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Title 20 . Miscellaneous Boards and Commissions
Chapter 5 . Mental Health Trust Authority
Section 792. Definitions

20 AAC 05.792. Definitions

In 20 AAC 05.787 - 20 AAC 05.792, unless otherwise specified,

(1) "commercially harvested" means the lawful taking and selling of shrimp caught with the applicable trawl gear by an interim-use permit holder from a vessel registered for the Southeastern Alaska shrimp beam trawl or otter trawl fisheries under 5 AAC 31.020 and licensed for commercial fishing under AS 16.05.490 , where the shrimp sales were in accordance with regulations governing the sale or use of commercially caught shrimp applicable at the time of sale, including regulations regarding proper completion of reports required of processors, buyers, and fishermen; "commercially harvested" does not include deadloss, shrimp retained for personal use, shrimp that is donated, shrimp caught as bycatch in fisheries other than the Southeastern Alaska shrimp beam trawl and otter trawl fisheries, or shrimp that is forfeited upon conviction of violating a law or regulation;

(2) "crewmember" means an individual, other than the gear operator, who was physically present when the fishing operation occurred, who assisted and participated in the fishing operation under the supervision of the gear operator, and who held a valid crewmember license, interim-use permit, or entry permit at the time the operation occurred;

(3) "gear operator" means an individual who was physically present on the vessel and was in control or joint control of the commercial fishing operation and held a valid shrimp interim-use permit for the fishery for which the individual is applying;

(4) "partners" means an association of two or more persons to carry on as co-owners of a fishing business for profit in which the persons are gear operators who are physically present on, and participate from, the same vessel and who are in control or joint control of the commercial fishing operation;

(5) "partnership operation" means a fishing business that is owned, managed, and controlled by partners as defined in (4) of this section;

(6) "pounds" means actual pounds of commercially harvested whole shrimp recorded on fish tickets; if the weight for shrimp tails is recorded on the fish tickets, the equivalent pounds of whole shrimp for all shrimp species and size classes is the product of the tail weight multiplied by 1.67; and

(7) "statistical week" means a time period used by the Department of Fish and Game for statistical comparisons and summaries; the first statistical week of a year starts on the first day of January and ends on the first Saturday in January; all other statistical weeks within the year start on Sunday.

History: Eff. 5/29/97, Register 142; am 8/2/97, Register 143; am 7/17/98, Register 147

Authority: AS 16.43.100

AS 16.43.110

AS 16.43.260

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