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Sec. 16.10.450. Sale of salmon and salmon eggs: use of proceeds; quality and price.
 (a) Except as otherwise provided in a contract for the operation of a hatchery under AS 16.10.480, a hatchery operator who sells salmon returning from the natural waters of the state, or sells salmon eggs to another hatchery operating under AS 16.10.400 — 16.10.470, after utilizing the funds for reasonable operating costs, including debt retirement, expanding its facilities, salmon rehabilitation projects, fisheries research, or costs of operating the qualified regional association for the area in which the hatchery is located, shall expend the remaining funds on other fisheries activities of the qualified regional association.

 (b) Fish returning to hatcheries and sold for human consumption shall be of comparable quality to fish harvested by commercial fisheries in the area and shall be sold at prices commensurate with the current market.

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