dep't. of Fish & Game v. Meyer (11/17/1995) sp-4282, 906 P2d 1365 (anti-discrimination law, procedure)
Public Safety Employees Ass'n v. Alaska (10/06/1995) sp-4270, 902 P2d 1334 ([rehearing of sp-4213] arbitrator is bound by applicable law)
Dansereau, et al. v. Ulmer (Election Case) (09/22/1995) sp-4264, 903 P2d 555 (challenge to Knowles election)
Alaska Public Utilities Commision v. Anchorage Telephone Utility (09/08/1995) sp-4248, 902 P2d 783 (implied power to rfund)
Kodiak Seafood Processors v. Alaska Department of Fish and Game (08/11/1995) sp-4235, 900 P2d 1191 (test fisheries)
Brodigan v. AK Dept. of Revenue (07/28/1995) sp-4234, 900 P2d 728 (PFD when absent from state)
Nenana City School District v. Arlene Coghill (07/21/1995) sp-4229, 898 P2d 929 (strict compliance, licensing statutes)
Carr Gottstein Properties v. Department of Natural Resources (07/14/1995) sp-4230, 899 P2d 136 (lease-purchase agreements)
State, Dept. of Revenue, Permanent Fund v. Bradley (06/09/1995) sp-4221, 896 P2d 237 (denial of PFD to part-time student)
Public Safety Employees Local 92 v. Alaska (05/26/1995) sp-4213, 895 P2d 980 (arbitrator is bound by applicable law)
Shepherd v. Dept. of Fish & Game (05/19/1995) sp-4204, 897 P2d 33 (nonresident hunters; Board of Game)
Alaska v. United Cook Inlet Drift Ass'n. (05/12/1995) sp-4195, 895 P2d 947 (All-Alaskan subsistence)
Rosier v. Kenaitze Indian Tribe (05/09/1995) sp-4201, 894 P2d 632 (subsistence; Board of Fisheries)
Alaska Dept of Revenue v. Merriouns (05/05/1995) sp-4193, 894 P2d 623 (late-filed PFD application)
Pet. for Inc. of City & Boro of Yakutat v. Lcl. Bdry. Comm'n. (04/28/1995) sp-4192, 900 P2d 721 (Local Boundary commision)
Keane v. Boundary Commission (04/14/1995) sp-4187, 893 P2d 1239 (municipality providing services)
Anchorage v. Coffey (04/14/1995) sp-4186, 893 P2d 722 (judging credibility of witnesses)
Lewis v. Commercial Fisheries Entry Comm. (03/31/1995) sp-4185, 892 P2d 175 (CFEC case)
Pan-Alaska Const. v. State Dept. of Admin. (03/24/1995) sp-4183, 892 P2d 159 (reimburse bid preparation costs)
Glascock v. State (02/24/1995) sp-4171, 890 P2d 65 (licence suspension, out-of-state DWI)
Peninsula Marketing Association v. Rosier (02/24/1995) sp-4170, 890 P2d 567 (Board of Fisheries, False Pass regs)
American Restaurant Group v. Clark (02/10/1995) sp-4163, 889 P2d 595 (managerial employee, overtime pay)
Stepovak-Shumagin Set Net Assn. v. Alaska Board of Fisheries (12/09/1994) sp-4155, 886 P2d 632 (standard of review, adoption of agency regs)
Lake and Peninsula Borough v. Local Boundary Commission, et al (12/02/1994) sp-4152, 885 P2d 1059 (borough boundaries not determined by voters)
P. McAdoo v. M. Diaz et al (11/25/1994) sp-4151, 884 P2d 1385 (elder abuse reporting)
Toney v. Fairbanks North Star Borough School District (09/30/1994) sp-4126, 881 P2d 1112 (teacher fired for sex with student)
DOT and State of Alaska v. North Slope Borough and Tanana Chiefs (08/26/1994) sp-4116, 879 P2d 1009 (Dalton Highway; repeal of regulations)
N. Alaska Env. Center et al v. Alaska Public Utilities Comm. (08/26/1994) sp-4115, 879 P2d 1015 (consider environ. at HCCP; define quorum)
Risch v. Alaska Railroad Corp. and Alaska Dept. of Labor (08/19/1994) sp-4114, 879 P2d 358 (unemployment denied, ee w/marijuana)
Kila, Inc. v. Alaska Depts. of Administration and Correction, and Allvest, Inc. (07/08/1994) sp-4105, 876 P2d 1102 (government contracts; open meeting law)
Moore v. Alaska Dept. of Transportation (06/17/1994) sp-4093, 875 P2d 765 (exhaustion of remedies)
Smith and Bynum v. Alaska Dept. of Corrections (04/29/1994) sp-4074, 872 P2d 1218 (Parole Board, due process)
Hickel v. Halford and Cowper et al (04/04/1994) sp-4069, 872 P2d 171 (attributes of admin. proceeding)
Kuitsarak et al v. Alaska Dept. of Natural Resources (03/04/1994) sp-4063, 870 P2d 387 (DNR, delegate to contractor)
Alaska v. Cook Inlet Drift Assoc. et al (02/18/1994) sp-4054, 868 P2d 913 (All-Alaskan subsistence)
Sport Fishing Assn. v. Dept. of Fish and Game (01/14/1994) sp-4043, 866 P2d 1314 (reasoned decision-making)
Alaska Env. Center v. Dept. of Natural Resources (12/23/1993) sp-4039, 865 P2d 745 (DNR, North Slope oil leases)
Earth Movers of Fairbanks v. Fairbanks North Star Borough (12/17/1993) sp-4037, 865 P2d 741 (standing to contest zoning)
Brandon v. Dept. of Corrections (12/17/1993) sp-4036, 865 P2d 87 (prisoners' rights)
State of Alaska and Cameron, et al v. Beard (12/03/1993) sp-4032, 864 P2d 538 (exhaustion of remedies)
Linstad v. Sitka School District (11/26/1993) sp-4028, 863 P2d 838 (tenured teacher nonretention)
Alaska Dept. of Health & Social Svcs. v. Hope Cottages (11/19/1993) sp-4027, 863 P2d 246 (Medicaid)
S. Anchorage Concerned Coalition et al v. Coffey et al (11/12/1993) sp-4024, 862 P2d 168 (zoning; agency findings mandatory)
Valleys Borough Support Committe v. Local Boundary Commission (11/12/1993) sp-4022, 863 P2d 232 (Local Boundary Commission)
Breck v. Dept. of Labor, Employment Security Div. (11/05/1993) sp-4020, 862 P2d 854 (UI payment by corporate officer)
Fairbanks Board of Equalization et al v. Cool Homes et al (10/29/1993) sp-4016, 860 P2d 1248 (property taxation; open meetings)
Owen v. Alaska Dept. of Corrections (10/01/1993) sp-4006, 859 P2d 1308 (agency appeals from DOC)
Dept. of Revenue, Permanent Fund Div., v. Cosio (08/20/1993) sp-3998, 858 P2d 621 (no PFD for illegal alien)
Dept. of Revenue v. Atlantic Richfield Co. (08/06/1993) sp-3991, 858 P2d 307 (taxing of oil companies)
Skudrzyk v. University of Alaska (07/23/1993) sp-3983, 856 P2d 462 (agency ruling, appeal procedure)
The Pop Shoppe v. Ketchican Gateway Borough (07/23/1993) sp-3977, 855 P2d 1335 (sales tax on pull-tabs)
Dept. of Health and Social Svcs. v. Hospital and Nursing Home Assoc. (07/16/1993) sp-3972, 856 P2d 755 (Medicaid rates)
Kodiak v. Dept. of Labor (06/04/1993) sp-3965, 853 P2d 1111 (PERA, opting out)
Kleven v. Yukon-Koyukuk School District (06/04/1993) sp-3964, 853 P2d 518 (exhausting admin remedies)
In the Matter of R.K. and E.K. (04/30/1993) sp-3949, 851 P2d 62 (DFYS, CINA-terminate parental rights)
N. Alaska Env. Center, et al v. Dept of Natural Resources (04/23/1993) sp-3945, 851 P2d 1340 (DNR, North Slope oil leases)
Dayhoff v. Temso Helicopters (03/26/1993) sp-3940, 848 P2d 1367 (AWHA claims)
Johnson v. Div. of Retirement and Benefits (03/12/1993) sp-3937, 848 P2d 263 (PERS)
S. Hertz v. A. Hertz (02/19/1993) sp-3934, 847 P2d 71 (CSED against prisoners)
Saunders Propterties v. Municipality of Anchorage (02/12/1993) sp-3933, 846 P2d 135 (legislative body as quasi-judical)
Stein et al v. Dept. of Environmental Conservation (02/05/1993) sp-3927, 846 P2d 123 (gold miners vs. EPA/DEC)
Odum v. University of Alaska (01/29/1993) sp-3925, 845 P2d 432 (APA applies to faculty pre-termination)
North Star Alaska Housing Corp. v. Fairbanks Board of Equalization (01/15/1993) sp-3915, 844 P2d 1109 (appeal property tax assessment)
Dept of Revenue v. The Parsons Corporation (12/31/1992) sp-3910, 843 P2d 1238 (multistate tax compact)
Longwith v. Dept of Natural Resources (12/11/1992) sp-3903, 848 P2d 257 (DNR preferences)
Fairbanks School District v. Bowers Office Products (09/25/1992) sp-3888, 851 P2d 56 (bidding on State contracts)
Handley v. Dept. of Revenue (09/18/1992) sp-3885, 838 P2d 1231 (PFD for inmates)
Alaska Fish Spotters Assoc. v. Dept of Fish and Game (09/11/1992) sp-3884, 838 P2d 798 (Fish Board authority)
Dick Fischer Dev. No. 2, Inc., v. Dept. of Administration (09/04/1992) sp-3880, 838 P2d 263 (bidding on State contracts)
Trustees for AK et al v. Gorsuch & DNR (08/21/1992) sp-3879, 835 P2d 1239 (agency standards of review)
Pederson-Szafran v. D. Baily and F. Baxter (08/14/1992) sp-3877, 837 P2d 124 (wrongful discharge; exhaust remedies)
Wilson and State of Alaska v. Morry and Kwethluk Ira Council (07/10/1992) sp-3866, 836 P2d 358 (Game Board)
Cook Inlet Pipeline Co. v. Tesoro and Alaska Public Util. Comm. (06/26/1992) sp-3851, 836 P2d 343 (pipeline tariffs)
Alaska Commercial Fisheries Entry Commision v. Russo (06/05/1992) sp-3849, 833 P2d 7 (CFEC)
Colville Environmental Services v. North Slope Borough (04/24/1992) sp-3833, 831 P2d 341 (agency authority; APUC)
AK State Employees Ass'n. v. State (04/03/1992) sp-3825, 831 P2d 1245 (LRA, PERA)
Fairbanks North Star Borough v. State of Alaska (02/28/1992) sp-3815, 826 P2d 760 (appeals)
Far North Sanitation. Inc. v. Alaksa Public Utilities Comm. (02/07/1992) sp-3807, 825 P2d 867 (agency authority; APUC)
Earth Movers of Fairbanks, Inc. v. Dept. of Transportation (01/24/1992) sp-3804, 824 P2d 715 (DOT appeal)
C.G.A. & I. Jousma v. State & C.G.A. (01/10/1992) sp-3795, 824 P2d 1364 (primary jurisdiction)
AK State Employees Assoc., et al v. AK Public Employees Assoc., et al (11/29/1991) sp-3779, 825 P2d 451 (labor)
W. Johnson et al v. AK Dept. Fish & Game (11/29/1991) sp-3778, 836 P2d 896 (civil rights; issue preclusion)
McKeown et al v. Kinney Shoe Corp. (11/15/1991) sp-3774, 820 P2d 1068 (AWHA, private settlement)
E. Warner et al v. State et al (10/17/1991) sp-3764, 819 P2d 28 (realtor board, agency powers)
P. Flisock v. State Div. of Retirement and Benefits (10/04/1991) sp-3758, 818 P2d 640 (teachers' retirement)
Fairbanks School District v. NEA-Alaska (09/27/1991) sp-3751, 817 P2d 923 (regulation consistency)
Hester v. State & Employees Retirement Board (09/06/1991) sp-3750, 817 P2d 472 (public employee retirement)
Homer Electric Assoc. v. Kenai et al (08/16/1991) sp-3738, 816 P2d 182 (public utilities)
T. Smith v. J. Sampson & AK Dept. of Labor (08/09/1991) sp-3732, 816 P2d 902 (unemployment)
Borrego v. Dept. of Public Safety (07/26/1991) sp-3722, 815 P2d 360 (drivers license suspension)
Stevens, Allakeket and Dinyea v. Dept. of Natural Resources (03/29/1991) sp-3678, 808 P2d 261 (homestead land)
Kenai Borough v. Cook Inlet Region & Salamatov Native Assoc. (03/15/1991) sp-3671, 807 P2d 487 (property taxation)

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