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Title 18 . Environmental Conservation
Chapter 75 . Administrative Enforcement
Section 470. Transfers between plan holders

18 AAC 75.470. Transfers between plan holders

(a) If approved under this section, a plan holder, or an oil spill response contractor or cooperative upon which one or more plan holders rely, may furnish to another plan holder or to another person, equipment, materials, or personnel to assist in response to an oil discharge. A description of the proposed transfer that addresses each of the considerations set out in (b) of this section must be provided with the request for approval of a transfer.

(b) The department will, in its discretion, approve a transfer under this section after considering

(1) for a provider of oil spill response equipment, materials, or personnel:

(A) the amount and types of equipment, personnel, or other resources to be transferred in response to a discharge and where it will be transferred;

(B) the number and types of other plan holders who rely upon the provider's response equipment, personnel, and other resources;

(C) the percentage by which the provider's response capability will be reduced by the transfer;

(D) the ability of the provider to acquire and deploy alternate response equipment if an emergency discharge occurs while equipment, materials, or personnel are transferred; and

(E) any compensating measures that will be taken by the provider to prevent or reduce the size of potential discharges during the period of reduced response capability; and

(2) for a plan holder receiving the equipment, the time estimated for the response equipment to reach the discharge.

(c) The department will, in its discretion, attach terms and conditions to an approval issued under (b) of this section.

(d) The provider shall reorder and replace equipment or materials that are

(1) exhausted, lost, destroyed, or rendered inoperable as soon as the condition is known by the provider; and

(2) not expected to be returned, such as sorbent boom, sorbent pads, and dispersant, as soon as they are transferred.

(e) If equipment, materials, or personnel are not replaced or returned to the provider within 30 days after the transfer, the plan holder may request an extension from the department. If the extension is denied, the provider must apply for approval of an amendment to its approved prevention and contingency plan under 18 AAC 75.415.

(f) Except in response to a major or catastrophic discharge, the department will not approve a transfer of equipment, materials, or personnel to another plan holder if the provider's spill response capability would be reduced to less than 40 percent of the response capability identified in its plan. If a major or catastrophic oil discharge occurs, the department will, in its discretion, approve an immediate transfer of up to 100 percent of the provider's response equipment, personnel, and other resources.

(g) The department will issue a verbal approval for a transfer if a discharge poses an imminent threat to life, property, the environment, or other significant public concern. The verbal approval will be verified in writing by the department.

History: Eff. 5/14/92, Register 122

Authority: AS 46.03.020

AS 46.04.030

AS 46.04.055

AS 46.04.070

Editor's note: As of Register 164 (January 2003), the regulations attorney made a technical revision under AS 44.62.125 (b)(6), adding an authority citation for 18 AAC 75.470.

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