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Title 20 . Miscellaneous Boards and Commissions
Chapter 5 . Mental Health Trust Authority
Section 210. Fishery resource codes

20 AAC 05.210. Fishery resource codes

The letter, or letter and number code, from the following schedule is used to indicate the specific fishery resource for which an interim-use or entry permit is issued:



Code A Abalone B Halibut C Sablefish D Dungeness Crab E Korean Hair Crab F Freshwater Fish G Roe Herring - herring harvested during herring seasons established for each area in 5 AAC 27 that are not designated as food/bait seasons, or all herring harvested in the combined roe herring and herring fisheries designated in 20 AAC 05.310(d) H Food/Bait Herring - herring harvested during food/bait seasons designated for an area in 5 AAC 27 I Lingcod J Geoduck K King Crab - all King Crab, except Area A Brown and Red/Blue King Crab K1 Area A Red/Blue King Crab K2 Area A Red/Blue and Brown King Crab K3 Area A Brown King Crab K4 Area A Red/Blue King Crab and Tanner Crab K5 Area A Brown King Crab and Tanner Crab K6 Area A Red/Blue and Brown King Crab and Tanner Crab L Herring Spawn on Kelp or Other Substrate M Miscellaneous Saltwater Finfish - all marine finfish, except halibut, herring, sablefish, salmon, and Southeastern Alaska demersal shelf rockfish N Snails O Octopi and Squid P Shrimp Q Sea Cucumbers R Clams - all clams, except geoduck S Salmon T Tanner Crab - All Tanner Crab, except Area A Tanner Crab and Area K Bairdi Tanner crab T1 Area A Tanner Crab, except Tanner Crab being fished in combination with Area A King Crab (see Codes K4, K5, and K6) TB Area K Bairdi Tanner Crab U Sea Urchins W Scallops Y Southeastern Alaska Demersal Shelf Rockfish - any or all of the Southeastern Alaska Sebastes species identified in 5 AAC 39.975(34) Z Miscellaneous Marine Invertebrates (exclusive of any species listed above)

History: Eff. 12/18/74, Register 52; am 1/21/78, Register 65; am 12/27/79, Register 72; am 1/2/81, Register 77; am 12/30/82, Register 84; am 11/25/84, Register 92; am 12/20/87, Register 104; am 8/20/89, Register 111; am 7/8/92, Register 123; am 3/3/94, Register 129; am 8/9/96, Register 139; am 12/4/96, Register 140; am 1/2/2003, Register 164

Authority: AS 16.43.100

AS 16.43.110

AS 16.43.140

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