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Title 5 . Fish and Game
Chapter 39 . Transportation, Possession and Release of Live Fish; Aquatic Farming
Section 975. Definitions

5 AAC 39.975. Definitions

In 5 AAC 01 - 5 AAC 39,

(1) "alien" means a person who is not a citizen of the United States, and who does not have a petition for naturalization pending before the district court;

(2) "bag limit" means the maximum legal take per person per day, even if part or all of the fish are preserved;

(3) "buyer" means a person who purchases fish from the fishermen who caught the fish or who, for commercial purposes, processes fish he has caught himself;

(4) "depth of net" means the perpendicular distance between cork line and lead line expressed as either linear units of measure or as a number of meshes, including all of the web of which the net is composed;

(5) repealed 2/18/73;

(6) "gear" means any type of fishing apparatus;

(7) "inclusive season dates" means whenever the doing of an act between certain dates or from one date to another is allowed or prohibited, the period of time thereby indicated includes both dates specified; the first date specified designates the first day of the period, and the second date specified designates the last day of the period;

(8) "legal limit of fishing gear" means the maximum aggregate of a single type of fishing gear permitted to be used by one individual or boat, or combination of boats in any particular regulatory area, district or section;

(9) "local representative of the department" means the nearest, most accessible professional employee of the department, a person designated by the commissioner or by a professional employee of the department to perform a specific function for the department and a law enforcement officer of the Department of Public Safety;

(10) "salmon stream" means any stream used by salmon for spawning or for traveling to a spawning area;

(11) "stretched measure" means the average length of any series of 10 consecutive meshes measured from inside the first knot and including the last knot when wet; the 10 meshes, when being measured, shall be an integral part of the net, as hung, and measured perpendicular to the selvages; measurements shall be made by means of a metal tape measure while the 10 meshes being measured are suspended vertically from a single peg or nail, under five-pound weight, except as otherwise provided in this title;

(12) repealed 6/30/79;

(13) "waters of Alaska" means the internal waters of the state including rivers, streams, lakes and ponds, the tidal zone of the state from mean higher high water to mean lower low water, and those waters extending three miles seaward of a line (the baseline) between the following points:

(A) Southeastern and Yakutat Areas:

100 southernmost tip Cape Muzon, Dall Island;

101 westernmost tip unnamed point, Dall Island (54ΓΈ 39.87' N. lat., 132ΓΈ 43.53' W. long.);

102 westernmost tip Wolk Point, Dall Island;

103 southernmost tip Liscome Point, Dall Island;

104 westernmost tip Point Cornwallis, Dall Island;

105 westernmost tip Security Point, Dall Island;

106 westernmost tip Parrot Point, Dall Island;

107 westernmost tip Point Bazan, Dall Island;

108 westernmost tip of westernmost unnamed island west of Dolgoi Island (54ΓΈ 49.33' N. lat., 133ΓΈ 00.40' W. long.);

109 westernmost tip Ritter Point, Dall Island;

110 westernmost tip Rockwell Point, Dall Island;

111 westernmost tip Cape Augustine, Dall Island;

112 westernmost tip Sakie Point, Dall Island;

113 southernmost tip Cape Felix, Suemez Island;

114 southernmost tip of southernmost island off Cape Bartolome, Baker Island;

115 westernmost tip Cape Chirikof, Baker Island;

116 southernmost tip Cape Addington, Noyes Island;

117 westernmost tip of the southernmost island of the Hazy Islands;

118 westernmost tip of the westernmost island of the Hazy Islands;

119 southernmost tip Cape Ommaney, Baranof Island;

120 southernmost tip Eagle Rocks, Baranof Island;

121 westernmost tip Puffin Point, Baranof Island;

122 westernmost tip Sea Lion Rocks;

123 56ΓΈ 19.50' N. lat., 134ΓΈ 54' W. long., Baranof Island;

124 westernmost tip First Kekur Island;

125 westernmost tip Second Kekur Island;

126 westernmost tip North Cape, Baranof Islands;

127 westernmost tip John Rock;

128 westernmost tip Jacob Rock;

129 westernmost tip Kaiuchali Island;

130 westernmost tip Cape Edgecumbe, Kruzof Island;

131 westernmost tip Pt. Amelia, Kruzof Island;

132 westernmost tip Sealion Islands;

133 westernmost tip Eagle Rock;

134 westernmost tip Klokachef Point, Klokachef Island;

135 westernmost tip Black Island;

136 westernmost tip Cape Edward;

137 westernmost tip Urey Rocks;

138 westernmost tip of westernmost rock off Cape Cross, Yakobi Island (57ΓΈ 54.67' N. lat., 136ΓΈ 34.33' W. long.);

139 westernmost tip Yakobi Rock (off Cape Bingham, Yakobi Island);

140 westernmost tip Zip Rock (off Cape Spencer);

141 westernmost tip Graves Rocks;

142 westernmost tip Surgarloaf Island;

143 westernmost tip Astrolabe Rocks;

144 southernmost tip Icy Point;

145 westernmost tip Harbor Point;

146 westernmost tip La Chaussee Spit;

147 westernmost tip Cape Fairweather;

148 easternmost tip of the west side of the entrance to Dry Bay;

149 southernmost tip at the mouth of Dangerous River;

150 westernmost tip Ocean Cape;

151 easternmost tip Point Manby;

152 southernmost tip Sitkagai Bluffs;

153 southernmost tip Point Riou;

154 southernmost tip Icy Cape;

155 southernmost tip Cape Yakataga;

200 southernmost tip Cape Suckling;

(B) Prince William Sound and Cook Inlet Areas:

200 southernmost tip Cape Suckling;

201 easternmost tip Pinnacle Rock (off Cape St. Elias, Kayak Island);

202 southernmost tip Hook Point, Hinchinbrook Island;

203 southernmost tip Cape Hinchinbrook, Hinchinbrook Island;

204 easternmost tip Montague Island;

205 easternmost tip Box Point, Montague Island;

206 easternmost tip Wooded Islands;

207 southernmost tip, Wooded Islands;

208 southernmost tip Jeanie Point, Montague Island;

209 southernmost tip Cape Cleare, Montague Island;

210 southernmost tip Point Elrington, Elrington Island;

211 southernmost tip Cape Puget;

212 southernmost tip Cape Junken;

213 southernmost tip Cape Fairfield;

214 southernmost tip Barwell Island (off Cape Resurrection);

215 easternmost tip Pilot Rock;

216 easternmost tip Chiswell Island;

217 southernmost tip Seal Rocks;

218 southernmost tip unnamed cape south of Black Mountain (Black Bay) (59ΓΈ 27.20' N. lat., 150ΓΈ 14' W. long.);

219 easternmost tip Hoof Point, Ragged Island;

220 easternmost tip Outer Island, Pye Islands;

221 southernmost tip of southernmost island off Outer Island;

222 southernmost tip Nuka Rock (south of Nuka Point, Nuka Island);

223 southernmost tip Gore Point;

224 southernmost tip East Chugach Island;

225 southernmost tip Perl Rock (off Perl Island, Chugach Islands);

300 easternmost tip East Amatuli Island, Barren Islands;

(C) Kodiak, Chignik, Aleutian Islands, and Alaska Peninsula Areas:

300 easternmost tip East Amatuli Island, Barren Islands;

301 easternmost tip Point Banks, Shuyak Island;

302 northernmost tip Tonki Cape, Afognak Island;

303 northernmost tip Cape St. Hermogenes, Marmot Island;

304 along the seaward coast of Marmot Island southernmost tip of Marmot Cape;

305 southernmost tip Pillar Cape, Afognak Island;

306 easternmost tip East Cape, Spruce Island;

307 northernmost tip Kodiak Rock (off Long Island);

308 easternmost tip Cape Chiniak, Kodiak Island;

309 easternmost tip Cape Greville Kodiak Island;

310 easternmost tip Ugak Island;

311 along the coast to the southernmost tip of Ugak Island;

312 southernmost tip Dangerous Cape, Kodiak Island;

313 easternmost tip Cape Barnabas, Sitkalidak Island;

314 easternmost tip Black Point, Sitkalidak Island;

315 easternmost tip Twoheaded Island;

316 easternmost tip Geese Islands;

317 easternmost tip Cape Sitkinak, Sitkinak Island;

318 along the coast to the southernmost tip of Sitkinak Island;

319 southernmost tip Tugidak Island;

320 along the west coast to the northernmost tip of Tugidak Island;

321 southernmost tip Cape Alitak, Kodiak Island;

322 westernmost tip Low Cape, Kodiak Island;

323 westernmost tip Cape Ikolik, Kodiak Island;

324 easternmost tip Kilokak Rocks (off Alaska Peninsula);

325 easternmost tip Ashiiak Island;

326 easternmost tip Poltava Island;

327 easternmost tip Navy Island (off Cape Providence);

328 easternmost tip Aiugnak Columns;

329 easternmost tip Ugaiushak Island;

330 easternmost tip Hydra Island;

331 easternmost tip Foggy Cape, Sutwik Island;

332 around the south coast of Sutwik Island via the southernmost offcoast islets to the westernmost tip of Sutwik Island;

333 southernmost tip Cape Kumlik;

334 easternmost tip Unavikshak Island;

335 southernmost tip Atkulik Island;

336 easternmost tip Kak Island;

337 easternmost tip Castle Cape (Tuliumnit Point);

338 easternmost tip Chankliut Island;

339 along seaward coast to southernmost tip Chankliut Island;

340 southernmost tip Seal Cape;

341 easternmost tip Mitrofania Island;

342 southernmost tip Spitz Island;

343 southernmost tip Chiachi Island;

344 easternmost tip Kupreanof Point;

345 easternmost tip Castle Rock;

346 easternmost tip Atkins Island;

347 easternmost tip Simeonof Island;

348 along the seaward coast of Simeonof Island to the southernmost tip;

349 easternmost tip of the unnamed island off the southern coast of Simeonof Island;

350 easternmost tip Chernabura Island;

351 along the coast to southernmost tip of Point Farewell, Chernabura Island;

352 southernmost tip Point Welcome, Bird Island;

353 southernmost tip Mountain Cape, Nagai Island;

354 westernmost tip Sealion Rocks;

355 southernmost tip Acheredin Point, Unga Island;

356 southernmost tip of Kennoys Island;

357 easternmost tip East Rock;

358 easternmost tip Olga Rock;

359 easternmost tip Pinnacle Rock;

360 easternmost tip Hay Island;

361 easternmost tip Hague Rock;

362 easternmost tip Lookout Point, Caton Island, Sanak Islands;

363 along the coast to southernmost tip Caton Island;

364 southernmost tip Umla Island;

365 southernmost tip Telemitz Island;

366 southernmost tip Dora Island;

367 easternmost tip Seal Rock;

368 southernmost tip Haystack Rock;

369 southernmost tip South Rock;

370 southernmost tip Sisters Island;

371 easternmost tip Clifford Island;

372 along the coast of Clifford Island and Long Island to the westernmost tip of the westernmost Trinity Island;

373 westernmost tip Point Petrof, Sanak Island;

374 southernmost tip Cape Lutke, Unimak Island;

375 along the coast to the southernmost tip of Scotch Cap, Unimak Island;

376 easternmost tip Ugamak Island;

377 easternmost tip Round Island;

378 easternmost tip Aiktak Island;

379 easternmost tip Kaligagan Island;

380 easternmost tip Tigalda Island;

381 along the coast of Tigalda Island to Derbin Island;

382 southernmost tip Avatanak Point, Avatanak Island;

383 easternmost tip Rootok Island;

384 along the coast to southernmost tip Rootok Island;

385 southernmost tip Battery Point, Akutan Island;

386 easternmost tip Unalga Island;

387 easternmost tip Egg Island off Sedanka Island;

388 easternmost tip Outer Signal (island);

389 easternmost tip Inner Signal (island);

390 southernmost tip Sedanka Island;

391 easternmost tip Kayak Cape, Unalaska Island;

392 easternmost tip Cape Yanaliuk, Unalaska Island;

393 easternmost tip Whalebone Cape, Unalaska Island;

394 southernmost tip Cape Prominence, Unalaska Island;

395 southernmost tip Reef Point, Unalaska Island;

396 southernmost tip Ogangen Island off Unalaska Island;

397 southernmost tip Eagle Point, Unalaska Island;

398 southernmost tip Cape Aiak, Unalaska Island;

399 southernmost tip South Rock off Cape Izigan, Unalaska Island;

400 southernmost tip Emerald Island off Konets Head, Unalaska Island;

401 easternmost tip Kettle Cape, Umnak Island;

402 easternmost tip The Pillars (off Thumb Point, Umnak Island);

403 easternmost tip Kigul Island;

404 easternmost tip Ogchul Island;

405 easternmost tip Vsevidof Island;

406 easternmost tip Black Cape, Umnak Island;

407 easternmost tip Cape Udak, Umnak Island;

408 easternmost tip Breadloaf Island;

409 easternmost tip Samalga Island;

410 along the coast to westernmost tip of Samalga Island;

411 southernmost tip Concord Point, Chuginadak Island;

412 southernmost tip unnamed point south of Mt. Cleaveland, Chuginadak Island (52ΓΈ 48.75' N. lat., 169ΓΈ 57.50' W. long.);

413 southernmost tip Herbert Island;

414 southernmost tip Yunaska Island;

415 southernmost tip Amutka Island;

416 along the south and west coast to northernmost tip of Amutka Island;

417 northernmost tip Chagulak Island;

418 northernmost tip of Yunaska Island;

419 northernmost tip Herbert Island;

420 westernmost tip of Carlisle Island;

421 along the coast to the northernmost tip of Carlisle Island;

422 westernmost tip Uliaga Island;

423 along northern coast to easternmost tip of Uliaga Island;

424 northernmost tip of Kagamil Island;

425 northernmost tip Anangula Island (off Okee Point, Umnak Island);

426 northernmost tip Ananiuliak Island;

427 northernmost tip Okee Point, Umnak Island;

428 westernmost tip Cape Kigushimkada, Umnak Island;

429 along the coast to westernmost tip of Kshaliuk Point;

430 northernmost tip Cape Ilmalianuk, Umnak Island;

431 westernmost tip Cape Aslik, Umnak Island;

432 along the coast to northernmost tip of Ashishik Point;

433 northernmost tip Cape Tanak, Umnak Island;

434 northernmost tip Cape Idak, Umnak Island;

435 westernmost tip Chernofski Point, Unalaska Island;

436 northernmost tip Cape Aspid, Unalaska Island;

437 westernmost tip of westernmost unnamed island off Sedanka Point, Unalaska (53ΓΈ 27.05' N. lat., 167ΓΈ 20' W. long.);

438 westernmost tip Kashega Point, Unalaska Island;

439 westernmost tip Spray Cape, Unalaska Island;

440 westernmost tip Cape Starichkof, Unalaska Island;

441 southernmost tip of Cape Kovrizhka, Unalaska Island;

442 along the coast to the northernmost tip of Cape Kovrizhka;

443 westernmost tip Point Kadin, Unalaska Island;

444 northernmost tip Koriga Point, Unalaska Island;

445 northernmost tip Bishop Point, Unalaska Island;

446 northernmost tip Point Tebenkof, Unalaska Island;

447 northernmost tip Cape Wislow, Unalaska Island;

448 northernmost tip Cape Cheerful, Unalaska Island;

449 northernmost tip Priest Rock (off Cape Kalekta, Unalaska Island);

450 westernmost tip Reef Point, Akutan Island;

451 westernmost tip Lava Point, Akutan Island;

452 northernmost tip North Head, Akutan Island;

453 northernmost tip Akun Head, Akun Island;

454 westernmost tip Cape Sarichef, Unimak Island;

455 northernmost tip Raven Point, Unimak Island;

456 northernmost tip Oksenof Point, Unimak Island;

457 northernmost tip Cape Mordvinof, Unimak Island;

458 northernmost tip Cape Lapin, Unimak Island;

459 northernmost tip of unnamed point, Unimak Island (55ΓΈ N. lat., 163ΓΈ 54' W. long.);

460 northernmost tip Otter Point, Unimak Island;

461 northernmost tip Cape Krenitzin;

462 along the north coast of the Alaska Peninsula to northernmost tip of Cape Glazenap;

463 along the coast and across the entrances between the Kudiakof Islands and the northernmost tip of Moffet Point;

464 along the north coast of the Alaska Peninsula to easternmost tip of Lagoon Point;

465 northernmost tip Cape Kutuzof;

500 along the north coast of the Alaska Peninsula including the outer coast of all barrier islands, to the westernmost tip of Cape Menshikof;

(D) Bristol Bay Area:

500 westernmost tip of Cape Menshikof;

501 southernmost tip of Pyrite Point;

502 along the coast to the westernmost tip of Cape Peirce;

600 westernmost tip of Cape Newenham;

(E) Kuskokwim, Yukon, Norton Sound-Point Clarence, and Kotzebue-Northern Areas:

600 westernmost tip Cape Newenham;

601 southernmost tip Kwigluk Island;

602 southernmost tip Pingurbek Island;

603 westernmost tip Kikegtek Island;

604 westernmost tip Cape Vancouver;

605 southernmost tip Dall Point;

606 along the coast and across all entrances, to the westernmost tip of Cape Romanzof;

607 westernmost tip Cape Rodney;

608 westernmost tip of Point Spencer Spit;

609 southernmost tip Cape York;

610 westernmost tip Cape Prince of Wales;

611 along coast of all barrier islands to Northwest Corner light;

612 westernmost tip Cape Krusenstern;

613 along the coast to the westernmost tip of Point Hope;

614 westernmost tip Cape Lisburne;

615 along the coast of all barrier islands and across all entrances to the northernmost tip of Point Barrow;

616 along the coast of all barrier islands and across all entrances to the easternmost tip of Cape Simpson;

617 northernmost tip Pitt Point;

618 along the coast to easternmost tip of Cape Halkett;

619 easternmost tip Thetis Island, Jones Islands;

620 along the coast of all barrier islands and across all entrances, through the Jones Islands to the northernmost tip Long Island;

621 northernmost tip Reindeer Island, Midway Islands;

622 northernmost tip Cross Island;

623 westernmost tip Flaxman Island;

624 along the north coast of Flaxman Island and across all entrances to the northernmost tip Brownlow Point;

625 along the coast of all barrier islands and across all entrances to the easternmost tip Konganevik Point;

626 northernmost tip Anderson Point;

627 northernmost tip Arey Island;

628 northernmost tip Barter Island;

629 northernmost tip Bernard Spit;

630 along the coast of all barrier islands and across all entrances to the northernmost tip Griffen Point;

631 northernmost tip along the coast to Humphrey Point;

632 across the entrances and along coast of all barrier islands, to the northernmost tip Demarcation Point;

700 along the coast to the United States-Canada Boundary;

(F) and extending three miles seaward of all islands not enclosed by the above line;

(14) "salmon stream terminus" means a line drawn between the seaward extremities of the exposed tideland banks of any salmon stream at mean lower low water;

(15) repealed 8/14/70;

(16) "ton" means 2,000 pounds avoirdupois weight;

(17) "king crab" means any or all of the following species:

(A) Paralithodes camtschatica (red king crab);

(B) Paralithodes platypus (blue king crab);

(C) Lithodes couesi ;

(D) Lithodes aequispinus (golden king crab);

(18) "Tanner crab" means any or all of the following species:

(A) Chionoecetes opilio (snow crab);

(B) Chionoecetes tanneri (grooved Tanner crab);

(C) Chionoecetes bairdi (Tanner crab);

(D) Chionoecetes angulatus (triangle Tanner crab);

(19) "Dungeness crab" means the species Cancer magister ;

(20) "household" means a person or persons having the same residence;

(21) "groundfish" or "bottomfish" means any marine finfish except halibut, osmerids, herring, and salmonids;

(22) "to operate fishing gear" means

(A) the deployment of gear or to have gear deployed in the waters of Alaska;

(B) the removal of gear from the waters of Alaska;

(C) the removal of fish or shellfish from the gear during an open season or period; or

(D) possession of a gillnet containing fish during an open fishing period, except that a net which is completely clear of the water is not considered to be operating for the purpose of minimum distance requirements;

(23) "possession limit" means the maximum number of fish a person may have in his possession if the fish have not been canned, salted, frozen, smoked, dried or otherwise preserved so as to be fit for human consumption after a 15-day period;

(24) "hung measure" means the maximum length of the cork line when measured wet or dry with traction applied at one end only;

(25) "drainage" means all of the waters comprising a watershed, including tributary rivers, streams, sloughs, ponds and lakes which contribute to the supply of the watershed;

(26) "freshwater of streams and rivers" means freshwater is to be separated from saltwater at the mouth of streams and rivers by a line drawn between the seaward extremities of the exposed tideland banks at the present stage of the tide;

(27) "guideline harvest level" means the preseason estimated level of allowable fish harvest which will not jeopardize the sustained yield of the fish stocks. An area, district, section or portion thereof may close to fishing before or after the guideline harvest level has been reached if principles of management and conservation dictate such action;

(28) "peace officer of the state" means a person defined in AS 16.05.150 ;

(29) "processing" means completion of

(A) cooking;

(B) canning;

(C) smoking;

(D) salting, which means uniformly mixing with a minimum salting level of at least 20 percent of the weight of the fish resources;

(E) drying; or

(F) freezing, which means to congeal and solidify the flesh of fish by abstraction of heat;

(30) "domicile" means the same as in AS 16.05.940 ; evidence of a person's domicile may include, but is not limited to, the following:

(A) statements made to obtain a license to drive, hunt, fish, or engage in an activity regulated by a government entity;

(B) affidavit of the person, or of other persons who may know of that person's domicile;

(C) place of voter registration;

(D) location of residences owned, rented, or leased;

(E) location of storage of household goods;

(F) location of business owned or operated;

(G) residence of spouse and minor children or dependents;

(H) governments to which taxes are paid;

(I) whether the person has claimed residence in another location for the purpose of obtaining benefits provided by the governments in that location;

(31) "fishing site" means a structure or vessel used by a CFEC permit holder for providing shelter in support of the operation of stationary net gear;

(32) "net gear site" means the in-water location of stationary net gear;

(33) "seine vessel" means the largest vessel, as determined by keel length, used to operate a seine and the vessel from which the seine is set, and to which the seine is retrieved to;

(34) "demersal shelf rockfish" means any or all of the following Sebastes species:

(A) repealed 4/30/91;

(B) S. pinniger (Canary);

(C) S. nebulosus (China);

(D) S. caurinus (Copper);

(E) S. maliger (Quilback);

(F) repealed 4/30/91;

(G) S. helvomaculatus (Rosethorn);

(H) repealed 4/30/91;

(I) S. nigrocinctus (Tiger);

(J) S. ruberrimus (Yelloweye);

(K) repealed 4/4/97;

(35) "onboard observer" means a representative of the Departments of Fish and Game or Public Safety who

(A) is certified by the Department of Fish and Game as having completed minimum training requirements;

(B) is living onboard a fishing or processing vessel for all or part of the period the vessel is at sea; and

(C) is monitoring fishing or processing activities and collecting harvest data essential to management and enforcement;

(36) "rockfish" means all species of the genus Sebastes ;

(37) "pelagic shelf rockfish" means any or all of the following Sebastes species:

(A) S. ciliatus (Dusky);

(B) S. entomelas (Widow);

(C) S. flavidus (Yellowtail);

(D) S. melanops (Black);

(E) S. mystinus (Blue);

(38) "slope rockfish" means any species of the genus Sebastes not specified as either demersal shelf rockfish or pelagic shelf rockfish;

(39) "thornyhead rockfish" or "idiot rockfish" means all species of the genus Sebastolobus ;

(40) "weathervane scallop" means the species Patinopecten caurinus ;

(41) "mile" means

(A) a nautical mile when used in reference to marine waters; or

(B) a statute mile when used in reference to fresh water;

(42) "miscellaneous shellfish" means all shellfish and marine invertebrates, except shrimp, and king, Tanner, and Dungeness crab;

(43) "total allowable catch" or "TAC" means the annual harvest quota or the retainable catch allowed for a species or species group;

(44) "individual fishing quota" or "IFQ" means the annual allocation of pounds for harvest that represents a quota share holder's percentage of the total allowable catch.

History: In effect before 1983; am 4/16/83, Register 86; am 6/30/83, Register 86; am 5/31/85, Register 94; am 4/18/86, Register 98; am 7/12/86, Register 99; am 6/2/88, Register 106; am 7/30/89, Register 111; am 4/30/91, Register 118; am 6/27/93, Register 126; am 6/2/95, Register 134; am 4/4/97, Register 142; am 9/12/97, Register 143; am 3/11/2001, Register 157; am 8/8/2003, Register 167; am 3/14/2004, Register 169; am 8/14/2005, Register 175

Authority: AS 16.05.251

Editor's note: In accordance with the procedures adopted by the Board of Fisheries in 5 AAC 39.210, the board, at its March 14 - 28, 1994 meeting, approved without change, the commissioner of fish and game's adoption of 5 AAC 39.975(40) , which took effect 6/27/93.

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