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Sec. 47.33.230. Assisted living plan contents; distribution.
 (a) An assisted living plan for a resident of an assisted living home must
     (1) promote the resident’s participation in the community and increased independence through training and support, in order to provide the resident with an environment suited to the resident’s needs and best interests;

     (2) recognize the responsibility and right of the resident or the resident’s representative to evaluate and choose, after discussion with all relevant parties, including the home, the risks associated with each option when making decisions pertaining to the resident’s abilities, preferences, and service needs; and

     (3) recognize the right of the home to evaluate and to either consent or refuse to accept the resident’s choice of risks under (2) of this subsection.

 (b) An assisted living plan for a resident must identify and describe
     (1) the resident’s specific strengths and limitations in performing the activities of daily living;

     (2) any physical disabilities and impairments, and the aspects of the resident’s medical condition, general health, emotional health, mental health, or other conditions or problems that are relevant to the services needed by the resident;

     (3) the resident’s preference in roommates, living environment, food, recreational activities, religious affiliation, and relationships and visitation with friends, family members, and others;

     (4) specific activities of daily living with which the resident needs assistance;

     (5) how assistance with the activities of daily living will be provided or arranged for by the home or the resident;

     (6) the frequency of the resident’s training for independent living, if habilitation is part of the plan;

     (7) the resident’s need for personal assistance and how those needs will be met by home staff or another service provider from the community;

     (8) the resident’s need for health-related services and how that need will be met;

     (9) the resident’s reasonable wants and the services that will be used to meet those wants.

 (c) If the assisted living home provides or arranges for the provision of health- related services to a resident, the home shall ensure that a
     (1) registered or advanced practice registered nurse licensed under AS 08.68 reviews the portion of an assisted living plan that describes how the resident’s need for health-related services will be met; and

     (2) physician’s statement about the resident is included in the plan.

 (d) A resident’s assisted living plan must be in writing, in language that can be understood by the resident.

 (e) If a person’s reasonable wants and needs can be met by a particular assisted living home and a decision is made to enter into a residential services contract between the person and the home, the resident’s assisted living plan shall be approved, dated, and signed by the administrator of that home and either the resident or the resident’s representative.

 (f) The assisted living plan shall be retained by the home in the resident’s file. The home shall provide a copy of the plan to the resident and to the resident’s representative, if any.

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