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Sec. 44.62.125. Regulations attorney.
 (a) In the Department of Law a particular attorney, called the regulations attorney, shall be assigned, as the attorney’s primary responsibility, the functions relating to the handling of administrative regulations.

 (b) The department shall
     (1) advise all state administrative agencies of the nature and use of administrative regulations;

     (2) alert the agencies to statutes that need to be implemented, interpreted, or made clear by regulation;

     (3) continually review the regulations, make recommendations to the respective agencies concerning deficiencies, conflicts, and obsolete provisions in and the need for reorganization or revision of the regulations, and prepare regulations to be adopted by the agencies, correcting or removing the deficiencies, conflicts, and obsolete provisions;

     (4) work with all administrative agencies possessing regulation-making power in drafting all new regulations, advising the agencies of legal problems encountered, and ensuring compliance with the drafting manual for administrative regulations prepared by the Department of Law under AS 44.62.050;

     (5) assist the agencies in holding public hearings under AS 44.62.210;

     (6) to the extent necessary after regulations have been filed by the lieutenant governor, edit and revise them for consolidation into the Alaska Administrative Code in the manner provided for the revisor of statutes under AS 01.05.031;

     (7) draft bills for consideration by the governor to transfer matter that should be statutory law from the Alaska Administrative Code to the Alaska Statutes and to clarify agency regulatory power when clarification is needed.

Article 3. The Alaska Administrative Register and Code.

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