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This index is presented by Touch N' Go Systems, Inc., and the Law Offices of James B. Gottstein with permission of Lawyer Support Services which created the index and makes available single page summaries of each case the day following issuance.


Enders v. Glen Parker (10/14/2005) sp-5947, 125 P2d 1027 (undue influence, insane delusions, standard of review for fee request under AS 13.16.435)
Johnson v. Hughes Thorsness Powell Huddleston & Bauman LLC (07/29/2005) sp-5928, 119 P2d 425 (attorney fees in an estate)
In the Matter of the Estate of Florian A. Maldonado (07/22/2005) sp-5926, 117 P2d 720 (spouse's elective share; augmented estate)
Trapp v. State of Alaska (05/13/2005) sp-5895, 112 P2d 668 (difference between conservator and guardian)
Martin v. Dieringer (03/04/2005) sp-5873, 108 P2d 234 (gift to pers.rep.; appoint successor pers.rep.)
Marshall v. First National Bank Alaska (09/03/2004) sp-5830 (excessive or unreasonable trustee fees)
Gunter v. Kathy-O-Estates (03/19/2004) sp-5789 (when dismissal of claim by guardian is valid)
Zok v. Estate of Collins (02/06/2004) sp-5777 (closing estate without adjudicating claim)
Riddell v. Edwards (09/05/2003) sp-5733 (statutory allowances/share vest upon death; personal rep. cannot sue to void a marriage)
Vukmir v. Vukmir (08/01/2003) sp-5722 (will interpretation; specific bequests)
Reynolds v. The Sisco Group, Inc. (05/09/2003) sp-5688 (judgment creditor collecting from estate assets)
Enders v. Parker (03/21/2003) sp-5675 (recovery of expenses by personal rep.)
Trapp v. State, Office of Public Advocacy (08/30/2002) sp-5616 (no quasi-judicial immunity for conservators)
In Re S.H. (08/09/2002) sp-5604 (right to counsel in conservatorship proceedings)
In Re Tamplin (06/07/2002) sp-5577 (will cannot revoke a trust)
H.C.S. v. Community Advocacy Project of Alaska, Inc. (03/08/2002) sp-5548 (guidelines for contested removal of guardian)
Helgason et al. v Merriman (12/07/2001) sp-5510 (remove pers. rep.; proving undue influence)
Crittell v Bingo et al. (11/09/2001) sp-5496 (will contest; the elements of undue influence)
Riddell v Edwards (10/05/2001) sp-5483 (no jury for will contest; how will can be revoked)
Enders v Parker (08/10/2001) sp-5446 (recovery of expenses by personal representative)
In Re Estate of Joel W. Kottke v. Parker (07/28/2000) sp-5299 (Will contest, insane delusions)
In the Matter of S.H. (08/20/1999) sp-5163 (Conservatorships; powers, assessment of fees)
Estate of Evancoe (03/06/1998) sp-4952, 955 P2d 525 (nontestamentary will substitutes)
Johnson v. Doris (03/14/1997) sp-4793, 933 P2d 1139 (reasonableness of professional fees)
Barber v. Barber & Bank of America (05/03/1996) sp-4345, 915 P2d 1204 (dispute between trust beneficiaries)
Carroll v. Carroll (10/06/1995) sp-4267, 903 P2d 579 (evaluation and sale of estate assets)
First Nationall Bank of Anchorage v. Office of Public Advocacy and Schlereth (09/08/1995) sp-4251, 902 P2d 330 (no written findings, denial under Rule 60; premature denial without reply)
First Nationall Bank of Anchorage v. Office of Public Advocacy and Schlereth (09/08/1995) sp-4251, 902 P2d 330 (remove trustee)
Evans v. Brittain et al. (09/08/1995) sp-4249, 901 P2d 1138 (disallowance of claims against estate)
Pacific Marine Ins. of Alaska v. Harvest States Cooperative (07/01/1994) sp-4100, 877 P2d 264 (trustee/beneficiary as parties)
In the Matter of the Estate of Chet Adkins (05/13/1994) sp-4078, 874 P2d 271 (relinquishment agreement)
Wagner v. Key Bank of Alaska (01/22/1993) sp-3921, 846 P2d 112 (define "fiduciary")
Cannon v. Stonefield, in the Matter of McCoy (01/22/1993) sp-3919, 844 P2d 1131 (wills, undue influence)
W. Barber v. Fanni Barber Soine Trust (08/14/1992) sp-3878, 837 P2d 714 (contingent trust beneficiaries)
Soldotna Air, Inc. v. Estate of Duane Breitenfeld, et al (06/30/1992) sp-3859, 835 P2d 1215 (wrongful death, costs/fees)
AK State Employees Assoc., et al v. AK Public Employees Assoc., et al (11/29/1991) sp-3779, 825 P2d 451 (trusts)
R. Gudschinsky v. G. Hartill (07/26/1991) sp-3720, 815 P2d 851 (estate administration)

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