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Sec. 25.27.070. Order to assign wages for support.
 (a) In a proceeding in which the court has ordered either or both parents to pay for the support of a child, the court may, on its own motion or motion of a party or the agency on behalf of a party, after notice and an opportunity for hearing, order either parent or both parents to assign to the custodian of the child that portion of salary or wages of either parent due them currently and in the future sufficient to pay the amount ordered by the court for the support, maintenance, nurture, and education of the child.

 (b) The order of assignment is binding upon an employer upon service of a copy of the order upon the employer and until further order of the court. The employer may, for each payment made under the order, deduct $1 from other wages or salary owed to the employee.

 (c) The assignment made under court order has priority as against an attachment, execution, or other assignment unless otherwise ordered by the court.

 (d) An employer may not terminate an employee’s employment because wages of the employee are subject to an order under this section.

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