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Title 3 . Commerce, Community, and Economic Development
Chapter 52 . Telecommunications
Section 399. Definitions

3 AAC 52.399. Definitions

Unless the context indicates otherwise, in 3 AAC 52.350 - 3 AAC 52.399

(1) "commission" means the Regulatory Commission of Alaska;

(2) repealed 9/16/2005;

(3) "geographically averaged rates" means rates that use the same tariff provisions and rate schedules to apply to all message telephone service communications of the same distance, regardless of the originating and terminating points of the communication;

(4) "incumbent carrier" means the telephone utility, or its successor, certificated in commission Docket U-69-24 to provide intrastate interexchange telephone service; "incumbent carrier" does not include an incumbent local exchange carrier;

(5) "interexchange carrier" means a carrier certificated or registered to provide intrastate interexchange telephone service;

(6) "local exchange carrier" means a local exchange telephone utility certificated to provide local exchange telephone service;

(7) repealed 9/1/2002;

(8) repealed 9/16/2005;

(9) "bona fide request" means a good-faith written request by a certificated or registered intrastate interexchange carrier;

(10) repealed 9/16/2005;

(11) "1-plus" means a system of dialing in which the calling party dials the prefix "1" before the telephone number for an interexchange call;

(12) "unbundled rate element" means a rate for a service that is priced separately from other services and allows a customer a reasonable opportunity to purchase a desired service without an obligation to purchase unwanted services;

(13) "affiliated interest" has the meaning given in AS 42.05.990 ;

(14) "alternate operator service" has the meaning given in AS 42.05.325 (c);

(15) "incumbent local exchange carrier" means the telephone utility, or its successor, certificated to provide local exchange telephone service within its service area as of February 8, 1996.

(16) "bundled service" means an offering combining two or more services, one of which is intrastate interexchange service, for a package price that may include a discount or some other benefit; "bundled service" does not include a combination of intrastate interexchange service offerings at a package price.

(17) "affiliate" has the meaning given "affiliated interest" in AS 42.05.990 ;

(18) "control" by a carrier refers to the ability of the carrier or its affiliate to direct the use of facilities regardless of whether the carrier directly owns the facilities.

History: Eff. 3/16/91, Register 117; am 9/1/2002, Register 163; am 5/18/2003, Register 166; am 4/24/2004, Register 170; am 8/27/2004, Register 171; am 9/16/2005, Register 175

Authority: AS 42.05.141

AS 42.05.145

AS 42.05.151

AS 42.05.291

AS 42.05.800

Editor's note: As of Register 175 (October 2005), the regulations attorney made a technical revision under AS 44.62.125 (b)(6), to 3 AAC 52.399(11) .

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