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Sec. 25.27.065. Waiver of child support.
 (a) A custodian of a child, including a custodial parent, owes a duty to that child to ensure that child support is paid by a noncustodial parent who is obligated to pay it. An agreement to waive past or future child support, made between an obligor and a person who is entitled to receive support on behalf of an obligee, is not enforceable unless
     (1) the agreement is put in writing at the time the agreement is made; and

     (2) the agreement is signed at the time it is made by both the obligor and the person acting for the obligee.

 (b) When the right to receive child support has been assigned to a governmental entity, an agreement under (a) of this section that has not been adopted as an administrative order of the agency is not effective during a period when the obligee is receiving assistance under AS 47.27.

 (c) In a separation, dissolution, or divorce proceeding, a court may not accept a waiver of support by a custodial parent without proof that the custodial parent can support the needs of the child adequately.

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