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Alaska Administrative Code
Title 18 . Environmental Conservation
Chapter 60 . Solid Waste Management

Chapter 60. Solid Waste Management

Section 5 . Purpose and applicability
Section 7 . Solid wastes used as fill
Section 8 . Beneficial use
Section 10 . Accumulation, storage, and treatment
Section 15 . Transport
Section 20 . Hazardous waste
Section 25 . Polluted soil
Section 30 . Medical waste
Section 35 . Vehicles and construction equipment
Section 40 . Wellhead protection
Section 200 . Permit requirement
Section 205 . Solid waste management planning
Section 207 . Operation under a comprehensive solid waste management permit
Section 210 . Permit application
Section 215 . Permit issuance
Section 217 . Separation from groundwater
Section 220 . Access requirements
Section 225 . Surface water requirements
Section 227 . Landfills located on permafrost
Section 228 . Exemptions for freezeback landfills
Section 230 . Disease vector, wildlife, and domestic animal control
Section 233 . Controlling impacts outside facility boundaries
Section 235 . Recordkeeping requirements
Section 240 . Procedures to exclude receipt of hazardous waste
Section 243 . Intermediate cover
Section 245 . Prompt closure
Section 250 . Existing permits and permit renewal
Section 255 . General permit
Section 260 . Permit modification and revocation
Section 265 . Proof of financial responsibility
Section 270 . Termination of post-closure obligations
Section 300 . Purpose, scope, and applicability; classes of MSWLF
Section 305 . Airport safety
Section 310 . Floodplains
Section 315 . Wetlands
Section 320 . Fault areas, seismic impact zones, and unstable areas
Section 325 . (Repealed)
Section 330 . Design standards
Section 333 . Air quality control
Section 335 . Minimum operator qualifications for a Class I MSWLF
Section 340 . Cover material requirements for a Class I or Class II MSWLF
Section 345 . Cover material, working face, and litter control requirements for a Class III MSWLF
Section 350 . Control of explosive gases
Section 355 . Open burning
Section 360 . Liquids restrictions
Section 365 . Co-disposal of sewage solids
Section 370 . (Repealed)
Section 375 . Corrective action at a MSWLF
Section 380 . MSWLF recordkeeping requirements
Section 385 . Closure of existing MSWLF
Section 390 . Closure standards for a Class III MSWLF
Section 395 . Closure standards for a Class I or Class II MSWLF
Section 396 . Post-closure care requirements for a Class III MSWLF
Section 397 . Post-closure care requirements for a Class I or Class II MSWLF
Section 398 . Financial assurance for a Class I or Class II MSWLF
Section 400 . Applicability
Section 410 . Location standards
Section 420 . Operations
Section 430 . Drilling waste
Section 440 . Closure of inactive reserve pits
Section 450 . Asbestos
Section 455 . Mining waste
Section 460 . Inert waste
Section 470 . Sewage solids
Section 480 . Wood waste
Section 485 . Industrial solid waste
Section 490 . Closure demonstration and post-closure care
Section 495 . (Repealed)
Section 500 . Applicability
Section 505 . General requirements
Section 510 . Permit application
Section 700 . Fee requirements
Section 720 . (Repealed)
Section 730 . Fee appeal procedures
Section 800 . Visual and air monitoring
Section 810 . Surface water monitoring
Section 815 . Corrective action for problems discovered during visual and surface water monitoring or during an inspection
Section 820 . Groundwater monitoring and corrective action
Section 825 . Groundwater monitoring systems
Section 830 . Groundwater sampling and analysis
Section 840 . Parameters for surface water monitoring and groundwater detection monitoring
Section 850 . Detection monitoring program
Section 860 . Assessment monitoring and corrective action
Section 900 . Waivers
Section 990 . Definitions

Editor's note: Some regulations in this chapter, which was reorganized and revised in 1996, were further changed, effective 10/29/98, and distributed in Register 148.

The regulations in this chapter, effective 1/28/96, and distributed in Register 137, constitute a comprehensive reorganization and revision of this material. They replace all previous regulations in this chapter that were repealed simultaneously with the adoption of these regulations. The history line at the end of each section does not reflect the history of the replaced provisions before 1/28/96, nor is the section numbering related to the numbering before that date. Some section numbers in this revision were used in previous versions, but the current sections with those numbers are not necessarily related to the previous section numbers. Previous versions of this chapter, and amendments to those versions, may be reviewed at the Office of the Lieutenant Governor and may be found at Register 47, effective 7/19/73; Register 67, effective 8/21/78; Register 88, effective 10/9/83; Register 103, effective 9/20/87.

As of Register 151 (October 1999), the functions of the former Department of Community and Regional Affairs were transferred to other state agences. Revisions to regulations to reflect changes in state agencies' names were made by the regulations attorney in accordance with ch. 58, SLA 1999 and AS 44.62.125 (b)(6).

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