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Sec. 47.33.060. House rules.
 (a) An assisted living home may establish house rules, subject to the limitations provided for under this chapter.

 (b) An assisted living home shall give a copy of the house rules to a prospective resident or the prospective resident’s representative before the prospective resident enters into a residential services contract with the home, and shall post the house rules in a conspicuous place in the home.

 (c) House rules may address various issues, including
     (1) times and frequency of use of the telephone;

     (2) hours for viewing and volume for listening to television, radio, and other electronic equipment that could disturb other residents;

     (3) visitors;

     (4) movement of residents in and out of the home;

     (5) use of personal property;

     (6) use of tobacco and alcohol; and

     (7) physical, verbal, or other abuse of other residents or staff.

 (d) An assisted living home may not adopt a house rule that unreasonably restricts a right of a resident provided for under this chapter or under any other provision of law.

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