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Sec. 47.33.330. Prohibitions.
 (a) An assisted living home, including staff of the home, may not
     (1) deprive a resident of the home of the rights, benefits, or privileges guaranteed to the resident by law;

     (2) enter a resident’s room without first obtaining permission, except
          (A) during regular, previously announced, fire, sanitation, or other licensing inspections;

          (B) when a condition or situation presents an imminent danger;

          (C) as required by the resident’s assisted living plan to provide services specified in the residential services contract; or

          (D) for other vital health or safety reasons;

     (3) impose religious beliefs or practices upon a resident or require a resident to attend religious services;

     (4) place a resident under physical restraint unless the resident’s own actions present an imminent danger to the resident or others;

     (5) place a resident under chemical restraint; this paragraph does not prevent a resident from voluntarily taking tranquilizers, or other medication, prescribed by a licensed physician;

     (6) compel a resident to perform services for the home, except as contracted for by the resident and the home or as provided for in the resident’s assisted living plan; or

     (7) restrain, interfere with, coerce, discriminate against, or retaliate against a resident for asserting a right specified by this chapter or by other law.

 (b) An assisted living home may not physically restrain a resident unless the home has a written physical restraint procedure that has been approved by the licensing agency. The home shall terminate the physical restraint as soon as the resident no longer presents an imminent danger.

 (c) An owner, administrator, employee, or agent of an assisted living home may not act as a representative of a resident.

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