Alaska Statutes.
Title 16. Fish and Game
Chapter 5. Fish and Game Code
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Chapter 5. Fish and Game Code

Section 10. Commissioner of Fish and Game.
Section 20. Functions of Commissioner.
Section 30. Status of Commissioner. [Repealed, Sec. 40 Ch 206 SLA 1975].
Section 40. Compensation of Commissioner.
Section 50. Powers and Duties of Commissioner.
Section 52. Nuisance Moose.
Section 53. Accounting and Disposition of Receipts. [Repealed, Sec. 92 Ch 36 SLA 1990. For Current Law, See AS 37.05.142
Section 55. On-Board Observer Program.
Section 60. Emergency Orders.
Section 65. Application Extension.
Section 70. Regulations as Evidence.
Section 80. Limitation of Power.
Section 90. Organization of the Department.
Section 92. Fisheries Rehabilitation, Enhancement, and Development.
Section 94. Duties of Section of Subsistence Hunting and Fishing.
Section 100. Fish and Game Fund Established.
Section 110. Composition of Fund.
Section 120. Disbursement of Funds.
Section 130. Diversion of Funds Prohibited; Separate Accounts.
Section 140. Assent to Provisions of Federal Aid Acts.
Section 150. Enforcement Authority.
Section 160. Duty to Arrest.
Section 165. Form and Issuance of Citation.
Section 170. Power to Execute Warrant.
Section 180. Power to Search Without Warrant.
Section 190. Seizure and Disposition of Equipment.
Section 195. Forfeiture of Equipment.
Section 200. Power to Administer Oaths.
Section 210. Ineligibility For Bounties.
Section 220. The Board of Fish and Game. [Repealed, Sec. 40 Ch 206 SLA 1975].
Section 221. Boards of Fisheries and Game.
Section 230. Term of Office. [Repealed, Sec. 40 Ch 206 SLA 1975].
Section 240. Powers Excluded. [Repealed, Sec. 40 Ch 206 SLA 1975].
Section 241. Powers Excluded.
Section 250. Regulations. [Repealed, Sec. 40 Ch 206 SLA 1975].
Section 251. Regulations of the Board of Fisheries.
Section 253. Operation of Stationary Fishing Gear.
Section 255. Regulations of the Board of Game; Management Requirements.
Section 256. Nonresident and Nonresident Alien Permits.
Section 257. Subsistence Hunting Regulations. [Repealed, Sec. 12 Ch 52 SLA 1986].
Section 258. Subsistence Use and Allocation of Fish and Game.
Section 259. No Subsistence Defense.
Section 260. Advisory Committees.
Section 261. [Renumbered as AS 16.05.259
Section 270. Delegation of Authority to Commissioner.
Section 280. Removal of Board Members.
Section 290. Compensation of Board Members.
Section 300. Board Meetings.
Section 305. Clerical Assistance For Boards.
Section 310. Special Board Meetings.
Section 315. Joint Board Meetings.
Section 320. Quorum.
Section 330. Licenses, Tags, and Subsistence Permits.
Section 331. Elk Farming. [Renumbered as AS 16.40.050
Section 335. Complimentary Licenses.
Section 340. License, Permit, and Tag Fees; Surcharge; Miscellaneous Permits to Take Fish and Game.
Section 341. Free License For Disabled Veterans.
Section 343. Auctions or Raffles For Big Game Harvest Permits.
Section 345. Musk Oxen. [Repealed, Sec. 4 Ch 57 SLA 1980].
Section 346. Permit Applications.
Section 350. Expiration of Licenses, Permits, and Tags.
Section 360. Commissioner Charged With License Issuance.
Section 370. Reports By Licensees.
Section 380. Commissioner May Appoint Agents.
Section 390. Fees and Compensation For Issuance of Licenses, Permits, and Tags.
Section 395. Sport Fishing Vessel Registration.
Section 400. Persons Exempt From License Requirement.
Section 403. Special Licenses and Permits.
Section 405. Taking Fish and Game By Proxy.
Section 407. Nonresident Hunting Big Game Animals Must Be Accompanied.
Section 408. Nonresident Alien Hunter to Be Accompanied By Guide.
Section 410. Revocation of License.
Section 415. Determination of Residency.
Section 420. License, Tag, Permit, and Registration Violations.
Section 430. Penalties.
Section 440. Expiration Date For Licenses.
Section 450. Issuance of Licenses; Disclosure For Child Support Purposes.
Section 460. Commissioner May Appoint Agents.
Section 470. Fee For Issuance of Licenses.
Section 475. Registration of Fishing Vessels.
Section 480. Commercial Fishing License; Disclosure For Child Support Purposes.
Section 490. Vessel License.
Section 495. Vessel License Exemption.
Section 500. Revocation of Vessel License. [Repealed, Sec. 19 Ch 105 SLA 1977].
Section 510. Unlicensed Vessel Unlawful.
Section 520. Number Plate.
Section 530. Renewal of Vessel License.
Section 536. Persons Eligible For Gear Licenses. [Repealed, Sec. 12 Ch 71 SLA 1972].
Section 540. - 16.05.610. Limitation On Issuance of Fishing Gear Licenses; Issuance of Licenses For Various Types of Fishing Gear. [Repealed, Sec. 19 Ch 105 SLA 1977].
Section 620. Otter Trawl License. [Repealed, Sec. 2 Ch 159 SLA 1968].
Section 630. Shellfish Pot License. [Repealed, Sec. 19 Ch 105 SLA 1977].
Section 632. Identification of Shellfish Pots or Buoys, or Both, Used in the Taking of King Crab and Requirements For Buoys.
Section 640. - 16.05.650. Clam Digger's License; Licensing of Small Commercial Operations. [Repealed, Sec. 19 Ch 105 SLA 1977].
Section 660. License Exemption.
Section 662. Fishing Derbies.
Section 665. Falsification of Application For License.
Section 670. Fishing Gear License in General. [Repealed, Sec. 19 Ch 105 SLA 1977].
Section 671. Transportation and Sale of Certain Fish By An Agent of the Fisherman Who Caught the Fish.
Section 675. Landing Permits.
Section 680. Unlawful Practices.
Section 685. Processing On Commercial King Crab Fishing Vessels.
Section 690. Record of Purchases.
Section 700. Penalty For Violation of AS 16.05.680
Section 710. Suspension of Commercial License and Entry Permit.
Section 720. Penalties. [Repealed, Sec. 5 Ch 46 SLA 1988].
Section 722. Strict Liability Commercial Fishing Penalties.
Section 723. Misdemeanor Commercial Fishing Penalties.
Section 730. Management of Wild and Enhanced Stocks of Fish.
Section 735. Management of Offshore Fisheries.
Section 780. Taking of Antlerless Moose Prohibited.
Section 782. Taking of Brown or Grizzly Bear Near Solid Waste Disposal Facility Prohibited.
Section 783. Same Day Airborne Hunting.
Section 785. Effect of Failure to Remove Old Markers.
Section 786. , 16.05.787. Duty of Big Game Transporters to Report Violations; Registration of Big Game Hunting Base Camps, Cabins, and Lodges. [Repealed, Sec. 18 Ch 37 SLA 1989].
Section 788. Examination Fee. [Repealed, Sec. 24 Ch 32 SLA 1971].
Section 789. Prohibition On Hunting Adjacent to Highway Between Yukon River and Arctic Ocean.
Section 790. Obstruction or Hindrance of Lawful Hunting, Fishing, Trapping, or Viewing of Fish or Game.
Section 791. Civil Remedies For Violation of AS 16.05.790
Section 792. - 16.05.796. Qualifications of Master Guides; License Not Required; Use of Title. [Repealed, Sec. 2 Ch 32 SLA 1968. For Current Law, See AS 08.54].
Section 797. Computer-Assisted Remote Hunting Prohibited.
Section 798. Master Guides. [Repealed, Sec. 2 Ch 32 SLA 1968. For Current Law, See AS 08.54].
Section 800. Public Nuisances.
Section 810. Burden of Proof.
Section 815. Confidential Nature of Certain Reports and Records.
Section 820. Research By the Federal Government.
Section 825. State Upland Game Bird Release Program.
Section 826. Waterfowl Conservation Stamp Program.
Section 827. Sale of Subsistence Salmon Roe. [Repealed, Sec. 4 Ch 99 SLA 1975].
Section 830. Wanton Waste. [Repealed, Sec. 1 Ch 73 SLA 1968].
Section 831. Waste of Salmon.
Section 835. Maximum Length of Salmon Seine and Certain Hair Crab Vessels.
Section 840. - 16.05.860l [Repealed, E.O. No. 107, Sec. 44 (2003). For Current Law, See AS 41.14.840
Section 865. Transplanting of Musk Oxen.
Section 868. Fish Health Inspections.
Section 870. - 16.05.900l [Repealed, E.O. No. 107, Sec. 44 (2003). For Current Law, See AS 41.14.870
Section 902. Personnel and Equipment Used in Exploration Work.
Section 903. Big Game Photography Contest. [Repealed, Sec. 29 Ch 132 SLA 1984].
Section 905. Activities By Aliens Prohibited.
Section 910. Penalty. [Renumbered as AS 16.05.905
Section 920. Prohibited Conduct Generally.
Section 921. Venomous Reptiles and Insects or Their Eggs; Prohibited Conduct; Permits.
Section 925. Penalty For Violations.
Section 930. Exempted Activities.
Section 935. Restrictions On Cooperation With Federal Government.
Section 940. Definitions.
Section 950. Short Title of the Chapter.


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