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Sec. 25.27.080. Enforcement of support orders.
 (a) A court order requiring payment of child support shall be modified to order payments be made to the agency upon application.

 (b) The agency on behalf of the custodian or the state shall take all necessary action permitted by law to enforce child support orders, including petitioning the court for orders to aid in the enforcement of child support.

 (c) The determination or enforcement of a duty of support is unaffected by any interference by the custodian of the child with rights of custody or visitation granted by a court. When the agency appears on behalf of a child in an action seeking to establish or enforce support, the court may not adjudicate custody, visitation, or property rights in the same action.

 (d) An order of arrest may not be issued in the enforcement of child support unless the court has reason to believe that the obligor may flee the jurisdiction or unless the obligor has been ordered to appear in the action and has failed to do so.

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